My Sister and Lisa - part 1


It was a Friday night, Janie had invited Lisa to stay for the week as her parents had gone away, something to do with their work and as it was the summer holidays, mom had said it was ok with her, although she would be out for a lot of the first weekend. The girls had been instructed to look after me on Saturday as mom would be out, virtually all day, I'd only just started to walk without crutches and was still a little wobbly on my feet. Lisa arrived around 6 p. m. , just in time for our evening meal, in no time settling in to the house, giggling around with Janie and generally teasing me but of course, I gave as good as I got. About 9 o'clock I went upstairs for a shower and to get ready for bed, which was my normal routine, going back downstairs to the living room in just my pj bottoms and sat on the sofa cross legged watching TV. About 30 minutes later the girls came down from Janie's room. Janie was wearing her nightie, with nothing underneath, it was light blue with little flowers around the bottom, which was just above her knees. Lisa had on the tightest shorts and a baggy top and sat next to me. Don't ask my why but as I looked across at my sister, I noticed her nipples through the fabric of her nightie ad felt a little twitch in my pj's. There was a nice odour that accompanied them but it wasn't until Lisa lifted her feet up onto the sofa that anything really registered with me. Her left foot was touching my right toes, I have no idea whether it was deliberate on her part but her toes were wiggling teasing mine and before I could do anything, the knob of my cock, purple and large was sticking out through the pee slit in my pj's. I went bright red as she looked at me and chuckled as I tried to cover my hard-on. For the next hour, my erection never really subsided, my breathing became more erratic, my balls more and more tingly and to be absolutely honest, not knowing why I felt like I did. Anyway, at 10. 45 it was time for bed, mom pecked me on the cheek and said,     "hey, Rob, kiss your sister and our guest goodnight too".

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    Janie stood up and said,     "we'll go up to bed as well", kissed mom and gave me a peck on my forehead. As for Lisa, she giggled and kissed me on the lips, well, I nearly died, especially when she let her hand slip between us and squeezes my balls. I walked up the stairs with the two girls whispering and giggling behind me, I was feeling very elf conscious with my hard-on bouncing from leg to leg as I went step to step. I put my hand on my bedroom door but before I could get inside, Lisa grabbed my arm and spun me round to face her and looking into my eyes, said,    "Robbie, here's something for you to dream about",Pulling me close she began kissing me, surprised by her action, my mouth opened and without hesitation her tongue was in my mouth exploring. What a fantastic feeling as her hands squeezed my bum and I responded to her kiss. Janie was laughing as Lisa pulled away and my cock was once again sticking through the slit in my pj's. So, embarrassed, I quickly turned around and entered my room. By the time I got into bed, my cock was throbbing like never before and heart pounding. I pushed my pj's off with some urgency, immediately finding my hard-on with my right hand, stroking lustfully, desperate to satisfy my urge. Precum was oozing out and dripping down my hand, my breathing was short, balls tightening quickly and hips bucking instinctively. Within seconds desperation had taken over and my body froze, I couldn't breath and in a sudden release, my hips thrust upwards as my first stream of sperm exploded from my cock onto my chest, followed by four more surges of cum. Wow! What an orgasm that was. I woke up the following morning at about 18 and headed downstairs for my breakfast but as I left my room I could hear moaning coming from Janie's room but continued to the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, after eating, two Weetabix, a round of toast and cup of coffee, I headed back upstairs. I had slept naked, the previous nights exertion had meant I'd fallen asleep quickly but now awake had my pj trousers back on.

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   I wondered if the girls were awake and walked to their room, pausing to listen. I could hear muffled noises, so eased the door open. With the door fully open, I froze in shock at the vision in front of me. The girls were nude on top of Janie's bed, not noticing me standing in the doorway, my sister was lying on her back with her knees bent and open, Lisa was straddling her head and licking Janie's pussy as eagerly as Janie was licking hers. My cock was rock hard in an instant, again sticking out from the slit in my pj's as I watched the girls in amazement as their hips began to buck against each others mouths. The smell that I'd noticed the previous night filled the room, Janie's face glistening with Lisa's excitement. I wasn't masturbating but could feel my balls beginning to tighten and my breathing erratic, I was going to cum. Just as my first spurt of sperm shot from my cock, the girls were rapidly reaching their climax, moaning in ecstasy, my knees buckled as the second spurt flew onto the carpet. It was obvious that the girls were enjoying their own orgasms but as my cock sent the third shot of cum onto the floor, I couldn't help but groan with pleasure as I fell to my knees. Thirty seconds later as Lisa rolled off Janie, Janie looked at me,    "Fucking hell Rob, how long have you been there!"    "I'm really sorry J, I want to see if you two were up yet and when I saw you like that, I couldn't move. "    "You little pervert, you've cum on my floor!"I edged towards the door, thinking I was a dead man, until Lisa said,    "Oh no you don't little man, you're not leaving us, come here now. "I was so nervous as I walked towards the bed, there were two naked girls in front of me. I'd only ever caught glimpses of my sister nude but never long enough to admire her beauty and as for Lisa, I'd seen her in a swimsuit and hadn't noticed how sexy she was. I stood about a metre away from the bed as Lisa sat up, my cock hadn't lost its erection and was still sticking out from my trousers. Lisa said,    "Do you like what you see Robbie because your cock tells me you do.

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  "I could only shake my head in the affirmative, in all honesty, I was absolutely terrified as to what they were going to do to me.     "I know he's your little brother J but don't you think he looks scrummy, come on, sit up, show him how gorgeous your body is!"Janie sat up slowly and revealed her body bit by bit. Lisa was right, she was stunning, sitting there with here eyes sparkling, hair draping down her back, boobs that looked to be sheer perfection, capped by her hard nipples, above a flat stomach, moving down to a glistening wet pussy, with obviously puffy lips, swollen from the attention of Lisa's tongue, her legs looked fantastic and finally to her sexy feet, she was a goddess. Lisa stood up, stepping towards me, her fingers gently teased my chest, getting closer her hands moved around to my lower back and as her breasts touched my chest, she began kissing me. My arms instinctively wrapped around her as I responded but could barely stand as I felt her hands go inside my trousers to squeeze my bum and in doing so, she eased them over my hips, allowing them to slide down my legs. She pulled me closer, my cock now pressed between our bodies and her right leg lifting up the side of my left leg and thigh. Oh my god, no, my balls were tightening again and as she pulled me tighter onto her, my cock spewed its load onto her stomach but she simply kissed me with more passion, grinding her body harder onto mine, until my balls emptied. She pulled away, giggling naughtily, turning to Janie saying,    "Look what our little man has done, I made him cum!"Janie laughed and told her to lie down. Lisa did as my sister commanded as Janie led me to kneel one side of Lisa.     "We'd better clean her up Rob, lick your cum off her. "I was still in a daze and bent forward nervously, dipping my tongue into a streak of my cum, licking tenderly across her stomach and then swallowed. I'd heard that girls swallow s guys cum, so, why shouldn't I, anyway, although it was a bit salty and thick, it was quite nice and so, licked more, making Lisa quiver and almost moan with pleasure. Once I'd licked her clean, Janie pushed me onto my back, so, I was next to Lisa.     "Close your eyes Rob", Janie ordered. By now, I was starting to relax and enjoy this adventure.

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   I felt one of the girls leaning over me and lips touching mine, a tongue moving slowly into my mouth. This didn't feel like Lisa, there was a nervousness to the kiss, the lips were softer and as I wrapped my arms round her, I realised that it must be my sister kissing me. I didn't care, in fact, I wanted to kiss her, I kissed her back as passionately as I could and felt her relax and give herself to me. She pulled away, I opened my eyes and smiled at her. She told Lisa to get some scarves from my drawer and stood up by the side of the bed.     "Are you ok if we tie you to the bed Rob, I promise we won't hurt you. "I knew I'd be all right and by now, my cock was ready for action again and was more than a little curious as to what they were going to do me, so agreed to what they wanted.
    My arms were tied spread-eagled to either side of the bed, the girls embraced and kissed each other passionately before the third scarf was used to blindfold me. I was unbelievably excited and although had an erection that was twitching expectantly, at least now, I felt that I was getting control over me ejaculating. I felt the girls kneel either side of me and simultaneously they kissed my cheeks. Janie whispered,    "Are you ready little brother?"I nodded yes as Lisa kissed my neck before saying,    "I love that your cock is shaved, it makes you look great!"Hands began to caress my chest, followed by both girls kissing down my body, pausing to lick my nipples and as they hardened, the girls pinched them with their teeth, before licking all over my stomach. I shivered a little as their saliva covered my body but then, they stopped. I was aware that one of them was leaning over my face, my pulse quickened as I felt a hardened nipple tracing across my lips. Instinctively, I opened my mouth, lifted my head to suck on my first female breast in a sexual way. The skin was so soft, yet the boob felt full and rounded, the nipple hard as my tongue swirled around it and as I drew away, letting my teeth hold the nipple tight, feeling it pull as my head rested back on the pillow.

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       I heard a moan of pleasure as I gave a last suck and flick of my tongue, before releasing the breast. It was seconds later that my face was covered again, feeling another nipple on my lips, this one harder and bigger than the first, the breast fuller and more fleshy, guessing that this was one of Lisa's breasts and that the first was Janie's. Again, I suckled before working solely on the nipple and then releasing from my mouth. There was a pause a movement of bodies before I felt my thighs being kissed and licked, my legs eased open, a hand cupping my balls and another encircling the shaft of my cock, before slowly stroking up and down its full length. The hand cupping my balls, squeezed, making me take a sharp intake of breath followed by a delirious moan of,    "Oh my god!"There was another thirty seconds of stroking before I felt both girls get off the bed, hearing them whisper but unable to tell what was said, followed by the unmistakable sound of them kissing passionately. Lisa said to Janie,    "Are you sure?"But there was no reply, just the sensation of one of them getting back onto the bed and like I was being stood over, one foot either side of me. My heart was racing as I felt her drop gently to her knees. Her two hands rested on my chest as her lips kissed mine softly. Who was it, I asked myself. . One hand circled my cock, squeezing a little as she held it still. Her legs were touching me, so, I could feel her tense up as I felt something very warm and moist rubbing on my knob. What was it, what was she doing, I wondered.     "Oh god, you're not! Oh god, which of you is it?"There was no answer, just a sensation of my cock being devoured by a wet tight pussy and I could hear her taking small breaths as she lowered, first over my knob, then bit by bit down my shaft, until I felt resistance against the end of my cock. She held still for a moment, before lifting a little and then plunging hard down on my.

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       It was as though I'd broken through the barrier that had been there and felt a sudden increase of wetness running out of her and down my balls. She whimpered, holding still, before beginning to slide up and down my shaft, slowly at first but the wetness was increasing the more she moved. The way her pussy was squeezing my cock was making me feel fantastic, my hips bucking rhythmically into the girl on top of me, my breathing erratic as was hers, her moaning in pleasure, the pain obviously now long gone. I couldn't last much longer, my balls were tightening for the third time since I'd awoken.     "I'm going to cum!"I expected her to pull off but she just moved faster, her moaning more intense, pussy pulsating more. I knew this was is but as my body froze, hers did too and as my first stream of cum shot deep inside her, her nails dug into my chest as her orgasm hit her. Pushing hard as I could into her, spurt after spurt of cum shot inside her pussy, juices ran out, drenching my balls. Our orgasms began to subside and our bodies relax, she leant forward and kissed me passionately, holding me tight. End of part one. .



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