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To tell you a little bit about myself, My name is Brendan and I am 6"1' and have an athletic build. Dark brown hair and green eyes. I am semi muscular and have a 9. 5 in cock. About 200 lbs and tattooed on both arms. This happened one day off from work and college, pretty much my lazy day.
Growing up I never really saw my sister as hot. One day I am walking through my house and my sisters bra is laying on the ground. I pick it up and surprisingly I got a hard one. I didn't know how to react so I put her bra up my shirt and run to my room. I think about the bra and start to smell it and jerk off. This was the begging of me seeing my sister as hot. Time goes on and go into chat rooms and talk about incest and exchange pictures of her, also jerk off to her facebook on a consistent basis. Also I would go into her room and put her thongs and bras on and enjoy it very much.
To get to what she’s like, she is about 5"6 120 lbs 34b tits and perfect legs that lead up to perfect thighs that result in a fat ass (that I cant keep my eyes off). After a few weeks of me never making a legit move and just enjoying chatting on-line about her and jerking off to facebook pics I came up with the perfect idea.

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   Every time after she showers she goes into her room still with her towel on. I decided I was going to hide my cell phone in her room and put the video recording on. I waited until I heard the water stop ran into her room put the recorder on and ran out. I was a nervous wreck waiting until she left her room again.
I hear the door open and I wait till she goes down stairs I run in and grab my phone. I watch the video and I got to see it all. From her perfect size tits and nipple size to at the end she bends down facing the cam. I figure she doesn’t see it once lets do it again. The next day I do the same routine. Then as I am watching the video she walks towards the cam.
Amanda says out loud "Brendan we have to talk!"
I start sweating and I don't know how to react. I leave my phone in my room and walk into her room.
She asks "so what do you have to say for yourself?"
I am in such shock I don’t know what to say. All I do is apologize and say I don"t know what I was thinking. She stands up and says is this what you wanted to see and drops her towel.

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   I have boxers on and I get noticeably hard.
"I can see that down there. What do you want to do touch me? Have sex?" She asks.
My mouth drops and I say yes. She seems a little surprised.
"Alright. " she responds.
She grabs my cock and starts stroking it up and down. I am enjoying the sensation her hand is giving my 9. 5 in pole. A little bit of pre cum has started leaking out of my rock hard cock. Amanda purrs with delight and licks it up and stuffs my cock in her mouth. Now that felt like heaven. She managed to get about half of it down her throat before she started to gag, but still pumped my cock. I can feel the tingling of cum start to building.

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  I don't want to cum just yet, but she can tell this and stops.
"I have a secret too. Wait here. " she said.
Amanda walked to her closet and pulled out several of my boxers and one of my silk shirts. She put them on and walks over to me.
"I have wanted this for a long time!" she exclaimed.
I pick her up by her ass, and lay her on the bed. Pulling my boxers off her, I start to finger her pussy. Amanda started moaning, so I let my tongue dance across her love hole. She is getting wetter by the second. I grab her sexy booty shorts and stuff them into her pussy.
"What the hell. . .

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  " She starts.
"Trust me, you will love this. " I cut her off
I go back to eating her pussy. I get my finger nice and lubed up and shove it up her ass.
"OH MY GOD I'M CUMMMMM. . . "She stammered.
I took this as my cue, and slowly pulled her panties from her pussy. This threw her over the edge and she squirted all over my face.
"No one has ever made me squirt. " She purred. "It's my turn baby!"
She kissed me me and pushed me onto my back. Grabbed my cock and lower herself onto it. I moaned.

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  She was so hot and wet.
"Does that feel nice? Is this what you wanted?" She asked.
"Mmmmm yes. " I hissed.
She rode my cock up and down. getting faster the more she got turned on. The room started to fill of the smell and sound of sex. She was moaning louder, good thing it was just us at home. Amanda got really wet and her pussy started making squishy sounds, the more she rode me. I stopped her, pulled her off and sank my cock into her ass. She grabbed a vibrator from her night stand, turned it on and shoved it in her sopping wet pussy. I could feel the vibrations in her ass as I fucked her. She was moaning louder and had several orgasms by now. Her ass clamped down on my cock, and that put me over the edge. I started cumming in her ass.

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  The vibrations intensified my cumming and it felt like a geyser shooting off. Amanda gave one last grunt and screamed as she gushed the vibrator right out of her pussy. My cock softened and it slipped out. Amanda turned around and licked my cock clean of the cum.
"Was that what you wanted?" Amanda asked.
"That was worth it. " I replied
She put her head on my chest and snuggled me. I wrapped my right arm around her. I was starting to drift off to sleep when Amanda started playing with my cock again.
"We should do this again. " She said.
"You know where to find me. " I slurred. "Any time"
Sleep hit me and I kept holding Amanda close. .

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