MY Sleeping Cousin


Topic: My Sleeping cousinMy cousin Dana has always caught my eye ever since she hit about 18 I am about 3 years older than her but me and her are extreemly close we tell eachother stuff that we dont tell our friends. . So let me Describe her to you she about 5 foot 6 Tanned long Hot Legs perfectly round ass and the most georgeous set of tits i have ever layed eyes on. I've had the hots for her for a few years and always fantasized about fucking her. . sometimes when i was at her house I'd sneak into her room and take a pair of her panties and sniff her lovely juices then blow all over them. . But i thought thats as close as I'd get to coming in contact with her pussy. . Ohh how wrong i was. . .
It was during our holiday to New Jearsey. It was my first visit to America and her and my family went on a group vacation. we arrived in New Jearsey in the early morning from a long flight from Phoenix. we were all tired and were dying to get to sleep.

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  . but the others decided to go and see the town first so we idnt get a chance to sleep. . so naturally we were all sooo tired by the time we got to my uncles place. all the kids stayed in one room except her brother who stayed in the lounge room so he could have some privacy to talk to his Girlfriend. So me Dana and her brother were in one room. . and as tired as she was she just jumped in to the king sized bed and fell asleep instantly. so i layed down next to her trying to get some shut eye. . when she rolled over to her side and her hand landed on my crotch. . i lay there for a minuite trying to think of what just happend. Right then i knew I'd have my chance. She Was practically knocked out cold and wouldnt wake up till morning.

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I started to feel her up from top to bottom. First i started to kiss her lips then her neck then my hands started to make there way to her perfect set of tits about a D cup not too being and not too small just right. I started squeezing them and playing with them. about a minuite later i took off her bra and lifted up her shirt to reveal thos tits. then i started to suck them and play with her nipples till they go rock hard and let me tell you her nipples werent the only thing to go rock hard. . . then i made my way down. . i unbuttoned her tight little jeans ( which i might ass showed her tight little ass perfectly) and taking them right off just leaving her panties on. . then i started to play with her little pussy which was extreemly wet and had her panties soaked in no time. then took thoes off and sniffed her sweet juices.
I took my cock out and started to wank in front of her as i played with her pussy. then i went down to lick her little cunt.

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   it was soo sweet I nearly came when my tounge touched her lips. i licked her for a good 5 minuites. every now and then i stopped to make sure she was still asleep. then after a good licking i decided it was time to fuck her. . but in order for me to remember this momentus occation i had to film it. so i got out my phone and set it to video. i Spread her legs wide open and i positioned my self in front of her pussy. then i began to push my cock inside her wet little hole. and to my Extreem surprise there was no hymen blocking my way which turned me on. because it gave me the impresstion that shes had a cock before. i started pumping her faster and faster making sure i got everything on camera and making sure she was still asleep. i fucked her for a good 18 minuites then i felt my load coming. i pulled my cock out and used her hand to wank my cock. then i came all over her Hands and all over  her perfect little tits.

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i wiped her clean and put her clothes back on and went to sleep myself.
    . . . the next morning i woke up to see her next to me already awake and sitting up on the bed. . she turned to me and said .
    " Mornin cuz. . . "
    " Good Morining" I said back
    " how did you sleep" she asked
    " ohh like a baby" I replied
    " yea mee to but i had the weirdest dream" She said
    " ohh yea what" i said
    " I dreamt that i was being Fucked by you but the funny thing is it didnt feel like a dream" she said
    " hmm that is weird" i said trying not to laugh
    " but you know what the funny thing is? "
    " No what?" i asked
    " I'll tell you but you have to promise me you wont tell anyone. . "
    " ok I Promise" i stated
    " it was a real Turn on having you Fuck me. . seriously!!"
    " Really!!" I said looking Shocked.

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    " yea i mean i know its wrong and stuff but i cant help being turned on by it"
    " Hmmm well then may be we should try it out some time aye" i said
    She didnt reply. she got up and walked to the door but before she went out she turned around and winked at me and then said
    " How Bout Tonight"
    " No better time. . " i replied