Topic: MY SLUTTY GRANDAUGHTER GETS ME.  My slutty grandaughter gets me.
 Continued from 'my slutty All that week I had my doubts as to if I'd dreamed it. Then the text changed all that. 'Okay for tues' all away all day,make it early' - My heart pounded,my brain questioned; should I? My dick said,hurry up and get her in case she changes her mind! I take a prescribed pill for a 12 hour hardon, - They're good for 36 hours I've found. Tuesday's here already and I'm off down the motorway.
 On arriving I go to the usual rear entrance,its open. Remembering my cell phone beeped while driving,I hesitate to check it. Text: Come straight in,I've checked and all are at their destination 100 miles away. - I tremble as I open the backdoor, "That you grandad? I'm in here - front room" I push the door to be confronted with my slutty grandaughter's smiling face and sparkling eyes. Eyes that said, COCK,- I'm ready for some cock! - "Sit over there" She motions with her free hand,its then that I realise her other hand is down the waistband of her skirt and is clearly moving round and round where her clit will be. My cock spring to attention and a devilish grin follows as she looks at me pulling my hard cock up my belly before sitting where she indicated.
 The movement under her skirt brings precum to the surface of my cocks hole. Watching me intensely her tormenting smile flickers below her glittering eyes,as she lifts one leg up to her bum and rests it on the squash of her seat. What a tormentor? No thong but proper panty's come into view. These damn panty's are hiding her hand with their circulating fingers.

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   Occasionally her eyes flutter closed as a particular tingle flicks around her nether regions with a little gasp of OOO! Those fingers are lifting her towards an orgasm and making my cock throb so much I fear I won't hold out for a fuck,but will shoot off in my trousers. I didn't bother with underwear.
 Without making a sound,she mouths, "Is this making you want to cum?" I nod yes. "Me too,wanna see it?" I nod again. She tugs at the panty's gusset and now looser,she pulls them to one side. "Come and kiss it while I'm doing this" The sight of her puckered labia moving about as her fingers masterbate her clitoris is just to much. My groins twitch,jerk and my load spurts all over the inside of my slacks. A typical exaggerated loud laugh comes from her. "Oh,grandad you just cum off,just my me letting you see it. What will it do to you if I still let you kiss it? Come on,kiss it anyway and lets see! Come on,I'll let you lick it as well if you want"
 "Its such a pretty little pussy,it just happened,it wont stop me licking or fucking it" A full on smile as she intensly looked at me. "Go on grandad,get it out,let me see what my pussy done to it,I bet you're covered in your sperm" I pulled it out and she was right,I must have shot twice what I'd usually shoot off. It was everywhere. "Go on,pull that skin back,let me see the big part" I did, "Blimey,that's fat,I bet that will slip in with all your spunk making it slippery" I got down on my knees and on placing my face between her thighs she pulled her other leg up on the seat to make herself open more. I hit her slit with my tongue stiff like a pink small hardon and pressed it between the inner lips and into her hole. "No,do it where my finger is,its all touchy there" - "That's because you've made your clit horny" - "I know,wank me with your tongue then"
 Before going for her clit,I on kissing it sucked all her puckered labia flaps into my mouth and nibbled them with my teeth.

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   "Fuck,what are you doing down there? - I sucked harder - Fuck! Lick me,please lick it,lick around my clitoris" I did and was pleased to hear. - "Fuck,that's better than the kids do it,do it harder,I want to cum" - I did and she did. Her cum squelched out between my face and her cunt and I admit it was the sweetest nectar I've ever tasted from a pussy. I kept sucking until she begged me to stop. On doing so she collapsed like a rag doll.
 I squatted  in front of that gorgeous little pussy,studying every minute detail until I could wait no longer and I,putting my hand up her skirt pulled at her panty's waistband and in no time had her ass and pussy naked. She lay motionless as I pulled her ass cheeks apart and studied her crinkly puckered little asshole until I stabbed my tongue at it and drew it up her ass crack and on into her pussy slit stopping at her clit and twiddling the tip round and round that little hard bean. She wriggled which made her bum cheeks take up exotic postures until I put my finger in my mouth and covered in spital I introduced it to that puckered crinkly sphincter. Gently pushing my first two joints in,I wiggled it around as with her eyes wide, "What yer doing? That's in my bum" It was my turn to grin as I gave her another wiggle.
 "I haven't had that done before,I didn't even think of it" I stood and dropped my trousers down showing her what I had on offer. - "You haven't ever with that great big thing have you?" - I gave a knowing grin, - My turn again, - "You haven't you're just kidding. Have you? That things twice as thick as a turd,it just wouldn't. Would it?" - I lied. - "NO,just a little lesson for you,there's more than just fucking you know" - in reply she said. "I planned some more stuff before I let you" - Then mercenariness kicked in, - "You got that twenty I bet,haven't you?" I was tempted to torment her but an awarness I might not get her pussy on the end of this old cock if I did,I desisted and waggled it before her.

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   The twenty not my cock!
 "Do you want it in fivers or one note like this one?" - "What's the difference?" - "Well,using fivers I could give you one for getting your tits out another for putting a thong on and tormenting me with flashing your ass cheeks and so on" - If I do it that way do I get the twenty for a fuck as well?" - "NO! Twenty for the lot" - "Augh! Tight old grandad. What would I have to do for both? - I held my hardon in one hand and pressed my finger back in her bum, - "That one as well for the whole forty plus the tormenting bit" - "I'll do the torment bit and let you fuck me at the end. I'm not sure about anymore,after all I don't know if that fat end part will even go up me,those kids are smaller than that,mind I thought you being old it would look all old as well" - I hadn't thought about this till she said,but looking at it I surpose it stays looking young because of all the exercise it gets.  - "That big kid had quite a long one" - "Ah! Didn't you see it,its a bit like an ice cream cone,all thin at the front and getting thicker as it goes back. That's why I let him take my cherry a while back"
 She now moved off the seat giving me a good look at all her sexual goodies except her tits. She held her hand out. "Come on a fiver then" I passed one over. Her top was gone in an instant,baring two lovely mounds with pinky tanned coloured peaks and topped out with two hard nipples. "Feel them,you've made them go all firm" As I did she gripped my balls and cock, "Fuck they're hard as well, - she squeezed my hardon, - that's all solid,I thought you may have gone soft seeing it came just now" - "What with all your goodies on offer,I could keep it hard in you for a whole day" - "Those kids can't,that's why I use more than one,they got no chance of doing it more than twice and usually its only once and they're useless"
 I now felt my future was assured,my pill would give me real staying power,if she wanted fucking several times,I'm her boy - so to speak - all the week,I'd decided I wanted to make her pregnant,not just fuck her and here she was telling me she needed a lot of cocking,should work out for both of us then. She broke free, "I'll put on a thong" Tormenting bitch,she grinned down at me as she sprinted up the stairs. Stopping at the top, "Did I show anything" -That devilish grin again, - "You know you did, - I'd seen her ass cheeks and a rear view of her puffy vulva from the back. Throwing a long leg over the sloping bannister, "Am I now?" With her skirt riding up her belly her large bushy pubic area was displayed with her pussy hidden and clearly pressing aganst the top pillar as though it was inserted into her cunt hole.
 I poked my tongue out at this and quick as a flash she retorted, "You can use that to lick this pillar while I put my thong on" - she was gone into her room. - Fuck! Just how long can it take to put a thong on? Then she re-appeared. I realised or I thought I did why so long.

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   The sexy little cat had pulled her flesh coloured thong right into her crack front and back. From the back she was naked,at the front her camel toe was so prenounced it was as though she was naked but for the fact no hair was showing above her slit.
 "Like it? I'll let you pull it off with your teeth" - False teeth I thought,I wonder if I can! - She sauntered slowly down the stairs,stopping and turning on each stair. Fuck I desperately wanted to rip that thong off her and have my wicked way with that tight young pussy. "Another fiver for that" Her hand was awaiting as I pulled out another one from my trousers now on the floor. Cheeky cat,as I bent to recover the money a sharp little finger shot into my exposed asshole and it went right up to the knuckles because I felt the rest of her fist against my hairy ass cheeks. I shot upright, "Cheeky cow,I never expected that" - "I bet yours would go up that one,my finger slipped up it with no trouble,I did put some pussy juice on it mind"
 "Can you reach your bum with you dicky? Show me" I struggled with my now half hard cock,but joining in she said, "Gosh grandad,that's hard luck,its reaching it but there's none left over to push in you" I took the chance. "That twenty,its still available if you let me do it,it'll reach yours okay" Looking at it she held it and started wanking me. "It wont go in soft and hard I think it'll be to big" Almost jumping she got on the second step up, "Come on,use your teeth to make me naked and bring me to an orgasm,I need you inside me now"
 I had no trouble with her thong she helped of course because clearly an orgasm was required by her now trembling body. Fuck! No wonder she took so long,not a hair in sight,she's shaved it naked and look how far her pussy groove goes up her belly,I reckon an inch and a half more than most. - When she stood up straight later her slit was clearly visible up her pubic mound not hidden down under. - As I sucked at her clit she pulled herself open more and more until I was just fucking her hole with a stiff tongue as she brought herself off with her finger. Jerking and gasping I told her to turn and bend forward on the steps as I lined her at a suitable level to fuck her. I wanted her doggy because I had every intention of jamming my hard cock against the neck of her cervix to give my sperm every chance of impregnating her.
 She looked back as I rolled the skin back off my cocks helmet.

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   "God grandad,that front parts huge,go steady as you push it in" - It may have looked big to her but to me it was as it should be and I'd spent a lifetime pushing it right into a woman's cervix. I never ceased to revel in the sensation as it entered and the cervix clutched at my source of sperm. Now bent waiting with her pussy still elated from her orgasm I touched that pussy with my cock for the first time. My precum stuck to her pussy juice and I touched and pulled away marvelling at where my cock was about to go. Gently now I pressed at her hole and in turn I felt her leaning back at my cock.
 "God,I feel so excited as I feel your dick trying to go up me" As if in excitement she pressed back harder and my fat end slipped deeply up inside that pink little cunt. It swallowed me whole,right up the length of my shaft. "FU-U-C-K GR-A -NN-D-A-D I Like It! Do it hard to me" I took a grip across her slim little belly and with ever increasing thrusts I exploded my cum into the top of her cunt as she wriggled and squeaked in ecstasy at our cumming into each other. I gripped her tighter and moving my tense ass I tried to line her cervix up for another thrust, "Hold it like that,I like that feeling,I'm not sure what it is but its tingling right up inside" - "You on the pill?" - "NO! Why?" - "Your pussy's trying to get me to make you pregnant" - Shocked now by her response.
    - "Go on then,do it,get me pregnant,just imagine a little you popping out of me" - She laughing was making her pussy muscles tweak my cock unmercifully. Now I started into her some more and in no time we were both approaching our orgasms,this time at the first spirt I could feel her cervix's entrance and gripping her like mad I exploded and as my sperm tried to go up the neck of her cervix I felt it open and let my bulbus cock head in. Now the follow up spurts passed straight to her womb. I was well pleased.
     "I liked that,it was totally different than when those kids do it. If you've made me pregnant,I'll just say one them done it" - Cunning little bitch I thought.

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       "We'll need to do it some more to make sure wont we?" - "Yes,lots more" - "Yeah,that's what I figured,I want to do all the time with you,that okay?" - "Sure,but are you saying we've finished for now?" - "Hark at him! - That lot out there would be wandering off by now,but no,not my old grandad,he just wants more and more. Just like me" - "Stay like you are and I'll try you for that other twenty" I said. - Not a sound came from her as she stood with her naked ass exposed ready for me to try to push it up there.
     I felt her tense as my hardon touched her asshole spot on. "Relax,or your bum will be to tight to give it a chance" She visibly relaxed herself as I leant into her hoping the gentle pressure would press her tiny sphincter open. The sensation at my cock end was overwhelming as the pressure grew. She wiggled about moving her bum cheeks and as she did I knew about half my helmet was jammed hard up into her opening but it wasn't going any further as my cum exploded up into the tightly closed sphincter. I held still and let shot after shot hit her asshole. She giggled,"It made you cum though,does that mean I get that other twenty?" I put my mouth close to her ear, "Of course it do and another fucking up your cunt" - She giggled and wriggled and behold my helmet sunk inside that tight little butt. "What happened then?" - "You relaxed and you let it in" - "I know,I can feel it inside,its not so bad as I thought it would be. Are we finished then?" - I could tell she was a bit apprehensive about me ass fucking her,so I confirmed that having cum on her ass we had finished with that hole for today.
     The sensation as I pulled it out was overwhelming again and I knew I would have all of me up her next time. "I liked the funny feeling as you pulled your fat bit out of my bum,will you put that part in again next time" - I'd got the twenty and pressed it into her hand. "If you want me too,only if you say so mind,I'm not forcing you to have it up there" She stood,now with that dirty cheeky smile of hers. lets wash yours and I'll let you have me again,I want you to play with me at the top of the stairs so I can torment those kids they're out there trying to entice me to come out and do them.

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       Can you hear?"
     I'd been so intense on what we were doing,I hadn't heard them,but now I did. "NO,we can't let them see us" - "NO! I know that,what I mean is,you get below the window part and play with my pussy while I flash my tits at them,they'll never dream I'm being worked up by my grandad,then when I cum,you fuck me without them seeing you but they will see me getting a thrill and not know why" I admit,this had a stimulating affect and as soon as she washed my dick I sat on the top of the stairs and started fingering her again. I took a little peep as she flashed her tits saying under her breath, "And if you could see through this wall you'd see my grandad fucking me in a minute" That minute soon arrived as with bended knees her whole body shook and her pussy again supplied my hand with a liberal amount of cunt juice.
     I wondered how to get my cock up her without them seeing me. I needn't have worried,my slut had thought it all out. She dragged a linen otterman to below the window and got me to lie on it with my legs at the edge and then she lowered her juicy cunt down on my pubic mound and pumped up and down. "I'm going to open the window a bit so they can hear me as I cum off on your cock" I was a bit apprehensive about this in case they also heard my grunts as I spread even more of my baby juice deep inside her. In know time she was entering an orgasm and I heard one say,"She is,she's really being fucked,whose not here then,no we're all here it must be a kid from her college" - SOME KID! SOME COLLEGE! - Our sap now lay around my cocks pubes and her open now bald cunt as she lifted her hole off me. "Fuck I enjoyed doing that to them,fucking little squirts" I drew from that she prefered man to boy. Could go on for a long time then I reckon!