My sister Katie and our parents out on business


My name is Sarah I’m 18 about 5’6” with a single C cup and a pretty nice ass if I say so myself.  My sister Katie is 18 about 5’3” with a double A cup and she also has a nice ass.  We share a room because our house is not big enough for us to have separate rooms.  We were always close and never minded sharing a room or seeing each other naked.  Katie has a nicer body when she doesn’t have clothes on her breasts aren’t very large but they were full.  I had caught her masturbating a couple of times and every time I saw her naked all I wanted to do was taste her sweet juices and hear her moan.  So when our parents told us they would be leaving for the week on business I started to put a plan together in my I woke up the next morning after my parents left and told Katie I was going to take a shower and started to get my clothes together I went in the bathroom and asked her if she minded if I left the door open since mom and dad were not home she said she didn’t mind so I left the door open and started to strip down and start the water when it was warm I stepped in and closed the curtain most of the way but left it open on the side facing the door I started to soap up and rinsed then I saw her standing by the door watching me seeing this made me very honey so started to masturbate so far my plan was working.  I also saw that she had her hand in her panties as she watched me.  After I had an orgasm I got out of the shower and she left having no idea that I had known she was there.  Later that night I had done the laundry and was putting Katie’s underwear away and I found a small vibrator hidden in her panties I took it out and smelt it knowing it had her pussy juices all over it after that my panties were soaked and my juices were running down my leg.  After I finished putting the laundry away I sat down on the couch next to Katie and watched some tv half way through one of the shows I asked her if she wanted to play truth or dare she said sure so we turned off the tv and started the game I went first Katie chose truth “Have you ever seen a guy naked” I asked “Yes” she answered “okay my turn” she said “truth or “Dare” I “Ok I dare you to play the rest of this game “Ok” I answered as I started to take of my shirt and “Truth or dare” I asked as I finished “dare” Katie “I dare you to feel my “ok” she said hesitantly as she slowly moved toward me when she started to massage my breasts it made my pussy super wet and I lost control as I started to massage her boobs too.

Soon we were both moaning and before I know it I felt her hand touch my clit this sent a jolt of electricity through me as Katie started rubbing my clit I stated kissing her moving her lips out of the way with my toung when I tasted her sweet mouth I started to finger her as she fingered me we both were moaning loudly in pleasure as we came to our first orgasm then we got up and I started to eat her out plunging my toung deep into her pussy tasting her sweet pussy juice and lightly biting on her clit pretty soon she came to her second orgasm of the night after she calmed down she said she wanted to taste my pussy now so she bent down and plunged her toung in my pussy this made me moan loudly in pleasure and soon I came to the most intense orgasm I have ever had and I shot pussy juice all over her face when we both had calmed down I told her that tomorrow we won’t wear cloths tomorrow since we will most likely do this more often as long as our parents aren’t home. After that we both went to bed. I woke up the next morning to Katie sucking on my nipples and playing with my pussy.