My Sleeping Sis


Well, when this all started i was 17, and my sister was 18 I never really though of her in a sexual way, until one night she was sleeping on the couch in just her panties. I just stood there wanting to touch her, but i was able to resist for fear of being caught. I couldn't get the picture out of my mind as i slept. So, lucky me, my mom was leaving me and her alone that night. I was supposed to babysit which i did reguarly.
Well, when her bedtime came, i told her to go to bed, and she did. So i waited untill about midnight just to make sure that she was asleep. Then i walked into her room to see her flat on her back, legs spread slightly and no blanket on. It was the middle of summer so i kind of expected that. Before i get going her let me tell you a little about myself and my sister. I am about 6ft. tall, 150lbs, and average size cock. My sister was about 80lbs. , about 41/2 to 5ft tall, and now that i have been paying atention. . .

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  had a really nice ass. Once i got in the room i wanted to jump ontop of her and fuck her brains out, but no, i decide to make sure that she was at least asleep. So i walked p to her slowly and tapped her shoulder, nothing, the i touched and rubbed her stomach, nothing, then i started rubbing her pussy, again, nothing. So getting a little braver i pulled her panties down just untill i could see her pussy. And oh my god was it beautiful. So smooth, soft, and warm. I just wanted to eat it up. So i started tasting it and flicking my tounge over her clit, and to my surprise, NOTHING happend. Again getting more confidence, i started to rub it with my finger. Then i trired to slide a finger in, and it did. . . here i am thinking she was a virgin, and at 18 she wasnt. After playin with her pussy for a while she was still sleeping soundly. So i thought, mabye i could get my dick in her mouth.


   so i went to where her head was and turned it so that it was facing me. I then grabbed her chin and held her forehead and opened her mouth. And i started to skull fuck her, not too hard though, i didnt want to wake her. And wow. . . did it feel great. Once that got boring i decided id try and kiss her, basically because i couldnt think of anything else to do. So i knelt down and slowly touched my lips to hers and slid my toung into her mouth. ANd i started to kiss her gently. Right at that point an idea popped into my mind. FUCK HER!! And since she was such a heavy sleeper it wouldnt be too hard to get her in the right position. I went to the end of the bed and closed her legs, the slid her panties off while lifting her ass so that i could. Then i spread her legs as far as i could get them to go. I slowly and as carefully as i could climed on the bed and straddled her.

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   I just sat there thinking "what the hell am i doing???" Then i was just like "fuck it. . . you only live once' So i got inbetween her legs and started to slowly fuck her. Sliding in and out as slow and smooth as i possibly could. Then the strangest thing happend. I heard a moan. But i ignored it and kept fucking her. Then again a moan and i felt her hips thrust beneath me. Was she awake? Anyways, i kept fucking her but i slowed down a little bit. Then her eyes opened and she just stared me down and all i could do is stare back with my mouth wide open. We did this for like 5 minutes. Then she said "I've been awake the whole time, keep going it feels soo good. " So now that she was awake i got to speed it up a little bit. And i rolled her over so that she was on top and just told her to bounce as fast as she wanted and she wanted to go fast.

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   So i started to throw my hips into it too making us go at least twice as fast as earlier. All i could hear was her "AWWWWW!!!!""MMMMMMMM. . . . Harder, faster. " And i did as she said. "you want faster? I'll give you faster!"And i started thrusting as hard as i possibly coudl and just listened to her scream. Then i said i was gonna cum. And that scared her. "No, get it out then!!!!!" So i said "well are you just gonna leave me hanging?"And she whispered "nope, get thatdick over her. "So i walked over to her and she put it in her mouth and started bobbing up and down, up and down. and moving her hand at the same time, and playin with my nuts also. This time i didnt even give her any warning, i just grabbed her head and came in her mouth forcing ehr to take all of it. and let me tel you that that was the best ejaculation ive ever had.


  . . And afterwards she actually said thank you. And wanted to know if we would ever be able to do it again, and all i had to say to that was "any time baby, any time. " So just about every night we would sneak into her room because it was the furthest away form my moms and we woud fuck all night long. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . .