My Sluty Sister: Bathroom Edition


This is my second story. The first i wrote was entitled my sluty sister and it seemed to go over pretty good so i though i would submit another while i had the time. To start this is a completeley fictional story (even though i would love it if it were real. )

My sister Brooke, a 15yr olddecently sized brunette with good sized tits, was home alone one day. I was out with some friends and our parents were on vacation, which was not strange for them because they usually were either working or on vacation while brooke and i were home alone. So with this free time brooke decided she would spend some time "jillingoff. " She had told me she had herad about it from some friends and decided to explore the topic and came across the world of porn. With it being a rare occasion of me getting out of the house she decided to go into the bathroom and have some fun.

About the time she was getting ready to jilloff i was arriving home. i had just got through swimming with a team and wanted to get home get a bath and getoff. So i walked into my room and started getting naked. (just to let everyone know my and brooke's bedrooms have doors into one bathroom which we both must share. Also the house has a very loud ac so you can bearly hear anything where ever you are. )

Brooke was just sitting down and had not bother to lock the doors thinking i would be gone for some time. So she slowly started finguring herself, frist with one fingure then two, until she had her whole hand in her pussy.

So as i was getting naked i hear moaning from the bath room, so ,completely naked, i run in wanting to make sure brooke was ok (i didn't know she was home.

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  ) As i busted in i saw my sister there nude on the toilet with her had deep inside her pussy and she stared back at me with my now hard 7" cock. I rushed out realizing what she was doing. i lied on my bed and then brooke came into the room. both still naked we started talking. this lead to us both getting back into the bathroom.

While we waited for the water to get warm i decided i would get her lubed up. i told her to sit on the toilet and started pushing my hand into her moist pussy. I managed to get my hand into her because she was already soooo wet. Once i got in she started moaning. I slowly started pushing and pulling, and she started humping my hand. She was saying things like "oh fuck yeah", and "dam you have magic fingures" until i managed to find her sweet spot (also called a g-spot) i started rubbing it as hard and fast as i could and she started moaning louder and trying to fuck my had off. After only about 30 seconds she started to orgasm. My hand was pushed out of her followed but a spary of her female cum. she didn't stop for about a min or two. once she had her fun she licked me clean and we hopped into the bath.

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To begin with she wanted to "clean" my cock. She took and swallowed my whole cock it seemed like. It felt like heave and hearing my sister gagging made me even hornier. so i could feel my self getting ready to cum, but i wanted to get that bitch pregnant because she always teasted me. I pulled my self away from her and started kissing on and her tits trying to calm my self so i wouldn't cum yet. After a few minitues of this i had found my perfect opportunity to enter that pussy. i took and started to grab a bottle of soap, but "accidentally" droped it behind her. i asked her to get it for me and she turned around and bent over to pick it up.

While she was busy with this i grabed ahold of that pretty ass and told her to grab ahold of the towel rail. She did and i when straight for that hole of her's. I pushed in as hard as i could, feeling her hymen for only a few seconds and hearing her scream like the sluty bitch she was. i was gratious and instead of taking off i waited for her to recover, which didn't take long. She started humping back and i took it slow and spead up quickly. She started screaming out profane things like "oh yeah fuck this sluts pussy", come on big brother and cum inside me", "don't stop" and "fuck me harder. " not wanting to dissapoint her i started fucking the hell outta her pussy, and i could feel her pussy start clenching around my cock as she start to orgams.

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   This along with her screaming made me go over the limit. I scream that i was going to come and she said "pull out i don't want to get pregnant. " i told her that was to fucking bad cuz i had already started and dumped my whole load (which was about three to four times greater than from just jerking off) As i pulled out she fell to the bathroom floor and i steped out of the bath.

A little later on that night she came into my room telling me what an asshole i was for cumming in her, but in the end she said we really needed to do that more often, which is exactly what i had planned on.

Thankd for reading comment if you like and if you don't then good for you. us.