My Sister and Lisa - part 2


The bed was once again free of girls, hearing them kissing and whispering and then there was silence,  broken by the sound of their footsteps, moving towards me. I felt them sit beside my body, one of them began licking my stomach, circling my belly button before probing it with her tongue. I moaned as she worked her tongue faster and as a hand began caressing my balls, fingers teasing, almost tickling, followed by gentle squeezing. My cock twitched as another hand wrapped around it and yes, there it was, that familiar sensation of it stiffening. I can remember thinking that there had to be a limit as to how much sperm you can produce as it grew to its full size. The kissing and licking of my stomach stopped, my cock released by the hands on it but I nearly passed out went I felt a tongue either side of my shaft, moving in perfect unison up and down the length of my now throbbing penis. Their movement was tortuously slow but because of its intimacy, was breath taking. They seemed to know exactly how to turn me on and how far to go before I reached the point of no return. I wanted them to continue licking as they were, until I shot another load of cum from my balls but I was at their mercy, my cock, my body was theirs to do with as they pleased. Suddenly without warning, the licking stopped and the bed emptied of the girls bodies. I was disappointed but straining all my senses to find  out what was going on. One of them got on the bed and straddled my body, a hand held my cock and there it was again, the feeling of warm moist pussy lips moving over my knob and slowly down my shaft, her breathing short as I filled her deeper and deeper. The pussy was tight, very wet and warm on my shaft and then my knob met the same resistance as before. I heard her gasp but instead of waiting, I thrust my hips up hard, driving my cock past her virginity, deep inside her. She was trying to control herself but I heard her gasp and say.     "God!"I let my hips drop, realising I'd broken the girls virginity, the second of the day and that she needed time to get used to my cock, sure enough her legs relaxed their grip on my body as her pain subsided.

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   She leant down to me, putting her lips to mine, my mouth opened, allowing our tongues to caress, teasing in a passionate embrace. Her hips began rising and falling on my shaft, slowly, tenderly, in long rhythmical movements. With more confidence in what I was doing, my hips responded to her, pushing my cock deep inside her soaking pussy, then allowing them to fall till my bum rested on the sheets. Her moans were louder than the first girl, turning me on more as our rhythm picked up, turning from controlled love making to lust. Her pussy was pulsating on my cock, gripping and releasing, leaking its juices down my shaft to my balls. She was riding me hard until, with a sharp intake of breath and freezing of her body, her pussy gripped my cock in a vice like grip, in a sudden release the waves of her orgasm hit her body, pulses of her cum oozed from her but still she bucked on my cock. I thought she would stop but was wrong, she wanted me to cum inside her, there was no stopping, even after I'd said I was getting close, she quickened her pace, my balls tightened, I bit my lip as breath was driven from my body in a long groan. Spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum shot deep inside her in and intense orgasm, eventually subsiding, allowing us both to relax. Moments later she was off me and hugging and kissing the other girl. Had they planned this seduction? I was breathing heavily, my young body tested to its limits and as my eyes were closed, the scarf around my eyes was removed. Both girls smiled like never before, Lisa had cum dripping from her blooded pussy, Janie was obviously wet but had streaks of cum across her thighs, with traces of blood. My cock lay blood stained an limp on my thigh, my stomach glistening from juices and saliva.   My hands were untied, allowing me to sit up, the girls threw their arms round me, hugging and kissing me. Janie said,    "We ought to clean up, how about a bath?"We had a big corner bath, with a Jacuzzi in it, so with the girls holding my hands they led me to the bathroom. As the bath filled with water, I sat on the loo, watching them kiss and caress each other, hands cupping the gorgeous curves of each others arse, bodies pressed tight together, breasts together, hard nipples rubbing on the soft flesh of their lovers body.

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   There was an obvious love between the two girls, was I just there to test out their sexuality or was I their lover too, was I part of their relationship. The bath filled, I sat opposite the two girls, admiring their beauty, which until this day hadn't really noticed before but they were everything a guy could possibly want. I reached out and took the soap in one hand and sponge in the other, rubbing the two together, seeing the lather froth between my fingers. Putting the soap back, I knelt between the girls, turning towards Janie I began tenderly washing her, moving around her neck down over one boob and then the other, circling them lovingly, before moving to her stomach. I kissed her on the lips before repeating my actions on Lisa. Both girls were smiling, now with  hardened nipples caused by my tender motions with the soaped up sponge.     "Stand up please girls",I asked and without hesitation, they stood in front of me, soap filled water cascading from their upper body's, down their smooth shapely legs. Starting with Lisa, with sponge in hand I began running it from her ankle, slowly up the outside of her leg, reaching round to her bum, before running down her inner thigh and calf. Her left leg got the same careful attention, until I returned from her bum to her inner thigh, as if reading my thoughts, her legs opened, allowing me to wash her pussy. As the sponge circled he pubic mound and began to trail down her lips, I looked up at her and asked,    "Did my cock hurt you, there looked to be a lot of blood!"She bent down and kissed my forehead reassuringly and said,    "We were both virgins, the first time will always hurt at first but once we'd got used to you inside, it was an amazing feeling, we both had great orgasms and that's thanks to you. "She held my hand as it soaped between her legs, took away the sponge, guiding my fingers to tease her pussy lips and as my fingers eased inside her, I  felt her respond to my touch. This was not the time to go further and though I wanted to do more, I pulled away my hand and turned my attention to my expectant sister, she moaned with pleasure as I washed between her legs and then I leaned forward to kiss her on her pussy lips. It was then my turn to be washed by both girls, they worked together to wash my chest and stomach and then instructed me to stand, which I did immediately.     "You're a bit stubbly Rob, we need to shave you"Said Janie, with a playful giggle, who jumped up out of the bath and ran into her bedroom, returning seconds later, waving a razor triumphantly. I gulped in fear as she climbed back into the bath and Lisa vigorously lathered up her hands before transferring the froth to cover my growing pubic stubble and balls.

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   I was instructed to sit on the edge of the bath and to open up my legs. Despite being extremely apprehensive, I did as I was told, the girls giggled as my cock began to harden. Lisa took hold of the razor as Janie gently held my cock, giving Lisa easier access and she began to shave me, starting at the top of my pubic region, working down to the base of my cock. It was so erotic to have two girls shave me, my cock fully hard as the razor worked around my balls, until finally, my skin was smooth, my cock standing proud with a youthful innocence. I looked down proudly and my freshly shaved manhood as a drop of precum oozed from its head. Janie reached out and circled my shaft with her hand, Lisa giggled, moving forward to lick my balls, dangling loose between my legs. I watched the girls start their latest seduction, Janie stroking my shaft, Lisa graduating from licking, to kissing and then as she took my balls in her mouth to sucking and squeezing with her mouth. I was in heaven as my penis throbbed, balls creating their next load of sperm, my hips desperate to buck as I endeavoured to remain motionless. Janie's rhythm sped up, Lisa sucking with the same rhythm, my breath short and erratic, turning into moans of, "oh my god, oh my god", as my sisters lips slipped over my knob, bobbing her head up and down my shaft. My climax was approaching quickly but as Lisa squeezed my balls hard, my hips thrust forward pushing my cock deeper into Janie's throat as the first spurt of cum shot from me. Quickly Janie pulled back, Lisa freed my balls only to  urgently devour my cock with her mouth, just in time for my second, third and fourth spurt. Both girls had their mouths full of my orgasm, holding me close, Janie kissed me passionately, both tasting my juices and as she pulled away, Lisa kissed me as passionately as was possible.     "Let's dry off now",Janie said, as she stood up to step out of the bath, followed my Lisa and myself, holding a towel each, we dried each other off and once dry walked back to my sisters bedroom, where we all lay on the bed, Janie in the middle, Lisa on her left and me on her right. Lisa had her arm around my sisters waist, head resting on her boobs, whilst I lay watching intently. Suddenly, without warning, Lisa turned her head, putting her lips between Janie's boobs, blowing a huge raspberry.

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      "right you cow",Janie exclaimed playfully and began tickling Lisa, she wriggled and writhed, giggling as she tried to retaliate, hands were wondering, fingers teasing, tickling as laughing filled the room. Lisa's fingers roamed aimlessly but as if drawn by a magnet, they ended on the smooth area surrounding my sisters vagina. Janie's body calmed down as her legs opened involuntarily, inviting Lisa to work more on that area. The laughing stopped as Janie ran her fingers through Lisa's hair, Lisa looking at her hand as her fingers tenderly teased the pussy lips now at her mercy. Her head lowered to kiss Janie's mound, followed by soft licking with her tongue, her fingers easing between the soft moist lips, probing deeper as her mouth drew closer to my sisters hardening clit. Laughter and giggles was replaced by shallow breathing and erotic moans as I knelt to caress Janie's breasts, fingers circling the pert mounds, followed closely by my tongue, licking in ever decreasing circles around each breast, before finding  her nipple, teasing, sucking and nibbling. Meanwhile, Lisa had her two fingers probing the depths of Janie's pussy, moving slowly in and out, in a  long slow rhythm as she worked my sister clitoris with her mouth and tongue, tongue circling, teasing the hardened tip, then allowing her lips to tighten and to suck gently, until finally holding it in her teeth flicking the end mercilessly with her tongue. Janie was looking down at her lovers attempts to satisfy her sexually and as she saw my now hard cock, she stroked my hair, saying,    "I think you should use that stiffy on Lisa, I want to see you fuck her doggy style now!"I wasn't sure how to but she wanted me to do it, so, moved to behind where Lisa was kneeling on the edge of the bed. Lisa opened her legs  a little, with her free hand, reached between her legs, taking a hold of my cock, guiding it to her pussy lips. My knob pulsed in her hand, feeling how wet and warm her lips were and as I held her hips, I pushed slowly inside her. She was as tight as she had been the first time but with none of the virginal resistance, my cock sliding smoothly inside until I felt my balls caress her lips. Janie was by now, pinching and pulling on her own nipples, her body writhing and bucking from the attentions of Lisa as her moans grew with intensity, obvious that her orgasm was closing fast, her legs wrapping around Lisa's head. I let my hips start to move, drawing my cock out  as far as I dare before pushing back inside, my balls swinging freely, slapping up against Lisa, immediately my hips drawing away, building a long slow rhythm as I watched the erotic scene in front of me. Suddenly, Janie gasped as if in pain, holding motionless but then in a euphoric release, she screamed,    "Oh yes, oh my, fuck, yes!"Her orgasm had well and  truly hit her as Lisa eagerly lapped up her juices as my sisters legs opened wider as her body relaxed. What a vision it was but I was feeling like a sex god, not breaking my mesmeric rhythm, sliding in and out in long full strokes, feeling Lisa's pussy react to me, contracting and releasing,Janie, now satisfied, lifted Lisa's head, allowing her to shuffle beneath her, until finally she was in a position where the two girls could kiss.

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   There was electricity between them every time the kissed, it was as though they became one being and with her legs open with Lisa between them, it was almost as though I was fucking them both, now with a quicker but still controlled rhythm. Lisa was moaning, muffled by the kiss of my sister, her hips now grinding on Janie and working hard to milk my throbbing cock. My balls were getting that familiar feeling as they slapped again and again, harder and harder, as my rhythm developed into thrusts, into her body. I was close, my legs weakening, breathing hampered by loud groans and then as I drew away, my body froze, one, two, three seconds until, with a huge release and thrust forward by my hips, my cum shot, spurt after spurt into Lisa's orgasming pussy. I was totally spent as I fell onto the bed.     "Hey, you're not finished yet",Lisa snorted and as my cock went limp, she began her attempts to resuscitate it back to life, licking my balls and stroking my shaft. My heart was pounding, I felt absolutely drained and thought I could do no more but after a few minutes, my blood started to fill my penis as it began, once again, to grow harder and harder until I was ready. Janie was lying on her back, legs open, gently masturbating as Lisa playfully led me by my cock to my knees and between my sisters legs, guiding my cock to her pussy for one final effort. God, my cock was inside my sister, about to fuck her again but this time I knew it was her as she wrapped her legs around me, lying still as we kissed, her hard nipples pressing into my chest. I was trying to build my strength but Lisa want to watch some action and playfully smacked my bum.     "Fuck her Robbie",She snarled but still I kissed Janie until a harder slap hit my arse. Janie made the first move, grinding her hips beneath me, unable to resist, my hips joined in, rising and falling, slowly at first but my sister wanted more and increased her pace, her pussy already pulsating hard on my cock. I pushed up onto my elbows to give me more leverage and to match her pace but I felt miles away from climax. Janie was moaning as only she does, it's erotic and a real turn on as her legs tightened around me. Oh my god, she's going to cum, I thought as I was trying to maintain my rhythm with her now bucking frantically and sure enough her climax hit, with me still moving slowly but she kept her legs around me, encouraging me to continue, to overcome my fatigue.

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   She seemed to relax, almost as if starting again, slowing right down with her hips as Lisa began caressing my bum, slipping a finger gently inside. As my hips raised and lowed, it was as though my arse was being fucked by her finger. It was an incredible sensation, my balls and cock given renewed vigour as my hips started to thrust hard. Janie must have liked it too because she began to buck as another orgasm neared. We were on fire, almost out of control, lust had taken over as our orgasms hit. Spurt after spurt of cum shot inside her as her pussy pulsed, contracting then releasing over and over. I rolled off her, her arm wrapping around my body and as Lisa lay by my side, she pulled the covers over the three of us, it wasn't long before we were asleep, only to be woken four ours later by mom. We had a great week together, making love as much as possible, we are still a threesome today. Any feedback is welcome            robendens@hotmail. com.