My Son Ricky Part 2 --- Trouble In Paradise


Son Ricky Part 2  --- Trouble In Paradise
   It had been a couple of months since I first had sex with my son Ricky and his friend Scott. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was dropping them at the mall, they said they were going to see a movie but I suspected they were going to watch the girls in their short skirts. Not that I blamed them I like watching firm young bodies just barely covered myself. As they were getting out of my Explorer they each leaned over and gave me a very passionate kiss. As Ricky was sliding his tongue into my mouth I felt his hand squeezing my left breast. This sent an electric shock through me and I could feel my clit throb and my pussy getting wet. I made myself break the kiss; it wouldn’t be good for someone to see my son squeezing my breast. As he opened the door I reached down and gave his crotch a squeeze feeling his cock jerk in my hand. I smiled at them and said. “You boys have fun, but not too much fun. At least make sure you save some for me. ”
   “Don’t worry mom we always have some for you. ” Ricky said as they walked toward the mall.
   I was so horny I wished that I could take the boys home and just fuck their brains out but I had things I had to do. First I had to go to the grocery store and then I had to take my husband Dale to the airport. He had another out of town meeting, not that I minded I will have the boys to myself while he’s gone and he is always very horny when he gets home.

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   So it’s a win win for me.
   I was driving to the store when my cell phone rang, it was my friend Teri. “Lisa, I really need to talk to you. ”
   “What’s wrong?”
   “I can’t tell you on the phone but I saw something a few minutes ago that really amazed me. Can we meet somewhere?”
   “It will be later before I can meet you I am on my way to the store and then I have to take Dale to the airport. ”
   “Why don’t you pick me up and I’ll go with you to the airport. ”
   “I guess that will be alright. We’ll pick you up three. ”
   “Ok I’ll be ready. ”
   I wondered what could be so important that she couldn’t tell me on the phone. Plus I hoped she wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the day with me, not that I didn’t enjoy her company, but I had plans for tonight.
   I quickly finished my shopping and drove back home. Dale and I unloaded the groceries then I felt his hands slide up my sides and cup my breasts. My nipples were hard and I knew he could feel them poking his hands since I wasn’t wearing a bra. I don’t know about any other women but I hate wearing a bra it must have been invented by a man as some kind of torture device.

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   But that’s a discussion for another time. I laid my head on Dale’s shoulder as he squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples causing my pussy to twitch and me to moan. He kissed my neck then whispered. “Oh Lisa, I love you so much. I’m the luckiest man alive. I want you right now. ”
   “I want you to baby, but do we have time?”
   “We’ll make time. ” He said as he was sliding my pants and panties down my legs.
   I moaned as he leaned me over the counter and slid a finger up my wet pussy. “Damn Lisa, you’re so wet. I want to slide my cock up your wet pussy and make you scream. ”
   “Oh yes Dale, fuck me with your hard cock. I want it so bad. ”
   I felt him rub his dick over my lips then the head slipped into me. He pushed sliding all eight inches into my waiting pussy.

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   He had both hands on my hips as he fucked me hard, we didn’t have much time. As he slammed his wonderful cock into me I rubbed my clit getting closer to a wonderful orgasm.
   “God your pussy feels so good on my cock. Oh baby I’m gonna cum!” He shouted as he fucked me harder.
   “Oh yes baby shoot it in me! Fill my pussy with your hot cum! I love you so much!”
   I felt his cock jerk and then his hot cum coat my pussy triggering my own orgasm.
   “OH FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK! OH YES! I LOVE YOU!” I screamed as a mixture of our fluids ran down my legs. He held me tight as our orgasms subsided. Then I felt his cock slip from my pussy and he slapped my ass and said. “That was wonderful honey, but we better get cleaned up and get to the airport.
   We picked Teri up, she only lives a few blocks away, and when she walked out to the car she took my breath away. She was wearing a tight short black skirt, a white button up blouse and a pair of knee high black high heel boots. I couldn’t help staring and I thought Dale’s tongue would hit the ground. I guess I should describe Teri a little more. She is about my age in her thirties; she has shoulder length blonde hair and a luscious body. Her breasts are not large but they’re not small either, they looked like nice handfuls, but her best feature is her beautiful ass.

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   It’s what I’ve heard called an onion, so round and firm that it brings tears to your eyes.
   As she climbed into the back seat I smiled at her and said. “Wow, you look stunning. What’s the occasion? I feel like the ugly stepsister in my jeans and t-shirt. ”
   “Don’t be silly Lisa; you’re beautiful just like that. I just felt like wearing something different today. ”
   I watched Dale as he drove, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He was constantly looking in the mirror. We pulled up in front of the terminal and I kissed Dale goodbye, giving his cock a little squeeze. He went into the terminal and I had to smile when I thought of him being on the plane with a hard on and nothing to do with it. I knew I was in for a serious fucking when he returned.
   Teri climbed into front seat and her skirt was so short I could almost see her panties. I had never thought about her in a sexual way before but I was starting to get ideas. We made small talk as we drove. I stopped at Sonic so we could get something to drink.

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   Then I drove to a secluded park so we could talk and I could find out what was so important.
   “Now what was so important that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?”
   “Well I was at the mall today and I saw a woman making out with someone who wasn’t her husband. ”
    My mind was racing I wondered who she had seen and who she was cheating with. I don’t know about you but I love juicy gossip. “Oh really, who was it? I bet it was Karen she’s a real bitch and a tease. ”
   “No it wasn’t Karen, but I watched and I’m ashamed to say I got so turned on. ”
   “Who was it? Come on tell me the suspense is killing me. ”
   “I don’t know how to say this, but it was you. I watched you making out with your son and his friend. ”
   OH MY GOD! What could I say? I had been careless and gotten caught; now I could lose everything. I started crying as I thought of what could happen. My husband could leave me, the state could take my son, and I would be a social outcast. Teri put her hand on my shoulder and said. “Please don’t cry Lisa. I won’t tell anyone.

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   It’s just that I’d never seen a mother and son making out and it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. ”
   She put her hand on my face wiping a tear away then she lifted my face and I felt her lips brush against mine. Her lips were so soft then I felt her tongue licking my lips coaxing them open then sliding into my mouth. We both moaned as our tongues dueled for control first in my mouth then in hers. When we broke the kiss we were both breathing heavily and she smiled and said. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. I’ve always thought you were so sexy, but I thought you were completely faithful to Dale until I saw you with the boys today. ”
   “Teri I was faithful to Dale until a couple of months ago when the boys and I had our first experience. Don’t get me wrong I love Dale completely but it is so exciting being with two young boys especially since one is my son. You must think I’m some kind of horrible monster having sex with my son. ”
   “I don’t think you’re horrible I think you’re lucky. Tell me what’s it like?”
   “It’s wonderful they’re so eager to please they will do anything and they can go all night. Why don’t you come over tonight and find out for yourself. ”
    “Do you think they would mind?”
   “Are you kidding? They would love to have sex with you, and so would I. ”
   We kissed again and I ran my hand up her smooth thigh.

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   I was just about to reach my goal when we heard a car coming down the road. We quickly straightened up the last thing I needed was to be caught again. As we drove to the mall to pick up the boys my mind was racing with the possibilities of what was going to happen tonight.
   The boys were surprised when they saw Teri sitting in the front seat. I looked at them and said. “Boys, you know Teri. ”
   She smiled and said. “Hi boys or should I say men, you are both growing so fast and becoming very handsome young men. I bet the girls are lined up to go out with you. ”
   They both blushed and I believe Scott’s face was redder than his hair. We chatted as we drove back to Teri’s house then she leaned over and gave me a small kiss. She smiled and said. “I’ll see you in a little while, thanks for inviting me to dinner. It’s been a while since I’ve had dinner with two handsome men. ”
   As we drove away Ricky leaned forward and said.

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   “Wow mom, she sure was dressed sexy. Oh and you wouldn’t believe what we saw at the mall. You know Paula Treas the eighth grade cheerleader? You know her sister is my math teacher Mrs. Harrison. ”
   “Oh yea the really cute girl, if it wasn’t for the age difference you’d think they were twins. ” I said. I had never seen two sisters that were eleven years apart in age that looked so much alike.
   “Well we were on the second floor looking over the rail and behind some bushes on the lower floor were Paula and her boy friend Mike Johnson. You’ll never believe what they were doing. She was giving him a blowjob. It was awesome, we watched as her head bobbed up and down. Then she took it out of her mouth and licked it all over. Man does he have a nice looking cock. ”
   “Yea I wouldn’t mind sucking it myself. ” Scott added.

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    Ricky punched him in the arm and said. “Damn Scott you’re turning into a little slut. ” We all laughed then he continued with his story. “Anyway she was really going at it and Mike had his hand down her pants. I know he was fingering her. She was humping her pussy against his hand and sucking fast when Mike’s legs stiffened and he pushed on her head. He was cumming in her mouth and her butt was really moving, I think she came too. Then when he pulled his hand out of her pants they both licked his fingers. God it made us so horny we were gonna go to the bathroom and get each other off but it was time to meet you. ”
   “Well we’ll take care of you tonight. ” I said as we pulled in the garage. “But we need to talk first. So go in and wait for me on the couch, I’m gonna order pizza for dinner then we’ll talk. ”
   After ordering dinner I walked into the living room and there were my two horny boys sitting nude on the couch. Their beautiful cocks standing proudly above the small patches of pubic hair.

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   My pussy had been wet all afternoon and I would have liked nothing better than to swallow two hot loads of young cum. But I had some things I needed to tell them first. I stood there watching as they each stroked the other’s cock; finally I swallowed hard and said. “Boys will you please stop that, just for a minute? I have something important to tell you. ”
   They stopped and looked at me then Ricky said. “Ok mom, we’re sorry. What did you want to talk about?”
   “Today when I was dropping you off and we were kissing, and other things, somebody saw us. ”
   Their faces turned white as they listened. “What’s gonna happen Lisa?” Scott asked. “I mean are we in trouble?”
   “Yea mom, are the police gonna come for you?” Ricky started sobbing as he said. “I don’t want to live with anyone else. Hey we can just run away. ”
   “Calm down, nobody’s running away and nobody’s going to jail. Luckily Teri is the one that saw us and she thinks it’s exciting, but we have to be more careful. No messing around when we are in public.


   Do you both understand?”
   They both nodded as I hugged them and wiped the tears from their faces. “Now go put some clothes on Teri will be here soon and so will dinner. ”
   “Why is Teri coming over?” Scott asked.
   “Like I said she thinks it’s exciting and she wants to join our fun. I think it will be fun having her here. Don’t you?”
   They looked at each other then Ricky said. “Yea she’s hot, but not as hot as you. ” We laughed then he asked. “If she joins in will you and her uh you know lick each other?”
   “We might, you’ve read the stories I’ve written and you know I’ve been with girls before. Would you like it if we did?”
   “Oh yea, that would be so hot. ” Scott said then they ran down the hall to Ricky’s room. I took a quick shower and slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt, this is my favorite outfit, then I went back to the living room. The boys were watching some stupid show on MTV, Jackass or something like that. I grabbed a beer, I know beer isn’t a very sexy drink but I love a good cold one, and waited for the doorbell. A few minutes later the doorbell rang, it was Teri.

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   She was looking even more beautiful than before. She was wearing a red leather skirt and a white silk blouse that was unbuttoned almost to her navel; you could clearly see a large part of her breasts. Her legs were another sight; they were covered by very sheer red silk stockings with the straps from her garter showing from under the skirt. I thought the boys were going to fall off the couch as they watched her walk in and sit her bag down. I heard the boys say wow as we shared a passionate kiss.
   She looked at the boys then said. “I guess everyone is ok with me being here. ”
   “Yes, I think the boys are really looking forward to tonight. ” I laughed as I pointed out the obvious bulges in there shorts.
   About that time the doorbell rang again, it was the pizza. I quickly paid for it as the old delivery guy stared at my hard nipples poking against my shirt. I smiled and thought ‘it’s a good thing he didn’t see Teri he might have had a stroke. ’ We ate our dinner I had a couple of more beers and Teri had some wine. After we ate we were sitting there nobody was sure how to get things started so I leaned over and kissed Ricky, sliding my tongue into his mouth.   I looked and Teri was kissing Scott.

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   He had his hands on her firm breasts and was squeezing her nipples. I pulled my mouth from Ricky’s and said. “Why don’t we all get naked? I know I’m dying to see your body Teri. Boys help Teri take her clothes off. ”
   They jumped up and opened her blouse, revealing two gorgeous breasts. Each boy took a nipple in his mouth and Teri’s eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned loudly. I quickly slid my shorts off and sat in a chair across from them, as much as I enjoy sex I also enjoy watching. My hand rubbed my slit then two fingers slipped into my wet pussy. God I was so horny I could feel my pussy gripping my fingers as I slowly fucked myself. Teri reached behind her and unzipped her short skirt then Ricky started working it down over her luscious ass. I watched as he worked it lower then it fell to the floor. I gasped as I noticed she hadn’t worn panties.
   “Wow, she doesn’t have any hair on her pussy!” Ricky squealed. “Look at it mom. It’s so smooth.

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   I watched as he slid his hand over her shaved pussy. My mouth was watering I hadn’t eaten any pussy in three years and it had been even longer since I had a shaved one. She looked so sexy standing there with only a red garter and red silk stockings. “Ok boys, why don’t you show her some of the things I taught you?”
   They pushed Teri onto the couch and pulled her to where her ass was hanging over the edge. Then both boys crawled between her legs and started licking her bald pussy. She moaned as Scot was licking her clit and Ricky had his tongue deep in her pussy. I fingered myself as I watched her twisting her nipples and moving her ass rubbing her pussy on the boys faces.
    As Scott kept working her clit Ricky slid lower and worked his tongue into her waiting ass.
       “OH MY GOD! OH THAT’S IT EAT ME BOYS! SHIT I’M CUMMING! DON’T STOP! WHAT EVER YOU DO DON’T STOP!” She screamed and her ass and legs were shaking as her orgasm washed over her body. The boys kept licking till she pushed them away saying. “Stop, I can’t take anymore. I need a break. Damn you boys really know how to make a woman cum. ”
       “Yea they’ve been great students. ” I laughed as I slowly rubbed myself.

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       “Wait till you feel their dicks in you. ”
       “I can hardly wait. But I think you need some attention too. ” She smiled as she crawled in between my legs. I felt her kissing up my right thigh which was quivering with excitement. I felt her tongue as it slid along my wet lips and into my waiting pussy. She was scooping my juices out with her tongue just like you lick the jelly out of a donut, holy shit she was good. I knew I couldn’t last long with her expert manipulations. Ricky and Scott were standing beside my chair stroking their hard cocks as they watched Teri work me over. I took a hard boy cock in each of my hands and I could feel their hearts pounding as they humped my fists. Teri kept licking my pussy and I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff waiting for a strong wind to blow me off. Then it happened, she took my clit in her mouth and started gently chewing on it. Her teeth were like electric shocks and I lifted my ass off the chair and screamed as I covered her face with my hot cum. “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING SO HARD! EAT ME! MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FACE! MY GOD YOU ARE SOOO GOOD!”
       As my body bucked and jerked I felt something hot landing on my breasts. I looked and both boys were shooting their sweet boy cream all over me.

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       That made me cum even harder as I pulled them to my mouth so I could taste the last of their hot loads. I lay there catching my breath and I felt three tongues licking the cum off me. Teri moved farther up and kissed me, I could taste both the boys’ cum and my own on her lips and tongue.
       Teri rolled to her back and her hands rubbed her pussy as she said. “I really need to feel a hard cock in me. I don’t care who does it but somebody FUCK ME!”
       It was a race but Ricky won and he slid his hard cock up her bald pussy. They both moaned as he began fucking her slow and easy. She grabbed his hips and moved him faster as her hips jerked grinding her crotch against his. I heard her breathing getting faster and little moans coming from her throat as my son fucked her hard. I could tell Ricky was getting close by the way his ass was shaking. She was panting and almost whispering. “Oh my, oh my, oh yes I love young cock. ”
       “So you like having my son’s hard cock in your wet pussy?”
       “Oh yes Lisa, thank you for sharing him with me. ”
       “You haven’t felt anything yet. Roll over and let Scott fuck your gorgeous ass.

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       “Yes please I want to feel both of them in me. ”
        She and Ricky rolled over and I spread her beautiful ass and ran my tongue over her little puckered hole. She moaned and her legs were shaking as I slid my tongue deep into her ass. Scott moved in front of her and she and Ricky started licking his cock. I grabbed the lube off the table and rubbed it on her asshole then slipped one and then two fingers in. She was moaning loudly and I could feel her ass gripping my fingers. I pulled them out and replaced them with Scott’s hard cock. I watched as my friend was fucked by my twelve year old son and his friend, it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. The boys got their rhythm and the room was filled with the sounds of sex. All three were moaning as one dick slid out the other slid in. I rubbed my clit as I watched. Suddenly Ricky grabbed her hips and thrust up as the cum shot from his young cock.
       “OH YES SHOOT IT RICKY! FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR CUM!” Teri screamed as her orgasm shook her body.
       Scott was fucking her ass fast and he felt his cum rising from his balls. He slammed into her one last time as he filled her ass with hot boy cum.

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       Scott and Teri rolled onto their backs and I could see the cum leaking from her ass and pussy. I licked along her ass savoring Scott’s cum as I cleaned her asshole. Then I licked higher and sucked all of my son’s cum from her pussy, it was delicious. The boys watched as I licked my friend’s pussy. I looked at them and Scott had Ricky’s cock in his mouth. When it was hard Ricky moved behind me and slid it into my waiting pussy. I moaned into Teri’s pussy then she moved away from my mouth, I assumed she needed a break. Scott took her place and I sucked his cock into my mouth till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. What a sight it must have been me on my knees with my son’s cock in my pussy and his friend’s cock in my throat.
       Suddenly Ricky moved away from me and I felt my leg being lifted and somebody slide under me. I knew it was Teri, I could feel her breasts rubbing on mine, I just wasn’t sure why. Then I felt my pussy being pushed down onto something hard. I knew it wasn’t Ricky’s dick it was much bigger. I pulled my mouth from Scott’s dick and looked. I was shocked to see a ten inch black cock protruding from Teri’s crotch.

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       She had brought a strap on.
       She smiled at me and said. “Come on bitch; slide your pussy down my big cock. ”
       I moaned as I felt the huge head slip into me. Slowly I lowered myself till all ten magnificent inches were buried in me. I began rocking my hips then leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers then our tongues locked in battle. I loved this big cock in me; I hadn’t been so full in years. “Oh Teri, I love your cock in me. ” I said as I lifted up then slammed back down.
       As I enjoyed Teri’s dildo in my pussy I felt Ricky sliding his cock up my ass. It felt fabulous as they fucked me, one sliding in and the other sliding out. My nipples were throbbing as they rubbed against Terri’s hard nipples. I thought this was great. How could it get any better? Then I felt Scott rubbing his dick on my lips and I opened my mouth letting him slide into my throat. It was perfect, all my holes were filled.

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       I had never had three cocks before. My mind was reeling and my orgasm was building as my three lovers serviced my body. I heard Ricky as he screamed. “OH MOM, I’M CUMMING! CAN YOU FEEL IT SHOOTING UP YOUR ASS?”
       Oh yes I could feel it coating the walls of my ass and I tried to scream as the first wave of my orgasm rocked my body. But I couldn’t scream with Scott’s hard cock in my mouth. He was holding my head and fucking my mouth. He groaned then yelled. “SUCK IT, LISA! I’M CUMMING TOO! SWALLOW IT ALL! OH FUCK!”
       That was all I could stand and my body jerked as I swallowed a hot load of twelve year old cum and my ass was filled with my son’s. I was jerking my hips and my own cum flowed out of me covering Teri from her stomach to her knees. As I swallowed the last of Scott’s cum he pulled his shrinking dick from my mouth and I collapsed, breathing hard and whimpering as my pussy convulsed with the last of my orgasm. I felt Ricky slip from my ass and his cum running down to my pussy. Teri pulled my face to her and she licked my lips and the inside of my mouth tasting the last of Scott’s cum.
       What a great evening it had been and what a great weekend it would be. Trouble in paradise? I don’t think so.
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