My sister and her friend


One afternoon after school I was masturbating in the lounge room when I was caught by my sister and her friend.
My sister really behaved badly and began screaming at me. Her friend began to laugh and say she thought it was funny, me in the nude and with a boner and stropping my cock. She told me to keep doing it as she thought it was funny. My sister was shocked at her attitude. I stood there naked and not sure what to do, my cock had collapsed and was all soft and I was holding my hand in front of it. . Then her friend said look if you do it for me I will show you how I do it.
My sister was shocked and I was a bit taken back myself, I said you will masturbate with me if I keep doing it. She said that’s the deal we both do it together.
My sister started to say something to her. Then she said whats the problem we all do it, you do it , I do it he does it we all do it. I have never seen a boy do it to himself and I would like to watch him.
My sister said I am leaving – I cant bear to watch.
She left and her friend pulled her pants down and said have you ever seen a cunt close up.
I said no
She said well have a look and sat down on the chair and opened her legs and showed me her cunt which had a little bit of hair around it.

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Before I realized it I was on my knees in front of her and looking at her, she pulled the lips of it open to show me her insides of it. It was all pink and wet and I was fascinated, and my cock got hard again just looking at her.
Now she said let me see yours and I stood up and she put her hand around it and said it’s the biggest one I have seen, how big is it.
I said about 7 inches and she started to play with it and began to stroke and masturbate me.
She said have you ever fucked a girl yet.
I said no.
Would you like to fuck me
I said I dont know – I have never done it before.
She said well I have and I like it- I would let you if you want to.
I said ok, I will.
She said lets go to your bedroom.
I said what about Jenny (my sister)
Let her stew she said I don’t care – she knows I have done it before.
We went upstairs to my bedroom and she undressed and got on the bed. She told me what to do and I got between her legs and I put my cock into her cunt. It felt wonderful, all wet and warm and tight. It felt wonderful.

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   I didnt once think that I was loosing my virginity, I was just keen to fuck her.
She told me to start fucking her and I did. She began to giggle and say how good it felt, and we talked and she said how good it was that she caught me wanking as she didn’t think I would have fucked her myself if she hadn’t asked. She was right. We fucked for about 5 minutes and she said go faster I am going to cum, you can really fuck well, I don’t normally cum this quick.
I fucked her hard and fast as she asked and I started to feel like cumming too when she let out this groan and said ok sweet jesus this is magnificent – keep fucking me I am cumming. I went like she said and then I came and put cum into her cunt – it felt great – it was the first time I had cum when I wasn’t doing it myself and it felt really great.
Shit she said that’s the first time a boy has cum inside me – I always make them take their cock out before they cum, I don’t want to have a baby yet. I got scarred too and said what happens if you do. As we were talking my sister came in and saw us there naked and my cock all covered in cum and stuff.
Have you two been fucking she asked and Nancy said yes and he has just cum in me.
Jenny said you will have a baby now – wont you.
Nancy said I hope not – Jane my sister has had boys cum in her and she hasn’t got pregnant yet. I will ask her what to do.
Jenny suddenly became interested in us fucking and wanted to know all about it.

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Nancy said what happened a few minutes ago you didn’t want to know us.
Jenny said I masturbated on my own – I couldn’t help myself, seeing you two fucking got me wet.
I said you watched us.
Jenny said I could hear you and when I peeped into the room I could see you both doing it and it looked so good and you were having so much fun, I had to do it to myself I was so wet.
 I could not believe I had just fucked a girl for the first time - it felt awesome and she enjoyed it and so did I.
Jenny had become curious and wanted to hear all about me fucking Nancy.
 They talked about it while I washed my cock and had a pee. I looked at my cock and it didnt look any different - I thought it must look like I had fucked agirl but it didnt.
After we all got dressed we all walked to Nancy’;s house and we talked about fucking all the way. Nancy said any time I wanted to fuck her I could as I did it better than the others two boys who had fucked her.
Jenny said what if you are pregnant and she said we can do it all the time then as I cant get pregnant twice and we all laughed.
On the way home Jenny was really different with me and not shocked any more about seeing me masturbating and was really interested in what it was like to fuck Nancy.
I told her how good it was and how much Nancy liked it. She said I know - she said you were great.
Jenny then said would you like to fuck me.

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I said are you joking.
She said No I am about the only one in our group who hasn’t been fucked, I think I want to do it.
I said you want me to do it to you. You wont mind your brother fucking you.
She said I will think of somebody else when you are doing it to me.
I said who -
and she said you really - I want to remember it .
Then she said I want it more than you can imagine - I am soaking wet down there just imagining what it will feel like - but you have to do it with a condom on – I cant get pregnant from you – it is wrong for brothers and sisters to fuck each other as the kids are born deformed.
I said I have one at home – we can do it when we get there and she started to run – come on we have to do it before Dad and Mum come home then.
We raced into her bedroom and undressed ourselves and I went and got the condom I have had for ages and we put it on me together. It wasn’t a tight fit but it wasn’t bad.
She got on the bed and said what do I do,.
I showed her how to put her legs up and I got between them and I told her to guide my cock into her cunt.
She may have been my sister but she looked heavenly laying there naked with her cunt all ready for me to fuck as I looked down at wher my cock was going to go into her.
I started to go into her and I could only go a little way before something stopped me so I pushed a bit harder and she let out a scream and said take it out its hurting me. I could see tears in her eyes.

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   I had no idea why it had hurt her.
It was feeling great and I didn’t want to so I said just leave it in for a minute – it might get better.
She wanted it out of her but it was feeling so good for me, even better than Nancy. I said just hold on for a moment and she was still crying a bit but then said it s getting better  ok just for a minute.
I held her and cuddled her and she said its ok don’t worry. Its feeling better she said – it stung like mad for a moment – I don’t know what happened, maybe you are too big for me and you split my cunt open.
I started to fuck her like I did Nancy and things started to feel better for her and I was enjoying it too. It was my second fuck in a couple of hours with two different girls and I was feeling great.
I fucked her for about 10/15 minutes and the longer I went the more she got to like it and pretty soon she said I think I am gong to cum, I can feel it getting better and better, just rub it a bit more and she guided me to the spot she liked my cock to rub on her cunt and after a minute she came and she bucked and rolled about and grunted and she really had  a great orgasm.
I followed her about a minute later and filled the condom up with cum and pulled out of her.
We both looked at the cum in it and there was blood on the outside of the condom.  It was fascinating. I said open your legs and let me see where you bled from. It seemed to be inside her but there was hardly any there then. I said it seems to have stopped.

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   She said it might be my period but its not due for a week or so.
Any how we both sat on the bed and talked about what we had done. She was a bit concerned we had done it together but I said not to worry – all my cum was in the condom.
Then she asked me about Nancy and what it was like with her and we talked for ages, and what it was like to fuck Nancy and then her . After bout 18 minutes  I asked her if I could fuck her again and I would take my cock out before I came and she said ok.
She said  if it hurts you have to stop and I agreed.
It was great fuck again and she lasted about 18 minutes before she came again and when I was almost cumming I pulled it out and wanked the cum out and it spurted all over her and even got some on her tits, it spurted all over the place.
She said now you have to lick it off me, I said no way.
She said if you do I will let you lick my cunt like Nancy said you could do to her.
It took a great deal of courage to actually lick my own cum off her tiny tits but I did and it tasted weird. Not something I really liked.
She had a pee washed her cunt and then said I could  lick her.
It was a strange sensation to actually get down between her legs and open her cunt and lick it.
She told me where she liked me licking it and it was mainly on her clitoris, that I didn’t know she had until then. I put my finger into her cunt and rubbed it like a cock does and within 3 or 4 minutes she came again and she really had a fantastic and very intense orgasm.

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   It was hard to keep sucking her cunt as she bounced around sort of half yelling about how good it was.
After that I cleaned my teeth and she said she wasn’t going to wash her cunt for ages as she loved what I had done and couldn’t wait to tell Nancy about it.
In fact she went to the phone and rang Nancy and told her.
Nancy came straight over and said I had to do it to her as well.
I said only if she will suck my cock afterwards and she didn’t hesitate to say yes.
I got down and sucked on Nancy with the three of us all together and Nancy and Jenny were telling each other about how good it was as I was sucking on her.
When she came it was like Jenny and she really went wild about it. I knew where Jenny liked it so I did the same to Nancy.
After that Nancy honored her promise and sucked me off and I came in her mouth as she wanted me to do. Jenny was disgusted when Nancy opened her mouth to show us my cum in there and then she swallowed it.
The three of us got dressed and we all talked about doing it together again, then Nancy went home and Jenny and I almost fucked again but it was close to the time our parents would be home so she showed me how girls masturbate but didn’t finish because we heard our parents car.
Jenny, Nancy and I fucked and sucked each other almost every day after that. We loved the sex. Jenny didn’t get pregnant fortunately but I had to use condoms for a while until they both found out how to get oral contraceptives, and they used them we didn’t have to worry any more.
After a while the fact I was fucking my sister didnt bother us at all and we frequently did it together because I liked it and Jenny loved doing it.

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   Nancy was happy too as they even did things together if I wasn’t there.



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