My Sister's Birthday Present


"Oh. Her boyfriend got really plastered and she drove him home. Shes gonna spend the night there with him tonight. ""So its just you and me left here then huh. Sorry I couldnt get here earlier, I had a class. ""Yeah, you were just too busy rubbing your hands all over naked women to come see your lil sister on her birthday werent you? Ya know what I want for my birthday?""No, why dont you tell me?""I want one of those full body massages that they teach you to do. ""I dont know Kate, I dont know everything yet, it probably wouldnt be any good just yet. Besides, youd have to take off all of your clothes, and youre a nice girl. You dont do things like that. "Kate looked at me with a "how can you say that" kind of look. "Well, you need all the practice you can get if youre going to get your license, and Im not as much of an angel as you think I am. ""Oh really? This from the girl who never even kissed a guy until she was eighteen years old. . . . .

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  ""I kiss who I want. Im going to go take a shower, and then I want you to give me a full body massage. Yes or No? "I admit I did wonder what my sister looked like naked, and now, here she was, asking me to give her a massage, offering to take off all of her clothes for me. My mind raced with the thought of running my hands all over Kate's body. She was a beautiful girl. About 5'9, and 130 pounds, long jet black hair and firm medium sized breasts that were accentuated by the tight shirts she always wore. Ill admit that I stole looks at her ass every time she bent over, and when she walked past me. Now, I had a chance to see her naked body, and I couldnt resist. "My stuff is out in the car. Ill set up while youre in the shower. ""Great. Ill be out in a few minutes. "I went out and got my fold out cot and my massage oils from the car, and set up in her bedroom. A few minutes later, Kate called to me from the bathroom. "Hey! Tim!! Bring me a towel will you? There arent any in here.

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   Shelly must not have taken them out of the dryer yet. "I went to the dryer, and as she said, it was full of freshly dried towels. I grabbed one and headed to the door, and knocked on it. "It's open" came the response from inside. I eased the door open and handed the towel around the door for her to reach, and suddenly the door flew open, and I saw Kate totally naked, and soaking wet. Her long black hair came down over her shoulder covering her left breast and I was caught staring with my jaw resting on the floor. "Whatsa matter Tim? You never seen a naked girl before? Ha ha. ""Its not that its just that youre. . . . you. . . Youre my.

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  . " I stammered. "Your sister? So what. Youre going to be giving me a massage anyway, so you were bound to see me naked sooner or later. ""Yeah but usually the girls are face down, and you dont really see much but a great view and feel of their ass. ""Well so what. We're both adults here. Im sure I dont have anything you havent seen before somewhere else, Right? So. . . what do you think?""I think youre fucking gorgeous. I wish you werent my sister right now. ""Liar. You always say the right things to make me feel good. But.

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  . . . there is one way to tell if youre lying. . . . "Before I could react, Kate stepped forward and ran her hand firmly up the front of my jeans, tracing the full length of the hardon I had gotten from the view of her dripping wet naked body. Her eyes widened and she gasped. "You have a hardon! From looking at me naked? Soooo. . . you really do think Im pretty. That's very interesting. "I looked at her and nodded, and she wrapped the towel around her body, drying off, and motioned for me to follow her.

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  We entered her bedroom where I had set up, and she dropped the towel from her body, giving me another great view, this time it was of her ass, and as she bent over to get her hair dryer from the bottom drawer of her dresser, I got a clear view of her pussy, and nearly blew my load right there. She turned her head and winked at me, smiled, and began drying her hair while standing in front of her full length mirror on her closed door. She was really enjoying teasing me, and revelling in the fact that she had given me a hardon. As she shut off the blowdryer, she looked over and announced that she was ready for her massage. "Okay, how do you want me?" She said, and then smiled her mischeivous smile at me. "Um, just lie down on the cot here, and Ill start on your back and shoulders first. ""mmm that sounds good. Hey, could you grab me a beer from the living room real quick? Matter of fact, just bring the whole pack in here. "I went to get her beer for her, and handed it to her. She took a drink of it, and laid down on the cot again. "Okay Tim, Im all yours. "I poured some massage oil in between her shoulderblades and began massaging her back, and shoulders, all the while moans were coming from Kate. "Mmm that feels great. Go lower. "I moved my hands to the small of her back and worked down to her gorgeous ass.

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   I began grabbing handfuls of her ass, and rubbing my hands all over her legs and hips. Kate was moaning even more now, really enjoying what I was doing to her. All the while, my prick was as hard as steel. Running my hands over my sister's naked body, and the moans she was making, made me want to fuck my sister right there. But I thought she would never let it go past a massage, and her teasing me in the bathroom was hardly enough for me to think that she wanted me to have sex with her. Then, suddenly, Kate turned over on her back. She laid there on her back, smiling at me, giving me a full frontal of her body once more, and she made a request. "I want you to massage the front like you did the back. Massage my breasts for me. Will you do that?"I told her I would and I poured more oil into my hands, and began rubbing them over her breasts and nipples. I worked my way down her body, until I was just inches above her cleanly shaven pussy. My mind was racing and my heart was pounding, I had to see how far I could go and get away with it. I moved my hand lower down, and began to massage her clit slowly with my thumb. Kate gasped and stiffened, and I kept moving my thumb in small circles over her clit, and Kate began to moan louder and louder and I quickened my pace. "Mmmmm.

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   MMMM. . . that feels so good. . . Ooooh yeah. . . "I ran my other hand over her breasts while still stroking her clit. She began to squirm under my hand, and she gasped, and I felt her juices cascade over my hand. I had just made my sister come by playing with her clit. I decided to take things further, and buried my tongue in her wet pussy. I began licking her pussy and sucking on her clit, while playing with her nipples with my hands. Kate seemed to go with it, if she was opposed to this, she sure wasnt showing it.

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  "Ohhhhh myyyyyyy Gooddddddd!! Oh Oh OOOHHHH!! Oh yes! Lick my pussy Tim! Oh god baby lick my wet pussy!! Ooooh Pinch my Nipples!! Yes!! YES!!! Just like that! ooooh Im gonna cum again!! Yess!! Now!! Nooowwwww!! OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!"After I brought her off with my tongue, Kate sat up, slammed the rest of her beer, and pulled me to her. "Ohhh Fuck that was great. Now, youre not gonna get a girl all worked up and not finish her off now are you? Take off your clothes. I want your cock, and I want it NOW. "I didnt have to be told twice. I took off my clothes, and we moved over to Kate's bed. Kate was running her hands all over my chest, and then began kissing my neck and sucking on my nipples. She looked up at me as I removed the condom from my wallet. "You wont be needing that, Ive been on the pill for a long time. "That was music to my ears. I hated condoms, but I also didnt like the idea of gettting my sister pregnant. Now, this was going to be fun. Without worry of getting her pregnant, I could feel her hot pussy against my cock, and fuck seven bells out of her. Kate moved down to my rock hard cock, and began kissing the head of it and running her tongue up and down the shaft. She then inserted my entire cock into her mouth, and began to deep throat me.

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   She was the greatest cocksucker I had ever been with. She was amazing, it was like she had no gag reflexes at all, and she took my entire length down her throat at a pace I didnt think was possible.
    "Oooooohh FUCK Kate!! God you suck cock soo fucking good! Youre incredible!!!"I fucked her mouth until I knew I couldnt take anymore. "Im gonna Cum Kate!! Oh Fuck Im gonna cum in your mouth right now!!"Kate massaged my balls and sucked my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She kept sucking me until she had swallowed every drop of my cum, and then licked my shaft clean. Kate reached over and popped the tab of another beer, and took a few big swigs from it. She pushed me back onto the bed, and positioned herself on top of me. "Mmm your cock is delicious, and now I want to ride it. Ive waited a long time to get you in this position you know. I see all the times you look at my ass, and down my shirt when I bend over. Well, I sneak glances at your cock when I can as well, and now Ive got it and can do whatever I want with it. ""Why didnt you say anything? Id have screwed you silly if you would have asked. ""I was waiting on you to put the moves on me, and when you didnt, I figured Id use your massage class to my advantage, and get you to fuck me. Looks like it worked. Now, fuck me with that huge cock, I want to cum all over it.

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       "She guided my cock up into her tight pussy and began to slide up and down its entire length. She felt so fucking good, and she bent down so that I could suck her nipples as she fucked me. "Oh oh oh Oh God yes, Fuck yes, Fuck me with your cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes!! It feels so good deep inside my tight pussy!! Ohhhh!! oooooooohhh!! Oh Baby!! Baby!! Im cumming!! Oh I cant hold it back baby Im cumming all over your cock!! Yesssssss!!!"Her juices flooded down my cock and her pussy was the slickest Id ever fucked before. She got off of my stiff prick and got on her knees in front of me. "Ohhh Fuck me doggy style. Make me your little bitch. Slide that cock into my pussy and fuck me!!"I slid my prick into her cunt and grabbed a handful of her hair while I shafted her slick pussy. She was moaning and screaming out in ecstasy, and I put both hands on her hips to try and keep control of her body as her orgasm shook her very core. "Gooddddd!! Ohhhh Ive never been fucked like this! You are the best!! THE BEST!! Ohhh!! Ohhhh!! Slap my ass!! Spank me!! Ive been a bad little girl!!"I began spanking her with one hand, and then the other, each smack sending waves of ecstasy through her body. Her ass was bright red and I began fucking her pussy as fast as I could, sending her over the edge again. I couldnt take much more of this. "Ohh fuck Kate, Im gonna cum. Ohh come here you sexy little bitch, come here and drink my cum!!"I grabbed Kate by her long black hair, pulled my cock from her slick pussy, and pulled her face to my cock. She opened her mouth and I shoved my cock in just as I came. I blew my load down her throat, and Kate was moaning and groaning around my cock, and as before she swallowed every drop, and then licked my cock clean.


      We both were exhausted, and we slept until about 3:30 in the afternoon the next day, and were only awakened then by the sounds of her roomate Shelly coming in and seeing us naked together. It was then that Kate brought it to my attention that Shelly was big into threesomes. Shelly smiled, took off her clothes and hopped into the bed with us. . . . . But that's a story for another time now, isnt it?.



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