Topic: MY SISTER OPENS MY EYES TO A WHOLE NEW WORLDWell I guess I will start from the beginning. This is a story about how my sister transformed my outlook on sex.
I live with my mother, sister and 2 brothers. I am 18 the second oldest in our family to my sister who is 19 and my 2 other brothers are 18 and 14.
We had an reasonably normal up bringing our dad left 5 years ago to live with his new girlfriend in Canada.
Now for my sister Sarah she is what one would call very sexy a proper little throw about, 5ft 0 slender blonde long hair, very petite but with some C's on the chest and a tight ass which just makes you want to grab it every time it goes past. As for me I am 5ft 18 well build I guess I play alot of sports and that keeps me in shape.  
I had never even thought about sleeping with my sister but like I say I will give anything a go once.
It was the summer break my mother had taken my brothers to Canada to see our father but me and Sarah had holidays booked with our friends so we were going to stay home for the week before we went. Sadly that week was wet and there was nothing to really do apart from lazing around the house watching TV on playing on the Xbox.
One the Wednesday night I was lying in bed watching Cruel Intentions on DVD, I was under the sheets wearing just my boxers when my door opened.
"What you doing?" she said, "Nowt just watching a dvd" I said back "Oh this is that Cruel Intentions Ive heard about this can I watch it with you?" "I guess. " With that she jumped over to my bed lifted the sheet up and climbed in wearing just a large T-shirt which she got of her ex-boyfriend. "Have I missed much?" "Nah its only about ten minutes in now shut up. "
 The TV was to the side of my bed so we had to spoon to watch it. Any way the part came when Sarah Michelle Gelar and Selma Blair kiss and I was just watching not realising that my dick is getting hard and is poking Sarah's arse.

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"Someones excited?" She said with a cheeky grin. "What you on about?" Still not realising," Your dicks half way up my arse," "Fuck, I'm so, so sorry, I didnt realise. " "Is it me turning you on or is it them two?" "Them two," She then reaches back and starts stroking my dick through my shorts,"How about now?" Its really feels good and I take a gulp and a breath of air at the same time, "Maybe now. " She then reaches under the bottom of my shorts and pulls my dick out, lifts up the blanket and looks down at my cock, "nice dick you have there," she says as she resumes stroking it.  
The fact that this is wrong escapes me as I lean in for a kiss and our bodys press up together she positions my cock so it slides between her legs and rests against the faberic of her now moist thong. Then she breaks the kiss. "Wanna try something new that will blow your mind?" "And this isnt? What you got in mind?" "Wait here, dont move and oh take those boxers off you wont be needing them. " She gets up and walked out of the room and I do as I'm told and I remove my shorts and let my dick swing free. Shes gone a few minutes and I hear some banging coming from her room then a few more moments quiet then came her voice, "Get on your hands and knees and face away from the door. " She said from outside "What?" "Just do it" so I assumed the position on my hands and knees doggy style with my still rock hard cock dangling down along with my balls.  I looked up into my mirror as the door opened and my sister walked in, "Dont turn around. " From what I could see she had a black bra on laced with red and pushed her breasts up and together and made them look like D's. "You my lover are going to have one of the best orgasms of your life tonight. " She walked over to the bed I could see that she had her hands behind her back until she reached the bed and nelt down beside it. "Come over to the side of the bed and keep your ass pointing at me.

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  " I backed up towards her. Her hand reached under me and grabbed my cock and started stroking it, while doing this she lent forward and started licking and sucking my balls. It felt so good she was doing it just right.
Then she stopped licking my balls and lifted her head up and started to lick my arse hole at first she was just licking around the hole, that sent tingles going through my whole body she had stopped stroking my dick by now and was just consentrating on my arse, using her hands to part my cheeks and her tonge started to probe my by now very moist arse hole. "Oh man that feels so fucking good, dont stop!" I said "dont worry this is just the begining. " She started to move her right hand towards my cock again then she stopped all together reached for something down on the floor, I heard something open and then she looked back up and brought her hands back up. Her left hand parted my cheek and she spat onto my arse hole and her right hand came up and with her finger started to rub my arse hole, but her finger was cold and I realised that it was lube. Her finger started entering my arse little by little even though my arse hole seemed to have softened and her finger did seem to go in quite easily. She pulled it in and out a few times and pulled it back out and licked her finger, "mmm you taste good. " She put her finger back in and pulled it back out "here taste your ass. " I havent got a clue what to say, I was always discusted by the thought of being penatrated before this but it felt so good so I leaned back and took her finger in my mouth and sucked and licked it, she then took it and stuck it back in my arse and then put in a second which went in quite easily even though I felt a little stretched. She started fingering my arse slowley at first then started to finger fuck me hard, she then pulled out her fingers then put more lube into my ass which was now gapeing open she stuck her fingers again and this time stuck a finger off her left hand in and then a second I now had 4 fingers inside me and she began moving them in and out before stopping.
 She started to pull on her fingers and started to really stretch my arse, "Ah stop!" "Dont be soft. " she carried on for a couple of minutes, "there that should do nicely," as she leaned forward and stuck her tounge into my open arse "mmm nice, time for your surprise" she reached down and I heard the pop of the lube again then a squeltching noise, "whats that?" "its your surprise, this is going to make you cum like youve never cum before," she then lifted up and put her hand up and in it was a black tear drop shaped butt plug it was about 5 inches long and I'd say just over an inch wide, "there is no way thats going in my arse even if I let you look at it its too big it wouldnt fit!" "Of course it will watch. " She placed the tip in and started to increase the pressure and it started to slide in and I started to feel it stretch me and then she pulled out and then pushed it back in, then back out then in again she repeated this a few times then it came to the widest part of it I could feel my arse stretch fully then it popped in I could feel different pressures inside me my arse hole had a pressure on it as if it was trying to pop out and there was another pressure that I couldnt explain, "See I told you now get on your back.

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  " I laid down and she straddled my legs, "Oh dear you've gone soft thats no good.
    . " She edges down and takes my cock in her hands and guides the tip into her mouth, I start to feel light headed as my blood races to my now expanding cock, "thats better now lay back you are going to lick my pussy before you fuck it. " She now stands up takes of her matching thong turns around and sits on my face we are now in a 69 as my tounge goes to work and she leans back down and sucks my dick.  
    Her pussy smells and tastes so good and not a hair to be seen I bring my hands up and use them to part her pussy so I can find and lick her clit she starts to moan and I stick 2 fingers into her putting them in and out of her. I then pull them out and stretch to start to like her arse and she moans more, "Oh yeah lick that arse like you want my shit, fuck that feels so fucking good," she goes back down and starts to go nuts on my cock she's sucking and slurping and I have to stop cause if feels so good and Im sure Im going to cum, "Oh no you dont not yet. " She sits up and I resume licking her arse and I feel my orgasm subside and she gets up off my face which is covered in spit and her juices she the lies on top of me and kisses me passionatly and licks my face "Its time. " she said as she reaches down and takes my cock rubes it on her clit and then slides all 8 inches of my dick into her, she felt so tight as she started to rock on my cock. I could feel my arse contracting onto the butt plug still stetching my arse with a constant rhythm, she then starts to bounce on my cock her boobs bouncing up and down inside her bra I reach up and pull it down and her boobs pop out, I sit up and take her right one in my mouth sucking on it as if I was trying to feed from it. Then we started to go crazy I stop sucking her nipple and start kissing and biteing her neck "Oh my god Im going to cum!!" "Me too!!" Shes grinding on my cock and Im holding it as long as I can "Im cumming!!!" she screamed and I started to feel her cum cover my cock I realesed and as my cum pumped into her. My ass was rapidly spasming out of control it felt like I was exploding, I could have passed out with pleasure we stayed in that position for a couple of minutes, while we caught out brethes neither saying a word, then she looked at me and kissed me "didnt I tell you how good it will be?" she said, "you didn't say it would be that good that was incredable. " "theres a lot more where that came from," "you mean theres more?" "Yeah i have a whole box of tricks in my room and I plan to use them all with you, plus Im going on that internet tomorrow and buying more after that!" "sounds good to me," She climbes off me "Turn around" I turned and faced arse up on the bed and she reached down and gentley pulled the butt plug out of my arse and licked it from top to bottom then put it in my mouth "lick it clean you dirty boy," I did and she joined in and we started to kiss again. . . .

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