My Sister and Me; A journey in incest:


Topic: Part 2: We became Voyeurs:My Sister and Me; A journey in incest: Part 2: We became Voyeurs:      Four weeks after Larry had us licking and sucking on each other, Becky and I found ourselves alone for a while.   We started to talk about what we had done with Larry and we both decided that we enjoyed it and we wanted to try it again.
      I started to take off my pants but Becky stopped me and said that she just wanted to do me today since she couldn’t do anything herself.   I tried but Becky just wouldn’t tell me any more about her reasoning.   I dropped my pants and Becky immediately started to lick and suck on my cock causing it to grow.   When she took me into her mouth I about lost my load right then.   Becky continued to suck and lick all around my cock until I shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop that came out of me.
     Later that night my mom and dad went to a party of some kind for dads job and left Jane watching us since Larry was gone with his friend’s family for the weekend camping.   Jane sent us to bed early saying that she wasn’t going to lose out just because we needed a babysitter.   We heard the doorbell about fifteen minutes after we went to our rooms and we both came out to see who was arriving.
     Jane’s boyfriend came in the door and she said that they had to wait to make sure that we were asleep so we both ran back to our rooms and pretended to be asleep.   Jane came and looked in on us briefly but she was sure we were asleep so she started back down stairs to be with her boyfriend.
     Becky and I snuck down the back stairs and got in position to watch what was going on in the living room.   Joe, Jane’s boyfriend, started out by kissing Jane.

  He quickly moved his hand up to fondle her breast, and then slowly moved down towards her Pussy.   We heard Jane tell him not there I’m on my period right now.

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    I looked at Becky and she just seemed to drop her head for a second and then lifted it back up as if to say yes that is why I didn’t want you to touch me down there today.   We continued to watch as he slowly removed Jane’s shirt and bra, while Jane undid his pants to let his cock out.
     As Jane stroked Joe’s cock he went to work on her breast rubbing them all over, and then he started to lick on her left nipple and breast.   Jane seemed to get just as much out of this as Becky had when Larry made me lick and suck on her Pussy.   When Jane came down from her orgasm she went down and started to suck on Joe’s cock.   After what seemed like an hour to us Joe shot his load in Jane’s mouth and she swallowed it all.   Joe then got dressed back and left so we quickly went back to our rooms before Jane could get dressed and come to check on us.   I decided then that I wanted to see more of Jane and Becky, so I made it a point to wait for Jane to get in the shower thinking that we were asleep, and I went in to peek at her.   I saw that she had a nicely trimmed red bush above her Pussy, shaped like a little arrow pointing straight down at her slit.
     I quickly went back to bed before she saw me and found Becky waiting for me.   Becky wanted to know how it felt to have her breast rubbed and sucked.   I wasted no time starting in on them and soon I was sucking her right nipple into my mouth and causing her to shake and shiver all over the bed.   We didn’t realize how much noise we were making and didn’t see Jane look into the room.   I had gotten Becky completely naked and was really going to town when I felt a hand on my cock.   I stopped long enough to tell Becky that she could pull it out if she wanted to, only to find that it was Jane who had a hold on my cock.

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    Becky got scared and tried to pull away but I held on and said that if we were in trouble that Jane wouldn’t have hold of my cock.
     Jane dropped the towel that she had around her and stood there naked looking like a goddess to me, she climbed on the bed with us and said well I guess that you saw Joe and me.   I said yes we did, and we were glad to have something else that we could do since Becky was on her period also.   Jane looked at me and said, “ that is just what I tell him so that he doesn’t try to fuck me. ”  Becky moved down and started to suck me off so I moved between Jane’s legs and started to eat her out.   I licked and sucked on Jane’s Pussy just like Larry told me to do to Becky, Jane asked me who taught you how to go down on a girl.   Neither Becky nor I wanted to tell on Larry so we just said that we saw someone else doing it and decided to try it ourselves.   Jane taught us how to properly eat each other and I soon had her cumming as I shot my load into Becky’s mouth.
     When we were all through cumming Jane had us get in the shower together and get cleaned up, we then went back to bed dreaming of t he next time we could get together for some fun, we still had not gone all the way with each other yet but that is another story altogether.     



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