My sister and I-Real


Hey there. How's it going? My name is Kris. And I am 31. A little about myself. . . I am 5'-10" and
weigh about 340 pounds now. I have short dark brown almost black hair and bright blue eyes. I
am caucassion with a light tan. As far as endowment, I am 6" and actually fairly thick.
I grew up with my mother and father. And untill I was 13, it was only me. But one day in June
we received a phone call. I gave it to my mom and come to find out it was my half-sister andrea. I
was shocked of course. because I never thought I would meet her.

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   Well, several months went by
and she shows up at our front door. I was wowed. She was hot. Standing only about 5'-5" and
weighing 116 pounds with very fair skin, dark brown eyes, and long dark brown hair. She was hot.
At the time, I was 5'-8" and 195. I found out she was going to be staying with us for several months
and had the room across from mine. At first, everything was cool. We hung out, and things any
siblings would do. But I could not stop looking at her chest and ass. Her chest at the time was a 36
C and she had some serious back on her.
I began wondering if she knew I was looking, because she would do things that would normally
only be done if you were teasing a guy. Like wearing extremely tight denim shorts and standing
two feet in front of him and bending over to tie your shoes as your ass is in his face. I mean, things
like that. When it was only home, she would sometimes forget to close the bathroom door all the way
as she showered.

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   She had a gorgeous body with nickle sized aereolous that were a light brown and
no pubic hair. I saw that and almost came in my pants.
One day when mom and day were gone, we were watching the t. v. and it was late. I got up and went
to my room and began jacking off to the image of her showering in my head. And with her sitting so close
to me that night in her long T-shirt gown and smelling of cinnamon, it was driving me nuts. I eventually
finished up and put on my cut off sweat shorts and a tank top and went back out to finish watching
the movie with her. When I got there, she looked at me and smiled but said nothing. So we continued
watching the movie and I noticed she would look over at me and smile a little and look back at the tv. I
let it go for a few times and finally lost it and asked what she was looking at so mischeviously. She
laughed and said that I did not really know huh. I was like, what? She laughed and got up and that is
when I saw through the shirt she had no panties on as it stuck between her ass cheeks. She went into the
kitchen and came back with some water and finished the water. As she sat it on the coffee table, she
knelt in front of me.

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   I was weirded out and as I looked at her soft, smiling face I saw what she was talking
about. I was still rock hard and the cum had soaked through my sweats. I was frozen in shock. She smiled
and said I knew now huh. I nodded and she looked into my eyes and asked if I have ever been with a woman.
I said no, and she smiled. That is when it hit me. She leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock
through the sweats. I was shocked. My own sister doing this. She slowly put her hands on either side of
my waist band and lowered my sweats to the floor. She ran her hands over my legs and began kissing
my thighs as I stood there with my cock rubbing on her cheeks. She looked up at me and noticed my head
was thrown back and she asked if I was okay. I looked down and nodded. She smiled and stuck her
tongue out.

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   She suddenly began licking my cock as if it were an ice cream cone. After a little bit of the
getting starteds, she lowered her mouth around my cock and I gasped. Nothing had ever felt that good.
I put my hands on her head and ran my fingers through her hair. Her tongue swirling around my cock as
her head moved up and down. Then she applied more pressure and the pleasure just became more intense.
I could hear her slurping as she sucked on me. Then as she did, she raised her shirt and squated rather
than kneeled now. And I saw as she slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. As she fingered herslef
I could hear the sounds of her soft, wet pussy making room for her fingers. As she fingered herself faster,
she began sucking my cock faster and harder. Suddenly she groaned almost like a roar and stood up and
kissed me passionately. When she was done, she shoved me back and I fell onto the couch. She tore her
shirt off over her and looked at me. She said now you are gonna fuck me as hard as you can.

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understand me kid? I said yes. . . bu. . . that's when she quickly stradled me and began kissing me again.
She reached between us as we kissed and grabbed my cock. She slowly slid it into her as she lowered
herself onto it. I moaned as we continued kissing. Her pussy was so tight. I could not believe it. She
stopped kissing me and as she slid up and down, I felt her manipulating her pussy muscles. I was in
heaven. As she moved faster, her breasts were bouncing fast and hard.

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   Her nipples fully errect so I began
sucking on them. Biting them as I did. She went wild. She began moaning loudly, and panting hard as I
did the same. I began thrusting upwards as well, and when I did she began screaming OH MY GOD KRIS
FUCK ME HARDER. As I did, she became more enthralled in our lust. I reached behind her and grabbed
ass cheeks and squeezed them firmly and pulled them apart as we thrust into each other. I decided to
to take the initiative. I grabbed her waist and flung her off to the side as she was beginning to scream. She
landed on the couch and bounced. By the time she stopped bouncing, I was standing over her and pushing
my cock into her mouth again. She opened up and began moaning as she fingered herself once more. This
time I was getting a little rough, and she did not stop me. I grabbed her hair and as she sucked my cock, I
would push all the way into her mouth. I could see her flushing even more and eyes watering when she
gagged, but did not stop right away.

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   Eventually I did, and hopped off the couch. She sat there, spit all over
her chin and tits looking at me with her feet on the couch and legs spread apart. I grabbed her hand and
lowered her to the floor doggie style. She started to say something, but I said shut the fuck up I don't wanna
talk right now. And she did. I squated down and slowly slid my cock into her dripping pussy. As I did, I loked
at the couch and there was a massive wet spot where she was sitting. My hands on her hips, I slid all the way
in and began moving faster and harder into her. My balls slapping against her was making so much noise,
that it sounded like there was another couple there too. She began screaming and moaning as I picked up
speed. I reached forward and grabbed her hair with my right hand. As I did she yelled FUCK!!!!. . . I pulled harder
her face was pointing upwards as I slameed into her as hard as I could.

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ANDREA I said as I fucked her as hard as I could. She started to say something again, and when she did, I
let go of her hair and leaned forward with all my weight and pushed her so her face was on the floor and ass
up in the air. I siad SHUT UP!!!. I reached down and grabbed both of her tits and began pinching her nipples as
I pulled on them. I noticed she was fingering herself and it drove my nuts. Then it hit me. Something i had also
seen in one of my parents movies at their video store. I Spit down onto her ass hole a lot and I quickly pulled
out of her sopping pussy and quickly shoved it back into her tight ass hole. She screamed and buckled under
me and told me to stop. I kept thrusting faster and harder as she screamed louder and louder. She said
stop only that one time and started fingering herself again. My balls slapping on her pussy as I thrust all
the way into her buried it in her tight ass. I felt I would be comming soon and told her. She made no response.
I pulled out of her ass and slid right back into her pussy and fucked her as if my life depended on it.

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   As I did,
she was sceaming even louder not and I could hear her voice crackling from screaming so loud and long.
Then suddenly my balls erupted and I came into her like a firehose. I slammed all the way into her and held
there as I did. We lay there for a while, me on top of her. Panting and soaking in sweat. Eventually we
gathered enough strength and got up. She looked at me with surprise and shock. I looked at her and said You
are the one who wanted me to fuck you as hard as I could. She just looked at me, and walked to the bathroom
and showered. She got out then I showered. And she and I did not speak for a month after that day.



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