My sister and me


hi,my family has always been close and we always hugged each other as we were kids. well one day when i was 18 my sister being 19 we were sitting there watching TV and she just out of the blue hugged me,i looked her way and hugged her back,saying what was that for cheri,she told me she just felt like it, i said ok and smiled,well that was 6 yers ago,well let me tell you what my sister looks like, she 5'7 120 flat belly very sexy 34 c breasts with nipples that are slopped upward. very blond hair about to her brastrap and her blue eyes are so sexy with long legs and a ass thats better then any ass i have seen in a very long time. now i am 22 and cheri is 25, we were sitting at home my mom and day had gone away for the summer and left us alone to fend for ourselfs,cheri walked in wearing this knock out outfit on, it was a skirt that was about 2 inches from her butt cheeks and a halter top that was silk and almost see thur she had no bra on and i could see her perfect breasts and nipples thur it,i was staring at her say OHHH MY,, she laughed and said want to go shopping with me,of course I jumped at the chance to go with her being that she was so sexy any guy would be jelious of me walking with her and anyway i was hoping she would bend over just to see if she had a thong on or panties?,as we walked outside she looked at me and said do you want to drive or do you want me to drive, i said i will drive, as i opened the door she sat down in my truck her legs were opened as she got it,wow,NO PANTIES OR ANYTHING,i grinned and i was thinking this cant be my lucky day. as driving to the mall we were laughing and just talking about life when she moved all the way over toward me in my truck being that it has a bench seat she was now at my side and smelled soo good,as her eyes were just right makeup looked perfect and her perfume was getting me horny. her hair was pulled back and up and the back,her neck was so sexy looking too !, as were driving,"the mall was 45 mins away" she put her hand on my leg and rubbed it tellling me that she was glad we were spending time together and i smilled saying yes we should do this more often and maybe her boyfriend would understand,well wow, she looked at me saying,boyfriend,, he is such a jurk latly,i was stunned,i though you two were doing ok, she said NO NOT REALLY<all he wants is sex and i have to tell you the sex is not that good with him, my JAW DROPPED !!! . . . i said what do you mean? she said well he is to small and being i am very tight and small down there it just does not feel right,i want more of it with him and he just acts like i will always be with him,so the last two weeks i have not called him and i have not returned any of his calls. i said are you ok , i mean are you upest?. she said no because i have you to make me happy and i want our summer to be the best . I said ok and as we were sitting at a red light we just looked at each other and kissed very slowly and i though she moaned? i was not sure and sat there wondering as the light changed we took off . as we got to the mall she said she wanted to try on bathing sutes and some dressed and skirts,well let me tell you i was walking on air. as we got the the first store she tryed on this skirt, it was short as i have even seen in my life and said cheri, i have to tell you that you look great with that shirt on saying that as she turned around showing me her very sexy ass in this very short skirt. she said do you like it on me and i said ohh yes i do, she payed for it we left,got a fem more skirts and a few dresses and left the mall,as we were driving she said lets go to a movie so as we were pulling in she looked at me saying that she was having a great day and loved our time together, as we were sitting there she said oh shit, theres john,and he is with a date, as i looked at her her face got flush looking at me saying what do you want to do, and i said he has never seen me so i am your new boyfriend,she said oh I love you so much hugging me and kissing me i felt her breasts on my arm and i started getting hard knowing that i was the lucky one,we talked for a few mins as they had a line with about 20 people in it. she asked what are you going to do if he sees us, i said you will just have to wait and see, she said while laughing oh my i cant wait.

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   as i walked to open my sisters door she swug her leg open to get out and i said sis no panties,she said not today it feels so good woth out them too. as she looked at me saying that it felt good that i was payng attition to her in a way that he never did. as we walked over to the line i held my sisters hand and she pulled into me saying that this felt to good to be true . i had to agree with her,well let me tell you about me, i am 6'0 very good build and i have dr hair brown eyes and i dress the part all the time,i always look good. as we were walking to the line she told me he was looking toward them and staring,i said ok, as just lean over and kissed her on the cheek while walking. as we got in line he kept looking back at her and i was loving this. because alot of men were looking at her and we were standing in line i just put my arms around her and hugged my sister in my arms and felt her close to me and i know she had to feel my now raging hard cock against her. we stood there for about 5 mins holding each other and she leaned up and kissed my lips and i felt her toung against my lips and i followed her lead and started french kissing in line it was a 30 sec kiss but ohh my she is a great kisser as we were waiting for the movie to start she put her head againt my shoulder and i put my arm around my sister holdinh her close to me and as i did this my hand slipped and when to her right breasts and i felt her very hard sexy nipple,wispering to her i was sorry  and she wispered back its ok it felt good !!. i said ok and kept rubbing her nipple and as i was doing that she wisper to me that if i did not stop she would have her turn,i said Ok i am game,well,let me tell you she slowly started rubbing my very hard cock saying ohh my GOD how big are you gary , i said i am about 8. 5 inches,she while smiling to me what she could do with that. well the movie started and as we were watching it we were both feeling each other and it was so nice. at one time in the movie i slipped my hand in her blouse and felt her whole breast and she did moan that time. well the move got over and it was 430 and i said what do you want to do now, she said well lets go eat somthing and then go home. i said ok, after dinner we were driving home and she said that it felt good when i was feeling her breast in the movie and telling me it  was just right and being that i am her brother she trusted me and would always  truste me and i looked at her said i would always truste you too cheri. as we got inside we both when to the sofa just watching Tv and nothing good was on well she said hay,,, lets go swimming,i said ok,well we have a big pool and where we live no one can see our backyard its very privet, i changed in my truks and went outside by the pool i jumped in the water and it was just right a little cool and the sunset was just going down.

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   while wading around in the pool cheri walked out the back door my mouth fell open , she had on this white bathing sute and it was breath taking on her her breasts were poking out her nipples were at least 1/4 long and her bottoms were so snug and hardly cover her pussy i saw her pussy lips that looked so puffy, as she looked at me saying i guess you like this one ,dont you? i said cheri i love that one as she jumped in the pool she swim all the way to the deep end under water, my sister can hold her breath for a long time. she came back swimming under water and came right up to my in about 5 foot of water. i put my arms out to help her up and as i did i felt her legs against mine well you know under water legs touching legs are so good feeling. . . cheri was so sexy and i loved looking at her as we were standing in the water just talking and laughing she looked at me and said i want to ask you somthing ok, but think about it for a few days ok,i said ok, she looked me in my eyes and put her arms around my neck while the whole time our legs were touching and my cock was like blue steel, she asked me if we were not brother and sister would i make love to her and did i think that because that we are brother and sister do i think of her that way and wanted to know if i would ever cross that line if the time came ? i was grinning at her saying cheri, you are so sexy and yes i would love to make love to you but if anyone ever found out we would both be in trouble. but, i told her yes I would make love to you and more. . . after that everthing changed betwen us cheri looked at me saying that i turned her on and i was the only guy she could ever look to for the right things in life , i said i know how you feel cheri as i started kissing her slow french kissing as i moved her toward the wall of the pool her legs were around my butt and her arms around my neck and upper back, as we reached the wall i stopped kissing her and she felt me against her pussy telling me that what ever happends between us tonight is between us ok ! i said Ok, and she slowy reached down my trunks and started feeling my cock saying i cant belive your this big gary. as we were kissing again her very small bathing was being pulled off by me and she looked at me saying i want this too . as we stepped back from one another and watch each other get naked in the pool we moved toward each other again feeling our now naked bodies against one another,my cock was agaist her very flat and sexy mid secition and her breasts were againe mine, we starting kissing and then i felt my sister lift both legs and wrap them around me and pull her body into me,as we were rubbing each other and kissing touching and feeling i felt her raise up and now the head of my cock was at the base of her very tight pussy. as we were standing there she stopped and looked at me saying it was time and raised up a little higher and i felt my cock at the entrance of her warm tight and very small opening. as we tryed to get my cock inside if her it was no use the water was washing away her wettness and i wanted to make love to her,she looked at me saying ,, your room or mine?. as we got out the pool i could not help staring at my very sexy sister and how good looking she was,after drying each other off and kissing a little and touching a few more time before going inside the house we started to go inside and when to my sisters room, her bed was bigger and she layed down took her hair down and let it fall and she just layed there looking at me saying i want you to make love to me.

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  as i waled to the bed laying next to my sister we starting kissing and feel each other,i started fingering her wet pussy and yes she was very tight as wet as she was i could only get a finger inside of her the sceond time with two fingers would not go in her,i started sucking her nipples which make her hips rise and she let out a moan that i am sure anyone might hear if they were at home.
    as i kept softly sucking and fingering her she rolled me over and started to suck my cock telling my that she had to do this because she wanted to taste me, as she took my cock in her very warm mouth and took it all the way down to my balls i was in heven telling her that no one has ever done that before , she looked at me saying that she does not gag because she loved doing this,as i felt the head of my cock going passed her touncles and in her airway i could not belive she could do this ,i could see my cock in her neck moving as she took me all the way in. as she was speeding up and i felt my balls tighten i told her cheri i am getting ready to cum,,,, and took it all the way down and i shot the biggest load in my life sending rope after rope of hot warm seman in her belly and when she pulled her mouth off my hard cock her mouth and a pop sound as she pulled it out. i layed there feeling so warm all over and as she layed back down looking over at me saying that it was my turn and i rose up and moved over my sister looking in her eyes telling her that this would be very special and saying that she looked at me while her hands rubbed my cheast, i said cheri i have to get a comdom. . she said gary i want to feel you  inside of me without a comdom and just becarefull not to cum inside of me ok, i am not on the pill or anyting and my "x" used to wear one all the time,i said ok but i want to feel you around my cock cheri as i layed closer to her kissing her and feeling her hand guide my cock toward her tight pussy, as she rubbed it back and forth getting the head of my cock wet with her juices and we were stil kissing and moaning the head of my cock was at her love tunnel,as i pushed and pused her moaning became louder and told me to go slow and it would go in,as i kept pushing slowly the head poped inside of my sister and i could not belive how tight she really way to my thick cock now entering her. as i slowly kept pushing and softly trying to gain entrance in my  sisters womb she wrapped her legs around my back and about a 1/4 when inside of her and i had to tell you i was almost bending it trying to get it in her,as i slowly pushed and felt her pussy give a little talking about half inside of her and letting out this moan again making me harder and harder. as we were kissing and i was looking in her eyes again she told me that she never felt somthing so wonderful as i pushed the rest of my cock deep inside my sister and hitting her curvex and i could tell that there was no place to go , we started pumping each other and deeply kissing and moaning and i felt my cock slid in her and i pulled all the way till the head of my cock was almost out and would slowly push it back inside of her and it felt so hot and wet in her, as i was comming close to cumming and we were all sweaty and i told her i was going to pull out and cum she looked at me saying Please dont , cum inside of me and squirt your cum inside of me i want to feel you finish deep inside of me, as i stated to cum and  shoot my load deep in my sisters womb she came again and i felt my cock get squeezed not very before and i came again and again in my sisters pussy moaning the whole time . as we layed there we both looked at each other saying i love you and fell alseep,the next morning we make love again with no comdom and as i came inside of her i said this one is for out baby and i let loose a stream of cum that almost made me black out it was so intence and hearing my sister at the same time saying that she did not care if i came in her know that it was my seed that makes our baby,i kept making love to my sister the whole summer and now shes expecting our baby my mom and dad wanted to know who the father was and she said he was overseans and wound never see him again and that gary would help me anytime i needed it, my mom and dad said your a good brother and just then i looked in my sisters eyes telling her i love you in front of my mom and dad as we hugged feeling my baby in her womb knowing its mine and i felt her bigger breasts on my cheast rubbing as she looked at me saying i love you to gary as we went back to the mall for baby clothes,and yes my sister moved to my room telling my mom and dad she wanted to have me help her and they did not care one bit, and said that and long as you all sleep together they had nothng to worry about that we would look after each other,, well there right we sure did,.   let me know if you like this,i am new and yes its a true story and we live in the great state of Tx,



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