My Sisters Christmas Present To Me


This story is about what happened between my sister and me on Christmas Day. First off let me tell you a little about us. I am on Christmas break in my freshman year of college, 18 years old, 6’0 190 lbs and I have a 7 ½ inch long dick which I’m very proud of. Rachel, my sister is 16, a junior in high school; about 5’4 and id guess 110 lbs. She also has 32C breasts and a great ass and athletic body because she’s a tennis player. As children we were always close friends and never argued like most siblings. So my story starts off on Christmas Eve…    My parents, sister, and I were all sitting in our living room around 18 o’clock talking to each other.   I decided to head up to bed because I was getting tired and Rachel hopped up and said she was going to bed also. When I got upstairs I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and went to brush my teeth. Just before I got to the bathroom I looked through Kelly’s open door and saw her standing in front of a mirror in sweatpants and a bra. She was feeling her tits and seeing how they looked in the mirror. As she bent over to pull her sweatpants off she gave me a great view of her amazing ass and the green and red thong she was wearing. As she stood up and looked at her body in the mirror she saw my reflection and looked me right in the eyes. I hurriedly walked right back to my room and shut the door. I know had a raging hard on and I knew I couldn’t get this one to go away without jacking off so I lay down on my bed with my laptop and started watching porn. After about 5 minutes I was ready so I pulled out my dick and started stroking it.

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   It felt amazing but the only problem was I couldn’t concentrate on imagining it was my girlfriend who was doing it. My mind kept wandering back to Rachel standing there in her underwear. Finally I caved and although I thought it was wrong I imagined Rachel taking off all her clothes as I stroked my dick. When I came it was one of the hardest orgasms in my life. I shot out at least 5 huge strands of cum.   I fell asleep that night with the image of Rachel pulling down her sweatpants in my head.     The next morning Rachel came running into my room at 8 and jumped right on top of me. “WAKE UP BIG BROTHER ITS CHRISTMASS!!” she shouted. I opened my eyes to find her straddling me with her hands on my chest. She was wearing a white tank top and red shorts that said “Ho Ho Ho” on her ass. As I got up it took all of my energy not to get a boner. We walked downstairs to find tons of presents under the tree waiting to be unwrapped.     After unwrapping our presents and eating breakfast our parents told us they were going to our neighbors house for brunch and that we were welcome to join them if we wanted. I said I was going to stay back here because I knew it would be very boring for me over there. Rachel said she would stay at home to keep me company.

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   As they were leaving they said they would be back in an hour (which we both knew meant way more than one hour).     After taking all my presents up to my room I laid down on bed thinking maybe ill play some Xbox. Just as I got it turned on I heard my phone vibrate with a new text message. It was from my sister and it said “Hey Jake can you come into my room? Sorry I forgot I still have a present for you”. “ This is strange,” I thought as I walked in and didn’t see her there. Just as I turned to leave she walked out of her bathroom and I froze as I saw her. I could see her dark nipples through her white tank top because she was still dripping wet from the shower she had just taken. As my eyes moved down to her waist I could see a clear camel toe because the shorts she was wearing were so tight and had been rolled up so much. She walked right up to me, wrapped her arms around me, looked me in the eyes and said in one of the most seductive voices I’ve ever heard, “Merry Christmas Jake”. She leaned up and put her lips on mine while never breaking eye contact. She held her lips there, just barely touching mine waiting for my reaction, but my mind was frozen. I was stuck between kissing her back or turning and leaving. Just as I was about to turn and leave I remembered what I had seen the night before and I knew that I had to have her. The second I started to put pressure onto her lips she knew she had won. I felt her tongue on my lips and opened my mouth allowing it in.

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   It was one of the most passionate kisses I’ve ever had. We just stood there, our arms wrapped around each other, our tongues locked together.     Rachel was the first to break the kiss by pushing me back onto her bed. She climbs on top of me and as she sits down she feels my hard cock between her legs. I look at her in shock hoping she won’t think it’s a turn off.
    But she smiles at me and begins dry humping me and rubbing her camel toe on it. This really turns me on so I reached up and pulled her shirt off over her head. The sight of her hard nipples and young, perky tits nearly made me cum in my pants. AS I began sucking on her nipples and twisting them between my fingers she started moaning which only got me hornier.     After a few minutes she pulled my head away and reached down and pulled my shorts down letting my cock finally be free. She got on all fours and began to suck my cock. OH MY GOD you would have thought she had been doing it her whole life. I can honestly say she gave me the best blowjob of my life. As she was blowing me I pulled her ass over so it was right in front of my face. I saw her pussy had made a huge wet spot on her shorts and I knew I needed to taste her juices.

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       I pealed her shorts down her ass and off her dripping wet pussy and spread her legs over my head. First I just licked up all her juices around her pussy and on her fat, swollen lips. Then I parted her lips and began to attack. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, which made her squirm like mad with pleasure. As my tongue was darting in and out of her cunt I could feel my own orgasm building so I knew I needed to move fast. I started licking and sucking on her clit, which brought screams of pleasure from her. I knew she was close and right as she started to orgasm I shoved 2 fingers into her soaked pussy. The sight of her cumming and her juices everywhere was too much for me and I shot my load all in her mouth and on her tits.   After we came down she walked into the bathroom to wipe herself off and I just sat there staring at her amazing ass and body, which made my cock begin to harden again. When she came back in she laughed because I instantly got hard at the sight of her. My smile faded when she told me to get off her bed. She lay down, spread her legs in the air and said “fuck me”. I almost ran over to her and aimed my dick up with her pussy I froze. Her pussy looked amazing. First of all it was shaved and tight because she was so young, but the thing that got me was how wet it still was, her lips was glistening wet.

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       “Fuck me already!” she said, and right as I got my head against her lips, ready to push in we hear the door open downstairs and mom and dad walking in…. .