My sister Becky Part 3


Part 3

I woke up, looked at the clock; it was exactly 7:00. I sat up drunk some water and realized I fell asleep and left my sister handcuffed whilst being highly stimulated. I stood up and ran into her room, whilst tripping over the encrusted dildo and panties. I stumbled into her room and steadied myself. I walked over to the side of the bed and saw my sister laying there asleep, with the vibrators still on. Her PJ bottoms were soaking top to bottom obviously with cum and because of orgrasming constantly for 4 hours! I decided to take her Pjs off. I literally tore off her bottoms to reveal one vibrator still lodged in her soaking pussy and one lying on her clit. I ripped off her top and let her 36 CC titties fall out as she was still asleep. Her nipples were hard so she was obviously still stimulated. I decided to take out the vibrators and turn them off. Upon turning them off and taking them away from her pussy she woke and looks disorientated and slightly distressed. “ Rob, What the fuck?!! Im nearly dying of thirst here and what’s going on?” I gave her some water and answered instantly “ Well, last night I saw you asleep and had a crazy idea. Now, I will fuck you and mark my territory, plus I know you want me so it’s not all bad” “ she shrugged her shoulders and smiled “ Well give me some times my pussy is fucking sensitive now cos of having about 20 orgasms in a row!”

There was no fucking chance I was going to wait that long for her pussy, after all she couldn’t do anything about it! I sat down next to her playing softly with her nipples for about 20 minutes when I decided enough was enough and told her I was going to fuck her now. “ Rob I’m still a virgin though, I’m waiting for the right guy please don’t. ” I took a picture of here in this vulnerable state and smirked to myself and winked at Becky. I wanted to start off softly with some foreplay but I wanted her to enjoy herself as well.

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   So I got the Vibrators and shoved one into her pussy on extreme vibrations making her shudder until I reached her hymen, and I slowly put one in her ass ( the small one, but still on an extreme vibration setting) there was no need for lube as her ass was already soaking from her orgasms earlier. I slowly entered all 6 inches of the vibrating dildo into her ass he was already shudders and gripping the bed as she was close to her first orgasm. Then I remembered something I wanted to use. I ran and got the knickers and black dildo form my room and said “remember these?” and smiled. I told her to start licking the black dildo whilst I was getting ready to get started as I watched. I placed my cam recorder on her desk, in a position that caught everything.

Her tongue was swirling all around the dildo as she got off the cum pretty quickly! It was like she was enjoying herself! I was finally ready with my first flaccid cock to get started. I got the dildo out and slid in down her body in between her massive tits, down her stomach as she gasped for air whilst her back was raised in the air in pure pleasure. I kept on moving it down till I got to her shaven pussy vibrating due to the vibrator in her. I started using the dildo to rub her clit quickly in circles, up and down whilst moving fingers along side the vibrator into her pussy. “YES YES ROB OH MY GOD” she kept on repeating as I played with her as she drifted in and out of consciousness I eventually stopped with the black dildo and slowly moved it into her pussy next to the vibrator. With a sharp intake of air “ OHHH MYYYY rob please no it hurts! NOO …. Waitt carry on, slowly, UHH YES, uuhhhhh”I reached the hymen again as I stopped, turned the vibrators onto the lowest level and said “now my turn!” “Oh please Rob finish me off I’m so close to cumming my pussy is throbbing, I need this!” “Sorry sis but I’m in charge and im going to tear your pussy up, after I get a bj!” I jumped on the bed and without any warning I started thrusting into her mouth. . I pushed all 8.

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  5 inches into her mouth even reaching her through. FUCK! It was so tight like a vacuum. She bobbed her head back and forward using her tongue to circle the tip of my cock right under the end of the cock head. I started moaning as she picked up the pace and so did I. It didn’t take much to get me cumming. My balls started tightening. My breath became deeper and uncoordinated I jumped up pulled the vibrator out her ass and shoved in my monster cock as she screamed. I shoved it in full way as she screamed in pain and excitement. I started thrusting hard whilst strongly pinches and sucking on her nipples as she started moaning and trembling in excitement. She started shaking uncontrollably asshe started cumming again “ OH GOD ROB, THIS ONES BIG, OH GOD OH GODD OOOHHH GOOOOOOODD” as she lifted her back in an arched position and liquid stared squirting out her pussy onto my cock. That was the last step as my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I thrusted hard all the way in whilst her body was spasming in ecstasy. The cum shot out my cock at the speed of light as I fell on top of her body with my cock still in there. The vibrations of the vibrator and her body helped me elongate my orgasm as string after string of cum flew into her ass. Eventually I stood up to find my sister passed out. I still had an erection though.

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   I saw the cum start rolling out her puckered little ass as her whole body with still spasmodically shaking and squirting. I smiled and chucked away the vibrator not turning it off. I slowly rolled my monster cock up to her dripping, shaven pussy and slowly pushed my cock in stretching her pussy even more my cock was 8 inches in circumference (its girth). I reached her hymen. I checked she was still out, pulled out 2 inches and shot my cock in breaking the barrier and was stopped by her cervix. She wasn’t awake and no blood was coming out, so I started humped her pussy like a dog, Fucking her body and slamming my balls against her ass, still feeling my cum pouring out her ass. I was fucking her so hard the bed was knocking against the wall as my cock was pushing up and down my sister. I started moaning softly. I realized no one was home so I didn’t have to be quiet. I raised my voice to match the feelings surrounding my cock as her vice like pussy was massaging my cock. I was so close as another load was leaving my balls as it shriveled up and I felt it shoot up my shaft. I pulled out once again, picked up the camera, and came all over her body , covering her pussy with hot cum and camouflaging her titties with cum. It was still coming out thick and fast so I jumped on her whilst cumming and shoved my cock in her mouth whilst coming. I shuddered as I Shouted out Becky’s name over and over again, eventually as I shuddered and my cock stopped spurting I collapsed next to Becky and stared as my cock, which was dancing away to the rhythm, my heart was playing.

She eventually came around after about 5 minutes looked at my and said, you can have me anywhere, anytime you want me.

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   I’m yours! I smiled, turned off the recorder, took a picture of cum all over her body, face and dripping out her ass. “If you ever change your mind, I will send these photos and this video of us fucking to everyone in America! I am your leader, you will listen to me and do what I ask you to do, punishments will be applied as well as these being uploaded, for naughty behavior. ” I Winked and she said happily “Yes sir, whatever you want” she winked at me . I got the keys and released her. She couldn’t stand after having 22 odd orgasms in about 5 hours and passing out so I carried her downstairs. We had breakfast and watched TV for a couple of hours, generally just relaxing and refilling our fluids. The parents weren’t home and we were going to have fun. The rest of the day came and went quite quickly as we both slept a fair amount and regained some energy. But during that day, I had formulated a plan. Produce a jar full of my cum and make her drink it, spread it on her toast. Use it for everything! So I woke up, she was asleep. Perfect time to start my project. I ran into the bathroom with the large, empty jar. Slammed down my trousers and started running my fingers down my hard cock. With on 6 quick strokes my knee were trembling and cum was flying freely out my cock.

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   I found it hard not to keep quiet as I shouted as my bodily fluids were completely drained. Even after 1 wank, the jar was about a third full. I put it in the fridge and went back to my sister. She yawned and said “I heard you wank… I hope you are still up for a fuck?” “Sure but I want to introduce a new rule to this family from now on. I will cum in a jar, which I have placed in the fridge, and you will use it always. For toast, cereal… everything. And if I don’t I will lock you up and again. Tear you ass and pussy up and not lot you go until you pass out 3 times from orgasms. ” She chuckled “ what about mum” “let me worry about her” I winked at her got a glass of water and drained it quickly. “ Now what about that fuck?”

Over the next few days we woke up, fucked, ate, fucked, drank and fucked more until we slept in each others’ arms. On the 4th day into being alone in the house I woke at 2 pm and saw my sister in the garden wearing nothing tanning. So I had an idea. I was very horny as my cock stood proudly in my morning glory. I strolled outside. Stood infront of my sister and picked her up.

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   She knew what I wanted as my cock slipped into her ass crack and rubbed up and down. I was bringing her to the pool…

On my way over to the pool I started playing with her massive tits. I started sucking on them really roughly and pinched and squeezed them. I was in the mood for some rough, hard sex and nothing was going to stop me. We got to the pool I layed her down next to it and put my arm across her stomach to stop her moving. I got my middle two fingers. Shoved them hard into her pussy and quickly and strongly I started finger fucking her as I lightly bit and played with her nipples with the other hand. Her nipples shrunk and became hard as her back arched. I started going faster and harder as she starts moaning. Louder and louder until she is ultimately screaming as her eyes roll into her head and he starts spasming in pleasure. She squirts to length of the swimming pool as her legs fly about along with her arms. Without stopping I carry on, with my finger fuck but instead put my fist in her as she carries on squirting.
    I become rougher and quicker as I bite and squeeze and tease her nipples more and more. I don’t let her stop for air as I carry on fisting her pushing her body up and down. She knows she cannot take another orgasm and tries to break free.

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       I strongly hold her down with my arm and even stronger fist her hitting her cervix stretching her more and more. She doesn’t stop squirting before she reaches her next orgasm as she stops trying to escape. She carries on squirting and her body levitates off the ground as she screams. She lays static as she carries on squirting strongly. I stop and wait for a couple of seconds before starting. She opens her eyes panting and gasping for air. I slip into the pool and face her towards me, against the pool wall. I Shoved my cock easily up her pussy, eager to rip it apart. I don’t hesitate to start groping her tits and slamming my balls against her asshole. She is still dazed as I roughly pull her hair whilst palming her tits. She starts squirming in delight and pain due to my rough nature as I increase in pace and velocity. I flip her round and push her into the corner of the pool as I put her in a doggy position. I slam my 9-inch cock straight into her asshole as she screams instantly in pain and tries to break free by climbing out the pool. I wasn’t going to allow this. I grabbed her down pushed her head down and started shoving my cock further and further up her ass.

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       Eventually moaning louder in pleasure and pain, within 30 seconds she is trembling as her 3rd orgasm is approaching. Mine is too! I feel my balls tingle as my sac begins to tighten as I feel the liquid build up my shaft. I pump hard and deeper and push hard once more. I feel her tense up like a plank of wood and lose all energy as she cannot hold herself up and is only being held by my rock solid cock. I feel her a current of warm liquid in the pool from her pussy as that sets me off as I start cumming. “ Hold still you slut and take my cum I shout as I explode in her” shouting at her as she carries on cumming herself! Rope after rope of cum fly into her ass as I shudder and my eyes nearly pop out my head. I pump a few more times as she met my last pumps and stopped. I looked up and saw mum , laying down next to the pool dress over her head finger fucking herself roughly as she plays with herself more and more. She shudders and shouts with her eyes closed in her own fantasy world “ Ahhhhh fuckkk mee Rob with your massive cock! Yours making me cum so harddddd” as she does this her squirt flies and hits Becky and me in the face instantly waking us up. Mum shudders and stops spasming and opens her eyes to see both me and Becky wide mouthed, and speechless staring at her. “Its nice to see you too, Mum” We all burst into laughter as I get up and hug her, My cock purposely poking into her stomach as I push my body against her hard large nipples. I help Becky out the pool who gives her a hug as well.

    She sits down inside as we help her up. She starts crying and explains to us why shes home so early. “ I found your father fucking some bimbo, He hasn’t fucked me for so long, and now he just does it to some whore.

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      ” She bursts out crying as me and Becky, still naked gives her a massive hug to reassure her. After many hours of re assurance and talking, everyone’s a lot happier. The ice has officially been broken.

    After I give her a hug. “ I guess you are happierto see me than I realized before” she looked down at my long boner sticking into her. I grin at her and say you have no idea. “ Mum, by the way, from now on, we will be using my cum as topping for anything you eat or you face severe punishment, ask Becky if I’m joking. ” Mum looks to Becky seeking an answer and Becky nods seriously. “ Wait! I’m your mother. Do what I say!”
    I Whip out my phone and show her a picture of her naked, cover all in my cum with some gushing out her mouth in a complete state. She swears and turns round to face Becky. “ Mum, if you do not comply with my requests you will get spanked, and pass out from too much pleasure. Everyone will see this picture and you wont be able to leave this house without getting a slap on the ass!” she bends over and puts her head in her hands. She is still wearing no panties. The dress rode up as I saw her dripping shaved cunt staring at me.

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       My cock stood at attention and I knew what to do, and mum could not do anything about it. I held her bent over and shoved my cock in her dripping pussy. Becky just stood there in shock. Mum screamed in shock and I started pumping without warning roughly in her. I looked up to see Becky fingering herself violently and stroking her clit. She jumps in front of mums face, yanks her head up and starts squirting in her face and mouth. Mum was starting to enjoy this fucking I was giving her. “ Fuck yes! I have been dreaming of this moment for so long, Fuck my cunt hard Rob, Rip it up!” I Started moaning manly and increasing in pace as I felt the cumbrewing in my balls. Becky had collapsed, drained on the sofa unable to move. Mum started squirming and moaning in anticipation. I felt myself cumming soon. I pushed mum forward so she was bent over the settee next to Becky and withdrew my cock. I got my index finger, gathered some of my mum’s pussy juice and shoved in her ass. Adding more and more fingers until I was fisting her ass. She started trembling.


       I wanted to cum with her. “ Rob, Fuck! YES!! IM CUMMING YESSSSSSSSSS. She started trembling as I carried on fisting her. Mum lifted her pussy up at Becky’s face and projectile came in her face as revenge. “ Take this Becky she smirked as she shoved her pussy in her face and came on it for a good minute or too momentarily blinding her. Mum Collapsed in a heap on the floor. Before Becky could recover I jumped on the settee and shoved my cock down her throat and started fucking her face quickly and cum quickly shot up my cock shaft into her mouth. She gagged and tried to pull away but couldn’t as cum filled her mouth and eventually exploded on her as she couldn’t swallow so much cum so quickly. I carried on fucking her face roughly until I was all done and allowed a cum covered Becky collapse on the couch, next to Mum. I smiled and looked at what I had done. But mum and Becky on the floor unable to move or speak at this current moment. I walked upstairs to go get a shower. No Dad, just mum, Becky and me… This was the start of a beautiful relationship! I smiled and jumped into the shower to clean off.

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