my sluty sister


Ok so this is my first story so please, if it sucks tell me so and give me ideas on what to do.
This is a story i use a lot but it isn't real. the girl, brook, isn't even my sister, but she is a real person. now on with the story

Back ground info:
Brook is a teenage girl(14-18 in this story). she is about 5'10" with dark brown hair and decent sized breasts. she is in highschool at the moment and she is the shools cumbucket. almost every guy has been inside her (but with a condom on so she hasn't gotten pregnant)she also gose nuts when she see a big cock. she wants to have the biggest cock she can inside of her which is why she is away for days at a time going to partys seaching for bigger dicks.
My self, i am a young man (16) i'm 6'2" with a medium build. I'm very quiet and not outgoing, but seeing as my parents are rich i have the ability to own a pc just to watch porn and one for other stuff. i have never had sex but have seen more than enough sex videos to know what it should go like. i have a cock larger than most people being about 8" long.

My parents being rich and all are away on trips for weeks at a time allowing for myself and brook to do all of the sexual stuff we do.

The story.
One day brook was getting ready to go on one of her partys, dressing up today as a cheerleader with a very short skirt and no panties or bra. i am in my room naked watching porn videos on my pc but have my headphones plugged in so brook could not hear me.

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   but today a few things were different. first i had forgotten to lock my door, meaning that anyone could walk in at any time. second brook had decided to give me a heads up that she was leaving for a while (usually she would just disappear for days at a time and make it back before mom and dad got home. so she goes into my room wearing her scampy cheerleader outfit and of course there i am, but i didn't notice she had walked in on me. so i was there still watching pron with my huge dick and she kinda freaks until she lays her eyes on my dick. immediately she knows that my cock belongs inside her. so she removes her top, starts rubbing herself, and then comes over and starts giving me a blowjob.
seeing as my eyes were more on the porn that my dick i freakout when i feel something/someone else grab a hold of me and put something wet on it. at first i think about protesting seeing that its brook whos doing this but once i realize what she is doing i decide to let her keep going.

This being my first blowjob i came really fast, seeing a she was the pro, lick my balls,deepthroating me, and then once i came sucking me dry. once she cleaned hershe off with her fingures and mouth i , waiting for my boner to return, decided to see if what a pussy feltlike and if wemon could squirt or not.

I got her onto my bed, and she was soo wet already. her juices were flowing out of her pussy so i just dug in with my tongue. he pussy tasted so good, and she was having so much fun moaning as loud as she could. so i decided to kick it up a notch and stuck my fingures into her pussy, as far up as i could.

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   doing this caused her to scream with pleasure, yelling for more.
    so i went found the spot so many had described as the g-spot and started rubbing. slowly but surely her moans got louder until she said she was cumming. all of a sudden her pussy shot out juices into my face and all over the bed. once she recoved from her orgasm brook took it upon her self to clean up her mess (with her mouth.

    After she was done my boner was back with an extra inch or two of dick. i could tell she wanted me inside her. before she could say anything about a condom i shoved my dick straigh into her pussy causing her to scream once again. i had went so far back i hit her cervix, but no damage was done, so i took it niceand easy until she started screaming "oh fuck yeah just like that""harder harder HARDER!" and "dam thats one big cock" i started to push as hard as i could. she countinued screaming, having multiple orgasm and the myself dump a load of cum into her pussy. I shot so much into her pussy some of it started to leak out, and once again she wanted to clean it up so i let her. not much longerafter that we fell asleep, brooks pussy still filled with cum.

    Later that day i woke up to her masturbating and decided to help heer out a little. after that i asked her if we could try some anal sex, something that always looked so fun to me and something that she had never done. i went and got some lube from her bag and got ready to enter the bitch.

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       i started slow, leting her get used to having something go in instead of out. she was good at letting me know when she was ready for a little more speed though. she started moaing "dam this is the best thing ever" "i want that cock as deep in my ass as you can get it" and fuck me like the bitch i am" so i decieded to take her advice and started pounding the hell outta her ass, soon orgasming and filling her ass with a shit load (no pun intended) of cum.

    One we went to shower it hit her that earlier i had came in her pussy without a condom on. this worried both of us. . . . . . . . .