My Sister and I Visit the Nudist Resort


My Sister and I Visit the Nudist Resort

All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity,
or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

My older sister Kathy is on the phone with me right now. She is the
"Fun and Leisure" editor for a large newspaper company and is talking
about writing an article about the "Nudist Resort" that recently

She says "Kenny, I reserved a cabin for the weekend, but my husband
does not want to go. I know your wife Patty is visiting her parents,
so how about you going with me? It won't cost you a dime! The company
gave me a credit card and told me to put all expenses on it!"

I ask her "Are you going to take your clothes off and walk around
naked like everyone else?"

She replies "Of course I am, and I would appreciate it if you did the
same thing so we blend in with the crowd. I don't want anybody to
know I am there to write a story. We should act like we are a regular
married couple enjoying the outdoors. So, do you want to go?"

I ask her "How many beds are in the cabin?"

She replies "One. "

I immediately say "I'll pick you up at eight o'clock in the morning!"

Oh my God, I have seen Kathy in her bikini hundreds of times, but have
never seen her naked. Now, I get to spend the entire weekend with her
at a nudist resort and even sleep in the same bed with her!

The next morning I arrive at her house and park my car. Kathy appears
at the front door and motions for me to come up to the front porch.

I get out of my car, walk up the sidewalk and see she has two very
large suitcases. Suddenly, Kathy pushes open the screen door, and I
take a good look at her. Wow! Shelooks hot in her "tube top" and
short skirt!

We approach each other and embrace. She gives me a quick kiss on the
lips, then says "We are going to have a great time this weekend, and
if you behave yourself, maybe you will get lucky with me!"

I immediately say "What do you mean by that?"

She looks me directly in the eyes, then moves her lips closer to mine
and says "Do you mean that I have to spell it out for you?" then she
sticks out her tongue and runs it back and forth against my lips.

Oh my God! We begin tongue kissing as I run my hands underneath her
skirt and start squeezing her firm little ass cheeks.



After a few moments, she takes a step back, pulls her skirt down and
says "Not so fast little brother! You will have to wait until later to
get some of this action. Now, take my bags out to the car for me. "

A few minutes later we are traveling down a country road that winds
around beautiful rolling hills and farmland. Kathy gets a cigarette
from her purse, lights it up, then says "Do you want one?"

I reply to her "No thanks, but now I know where the phrase "smokin hot"
comes from. "

She laughs, then says "Do you think I look sexy in my tube top and
short little skirt?"

I glance over at her then say "You look awesome in your cute outfit,
but bet that you look even better naked!"

Kathy smiles, then pulls her tube top down to her waist and says
"Well, which is it? Do you like me better topless or with my tube top

Holy shit! I immediately reach over and try to grab a handful of
her beautiful naked breasts, but she slaps my hand away and pulls her
tube top back up! What a tease she is! I am going to fuck her brains
out when I get a chance!

About an hour later, we find the entrance to the Resort property and
stop at the gate. An elderly man sitting in a small cabin gets to his
feet and walks out to my car. He asks for the name on the reservation,
and Kathy replies "Mr and Mrs Williamson. " The old guy looks through
the papers on his clipboard, then swings open the gate and says
"Enjoy your stay, and make sure you come back to see us again!"

We drive another two or three miles down a sandy road, then come upon
a big parking lot with about fifty or sixty cars in it. Off in the
distance there is big private lake ringed by small cabins and what
appears to be the "General Store. "

I pop open the trunk lid, then get out and start unpacking Kathy's
two suitcases and my canvas bag. I hear Kathy say "We are in cabin
twenty five" then I slam the trunk closed and look over at her.

Oh my God! She has taken off her tube top and skirt, and is stuffing
them inside her big purse! She lights up a cigarette, then runs a
brush through her long silky blond hair a few times. I can't keep my
eyes off her spectacular naked body! She is fucking hot!

She notices me staring at her and says "So, little brother, do I look
okay, or should I put my clothes back on?"

I just smile at her, then pick up the luggage and start walking down
the path through the trees. When I am about fifty feet away, I hear
the car door slam shut and Kathy yells "Hey, wait up for me!" I glance
over my shoulder and see Kathy running towards me with her pert little
breasts bouncing around on her chest. She has an incredibly toned body
and I can see every muscle in her legs and stomach flex while she is
running to catch up to me! What a nice "piece of ass" my sister is!

After walking for about twenty minutes through dozens of nude people,
we arrive at the cabin on go inside.

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   To my surprise it is really nice,
but not very large. It is just one big room with a bed, a dining table
with two chairs, a kitchenette with a sink, a small refrigerator and a
shower stall in the corner.

I throw Kathy's suitcases on the bed, and she immediately opens one
and gets out her laptop computer. She sets it down on the table and
turns it on while I look in the refrigerator to see if there is
anything inside. Kathy starts typing her news article and I assume
she will be busy for a few minutes, so I tell her that I am going
down to the store to buy some frozen chicken breasts and charcoal to
cook on the grill I saw outside the cabin.

She looks at me and says "Aren't you going to take your clothes off

I reply to her "I am not going to walk around naked by myself. When I
get back from the store, then I will get undressed and we can walk
around the lake and go swimming. "

Kathy then says "Well, okay. Oh yeah, make sure you get some BBQ sauce,
paper plates, plastic cutlery, paper towels, diet soda, two bags of
ice and a case of beer. Uh, and some "dinner rolls" if they have them,
and a half dozen bottles of water. "

I stare at her for a few seconds, then say "And, how do you expect me
to carry all those items?"

She looks up from her laptop, then replies "Rent a golf cart at the
store and put it on my account. "

I give her a sarcastic wave of my hand, then exit the cabin and begin
the long walk down to the store. Along the way I see plenty of naked
people, but most of them appear to be middle aged. Once in a while a
naked teenage girls runs by me, but they are just average looking. All
of a sudden I see two beautiful young girls holding hands coming in
my direction.

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   Holy shit! As I walk past them, they look over at me
and smile. Wow! I turn around and take a quick glance at their little
young ass cheeks gently jiggle with each step they take.

I rent the golf cart and about a half hour later arrive back at the
cabin. Oh my gosh, what a sight! Kathy is sitting naked on the edge
of the picnic table smoking a cigarette and having conversation with
about eight or ten "middle age" men. She is obviously enjoying the
attention because she is very lively and keeps flicking her long
blond hair around. Every once in a while she moves her hand back and
forth across her inner thigh while the guys intently watch her.

Nobody pays attention to me as a park the golf cart and make a few
trips back and forth into the cabin. When I am finished, I strip
naked and take Kathy a bottle of water. As I hand it to her, she
grasps the back of my neck, pulls me close to her and begins kissing
me in front of all these people!

She sticks her tongue in my mouth and swirls it around for a few
moments, then pushes me away from her and announces "Hey guys, this
is my brother Ken! We are going to have sex tonight for the first

The guys applaud briefly, then one of them says "Can we come over
and watch?"

Kathy starts laughing and replies "Sure you can! You are all invited,
but bring your own beer and ice! See you when the sun goes down!"

The guys take turns shaking Kathy's hand and kissing her on the cheek,
then they split up and walk in different directions.

I stare at Kathy for a few moments, then say "Are you out of your
fucking mind? How could you tell those perfect strangers that I am
your brother and we are going to fuck later tonight?"

She replies "Well, like you said, they are strangers and we will most
likely never see them again after this weekend. So, no harm done!"

I tell Kathy "Well, I guess you are right as usual. Let's go for a
walk around the lake, then go swimming when we get back. "

When we get to the far end of the lake, there is a vendor selling
ice cream cones. Kathy squeals with delight, then runs over to it
and orders a vanilla one. She immediately licks it a few times,
then says to the vendor "Give me another one for my brother, and put
it on my Williamson account.

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The vendor says "You must be Kathy!"

Kathy keeps licks her ice cream a few more times, then says "That's
right mister! My name is Kathy. How did you know?"

The vendor says "A couple of my friends came by a few minutes ago
and they described you perfectly! They told me about the sex show that
you and your brother are going to put on tonight, and invited me to
come with them. "

I overhear what the vendor said, so I say to Kathy "Oh Jesus Kathy!
See what you have done! You might as well just have the owners of this
resort announce it over the "public address system!"

Kathy makes this "sad little girl" face at me, then says "You mean you
don't want to fuck me tonight?"

I immediately reply to her "Jesus Christ, I am beginning to think you
are a fucking pervert! I want to fuck you, but I don't think we really
need an audience of naked men watching us!"

Kathy starts laughing, then holds my hand and we continue our walk
around the lake.

When we get back to the cabin, Kathy runs inside, gets two beach towels
and suntan oil, then comes back out and leads me down to the sandy
beach. We spread out the towels, then she lays down on her stomach and
tells me to put oil on her backside. I squirt a generous amount on
her back and legs, then spend a couple of minutes rubbing it around.

We are quiet for thirty minutes or so, then she turns over on her back
and tells me to put some on her front.

I tell her "I better not do that because I will definitely get a boner!
I have been suppressing my sexual feelings all day, but that would send
me over the top!"

Kathy replies "If your dick gets hard, just turn over on your stomach
and wait for it to deflate! Now, put some suntan oil on me before I
get burned and turn red!"

I hesitate for a few moments, then squirt a bunch of oil all over her
breasts, stomach and legs. As soon as I touch her breasts, I can feel
blood start flowing into my cock. I rub the oil around making sure
her breasts are evenly coated while enjoying the sensation of her hard
nipples raking against the palm of my hand.

Suddenly, Kathy reaches over, grabs my cock and wraps her little
fingers around it. I try to push her hand away, but she holds on
tight and starts laughing. Within just a few seconds, my cock is rock
hard and Kathy can no longer hold onto it because her fingers are
not long enough. Just before I flip over on my stomach, Kathy takes
a good look at my cock and says "Oh my God Ken! Your cock is fucking
huge! It must be at least ten inches long! I bet your wife is one
happy camper!"

After a few moments Kathy looks over at me and says "Get up on your
elbows and finish rubbing the oil around me. "

I support myself on my left elbow, then reach over with my right hand
and smooth the oil around on her flat stomach and long legs.

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She raises up on her elbows, then looks over at me and says "You
missed a spot between my legs. "

I reply "Do it yourself! I'm not going to finger fuck you in public
if that is what you are thinking!"

Kathy starts laughing again, then we are quiet for a while. After
about forty five minutes, we go swimming for short time, then hold
hands and walk back up to the cabin. Kathy goes inside, then I
dump some charcoal into the grill, and light it.

With the front door of the cabin open, I watch as Kathy takes a quick
shower, then spends a few minutes typing more notes into her laptop
computer. After a while she appears at the doorway and asks me if I
would like a cold beer. I tell her that sounds good, so she brings the
beers and her cigarettes out and sits down on the picnic table next to

We sit there on the picnic table watching the sun go down for a while,
then she puts her arm around my neck and gives me a fantastic tongue
kiss. I immediately feel my cock getting hard, so I gently push her
away from me.

She looks between my legs, giggles, then says "Oh, my little friend
is getting big again! He must want to be inside me really bad, but I
won't make him wait too much longer!"

She gets up and starts walking into the cabin, then turns around and
notices me staring at her beautiful fucking ass! She smiles at me,
then slaps her naked cheeks a couple of times and says "I bet you
would like some if this if I let you!" What a fucking tease she is!

The charcoal is ready, so I go into the cabin and get the chicken
breasts from the refrigerator and pause for a while to watch Kathy
preparing a lettuce salad, and some other fresh vegetables I bought
at the store earlier. She looks so damn sexy standing there naked
chopping up the vegetables!

Suddenly, I can't control myself and drop to my knees behind her,
then spread her white ass cheeks apart and start licking her asshole!
Kathy starts moaning, and after a couple of minutes says "I can't
wait until later, let's fuck right now!"

Suddenly, their is a knock on the door!

Kathy quickly regains her composure, then walks over to see who it is.
I hear someone say "Hi Kathy, my name is Bob and I own this resort. I
heard a rumor that you and your husband are going to have sex tonight,
and invited a few of the guys over to watch. Of course, I believe it is
just a rumor, and a false one at that, but if there is any truth to it,
then I would just like you to know it is against the rules. "

Kathy turns on her charm and says "Oh Bob, I am sorry! It is my first
time here and I was just joking around.

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   I had no idea that people
would take me seriously. Bob, I assure you that nothing unusual is
going on here tonight. "

I see them shake hands, then Bob starts walking away. He suddenly
stops, turns around and says "I make it a personal rule of mine to
never comment about what a person looks like naked, but I hope that
it does not offend you when I say that you have the most gorgeous
looking body that has ever been to my resort. If more girls that
look as good as you would visit here, my business would double. Have
a good night!"

Suddenly, Kathy runs out the door and grabs Bob's wrist. He turns
around and she puts her arms around his neck and pulls him close to
her. She looks into his eyes and says "Bob, those are the nicest
words anyone has ever said to me!", then she gives him a big kiss.

Bob smiles ear to ear for a moment, then walks away.

My cock has deflated slightly, so I get the chicken, then go outside
and put it on the grill. Kathy goes back into the cabin and gets us
two more cold beers, then comes back out and sits down with me on the
picnic table while the chicken cooks.

After a while, the sun drops below the horizon, it becomes noticibly
darker outside.
    I check the chicken and it is done, so Kathy goes
    inside and brings out the salad, dinner rolls, paper plates and
    everything else we need.

    We have a really nice dinner, then Kathy clears the table, puts
    everything away, then comes back outside in the dark with her
    cigarettes. Just as she lights one up, a group of about a dozen or
    more naked men walk up to the picnic table and ask when the show is
    going to begin.

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    Kathy tells them about Bob's visit, then one of the guys says "Yeah,
    he told us about it too, so we made a deal with him. We gave him
    one thousand dollars to break the rules just this one time. If we
    get to watch you have sex with your brother, Bob gets to keep the
    thousand dollars. If you were joking around with us, and there is
    not any show, then we get our money back. To top off the deal, we
    have one thousand dollars cash for you right here if you have sex
    with your brother tonight while we watch. "

    Kathy remains quiet for a while, then says "Come back in one hour
    after most of the people go to sleep, then my brother and I will
    put on a show that you won't forget. "

    Kathy is visibly nervous as she lights up another cigarette and tells
    me to get another couple of beers for us. An hour later naked men
    start showing up and begin forming a circle around the picnic table
    where Kathy and I are sitting next to each other. She looks at me
    and says "Well, Kenny boy, it is showtime!" then begins kissing me
    while she jacks my cock up and down.

    After a couple of minutes, she suddenly breaks our kiss and tells me
    to stand up. I look around and guess that there must be at least
    twenty guys around us. Kathy gets down on her knees in front of me
    and plays with my hard cock for a while, then slowly opens her mouth
    wide and lets it slide inside her for the first time. Oh my God, I am
    in heaven!

    She looks up at me, then drops her arms along her sides and begins
    rocking back and forth. I hear on of the guys say "Wow! This is worth
    every dollar I invested, and the show has just started!"

    I hold Kathy's long blond hair "pony tail" fashion so the guys can
    get a better view of her sucking my cock, then start forcing her head
    harder and harder towards me to see how much she can take.

    She starts gagging, so I pull her head back until she takes a deep
    breath and opens her mouth, then I shove my cock back inside her

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       We keep doing this over and over for the next five or six
    minutes, then I release her hair and tell her to lay down on the
    picnic table. As soon as she leans back on her elbows, I push her
    legs apart and bury my face in her smooth shaved pussy.

    She begins moaning loudly and thrashing around while I fuck her with
    my long tongue. After a few minutes, I stand up, grab her ankles and
    pull her to the edge of the picnic table.

    Kathy looks up me and says "Kenny, maybe we should stop at this point!
    We have had a great time all day, but think about what our parents
    would say if they found out that you fucked me. Let's sleep on this
    tonight, and decide in the morning if we should cross the line into an
    incestuous relationship that could possibly last the rest of our lives.
    Besides, I have never had a cock as big as yours inside me before, and
    you might hurt me. "

    I rub my hard cock up and down Kathy's pussy lips a few times, then
    suddenly thrust my hips forward until about three quarters of it
    plows inside her and hits bottom.

    Kathy screams "Your cock is too fucking for my pussy! Pull it out of
    me! Pull it out of me right now!"

    I slowly withdraw my cock most of the way out, then plunge it back in
    her again. Kathy screams "You fucking bastard! You lied to me!"

    Kathy tries to scramble backwards to get away from me, but I grab her
    waist with both my hands and begin violently fucking her. She props
    herself up on her elbows and yells "I am going to tell Mom and Dad if
    you don't take your cock out of me right now!"

    I immediately put my hand over her mouth and force her down against
    the top of the picnic table while I give her a fucking she will never

    After a few minutes she stops struggling with me, and begins to softly
    moan. I take my hand away from her mouth, and she props herself back
    up on her elbows and says "I'm sorry for being such a bitch Kenny! Will
    you ever forgive me? I didn't mean what I said!"

    I stop fucking her for a moment to lean forward and kiss her, then I
    wrap my left arm around her waist and push myself to a standing
    position with the other.

    Kathy immediately locks her hands together around the back of my neck
    and wraps her legs around me, then says "What in the hell are you
    doing? Let me down! Let me down right now!"

    I let go of her waist, then grab her ass cheeks and start bouncing her
    up and down on my cock while I walk around and let the guys grope her.

    I have never seen so many hands on a female at one time! The guys are
    really loving this and Kathy is becoming delirious with sexual
    pleasure! She just keeps holding me around the neck and moans while
    dozens of men run their hands all over her beautiful naked body!

    My orgasm is coming up really quick, so I give Kathy a few more
    thrusts, then let her down so she can touch the ground. My cock pops
    out her, then I force her into a kneeling position and start feverishly
    stroking my cock back and forth.

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    Kathy tries to get to her feet, but I push down on the top of her head.

    Suddenly my cock jerks and shoots a huge blast of sperm into her eyes.
    As she raises her hands to wipe her face so she can get her vision back,
    I unleash another big load right in her open mouth. She gags for a
    short time, then looks up at me and says "Why did you do that to me?
    Don't you have any respect for your older sister?"

    Suddenly one of the guys steps from the crowd toward Kathy. He strokes
    his cock a few more times, then hoses her face down with a tremendous
    amount of sperm.

    Kathy starts wiping her eyes again and screams "Who did that? What
    bastard just shot his wad in my face?

    Four more guys step forward and unleash a torrent of sperm that
    splashes all over Kathy's naked body! As she wipes her face with the
    back of her hand, three or four more guys do the same thing!

    Kathy just sits there on the ground while the rest of the guys make
    a line, then spend a few seconds jacking themselves off and
    ejaculating on her face.

    When the last "customer" has gone, Kathy remains sitting on the
    ground while sperm is slowly running off her face and dripping down
    between her breasts.

    Suddenly, I see a golf cart with a flashing blue light on it coming
    down the path towards our cabin.

    It drives up to our picnic table and I notice that it is "Bob", the
    owner of this nudist resort.

    He gets out of the golf cart with two huge overweight young men and
    shines a flashlight on Kathy.

    After a few moments he says "I own this property, and I am also the
    County Sheriff! You two are under arrest for having sex in public at
    my resort! These two young boys behind me are my sons Wilbur and
    Jacob. If Kathy agrees to have sex with them, then I will drop all
    charges against you, but I will still have to impose the fine!"

    Kathy lays down on her back and spreads her legs apart, then says
    "I bet the fine is exactly one thousand dollars cash!"