My Sister and Me


This story is partly true, partly fantasy.   In the true parts, only names have been changed.
My sister, Elizabeth, is the hottest woman I know.   She is tanned, 5'7'', shoulder-length brown hair, and brown eyes.   She is fairly muscular, since she plays soccer.   She has lovely legs, decently broad hips, a tight ass, and small but well shaped tits: 34B (I've checked).
Then there's me (Austin).   I am tan, have curly brown hair, and green eyes.   I am very muscular, due to genetics and hard work wrestling.   I am 5'8'', and my dick is 6'' long.   That's not exceptional, but nothing to laugh at either (considering that I'm 13).
As I have grown older, I have started to appreciate my sister's body.   I always find my eyes wandering to her chest or ass, and it takes effort to look away again.   At the beach, I am driven crazy by her little bikinis, always fantasizing about what lay beneath that skimpy material.   I masturbate regularly, and have been since age 11!  I used to use porn to get off, but now, as the girls around me grew more mature, they became the subjects of my fantasies.   My sister was at first excluded from this, but as my sexual desires evolved, my sense of inhibition was lessened as I grew more comfortable with my (and her) sexuality.

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My sister has her own room, computer, and bathroom, which I suppose is how it all began.   I one day wanted to use her computer to play a game, but my mom was in her room, cleaning, and my sister was in the shower.   I lingered for a moment, since I wanted to be alone for a while as I played my game.   I heard the water cut off in the bathroom, and the shower curtain being drawn back.
My mother began some conversation with me, about my homework.   I paced the room while I talked, since I was restless from being cooped up at school all day.   As I walked back and forth, I noticed that Elizabeth's bathroom door was cracked slightly.   I did not break stride, as that might have alerted my mother.   When I walked back to that side of the room, I altered my course so that I would have a better angle of sight into the bathroom.   What I saw changed the course of my adolescent life.   My beautiful 18 year old sister, standing naked in all of her glory, less than 6 feet away from me.   My breath caught, my pulse quickened, and my knees grew weak with desire.   I don't know how I got back to my room without my mother noticing my state, but once there, my hands flew to my pants.   Needless to say, this event was the subject of my masturbation for days on end.
After this icebreaker, I wanted more of my sister.

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    I was scared of being caught, so my moves were not very bold.   Over time, I learned her patterns; namely, when she liked to take a shower, how she left her door, etc.   I spied on her in the shower numerous times, and came close to being caught twice.   But the more I saw of her, the more I wanted.   I confessed my situation to a friend of mine.   We had talked about sex, girls, etc. before, so he was comfortable with it.   He admitted that he had always thought Elizabeth was very hot.   So we tried to figure out a way to get some of her delicious body.
First, we tried to hatch a plan about seeing more of her in the bathroom.   Her bathroom and my bedroom share a wall, so one idea was to drill a hole and look through that, but I dismissed it as too risky.   An idea for a wireless webcam was hatched, but was quickly scrapped since we didn't know where we could get one!  So in the end, we decided that my pattern of viewing was best.
But then we tried to plan of how to get some of her body.   I had long entertained ideas of doing things to her while she slept, and my friend emboldened my to action.   One weekend, he spent the night at my house.

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    That night, once we were sure everyone was asleep, we crept to Elizabeth's room.   Not sure of how deep a sleeper she was, we had to very slowly remove the blankets.   She sleeps in a T-shirt and panties for comfort, so we had little trouble there.   However, the problem we met was that she was sleeping in an inconvenient position.   She lay on her stomach with her arms tucked close, so we had no access to her tits or pussy.   Still, we greatly enjoyed fondling her tight ass.   We tried flipping her, but she stirred and made a noise, so were raced back to my room.   We were both scared of being caught, so that was all we did that night.   But I didn't forget it.
Time passed, and I my desires for my sister grew more urgent.   They grew so powerful that I had to try again.   I crept into her room one night and again slowly removed her blankets.   This time, she was sleeping in a better position.   She was on her side, so I had complete access to everything I wanted.   I started by gently fondling her tight, round ass; teasing myself before the big show to get maximum pleasure.

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When I was about to explode if I didn't get more, I decided to move on.   I very gently carressed her small, firm tits.   I can't even describe how wonderful they felt.   Then, taking a big step, I slowly slid my hands underneath her T-shirt, and moved them up towards her chest.   I could feel the gentle slope of her tits, and then her nipples, a little hard from my soft touch.   I carressed her tits in absolute extasy, lightly massaging her nipples with my fingertips then softly squeezing her beautiful boobs.
Feeling I had taken enough chances, I slipped back into my room.   I reached for my dick; I had barely even touched it when I started cumming.   I couldn't believe how horny I was.   I jacked off and came four more times that night, thinking of my beautiful sister and the torture she was putting me through.
Everything thus far is true.   If I get good feedback, I will continue the story.   Please rate me or e-mail me at GiggityGuy@hotmail. com
Thanks for reading!