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Topic: my sister taylorHi my name is Justin im 18 im 5'10 i have medium length brown hair, my body is in good shape from working out at home and other things, i live in california so im kind of tan but not much. My sister Taylor is 18 like me  she way more tan then me since shes always outside, shes 5'7, has black hair that she does all crazy, i made fun of her about it one day and she hit me upside the head and said she was a scene girl, shes ver cute and seems to always be with guys when shes out. her boobs are about medium size, they look firm but her ass is just one of the best. it makes you want to just grab it and keep your hand there all day. my mother and dad divorced a year ago but me and my sister stayed with our mom but we still get to see him every now and then.
well this weird relationship started when i was home watching t. v in my room when my mom came in and said she was going to store and would be back in an hour or so i said alright and she closed the door and walked out. 18 minutes after she left i got up and walked out of my room to go to the bathroom but that never happened. when i walked in i found my sister naked facing away from me taking her thong off i froze for two seconds then slowly backed out of the room and closed the door quitely. i hurried back to my room. i was kind of paniced at what i saw, i mean dont get me wrong my sister is hot but shes my sister which made it awkward for me. i thought about what i had saw her taking off her thong.

it was really sexy now that i had thought about it. but that quickly dissapeared when i realized what i was thinking.
about a week later i had started whacking off thinking about her i was disgusted with myself but i still would masterbate thinking about that image in my mind. two weeks passed when my mom had told us that she was going out drinking that night, i was cool with it since i was going to the movies with a few friends so she said goodbye to us and left.

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   i sat and watched some t. v when my sister came in and sat beside me and asked "whatcha doing tonight?" "going to see a movie with a few friends i replied" "you?" "i think im just going to chill out here to night" she said. i nodded and she got up and started walking to her room as she did i looked behind me so i could check out that sexy ass of hers.
at around 6 p. m i told her i was leaving and wouldn't be home for a few hours, we saw a movie that turned out to be really boring so we decided to just leave. when i showed up to my house i got out of my friends car and said bye to him and started walking up to the front door. i pulled out my key and unlocked the door. i walked in expecting my my mom to be home but then i realized that her car wasn't back. so i started walking to my room when i heard a slight moan from down the hall. i started to just dismiss it as my cat but then i heard it again and realized it couldn't have been my cat. started walking down the hall and stopped at the end to see which room it came from. i heard the moan come form my sisters room so i faced it and wondered if she was having sex or something but i heard no other voices or anyhting. so i turned the knob to the door and opened it to find my sister sitting on her bed pants around her ankles with her orange and red thong around her knees fingering herself and moaning. she heard the door open and her eyes snapped open and saw me standing in the door way looking stunned. she yelped and grabed for something to cover herself up with  but failed to do so and fell off the bed.

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   i quickly closed the door and walked quickly to my room. i didn't even bother turnning on the lights i just walked in and layed down on my bed shocked. she never came in and i eventually fell asleep.
i woke up at 6:30 a. m which was way to early for me so i tried to fall back asleep but had no luck so i got up and went and got a towl from my moms room to find her not there. she must be down stairs i thought so after i took a shower i got dressed and went down to the first floor but didn't find her. i checked everywhere in the house but i still had nto found her. so i looked out the window and into my driveway her car wasn't there either. when i went back up stairs taylor was just walking out of her room. i kind of stopped and asked in a casual way where mom was. she hesitated and said "she called saying was staying at a friends house and had a huge hang over. " i kind of laughed at that. then taylor turned around and went into our moms room to grab a towl and went and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. i went downstairs and made myself a bowl of cereal about a minute later i heard the shower turn on then thirty seconds later heard a horrible scream from above. i booked it up to the second floor bathroom.

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   right when i got there my sister came speeding out in a towl and ran into me. she started screaming at me about using up all the hot water, i guess it must have been cold, i started laughing at her. thats when i opened my eyes and saw that my right hand was on her ass and her towl was not on her but two feet away.
we both kind of didn't say anyhting or move. i thought she would have already gotten up and called me a perv for grabbing her ass but she never did.   i looked towards her and she looked at me. she suddenly went red and looked away. she got up still blushing and grabbed her towl and wrapped it around herself and ran to her room.
part two coming soon