my sisters and me


Amanda was smart classy and good looking; she was 18, built like a model, 5’7” 36-24-36, blonde hair blue eyes, tan firm skin, no marks or scars and best of all she was my sister.   Jill our cousin was 19, 5’11” 150 pounds, 42DDD-28-36, bright blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and a sun kissed beauty.   The two of them were always friends, and always getting into trouble as kids.   When they got out of school they rented an apartment by our older sister and got a job at the mill making socks.   I was 13, and I was supposed to be a boy, but the two of them had made me bisexual for a long time.   They would dress me up like a girl put make up on me and take pictures of me like that and some how they would wind up in the locker room at school or in some body’s mailbox and I would have loads of guys trying to get into my pants.   Lacy my other sister had a real secret that she had kept quiet for years; she was in love with me.   Lacy was 23, tall thin and hot and she was the reason that Amanda and Jill were so mean to me; she put them up to it.   Lacy was not as pretty as Amanda or Jill but 34-26-34 and 5’10” 105 pounds of pure energy.   She had black short hair like some guys wear it and brown eyes and unlike the rest of us she didn’t look like anyone in our family, and mom always said she was adopted when she got mad at her, but it wasn’t true.

The weekend before Valentines mom and dad went off for a romantic adventure.   Amanda and Jill volunteered to baby-sit me at their place and Lacy agreed to watch over all of us, so they set me out and set me up at the same time.   The moment I arrived that Friday afternoon I knew it was going to be bad.   Jill was waiting on the balcony waving at them as I got out knapsack in hand and walked towards the stairs to their upper floor apartment.   As my parents pulled away Jill dressed in a tube top started grinning at me, I was halfway up the stairs when I heard her giggle and looking up I saw her thong underwear and the tube top now on the concrete floor.   I followed her tanned legs up to see her bald naked pussy and her big boobs greet me and as I came to the top stair her hands attacked me.

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  Â  I was yanked down on the cold floor; it was freezing as she now naked straddled my chest and began to rape me.   My coat was already opened but soon my shirt was too and missing all its buttons.   Her hands frigid in the air gripped my belt and whisked it off and over the railing into the courtyard followed by my shoes socks and pants.   My briefs were ripped away and sent with them and then she ground my mouth to her left breast as her hand reach back to take hold of my six inches and it began to squeeze it like never before.   I had no real experience nor did I expect this, but when she seated herself on it I watched her bounce up and down until she made it cum as much as she was doing.   Then the real fun began.

She pulled me inside the door to the apartment tossed my jacket and shirt on the floor and using my cock as her guide led me to the back bedroom and the mattress on the floor.   I was pushed down on it as she straddled me once more and then she got really hot.   Her boobs were massive and had very hard erect nipples and as she made me chew, suck and lick them both back and forth her hand returned to massage my cum soaked cock.   She stopped long enough to coat her nipples with the cream from it and then feed it and them to me time and again.   Before long I realized she was feeding me my cum from her pussy
as well.  

What I didn’t know was that Amanda had been filming the entire escapade.   The camera was small enough and she was smart enough to stay back behind the doorway and record it.   That’s when Jill started baiting me into things, “Come on baby this is your first fuck, I know that.   You would rather have some cock in your mouth than my tits wouldn’t you bitch.

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I just couldn’t reply as it felt so damn good what she was doing to my cock and as it got hard, I would have confessed to anything to keep her on me.   She slid back on my hard on again and as she did, slowly she rose and sank on it baiting me each time with, “Now tell me what you want!”

“I want to fuck you again Jill,” I screamed.

“No you don’t.   Now tell me the truth, you want a cock in your mouth and one up the ass, don’t you Denny?” she said as seductively as she slid up and down on me.

“Well…uh no, I wan. . . nana…want…I want. . . you,” I struggled to slur out.

“Tell me what you really want or I will stop,” she cried out, and then added in a sexy tone, “Tell me how you want some guys to fuck you tonight. ”

“Oh yeah Jill, whatever you want, oh yeah, just don’t stop,” I pleaded with her.

Slowly moving up and down she said, “Say it.   Confess it all and I will ride you good, else I stop now.

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“Oh hell yeah I want some guy to fuck me, I want to suck a cock,” I screamed loudly as I bounced her up myself a few times.

“Again, it makes me horny,” she said as she started to grind it more and more.

“I want to suck some guys cock. I want to be fucked in the mouth and the ass,” I shouted again and again as I heard her moan loudly each time I did it.   So seeing how much it turned her on, I yelped out, “I want to let some old man butt fuck me. ”

With that she exploded and gushed her hot wet cum on me and then a few seconds later I returned the favor.

  She slid off me and kissed me and whispered in my ear, “This is why we wanted to baby-sit you.   I need some baby cock once in a while.   But if would rather have a cock up your ass then my sweet pussy, you must be gay. ”

With that she jumped up and giggled as she fled the room leaving me naked and exhausted on the mattress.   I lay back and just like an idiot I began to play with my cum soaked cock and I tasted the juices off it a few times, to be honest I licked it off my hand and fingers many times.   All the while my sister was recording my exploits.   After abut ten minutes they switched places and shocked me all to hell.   Without me even knowing she was there with us, she came into the room and acted as if she was surprised I was there and naked.

“Denny you little devil just look at you all naked and waiting for some pussy.

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  Â  Or did you get undressed so some guy could fuck your ass off later?” Amanda said as she started to unbutton her top and then as she did her braless bare chest was exposed and I gasped, as she is very good looking.   I had seen her naked a few times and loved the sight of her, and when she dropped her blue jeans to the floor and showed me her trimmed pussy – I forget she was my sister and rose to lick it.   She moaned out, “Hum yeah baby brother that’s the stuff, lick me right there. ”  A few seconds passed by and she cooed, “Deeper and harder, lick it all, all of me you hear. ”

I sort of took charge and flipped her onto her back on the mat and pushed her legs up and wide and dove between them and ate her pussy madly.   I was licking all of it from her asshole to the top of her clit as my hands slid up to tease and play with her tits.   Then five or ten minutes later, I pounced in her and as I did she locked me into an embrace and we kissed wildly.   It was like to animals as we fucked crazily until I exploded in her with a gushing flood.

Then she pulled me up and led me to the shower and washed me fully.   We kissed and I helped to bathe her and even ate her out with my cum still inside her before we finished and got out of the tub.   Then she led me to her bedroom wearing only a towel around her bottom.   She sat me down at the mirror and started putting make up on me.   I was so pleased with her that I let do it all.   She painted my face, eyes, lips and fingers and toes.   She fixed my hair and curled it like a girls and then she rubbed some sort lotion all over me that smelled like flowers.

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  Â  When she finished she handed me silky pair of red panties that were really sexy and had me wear them.   I expected this would happen but I thought after what we had just done; that I could cared less now.   Amanda then led me into the leaving room and handed me a silky red robe and had me wear it for her and Jill who both were dressed just as sexy.   They sat on each side of me on the sofa and as they did they took turns caressing my nipples with some warm cream that made them tingle.

Jill took out a small yellow bottle and opened it and placed a small yellow football like pill in my mouth and said, “Swallow this Denny. ”

“Will it make me sleepy?” I asked afraid of any sort of drug.

“No sweetie it will make you prettier,” Amanda said as her hands coated my chest again.   Then she whispered into my ear, “They make men more of a woman.   Relax they will just make you be a better little girl. ”

“Now this will make you horny beyond your wildest dreams,” Amanda said passing me a joint.   I had smoked it with them before and since we had just fucked, I though what the heck and took a couple of big hits off it.   Then they took one passed it back and before you knew it I had smoke it plus the other one she had on the table.   Now I was feeling good and sort relaxed and at ease as Jill got the camera and began to record me.

“Hey bro’ you want to suck some guys cock for me tonight,” Jill baited me with.

“For you and Amanda, anything,” I said back.

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“What about a black guy or an old man?” Amanda quizzed as she held the camera closer to me. I looked into it and said, “Well sure why not.   It might be fun. ”  Without the slightest ideal of what I was talking about.

Then Jill disappeared for a few minutes while Amanda started to rub lotion on my hairless legs, wait hairless, what happened I thought.   She smiled as she saw me look at them in wonder and felt them and she said, “I made you bald all over in the shower when I used that hair stuff on your legs.   You are as smooth as a woman now cutie. ”

A few minutes later and the phone rang and after Jill came back from answering it, she said to Amanda, “It’s time.   Hughes is almost here. ”

“Who is that?” I asked them both puzzled.

“Well he will soon be either your lover or maybe your master,” Amanda said as she stood and opened the door to reveal a man in his late fifties, gray around the edges of his hair, bulky and brawny looking and with a sort of wild grin on his mouth.

I was seated on the sofa as Jill moved back to film me.   The older man was sort of nice looking but as Amanda teased him with, “He’s a virgin with men, but not women anymore. ”  He snorted a smile and settled down beside and with a passing hi and hello, well he just opened my robe and bent to suck on my nipples.   I was high and horny and it felt good so I let him do what he wanted.

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  Â  Soon I was in his arms being fondled and played with and when he exposed my cock, I cooed and then he touched the tip of it and I got hotter than hell.   He slid my robe off and my panties and after they cleared the coffee table he placed me on it as we kissed and he fondled me.   Then a few minutes later I felt his cock at the edge of my small asshole and when it went in I roared out a shriek of pain.   He pumped me like a mad man until I was being thrust in a way that it began to feel good.   Damn this guy was hot and I was so stupid to let them do this too me but I lost control of myself and started liking it.   He rode me for several more minutes then as he hit his climax out popped his cock and splattered my chest fully.   Now to the amazement of the girls I started to play with it and then lick it off my fingers.   Which made them real horny.   When he knelt and sucked on my cock I got so hard that I came in three or four minutes time in his mouth fully.
      Then he brought me his cock and I sucked it for him as he had me until it was really hard.   It was bigger than mine and felt rougher and bumpier and as he got it hard in no time, I looked in his eyes as I sucked it and he smiled in appreciation.   He came in my mouth or on it and over it.   I lapped his salty twang into my open mouth then as after enjoy me a few more seconds he dressed and left.

    “Congratulations bro’ you just got fucked by a married man,” Jill said for the camera.

    “How did you like that dick in your mouth?” Amanda asked me.

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    “I loved it,” I said honestly as I looked into the camera opened my mouth and added, “More please!”

    They giggled then after a few minutes sent me to bathe and shower again.   Jill dried me off as Amanda applied more make up and soon I was dressed sexily again and led to the sofa.   The two of them were toying with me, sliding their fingers under my robe and teasing my nipples and balls.   They nibbled on my neck and Jill even fingered my cock head a couple of times while Amanda surprised me by fingering Jill as I watched.   Then the two of them performed for me.   Jill pulled off her robe and dropped it on the sofa as she placed herself on the coffee table for Amanda who wasted no time in devouring her large boobs.   Then they formed a perfect sixty none on top of it and ate each other until the phone rang about half an hour later.

    The next thing I knew was Jill dressing and Amanda naked answering the door as two black guys entered and then started walking towards me.   They pulled me from the sofa and my robe and panties flew across the room.   One guy was so bulky he was almost fat and he pulled my mouth to his cock right away.   I took in all nine inches as it was rammed past the back of my throat and having no gag reflex at all I was a perfect deep throat artist for him.   The other guy inserted his thin six inch cock up my ass and he was busily pounding me as I enjoyed the one in my mouth.   Jill got all of it on camera and Amanda being fondled and fingered by them as well.   When she started kissing the guy I was sucking off he fingered her until she came for him.   Then he came down my throat and right into my belly with all he had inside him.

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      Â  He pulled out and kissed me and told me he wanted to see me more and then he kissed me deeply as the other guy blasted his load in my ass.   The two of them left right after that and then I was led to the shower once more.

    It was nearly ten when I cleaned up a third time and Lacy arrived to watch the movie they made.   The pot was wearing off and I sat in my robe between Lacy and Amanda as Jill nibbled on Amanda’s right ear and fondled her for all to see.

    Lacy was in awe of all she saw and when she watched me take all the black man had, she said, “Man you are going to be some great cock sucker when you get older.   You better know now that we intend to turn you into a real queer.   It is my plan.   It always has been.   If you are a queer then I can get away with fucking you little brother. ”

    I looked up at her and she smiled as she took my hand and led me out the door of the apartment downstairs to hers.   It was bitterly cold and I was all but naked, but her hands caressing me had me hotter than fire.   When she stripped and I saw her body for the first time, I wanted her.   I made love to breast as if they were candy, cocks and gold at the same time.   They were small but she had erect pointy nipples that extended almost a full inch out and around.   I had her naked on the floor and I ate her and fucked her before she ever got all her clothes off.

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      Â  I stripped naked afterwards and we went and got in bed and played with each other until one then we screwed like dogs in heat and feel asleep until ten the next day.   Then Lacy let me eat her pussy for a full hour.   I devoured her to three massive orgasms and one extended long sensitive explosion that culminated with me fucking her silly.   She took me back upstairs to Jill and Amanda after that, and told them, “Turn him queer.   Make his name queer.   Get every single queer in town after him.   Then when the time is right no one will care if I take him in and keep him. ”

    “I already got three more guys on there way now.   We spread his pictures over the net last night and got 50 hits this morning.   By this time tomorrow he will be famous as can be for his gay exploits,” Jill said as she popped another yellow pill in my mouth.

    “What is that?” I asked in an upset tone.

    “Something to make those boobs grow and your voice change,” Amanda said as she kissed my right nipple gently.

    Then from the door came two young boys not much older than me.   They were horny and hot and I was doggy meat for them.   I was on all fours in the floor in seconds with one pumping my ass while the other one did my mouth as Jill recorded it.


      Â  Lacy stayed long enough to see them come and then took Amanda to the bedroom.   When they came out Lacy was naked covered in lipstick and had bite marks all over her lush pussy and ass.   I watched her walk out of the naked as could be and then Amanda came out smiling as the next young man came to take me.

    By the time my parents returned to pick me up, was hooked on cocks and my sisters.   Then when we got home that night dad got a shock as he opened an email with a picture of me sucking some big cock on an old man.   It was from a friend of his asking if he could fuck me.   He was so mad that he beat me with a belt then he stripped me naked and spanked my ass while I sucked his cock.   Mom of course watched and would at times help him spank me.   When they finished me off, they sent me to my room naked and locked the door.   Sometime after midnight dad and his friend that sent the email came in and decided I needed a good ass busting again.   They took turns fucking me up the butt until morning.

    How he went to work that day surprised me, and why mom kept me out of school shocked me, as she had me trying on her old dresses and clothes.   Pretty soon Lacy found out that her plan back fired and she was mad.   I on the other hand was pretty happy after that.   I would go to school and get a couple of guys in the bathroom two or three times a day.

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      Â  Or go to gym class and have an orgy in the shower with a few friends.   Then come home and get fucked silly for hours at night by dad, his friends or strangers that would pay for it.  

    I am now 19 and have a place of my own.   I live close to Lacy and on occasion she comes over for sex and on occasion I go over for sex with her.   She is still angry that she didn’t get to keep me or herself but she still loves me.