My Sister Samantha


I’m a working class stiff. They call me Baby Face at work because I still lookeighteen, even though I’m higher up the corporate ladder than most of them.

I worked ten hours a day back then and was always stressed out, always out to please something or someone. I never questioned anything, and I didn’t even think of things like “morals” or “religion,” I just lived by them. I was as average as can be, right down to my six inch cock, which wasn’t often used.

My sister Sam was different. She’d always been the rebellious one, and now she worked nights at a strip club. My family resented her for it and my dad had even disowned her. As for me, I didn’t really care one way or the other, I just kept working my ass off instead of being a living, breathing human being.

It was aFriday like any other when my so called colleagues thought of a plan to prank me. I can’t even blame them, I was a real stuck-up ass back then.

“Hey, Johnny, how about we take little Baby Face here out to town tonight? It’s high time the little sucker grew up. ”

“Right on, Barry,” said Johnny. Queue raucous laughter. These two had always mobbed me, and I knew better than to open my mouth. I just decided to humor them and hope it wouldn’t be too bad.

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That night, they took me out to a strip club. Sally’s Sloppy Ho’s it was called. A seedy shack in a dirty building on the outskirts of town. My two “colleagues” dragged me inside and sat me down at a table. At first I was confused by all the bright and blinking neon lights, wondering if I’d have an epileptic seizure. It all seemed so strange, though at least it wasn’t all dirty inside. In fact, the whole place seemed rather well-kept, and even the music could’ve been worse.

“Honey, get us some drinks over here!” Johnny called out to a half-naked waitress.

Meanwhile, Barry turned towards me and grinned a wicked smile. “There, like what you see?” he said, gesturing towards the stage.

I felt like I’d been struck by lightning. On the stage there was my sister, twirling herself around one of those poles, her flowing brown hair trailing gracefully behind her. Her full breasts were bare, with only two silver star stickers covering her nipples. Her lower half was clothed in transparent lingerie that did not even hide her shaved pussy from view.

I quickly looked away, afraid of getting a hard-on.

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   “She seems nice,” I stammered, hoping to cover up my obvious nervousness.

“Nice, does she?” Barry mused. “Good, good, then let’s have her come down! I’ll even spring you for it, eh? How about it, Baby Face?”

“Oh, thanks, but… I, err…”

“Yeah, let’s get that stick out of his backside,” Jonny said. “It’s hight time the kid got to see what’s out there. ”

“Lola! Come on down here!” Barry yelled up on stage.

Lola - I couldn’t believe it. Sam had actually taken that stage name. It’d seem like a bad cliché to most, but you wouldn’t believe how many times we’d watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on VHS as kids.

When Barry yelled, Sam - no, Lola - came towards us. I realized what a mess I was in. Barry and Johnny couldn’t know this was my sister, they mustn’t. If they did, I would never live it down. I had to keep my wits together and play it safe. I just hopedSam wouldn’t give me away.

“Good evening, my brothers.

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  ”She winked at me when she said this. I breathed a little easier. She must’ve noticed the fix I was in. “How can I be of assistance?” she gave a sexy purr. Something in my pants stirred. I tried to hide it with my briefcase, which Johnny quickly grabbed from me.

“Seems like little Baby Face is becoming all growed up,” he said.

“Alright then,” Barry said. “Lola, sweetheart, would you be so kind as to give this nice man here a lap dance?”

“Don’t worry, he’s over sixteen,” Johnny said. “but I’ll throw in some more cash to sweeten the deal. ”

Sam smiled her seductive smile. “Oh, but what do you mean, good sirs?” she said, seeming all innocent. I remembered what frightful sarcastic streaks she could have. “This is one fine specimen of a manly male. Tell you what, tonight, I will do this one for free.

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“No way!” Barry exclaimed. Johnny choked on the whiskey the waitress had just brought us.

Sam gave the two of them a derisive look. “The two of you will cost extra, though. I don’t like your smell tonight. ”

With that, she pulled the silver star stickers off her nipples, revealing her breasts in all their fullness. She’d grown a lot since I’d had my last chance to compare. Right now I would’ve placed her somewhere between a C- and a D-cup. The two glorious boobs bounced up and down as she placed herself over my lap and ground against my cock. Her lingerie was so thin, it might not have been there at all. Through my admittedly thin work pants, I felt the softness of her pussy. I looked up at her, and her tits stared me in the face as she girated on my cock. Her seductive smile shone on me like the sun at harvest.

I had never been this hard in my life, not even for my prom queen high school girlfriend (Now that was one hell of a fluke. Maybe I’ll tell you about it some other time).

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   She twirled her lips and moved up and down my body in a cat-like manner, her breasts slapping lightly in my face. Not knowing what else to do, I decided to go with the flow and shoved my face into her awesome buxoms. Take that, Johnny and Barry, who’s the Baby Face now?

She ground into me more and I felt her rhythms grow faster and more sex-like as she went on. It was as if she were fucking me through our clothes. I’m sure your standard lap dance didn’t feel like this. She ground her pussy against me so hard I could even feel my cock enter her a bit, brushing strongly against her clit. She fucked the bulge in my pants hard, moving it in and out of her pussy through her ripping lingerie. She went so wild she had to hold on to my shoulders just to steady herself.

I was almost at the point of orgasm when I felt a shiver go through my sister’s body and she let out a yelp. Her pussy clenched and shoved out my pants-covered cock. Her face was flushed red and her eyes closed as if she was savoring the moment. Then she smiled at me again, winked, and collapsed on me, leaving my cock there aching for more. She gave me a long, luscious kiss before she dismounted. My feelings were in chaos. I couldn’t be doing this with my sister, but it had felt so good! I wished she could have gone on for just that little bit longer.

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“Well, how was it?” Barry asked.

“It was great,” I said. I must’ve sounded tense, because he gave me a weird look.

Johnny moved over, looked at my pants, and started laughing uproariously. “Hey, Barry, look at that! Little Baby Face made a mess in his pants!”

“Give him a break,” Barry said. “I’m sure it’s the little kid’s first time, and no man can hold out forever when Lola’s around. ”

“Okay, so I’ve blown a load or two on her before,” Johnny admitted. “But look at this! He must’ve been saving it up for years!”

I wasn’t embarrassed at first, but rather bewildered. When I looked at my pants, I gaped. There was indeed a huge wet splotch on them, but it couldn’t be mine. First of all, I hadn’t come, and second, I had just masturbated yesterday. I didn’t have this much cum in me. And then it clicked. This wet mess on my good working trousers wasn’t mine at all. And if it wasn’t mine, then there could only be one culprit.

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I buried my head in shame. My sister had just come on me, what a disgrace! And even worse, the thought excited me. The more I thought of it, the hornier I got. I remembered her soft thighs grinding on me and her full breasts slapping against my face. I thought of the lips of her pussy enveloping me and imagined fucking her for real. I just couldn’t help it - I exploded at the thought, and it felt glorious. I didn’t mind a little more wetness on my pants now, but I had never been this ashamed. How could I desire my own sister? It was wrong! The rest of the evening I spent suffering through Johnny’s and Barry’s teasings and drowning my shame in whiskey.

The two of them left before I did. Even though I was drunk as hell, I could still hear what they were saying when they thought they were out of earshot.

“I can’t believe the Baby Face came from his own sister,” Johnny laughed.

“Think we might’ve gone too far?” Barry said.

“Nah. He enjoyed it, the little fucker. We’ve done him a favor.

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“Haha, you’re right. I just wish Lola would dance for me like that. ”

“Don’t we all, Barry, don’t we all. ”

The last thing I remember from that night is the sound of their laughter. Great, they had known all along.


I woke up in an unfamiliar bed to a pounding headache. I looked over and found Sam next to me. She was looking at me from under her cover, but for some reason I was sure she was as naked as I was. Even through the headache, I felt something stir when I thought of what had happened last night.

“Sis, what’s going on?” I said and gave a groan.

“Finally,” she said. “I thought you weren’t getting up today at all. ”

Like thunder my head pounded. “Not so loud!”

She laughed, which just hurt my head more. Without warning my sister flipped open her cover revealing her gorgeous naked body and jumped out of bed.

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   I was too groggy to notice what I was doing as I admired her beautiful round ass. The boys at school had used to make fun of how big it was, but she’d really grown into it. Her breasts were full and natural, yet they still didn’t droop too much. My cock told me it wanted to ride that pussy.

She went out of the room and came back with a big glass full of nasty looking liquid. “Here, drink this, she said. ”

“What is is?”

“Just drink it, you’ll feel better. ”

I did drink it. All I could say is that there must’ve been raw eggs in it, and some spicy seasoning. It tasted worse than anything I’ve ever tasted, but I gulped it down. I almost threw it back up and gave my sister a wretched look.

“I can’t believe you just made me drink this!” I exclaimed.

“Just relax. How’s your headache, still there?”

To my surprise, I realized my headache was gone. I actually felt good.

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   I gave her a perplexed look.

“My secret recipe. Packs quite a punch, don’t it?” she said. She lay on the bed again, letting me admire her hot body up close. I stared at her beautiful breasts in amazement. I didn’t have the excuse of grogginess anymore, but I just couldn’t help myself.

“Erm… sorry about last night,” I began.

“Don’t worry,” Sam said. “Those guys are assholes. I guess we have to be grateful to them, though. ”

“Grateful?” I said. “I don’t get it. They’re pricks, aren’t they?”

“Oh yeah, they’re pricks, but without them I would never have found out how awesome it is to fuck my brother. ”

I still didn’t get it. “That was just a lap dance, wasn’t it?”

“You’re telling me you don’t remember?” she said.


   “Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve never seen anyone as drunk as you were last night. I almost had to carry you home. Once I’d taken your clothes off and put you in bed I thought you would just fall a sleep. That or throw up on my sheets, but you didn’t do either of those things. You fucked me good tonight, little brother, see?” she turned around and spread her legs so I could see her gorgeous shaved pussy. With her index- and middle fingers she parted her thick lips and I could clearly see my white cum ooze out. “I rather hope I’m not pregnant,” she mused.

Seeing her open wide like this activated the fight or flight reflex inside of me. The animal part of me wanted to jump her, the brain part of me told me it was wrong and that I should leave. Up to now, I had always followed my brain part for everything. Today, though, the animal part finally decided to take over my life. I pushed away the covers and leapt towards my sister like a tiger, which made her giggle.

I made sure not to put too much weight on her as I pushed her down to her back and pulled her legs even farther apart. “I’m gonna fuck you now, sis.

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“Didn’t expect anything less from my little brother,” she said. “Now enough talk. Put it in and fuck me good, no foreplay. I’ve never been this wet in my life. ”

I had been planning on doing that anyway, but hearing her say it made my usually six inch cock swell to proportions that I hadn’t known it could. I caressed her huge tits with my hands and played with her nipples while moving in to kiss her long and hard. My sister’s lips parted and let my hungry tongue into her mouth. We intertwined and moaned as we stroked each other and finally I did as she had said and drove my pulsing cock into her sloppy wet pussy.

Despite the sloppiness, she was tighter than my own hand. Her muscles contracted and pushed against my aching dick and I began fucking her had. I moved in and out of my sister ferociously and her breasts bounced up and down. Her face flushed read and she screamed.

“Oh yes, Dan, make me come! Fuck me, brother, oh, oh, ooooh!” I could feel her shiver and her walls contract on my dick. Luckily I had always been proud of how long I could stay inside a girl. I bit my lips, closed my eyes and held off orgasm.

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   I moved a bit slower so I could calm down. I wanted to enjoy this.

“Don’t slow down,” Sam pleaded. “Fuck me! FUCK ME! I want you to come inside!”

So I sped up again, moving in and out of her wet walls at a rapid pace. I pulled my dick upwards to hit her G-spot and she yelled out in pleasure even more. Again I felt her come as the walls of her vagina contracted around me, and this time I couldn’t hold off anymore. The silky soft wetness around my dick sucked me into her when I did my final push as hard as I could.
    I came likeI never had before, blowing sperm into my sister’s pussy for at least half a minute. After that, I felt empty and let my dick drop out of her. Again I caressed her breasts and kissed her softly.

    “I love you, sis,” I said.

    “I love you too,” she said. With that, she moved downwards and took my dick into her hot mouth. Her soft tongue licked me as she took me all in without gagging. Being only six inches big had its perks.

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    As she licked my cock dry of her own juices, she moaned in pleasure and fingered herself. This girl still didn’t have enough! I’d never known my sister was such a slut. After only a minute of having my cock in her mouth, I already felt it swell again, and I became rock hard when she looked up at me, my dick still between her lips. Her eyes had this pleading look, and I’d never been able to say no to her.

    She let go of my yet-again throbbing hard cock and I had her lie on her stomach. From behind I mounted her and pushed my dick easily between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. With all of my cum that was leaking out of her, lubrication wasn’t a problem. I slid in easily and to my astonishment found the walls of her vagina to be as tight as ever. She must’ve been doing some serious kegel exercises to get there.

    “You’re such a slut, sis!” I said.

    “Oh yeah,” she moaned. “I’m your slut, bro, I’m your bitch! Now fuck me like an animal!” I couldn’t believe we were doing and saying these things!

    I had my sister put her ass into the air a bit so she could thrust against me as well as I fucked her. Her pussy engulfed me and I could now reach around with my hand to begin playing with her clit. She had come from just intercourse before, so this would make her explode all the more.

    I wasn’t wrong.

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       I fucked her harder and harder, all the while playing with that smooth little love button of hers, making irregular movements by painting the alphabet on it.

    “Oh fuck! Do me, do me bro! Harder! Don’t stop!” she pleaded and drove against me harder than I was driving into her. She clenched her muscles and fucked me as if this were her last time.

    I felt both our cum on my dick, lubricating my entrance as I fucked her. My dick went deep inside my sister and hit her G-Spot hard. I made her cum by massaging her clit at least five times before I couldn’t hold on any longer. Every single time she shivered more and screamed for me to fuck her, and every time she clenched me tighter so that I almost slipped out. I moved faster and faster, pushing my dick deeper and deeper inside. “OH FUCK YES! FUCK FUCK FUCK YEEEEEES!” She screamed. My hot cum splashed inside of my sister, and she spasmd under me in an orgasm to end all orgasms and I could see her squirting clear liquid on the bed, ruining her fresh new bed sheets.

    After that, she collapsed, and so did I. I could see my cum dribble out of her pussy slowly. My slutty sister was the hottest, dirtiest woman I had ever laid eyes on, and I wanted to continue fucking her all my life. She looked around at me, found me staring, and giggled, then she pulled open her pussy with her fingers to give me a good show of my white goo slowly dribbling out. She contracted her muscles and made some of my cum leave in bubbles, some in little streamlets.

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       It oozed out of my sister’s pussy and down her thigh, where it finally met the bed covers.

    “Sis, you fucking rock,” I said. “And you rock at fucking. ”

    “Same to you, little brother. ”

    “I really hope you’re not pregnant, though. ”

    “You know what?” she said. “I kinda hope I am. ”

    Again, my cock twitched.

    We made love many more times that day, and the Sunday after that. I am sure we beat the world record, but I after a while of drowning my face in my sister’s dripping wet pussy and enjoying the taste of her hot, wet juices, I had lost count. That weekend we had both decided that we would continue fucking each other all our lives.

    Only before going to bed on Sunday did she tell me she had been on the pill all along. She’d just thought it exciting to make me think that I could have been making her pregnant. I agreed with her, it had been exciting. I almost asked her to screw the rules, get off the pill, and actually get pregnant from me in the following week (The idea has come up in discussion in the following months, and I am happy to say that Sam isn’t all that turned off by it, but again, that’s another story).

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    The next day my sister dropped me off at work. I asked her to follow me into the office for a bit and she gladly agreed. When we entered together, Barry and Johnny pointed and laughed at us. I shut them up by kissing Sam deep and hard, playing with her tongue and grabbing her boobs.

    “That was such a great weekend,” I told her in a loud voice.

    “Yes,” she said. “After this, I’ll never fuck anyone else again”

    My fingers groped her under her skirt, and I began rubbing her there while kissing her, pulling her panties off so that the whole office had a view of her glorious pussy. I entered my fingers into her and she gasped and caressed her breasts. I went down on her with my face in front of everyone and began licking her while I fingered her. She was so wet her juices ran down her legs and she screamed.

    “Do me! Oh yes! Fuck me! Oh FUCK!”

    I painted her clit with my tongue and licked her all over furiously. She came hard on my fingers and shivered.

    Sam took her hands off her breasts and went for my pants. She unbottoned them.

    “Now, fuck me for real,” she said.

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    In front of the whole office, I obliged and entered her while she was sitting on an office desk. I quickly thrust inside of her and she threw her head back in ecstasy.

    “Harder! FUCK ME HARDER, BROTHER!” she yelled out at he top of her voice, making even the boss come out of her office to see what was going on, but we didn’t care that all the people’s eyes were on us. I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, enjoying the feelingof her pussy walls on my cock and her pussy lips engulfing it. I thrust in while pulling up to massage her G-spot. She was busy massaging her gorgeous tits that she had now taken out of her top to show off for all my colleagues to see.

    In and out I went inside her sloppy wet pussy. She was soaking and the liquid was coming out in spurts at each thrust. After about ten minutes of fucking her soft pussy, I felt her contract on me. I didn’t hold on, instead I let go inside of her and squirted all the cum I had generated over night into her. It splashed against her inside walls. It was enough to make it dribble out past my dick and onto the office carpet.

    “Oh yes, make me pregnant, bro! I love your cum!” she screamed and her pussy walls contracted harder and shoved out my cock, which was still spurting cum and continued doing so even outside of her hot, dripping pussy. My sister’s body rocked around on the table uncontrollably and she squirted in a streaming jet all over the office workers soaking their expensive work clothes in her cum. We collapsed on top of each other in a heap and kissed.

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       My cum continued dribbling out of her, running down her leg and then meeting with the floor.

    Of course, I lost my job after that, but I didn’t mind. I had more money than I knew how to spend, and most important of all, it shut up Johnny and Barry for good. .



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