My Sister and I at the beach


It all started one afternoon when mym sister and I came home to the Bahamas for x-mas. Being so warm we had been laying on my parents private beach amost everyday.
After a long x-mas day we had gotten a good nights sleep. The next day our parents decided to go on a boating trip with some friends. As usual my sister and I went down to the beach.
She is extremely hot. 26 yrs old, C cup breasts and a nice tight ass. We lay on the beach talking for about 18 min then my sister asks if I want lotion rubbed on my back. I responded sure.
As she began rubbing lotion I felt myself getting turned on. I didnt know how to control these thoughts as my penis began to grow. She then began to rub my thighs and too my suprise she kept pushing her hand between my legs slightly rubbing my sack.

She then said if I turned over she would do my front. As much a I wanted to I couldnt because of my full hard on. I responded no thats ok, you dont have to. She then dumped my off of my lounge and low and behold my raging hard on was right there.

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   Plain as day through my pants. She laughed and said whats up with that. I blushed and said that her rudding me turned me on.
She then laughed and said thats on let me finish. I lay on my back on the lounge and let her do her thing. As she rubbed my chest I got more turned on and my cock was throbbing. I could tell she was starring at it. She said she felt hot and took off her top. WOW were her tits nice. She then began rubbing my legs My cock about to explode and partially sticking out of my pants she rubbed my sack. I just layed there letting her. She then began rubbing my shaft. I was in full form when I saw her look up and down the beach. Not saying anything she pulled out my cock and began sucking on it. Before I could say anything she stood up dropped her pants and put her wet pussy over my cock.

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   Sliding up and down I grabbed her hips and grinded my cock deeper into her pussy.
Her was moaning and began to cum. When she did that her pussy gripped my cock hard and I blew my load inside of her. WOW it was great. She climed off my cock and licked my cock and then smiled at me and ran into the house.