My sister was not happy until I showed how how to be.


Last Saturday night I was at home watching a DVD and my sister came into the room and said do you mind if I watch.

I said no, be my guest.

After about ten minutes she began to get fidgety and she said can I talk to you.

I said no problem and paused the DVD. It wasn’t a real good movie anyhow.

She said you are not going to like this but I saw you and Jan having sex last night.

I said how did that happen? – we were in my bedroom.

She said I was looking through the window.

Shit I said how much did you see.

All of it.

I saw you from the time you went in till you went to the bathroom afterwards.

Why did you do that I asked.

I have had sex with Tony twice and I havnt liked it and I know you and Jan have been doing it for ages and I wanted to know what we were doing wrong, so I decided to watch you and see if I could learn anything.

I said – did you.

She said not really other than you and Jan are really good at it.

We have only done it with him on top of me – missionary, and I havnt cum either time.

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   In fact I didn’t get excited about it at all. We have never done what you did – the two of you were amazing you even had oral sex on each other. I wont do that to Tony but he wants me to and he says he wont do it to me until I do it to him.

I said what do you do to protect yourself.

I am on the pill – I have been taking them for two months. I asked mom and she agreed – I told her I was getting serious with Tony. I said we havnt had sex yet but I want to be prepared if we do. Some times I want to but I am too scared about getting pregnant.

She understood and we talked about it – she was great. She wants me to tell her when I start – but I havnt because I don’t want to tell her I don’t like it. She seems to think it is the most wonderful thing two people can do together.

I said I know – she realised Jan and I were doing it about a year ago and she talked to Jan and asked her if she was being safe and told her she would help her with anything she wanted. I was using condoms then and mom and Jan got the pill for her. She was brilliant with Jan and has only said a few words to me about it – she let me know she knew and is happy about it. I think she and Jan talk about it a bit.

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   She never minds if we go to my bedroom if she is home and never comes near us and always puts an extra towel in the bathroom if she knows Jan is coming over.

God I wish I was so lucky she said.

I said you are just 18 – I didn’t start till I was almost 18 and we did it the first time for Jans 17th birthday.

Well I said what can I tell you – do you want me to get Jan to talk to you.

No – I want something else – I have been thinking about it for a week and I cant hold it in any longer. I want you to show me how to enjoy it like you and Jan do.

I said what are you saying.

She said I want you to have sex with me like you do with Jan and show me what I have to do to have as much fun as Jan – she really loves it – I can tell by the way she did it with you.

I said you want me to have sex with you – you know that’s illegal – its incest.

She said I know all that but I am on the pill and cant get pregnant so there is no problem. Its only when the girl gets pregnant and the baby may be deformed.

I said that is a lot of crap – its only when there are a few generations of incest babies that might happen.

Well she said there is no reason why we cant do it. Believe me I wouldn’t ask you if I hadn’t given it a great deal of thought. You don’t know how hard it is sitting here asking my own brother to have sex with me.

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I said hell sis – are you absolutely positive – I really think it’s a bad idea but I love you more than you would ever know and wouldn’t want to hurt you in any way.

She said you would make me the happiest girl alive if you did. I have seen how you and Jan are together and I want to be like her. I just need to know what I am doing wrong or whatever I have to do to be able to like it and cum.

I said come over here and she sat next to me and I cuddled her. I talked to her for about five minutes trying to convince her it was not a good idea but she wouldn’t agree.

She finally turned to me and said thank you for being so concerned but I have made up my mind – I want you to show me how I can enjoy sex.

I said if your mind is made up then I will but it will only be this once – Jan must never know, you have to promise me.

She said I promise faithfully I will never tell a soul what we have done.

I said your bedroom or mine.

She said mine.

We went to her bedroom and I was still not convinced this was a good thing to do. I had sex with about four other girls before Jan – two were one night stands and two were girl friends for a while and sex was part of it. I thought this has got to be like a one night stand – sex for the sake of sex. It wasn’t to prove anything it was just going to be sex.

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We both undressed and I hadn’t seen Jenny naked for years and I was pleasantly surprised she had a great figure, nice firm breasts and her pubic hair had been trimmed and shaved – she really looked good naked. I also noticed no tan lines. I said how did you get that all over tan.

Bye Susies pool – a few of go there when her parents are out and we skinny dip and sun tan – we are all like this. Its looks nicer don’t you think.

I said it looks perfect. And as I was looking my cock which had been completely soft had begun to firm and Jenny was looking at it and said its amazing isn’t it – it was about 4 inches long a minute ago and I know it must be about 7 inches when its hard – I saw it when you were with Jan. She walked over to me and she took my cock in her hand and immediately it hardened and she giggled and said it likes me doesn’t it – that got hard in a flash. I hope it can make me happy too.

I said how big is Tony.

She said six inches – we measured it and it is nice – he is cut like you – I don’t like the look of uncut guys.

I said how many have you seen.

She said quite a few – at skinny dip parties when we all strip off and we give the boys the once over.

Now she said can we start.

I said well you tell me what you want to know and we will see what we can do.

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First she said do it to me missionary like Tony does and I can compare how it feels with you in there.

We got on the bed and she positioned herself and spread her legs and pulled her knees back. She was in a perfect position for me to enter her.

I guided my cock to her cunt lips and just rested it there and said when you are ready I will go in.

She said I am ready – do it.

I pushed my cock into her and it slid in easily, she was wet already and having a bit of experience knew what to expect.

As I went into her she said that feels better already, I can feel it going in and going in deeper and deeper. That is fantastic.

I began to ride her and we fucked missionary for a while and I said is this any different from Tony. I also recognised she was still reasonably tight and her vagina was firm around my cock and it felt great. The head of my cock was rubbing her internally perfectly.

She said a lot different but I don’t know why – you are doing it just like him but it feels better. Maybe you are a bit bigger – I don’t know. It feels really great in me.

I said does he ride you this far up, if you notice my cock is very close to your clit.

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Your right she said he is much further down, I have rubbed my clit with my finger when we are fucking and its easy to reach. It would be hard for me to do that like you are in there.

Ok I said then there is a bit you have to show Tony – now lets do doggy.

She said is that when you do it from behind.

I said yes- get up on your all fours and I will show you.

As I pulled out of her she said even doing that feels good.

She then got herself in the doggy position and I positioned myself and rearranged her a bit and then slid my now moist cock into her from behind.

Ouch she said as I slid my cock into her.

I said did that hurt.

As she replied she repositioned herself with my cock now right into her and she said it didn’t go in straight and it was a bit uncomfortable but its fine now. I didn’t know that it would feel so different. I have heard of doing it like this but Tony is too busy fucking me and working himself up to cum and we have never got this far. Once he cums that’s the end of it.

I said I don’t think he knows that girls like it too. I know some will just lay there and others like Jan really get into it.

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Jenny said I know I could not believe it when I saw her – she was really having fun with you. Are you her first boyfriend that has done it to her.

I said no – she had a lot more experience than me when we started – her cousin virtually raped her when she was 12 and took her virginity. After that he would not take no for an answer and more or less forced her to do it with him, but not physically. After a while she got to like it. Never mention this to her but her brother also had sex with her – usually when the cousin was there and they both used her at the same time. Now the two of you have something in common – incest. The thing she found amusing was the two boys would suck each other cocks while the three of them were together. They all had sex together – a threesome. One would be fucking her and the sucking the other one off. She was lucky and never got pregnant and the cousin used a suppository in her as a contraceptive.

How does that work she asked – I have never heard of it.

It’s a suppository that is inserted up the girls vagina before sex and it melts and is supposed to kill all the sperm after the guy cums. It is not very reliable.

Yuk she said I wouldn’t like that – its bad enough when he cums in me and it leaks out later on.

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Then she said this is great. I am enjoying it like this, it feels funny when you push me and my tits swing. How about you stop fucking me and I fuck you like this.

I said ok and stopped thrusting and she began to move in a rocking horse way and was doing all the movements. She pulled off me a few times till she got it right and giggled each time it did, but I got my cock back into her without a problem.

We did it like that for a while and she said are you anywhere near cumming yet.

I said no. It feels different knowing you are my sister, with Jan its not only fun but loving as well, loving each other and loving having sex.

She said I don’t feel any different with you than with Tony only you are fucking me better. Maybe its just the cock I like.

I said when you have had enough of this we can do it another way, but make sure you are happy because that way you will more than likely cum.

I don’t want to at the moment – so what other ways are there. This is fun. I never knew it could be like this, Tony is on and off me in five minutes and I never get a chance to warm up, and now I am hot.

The two of us separated and we sat on the bed facing each other.

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   We talked and without thinking she was my sister began to play with her breasts which I love doing with Jan. Then Jenny got excited about that and wanted me to play with her nipples and suck on them. As I did that she got a tissue from her bedside table and wiped my cock dry and then began to masturbate me and look at and play with my cock.

At this time there was no thought about us being brother and sister we were both enjoying the sexual play as if we were lovers.

Then she said will you lay down – I want to try something.

I did as she asked and she then took my penis into her mouth and sucked it.

Jan does this for me and I love it.

Jenny worked on me for a while then said don’t cum will you – I don’t know if I want you to do that in my mouth. I know Jan does but I don’t know if I could do that yet.

I said just keep going – I will let you know.

She sucked me for about three or four minues and said that’s enough, I will do it again later , I want some more fucking now.

I said how about I get a book for you and you can pick any position you like and we can do it like that – BUT I don’t want you to cum until you are ready, but I want you to do it the way I want you to, so you will know in future that it is a guaranteed way to have an orgasm having sex.

She said yes please – I have never had so much fun in my life – how I wish I could tell all the girls what I am doing – but that wont happen.

I went and got my book of sex positions all 80 of them. Some are almost impossible but they are fun trying, most is just getting your cock into her and its almost impossible to move enough to cum in some of them.



For the next hour we played around doing it this way and that, even I had not had as much fun at one time even with Jan. Jan and I had done them all, but a few at a time, Jenny wanted to do them all that night but I told her that was impossible but she still wanted me to try. I would not let her go cowgirl as I wanted her to cum that way and I wasn’t sure if she would want to go any further after she had cum.

The time came for her to cum I decided. She was still as frisky as when we started and was having the time of her life – she said so often I never realised you could have as much fun as this being naked. I enjoy when we skinny dip but this is awesome. I will be addicted to sex after this – it is amazing, I never realised how much fun it can be – we usually do I and after its over we are a bit down. I have lost count of the number of times I have been on the verge of cumming and we stop and do something else. Its amazing – I have never got this close with Mike ever.

Then I said well its time for you to hit the high spot.

I then proceeded to get her in the cowgirl position and said this will test your legs – but there are ways and means to do it so they don’t get tired but I want you to do it the way to begin with then I will show you the other ways.
    I hope you wont mind cumming a few times because this is guaranteed to work.

    Jenny got on top of me and we practiced the various ways to get my cock into her. She was impressed and loved the sensation of sitting on my cock and lowering herself down onto it. God she said I will have to try this with my dildo – it will be awesome.



    I said you have one of them too do you.

    She said two in fact – I got one when I was 18 and I have almost worn it out. The other one I got a year or so ago, it’s a real vibrating thing and its awesome.

    We fucked in various ways for about 18 minutes changing positions every couple of minutes because it made her legs tired, then I showed her how to do it more efficiently.
    A few times she said she was getting close to cumming and we stopped and restarted.

    Then she said I am ready – I want to cum – I have never cum when I have been having sex with Tony and I know I can and I want to have it with you.

    She rocked on top of my cock and I showed her how to squeeze her buttocks at the same time and tighten her cunt muscles. She was perfect within a minute and I said ok go for it.

    As she rocked on top of me and was doing everything perfectly I put my hands up and onto her nipples and squeezed them. As I did she said HARDER and as I squeezed them harder still……. . she came.

    The sensation was absolutely magnificent – she made so much noise I am glad our parents were not home. She could be heard all over the house.

    Ohhhhh fuck she said ….

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      . fuck fuck fuck. This is amazing. She squirmed and pushed her cunt down hard on my cock and leaned forward to get maximum pressure of my cock on her clit. Oh fucking hell this is the best……fuck fuck fuck she kept saying.

    Her orgasm had lasted just over a minute – a long time. Then I got worked up and said sit there, don’t move I am going to cum and I pumped my cream into her hot wet tight pussy hole and she fell down on top of me and we kissed, the kiss of lovers – not brother and sister – she was in raptures, Her body was hard against me and she was wriggling on top of me – still with my cock in her and the sweat was pouring out of both of us and our bodies were slipping and sliding over each other, it was awesome.

    Then she broke the kiss and said in an urgent way – leave it there……. leave it there…… I gathered she meant my cock which was still firm but not hard and it was still inside her. Then she screwed up her face and wriggled her hips on me and she came again. I could feel the way she was manipulating her vagina and clit to get the maximum sensation down there and she came again. Her breathing was so heavy and she was gasping for breath, I could feel her heart beating hard and fast against my body. She was in raptures.

    We lay like that for ages still joined together and my cum was beginning to leak out of her, down over my balls and onto the sheets.

    Finally she broke the embrace when my cock shrank down and slipped out of her cunt.

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    She pushed herself up on her arms and said – now that was a fuck and a half.

    I said I thought it was a double header and she giggled and said I have never cum twice like that – that was amazing. Not even when I masturbate have I done that.

    We both sat up on the bed , my cock covered in the vaginal juices we had made together,and her vagina leaking cum. Neither of us could have cared less. We could have been lovers not brother and sister. We talked and chatted and the entire subject was the hour or so of sex we had enjoyed together.
    I would never have imagined Jenny – my young sister- being like that making love. She was so much like Jan when we were doing it. I said you are a star pupil. She said you are a master of sex.

    We both showered and she invited me back to her bed. The room smelled so strongly of our sex. If our parents had come home they would not have missed the smell. An hour of hot sweaty sex makes a very distinctive smell.

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       I told Jenny and that she needed to be careful with Tony if she bought him home for what we had just enjoyed.

    She said I don’t think Tony and I will be together much longer – he has to learn sex is a two way thing not for his personal benefit. You showed me tonight what sex is supposed to be like – I saw you and Jan and it was the same. He will have to learn but from somebody else – from now on I am looking for another guy like you.

    About 11pm I got a text from our parents to tell us they were not coming home – too much to drink and not safe to drive he said.

    That was the green light for Jenny and I to sleep together for the night – well share the bed – we didn’t do much sleeping and I wasn’t going to complain – I had led her astray - sort of - and there was more for her to learn.

    That night we engaged in oral sex and she decided that she wanted to go all the way and swallowed my semen. She didn’t like it but I said few girls do in the beginning. Jan didn’t at first but now handles it well and actually enjoys it when I cum into her mouth. Jenny would soon get the taste I was sure. Her second taste was better that the first she told me when she asked for more.

    I performed oral sex on her twice that night as well – we stuck with oral sex rather than intercourse as we both wanted to enjoy the oral connection. The absence of semen in her vagina was far more palatable for me. The second time she enjoyed a multiple orgasm, I was good at that, as I can get Jan on a high for two orgasms within seconds. Now Jenny had enjoyed it she knows how to endure it too.

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    From that night on the relationship between Jenny and I was far closer (read intimate), than we had ever been before. Jenny found a few guys to experiment with and I was told all the intimate details about their performance. None seemed to fulfil her wishes as I did and I have to admit we had sex together quite a few more times together – we couldn’t help ourselves when the opportunity presented itself with our parents began spending more time away at weekends. They said we were adults now and we were quite capable of looking after ourselves – if they only knew how well.

    Two years later I was still with Jan – Jenny had had a procession of lovers and I believe a few of them knew more about sex after a night with her than before. Our interludes were far fewer but never the less just as passionate and enjoyable. I think this relationship would last a lifetime – there were many very intimate discussions between us regarding her sex life which usually ended in us spending the night in the same bed and reliving that first night we had together. I have never regretted being intimate with my own sister and incest was more than acceptable to both of us.

    Jan never found out about Jenny and I and if she had any suspicions she never made them obvious.