My Sister in Law and her first experience!


My wife and I got into a huge argument and it got to the point where I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  I was drunk and said some pretty bad things to her.  After about 30 minutes of pretty heated fighting she just told me to leave and not to come back until I sobered up and got some sense.

Fine, if you don’t want me around anymore then I’m outta here but don’t expect me to come back!

As I got to my car in the driveway I suddenly realised I didn’t have any place to go.  Shit, what do I do now!  I decided to find a cheap hotel but the first two that I went to didn’t have any rooms available until the next day.  As I searched for a hotel it dawned on me that maybe my sister in law would let me crash at her place at least for the night.  When I called her she was a little hesitant.   She didn’t want to get involved and have her sister, my wife, mad at her.   After a few minutes of begging she gave in and I headed towards her apartment.

When I got there she said I could sleep on the couch but had to leave in the morning.   I was really happy to at least have some place to sleep.  Wilma gathered up a pillow and a couple of blankets and brought them to the living room.  I arranged the stuff on the couch and she went to bed.  I didn’t have any pyjamas or sweats or anything with me so I decided to sleep in my underwear and the t-shirt that I had on.  I was pretty drunk and it was late.   I was asleep in no time.

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The next morning I heard some noise in the kitchen.  I turned my head to see what was going on and Wilma was pulling the stuff out of the cupboard to make coffee.  Wilma isn’t a very good looking woman but when I saw her in the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt with her panties showing I kinda got turned on.  My sister in law is only about 5 feet tall and weighs maybe about 130 pounds or so.  She’s a little chubby but has really big tits and nice legs for her size.   Supposedly, Wilma is still a virgin at 38 years old.   At least that’s what everyone in the  She’s always been  I have a hardon every morning when I wake up anyway but this morning it was really pounding in my shorts watching Wilma in the kitchen.   I was pretty hung over which probably clouded my judgement a little.  I decided to walk into the kitchen without putting my pants on first to see if she would notice the bulge in my shorts.  I have an 8 ½ inch dick and it’s pretty big around too.  There was no way she could miss it I thought.

As I get to the kitchen Wilma turns towards me and tells me good morning.  My gamble paid off and the expression on her face changed instantly as she looked down at the raging bone in my underwear.  She tugged on the edges of her t-shirt to pull it down as far as it would go but it was too short and I could plainly see how her panties had pulled up into the slit in her pussy a little bit.  When she realised she was staring at my cock she nervously turned away and told me the coffee would be ready in a few minutes.

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    As she turned to walk back towards her bedroom I decided to stretch my hands over my head and yawn, totally exposing my log.  Wilma glanced down to get another look as she walked passed me and left the kitchen.  As she passed by me she told me to put my pants on before I go walking around the apartment.  I decided to play it cool and act like I just realised that my cock was as stiff as a board.

“Oh, man!  Wilma, I just woke up and hadn’t realised that, well, you know”, and glanced down at my boner as I walked towards her.

She seemed to get a little flustered.   When I reached the table and chairs I sat down without first getting my pants.  She got up from the table and went back into the kitchen.  After pouring a couple of cups of coffee she came back to the table placing one cup in front of me and keeping the other for herself.  My big dick pulsed in my underwear when it dawned on my that she wasn’t going to change her clothes either and just stick with the t-shirt and panties.  

This in mind, I decided to provoke her a little bit to see what kind of reaction I might get.  She was reading the advertisement inserts from the newspaper and drinking her coffee.   I got up and walked over to stand next to her and read the advertisements over her shoulder.  She seemed a little nervous to have my stiff cock inches from her shoulder but didn’t move.  I took this as a good sign and decided to go even a little further.

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    I acted as if I wanted to read the paper that lay on the back of the table.  As I reached for the paper, I made sure to press my hard dick against her upper arm.  Again she seemed a little nervous but didn’t move.   I stood there reading the newspaper for a moment keeping my cock pressed up against her arm.  Again, she didn’t move.   I started so sway my hips slowly from side to side rubbing my length back and forth across her shoulder.   Now I was really getting horny, again she didn’t move and just let my hump her arm.

“Wilma, would you like to see it?”

“What?  What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.  I saw you look at it twice and I’ve been standing here rubbing it on your arm for the past 5 minutes.  Since you didn’t say anything or move I figured you must not mind.  If you’re curious, I’ll show it to you. ”

She looked a little stunned that I would make such a statement but again didn’t move.  She just looked up at me nervously as I continued rubbing myself against her shoulder.  Slowly, I laid the newspaper back on the table, slid my thumbs into the waste band of my underwear, and slowly pulled them downwards.  My head caught on the elastic for a moment and then my massive cock popped free and danced slightly right next to her.

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    As she looked at it, her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open in shock.

“Well, what do you think?  Do you like it?”

“Dave, you have to promise you’ll never say anything to anyone about this!”

“About what?  You’re just looking.  It’s not like we’re doing anything.  You’re just getting an eyeful of what is probably the nicest cock you’ll ever see up close. ”

She turned slightly in her chair to face me.  My painfully swollen head was probably only about 7 or 8 inches away from her mouth.  


“Of course I promise.   I’m horny, not stupid!”

To my complete surprise she slowly reached out with one hand and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock taking a firm grip.  I expected her to throw me out but instead she starts slowly stroking my dick up and down telling me she’s never seen one that big before.  Not even in Playgirl.   It took me a little by surprise that she had read, or looked at, Playgirl.  I always thought she was a total prude and here she is calmly stroking my dick!

“Show me how to give a blowjob.  I’ve always wanted to try but never have.  Show me what to do!”

“Are you serious?  You actually want to give me head?  This is a total surprise!”

“Yes, I’ll do it, but remember, NO ONE can ever find out!  Please show me!”

There was no way I was going to pass up a blowjob from that tiny little mouth.  Particularly because it would be her first taste of dick.

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I wriggled slightly and my underwear fell to the floor.   As I stepped out of my shorts I took her by the hand and guided my sister in law to her knees.  God I was fucking hot!  She adjusted her focus up and down from my dick to my face and licked her lips.  This was going to be really good!

“Ok, first, watch your teeth.  There’s nothing worse then having teeth raked up and down on the most sensitive skin on a guy’s body.  Second, do you want me to cum in your mouth when I’m ready or do you want me to pull out?”

“I’m not sure.   Cumming in my mouth sounds gross.  Is that what women are supposed to do?  Do I have to swallow it or can I spit it out or something?”

“Wilma honey, it’s all a matter of preference.  A lot of women don’t swallow but some do.  In fact, a lot of women won’t even suck dick and very few that do it actually enjoy it.   You’ll just have to try it and see what you think.  I want to cum in your mouth really bad though so I wish you would let me?  I’ll tell you just before it happens so you’re ready for it Ok?”

My sister in law just nodded her head and I took that for an Ok.

“Let me have your hand.  I’ll suck on your fingers so that you get an idea of how it should feel when I put it in your mouth. ”

She gave me her hand and I demonstrated how she should suck my cock.

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    She seemed to get really turned on that I was sucking on her fingers and sighed a little.  

“Ok, that’s how you should do it.  Now keep a grip on the base of my shaft with your right hand like you have it now.  You can use that hand to adjust the angle of my shaft as you do it for me.  Put your other hand on my hip, or on my stomach or you can even rub my ass while you’re blowing me if you like Ok?”

Wilma reached around and started to stroke my ass and then she took a deep breath and took me into her mouth.   Her lips were so soft and her mouth was so hot.  She was breathing hard as she started sucking me.   At first she only took my head and maybe another inch or two past the rim.  Her mouth stretched open to take my thickness and to my pleasant surprise, no teeth over the first couple of strokes.  I couldn’t believe my cock was in my sister in law’s mouth!  This was soooooo awesome!

After a minute or two she started taking more and more of my dick.  On one stroke she got a little too confident and choked as my head banged up against the back of her throat.  She quickly pulled off and caught the spit in her hand but didn’t let go of the base of my cock.
     When she had caught her breath I told her that it’s Ok and takes some getting used to.  

    “You don’t have to take so much in your mouth if you’re going to gag on it.  That’s a perfectly natural reaction and always happens the first time you suck a dick.

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    I smiled and that seemed to comfort her and she immediately went right back to servicing my tool.   I don’t know if she was telling the truth or not because she was sucking my cock like she had definitely done it before.  I wondered if this was really her first taste but didn’t really care either way as long as it continued to feel as good as it was feeling at that moment!  I started to moan with each stroke of her fantastic mouth and that seemed to give her real confidence.  Wilma picked up the pace and started tilting her head this way and that experimenting with different angles and the depth of her strokes.  It was so erotic watching her struggle with my size and it was making me really hot!

    After a few minutes we were both really into this blowjob and I noticed the first rumblings in my nuts as she serviced me like a pro.   As I moaned a little louder I started to buck my hips slightly back and forth with her rhythm.   Wilma adjusted her kneeling position slightly and took the mouth fucking in stride like a natural.  I put my hands on top of her head and told her to look me in the eye.

    “Oh, ughn, ughn, ahhh, Oh Wilma, yes, yes baby, suck that dick!  Suck that cock like you really need it!  Ughn, ughn, ughn, mmmmmm, Oh yeah, god you’re good!”

    “Really?  Seriously, am I doing it right?”

    “Don’t stop hun, keep sucking I’m almost ready to give you your prize!  C’mon hun, suck that big dick!”

    Wilma instantly resumed the blowjob and I was ready to blow a few seconds later.

    “Oh Wilma, here it comes baby!  I can’t hold back anymore, I have to cum!”

    She looked up at me nervously but I didn’t care.  I was so fucking horny and she was sucking my cock so damn good I really didn’t care at all if she didn’t like it or couldn’t take it.  Her eyes were watering and I was ready!

    “Ohhhhhh!  Ohhhhhh!  Ughn, oh Wilma, take it baby, take that load!”

    And I exploded in her mouth.   She instantly began to gag and pulled back.  I stepped towards her face jabbing my erupting cock right back into her mouth.  Wilma started to swallow and even though some of my sperm leaked out of the corners of her mouth she swallowed nearly all of the first string.

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        I humped my hips forward jamming my dick into the side of her mouth and let loose with the second ejaculation filling her mouth again.  She hadn’t stopped her swallowing action from the first round and swallowed my second load much more easily than the first.  Instantly I let loose with a third but much smaller stream of cum and she continued hungrily pumping my balls empty.   I had nothing left to give at that point and she also knew it was over.

    “Oh my god that was good!  You’re either lying about it being your first cock or you’re a natural.  I haven’t had my dick sucked that good for years!”

    As my half-limp mass drooped she let it fall from her mouth and massaged me.   She just stared at my spent monster in fascination as she licked and suckled my head taking in the last couple of drops.  Wiping the remaining stickiness from her face and mouth she stood up, threw her arms around my neck, and thanked me!  I reached down, slid both hands up under her panties, and squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands.

    “No way sweetie, Thank You!”

    Her ass felt really good in my hands.   Her skin was so soft and even though she was a chubby girl her ass was surprisingly firm.  I squeezed her cheeks together and pulled them apart slightly sensing the elasticity.   She seemed to really like having her ass manipulated and began to purr with her nose nuzzled up against my neck.  I reached a little further with one hand, sliding my fore finger down her ass crack, and coming to rest on her asshole.  I began to gently probe her opening.   As I massaged her asshole with my finger her knees buckled slightly and she held tighter wrapping one leg up over my hip.

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        My cock began to swell against her stomach and when she felt it she began stroking me with one hand again.

    What happens next is another story though.




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