My Sister Becky


My name is Rob. I’m an 18 year old boy who is 6”2 and I am relatively muscly. I do try and stay in shape as I play plenty of sport; I visit the gym regularly and at my school am considered quite a “hunk” you could say. I was surprisingly still a virgin, although no one at school knew that! In fact the only person that did know that was my family. I have my mum and dad, and 1 sister who is 18 years old. It is weird! Recently she’s been getting me really… hot! When she walks, I can’t help but stare when she bends over I can’t help but stare, even where she’s exercising I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to shove my cock right up her pussy! Sometimes I just have to run to the toilet and relieve myself before I explode!

Her name is Becky, she’s about 5”6, long blonde hair, 36CC boobs and shapely, wonderful ass. She goes to the same school as me, she is the year below me and also is considered cool. I’m not sure if she’s had sex yet, she is very secretive!

I had just learnt to drive, although, I am a natural. I drive my sister and me to school everyday and back. Today had been a day like the rest. Work, Football training, and I had just finished and had Becky in the car. She just stares out the window to begin with. But as the journey goes on, I catch her staring at me out the corner of my eye, thinking its nothing I just dismiss it and carry on driving home. I pull up in the drive way and open the door. Becky just went up to her room without any thanks. I am welcomed by my mum, 5”4, she too is blonde and has a fantastic figure for a woman of 39.

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   Today was especially hot so my mum was obviously by the pool as she welcomed my in the tightest bikini set possible that hugged her body in all the right places. I went to hug her hello and felt her hard nipples through the thin material and my cock just stuck out diagonally, poking her in the stomach; I pulled away and made up an excuse to leave and go to my room.

I run to my room and shut the door throw off my clothes and change into my swimsuit. My cock is still hard after my hug with mum! So I though I had to relieve it to stop myself from having another embarrassing incident. I take off the swimsuit and yank out my 7-inch monster standing at full attention. I smile and start rubbing softly, slowly increasing in speed. I rub faster. Faster. Faster! I imagine my rolling my cock into my tight sister and imagine myself pounding away at her young pussy. Hearing her moan, scream in ecstasy! I start moaning loudly not being able to control myself as the pleasure is taking over my mind and my body. I know I’m near as my pre-cum starts coming out giving me lubrication as it comes in abundance. My cock starts making a squelching noise as I increase in speed. Moaning loudly as I think of doing my sister on my double bed. My hand is moving as the speed of light as I moan so loudly everyone in the house must’ve heard me. My knees tremble, my spare hand clutches the desk in front of me as ropes of cum shoot out my cock land on the wall and even on the door, which was like 3 meters away! 5 Massive lashes of cum come flying out as I fall on my bed due to the weakness in my knees.

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   Letting the rest of the cum spurt out onto my stomach. I smile to myself, that’s the most I’ve cum in ages, after all I hadn’t wanked for a while due to exams! Being knackered, I fall asleep still messy from my masturbation session and sleep for an hour or so.

I woke up thinking to myself that was fantastic! Still feeling the tingly in the tip of my deflated cock. I stand up and notice my cum is gone. Not on my stomach, not on my blue walls or even my doors. Someone must’ve come in and lapped it all up whilst I was asleep. I smile at the prospect of it being Becky, which gets me a semi again. I soon realize I smell strongly of Cum and juices, so I jump into the shower and wash myself off quickly, put some trackies on and go downstairs as now it was too late to swim. I went downstairs and watched a movie with my sister and mum. We watched American Pie, mostly my sisters choice. Soon after it begins my mum claims she’s tired and goes to bed leaving me lying down on the coach with just a pair of tight trackies on and my sister sitting next to me with just a shirt on that just covers her perfect, bouncy, high fuckable butt, no bra. Fuck me she’s looking so hot, with her nipples poking through her pink shirt. I felt my cock starting to grow again but I look away and concentrate at the movie, for now.

At the Sexual parts, I admit I got very excited and my member stood in all its glory. But what I didn’t know was that there was now a big outline of my cock being erect in my tight trackies.

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   I wasn’t wearing any pants either so that might’ve been why.
    I carry on watching sneaking peaks at my sister who just separated her legs. Holy Shit, I nearly said aloud Becky wasn’t wearing any panties! My eyes nearly popped out my head and my cock nearly broke free of my trackies. She obviously noticed and stared at my cock then me. I awquardly looked away. I soon couldn’t bear it. It was so beautiful; it was shaved and glistening as she must be horny. Oh man I was so turned on by this. I ran upstairs feigning illness undressed ran into bed and started wanking so hard thinking of that beautiful pussy and imagined eating it. Fuck me! I wanted to lick her out and shove my 7-inch cock in her so bad it hurt! I quickly threw my pants and tossed off. Within about 30 seconds I cum and once again shouted with bliss as cum hit all up my chest and even my neck as I shot so far! I tidied up and lay in my bed, naked. I saw a figure rush away from my open door. I stood up forgetting I was naked and walking into the hallway.

    I saw Becky outside my door naked. Her medium sized, hard nipples facing straight at me.

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       Her pussy literally dripping and leaving a trail from my door to where she was standing. Her massive breasts were out and laying there red with hand marks on them. My mouth was wide open and was literally drooling! I snapped out of it and realized I had a complete boner, I swear just then it grew like and inch or 2! I looked at her face, which was staring, at my monster cock, dripping with pre-cum as I instinctively moaned and groaned with excitement. She quickly ran into her room. I watched her ass bounce as she quickly hopped into her room. I took a picture in my mind. Wow. She was perky and bouncy everywhere!

    I walked into my room and closed the door thinking if I made a mistake just now and if this would make things awquard between Becky and I. I hoped not. I lay in my bed thinking about her lustrous ass running away from me. It was a beautiful sight. As I was dropping off to sleep some noises awakened me. It was moaning, soft at first getting ever louder. I walked out onto the hallway and walked to Becky’s door, It was slightly ajar. I poked my head in and saw her quickly moving a massive black dildo in her pussy along with a vibrator on her clit, moaning louder and louder with her eyes shut.

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       She was in heaven as her body trembled and shook as she screamed into a pillow next to her to muffle the noises as she projectile came across the room! I was standing there as for 20 seconds she was shooting feminine juices all over to rooms shaking in bliss as she threw the dildo to the side, which landed at my feet, she started fingering herself softly getting the last of her juices out as she moaned my name! I leant forward. She was moaning Rob! I was astonished!! I picked up the dildo and smelt it. Becky was fast asleep by now and I saw her sexy pink underwear next to the dildo. I grabbed it and smelt it. It was so moist and smelt like the dildo. Sweet yet tangy. Delightfully refreshing. I had all I needed to get me through the night. I tasted the dildo and the moist part of her panties. I closed and locked my door. I already had a boner; it was so big it hurt. I pulled out a measuring tape and it was just over 8. 5 inches. I had to relieve myself of this sexual pain. I smiled, very proud of my cock and locked my door.

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       I looked at the dildo and panties in my hand, both moist, I smiled to myself and thought, tonight are going to be a good night.

    This is my first ever story, so don't be too harsh, this is part 1 so tell me if I should write more. . . :)