My Sister Amanda Part 5


I early the next morning; both Amanda and Katie had their head on my chest, and
their breasts rubbing against my side. I could tell that Katie's nipples were
hard, but wasn't sure if it was because of last night or her dreams. All I
know is the feeling of her hard nipples started to make my cock get hard.
Looking down I notices both their hands on my stomach, my cock climbing
closer and closer to them as it hardens. I gently take Katie's hand and put
in on my now rock hard cock. I hear a slight moan escapes her lips as I feel
her grip my cock and slowly moves her hand up and down my shaft. Watching
Katie stroke my cock in her sleep is one of the hottest sites I have ever
seen. I thought my cock couldn't get any harder but I felt it grow even more
watching her and I begin to slowly grind my hips. Hearing Katie moan again I
couldn't wait for her to wake up, I had to have her sweet mouth around my
cock again. I started to gently shake her.

"Katie, Katie wake up" I softly said to her.

It took me a few tries shaking her gently, trying not to wake my sister because I
knew she was still pretty tired from the night before, but finally she
started to open her eyes. As she opened her eyes she noticed that she has a
hold of my cock and her eyes got big.

"Oh. . .

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   MMMMMMM oh my, It wasn't a dream I had last night. Looks like this beast
needs taken care of. " She said in a low tone as she started to slide her
hand up and down my shaft even faster.

She watched my cock with interest as she jerked me off. Seeing the pre-cum escape
my hole her eyes got wider and a smile started to form on her lips. She
shoved her hand all the way down to the base of my cock and adjusted herself
so her head was close to my cock head. She looks up at me and smiles, then
looks at my sister still sleeping with her head on my chest, then runs her
tongue over my hole, licking up the pre-cum that was oozing out from it.
Feeling her warm tongue run across my cock head made it twitch. She giggled
as it did she took her tongue and swirled it around the head, gasping
slightly as she did. She looked up at me with a smile on her face and her
tongue still swirling around my head before putting it into her mouth and going
all the way down on it.

"Oh my god. . . " I whispered

She giggled as I said that, feeling the vibration run up and down my shaft,
causing me to involuntarily grind my hips. She grabs the base of my cock and
starts to slide her lips up and down my shaft, sucking hard as she does.

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Feeling her warm lips engulf my cock as she worked it, I reach out with my
free hand and pull on her ass, trying to get it close to me. Realizing what I
was wanting, she slides her body closer to me, lying on her side as she sucks
on my thick shaft. I lift her top leg up and start to play with her extremely
wet pussy.

"Damn Katie, that must have been one hell of a wet dream you were having last
night. Your pussy is dripping wet. " I told her, keeping my voice down as
to not wake my sister still.

She looked up at me and nodded as she keeps sliding her lips up and down my cock.
The feeling of her nodding as she was sucking on it was the best thing I had
felt, and apparently I moaned a little louder than I thought because I felt
my sister move and look up.

"What's going on??" she said.

Wiping the sleep from her eyes she noticed Katie sucking on my cock for all it was

"Ohh. . . " she said. ”Now that’s a good site to wake up to.

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  " she said with a smile.

She looked over at Katie's pussy and noticed that I was rubbing her clit with my
thumb and finger fucking her. She looked over at me, smiled and then winked
at me as she assumed the same position Katie was in. I knew what she wanted
and I was more than happy to help her out so I began rubbing her clit with my
thumb and finger fucking her with my other had. Katie's pussy was so wet that
I had her juices running down my hand and up to my arm and she was starting
to moan louder while she sucked on my cock. The vibration of it was starting
to make my balls vibrate. I heard my sister start to moan as she took her
hand and started to cub my balls and as I looked at her she started to lick
her lips.

“MMMMMMM, let me have some of that cock Katie. ” She said.

Katie slid her mouth up and off my cock, my cock popped out with a loud pop from
the suction she had on it and pushed my cock towards Amanda’s mouth. Amanda
puts her hand over Katie’s at the base my cock over Katie’s and wraps her
lips around my head and slowly slides down, taking my entire length into her
waiting mouth. My sister pushes her lips to the base and tries to push it
even farther, me cock head feeling the back of her through before sliding
back up then starts bobbing her head up and down faster and faster on my
shaft while both of my hands work there pussies. Katie removes Amanda’s hand
from my balls and replaces it with her mouth as she starts to suck on my
balls, taking one in her mouth then the other before trying to take both.
Feeling her tongue lick them as her hands start to massage them, my cock
throbbing in Amanda’s mouth. I start moving my hips up and down as Amanda
moves her head up and down my shaft, my cock trying to go in deeper and
deeper each time, my fingers and thumbs in time with her.

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   It was long before
I heard Katie scream out her first orgasm.

“AHHHHHHHHH YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! She screams as pull my finger out and rub her clit rapidly,
her juices squirting out and hitting me all over my face and shoulder.

That was the best site I have ever seen, a woman squirting. I started to move my hand
faster on my sister’s pussy, feeling her juices flow over my hand now as
well. My sister started moaning loudly over my cock, feeling the vibration
all down my shaft and balls. It didn’t take long for Amanda to scream out her
orgasm while my cock was buried in her mouth.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed out with my dick in her mouth.

Between the feel of her juices flowing, her pussy gripping my fingers as she came,
and the vibration of the moaning was too much for me, I could tell that my
balls were about to release that white sticky sweetness those girls love so

“I’m going to cummmm!!!!” I said as I lifted my hips up.

My sister pulls my cock out of her mouth and both girls had a hand on my balls
massaging them and the other stroking my cock with their faces right over my
head. It didn’t take much work from them before shooting load after hot load
of my cum all over there face and mouth. It seems like forever before I
stopped erupting and Katie took my cock back into her mouth and sucked up
every last bit of it off it while my sister licked up the cum that fell off
there faces or didn’t make it to them. Katie keep sucking on my cock and
letting it pop out with a loud pop as she cleaned my cock a few times then
her and my sister started making out and licking the cum from each other. I
laid there watching them till they had all the cum cleaned up and then they
laid down next to me, resting their heads on my chest and putting a hand near my cock and we fell asleep again.
Before falling asleep I noticed that it was only 8am, and so far it was one
hell of a morning.

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   I fell asleep reliving what has just happened.

It felt like I had just fallen asleep when I felt someone shaking me. I slowly opened
my eyes and noticed that Amanda and Katie we trying it wake me.

“Wake up Billy. Come on, come take a shower with us. ” They were saying.

I started to sit up and looked at the 2 girls sitting next to me, still naked, Katie
bouncing up and down with excitement and my sister looking over at me

“Ok ok“ I said. “Let’s go get a shower. ” I said with a chuckle.

My sister grabs us a towel while Katie gets the water going for us. This is one time I
was glad when my parents remodeled the bathroom that they put the largest
shower they could find in it. Watching these girls walk around named started
to get me horny again, watching Katie’s ass as she bent over and my sisters.
Didn’t take me long before I was hard as a rock again. My sister turned
around and bumped into my cock and she looked down and giggled.



“Wow Billy, are you horny again?” she asked me as she took my cock in her hand and
stroked it a few times.

Hearing Amanda Katie turned around and looked and I saw her lick her lips and grin as
she turned the shower head on. Katie hops in the shower and Amanda pushes me
in it as she follows behind me. So Katie is in front of my and Amanda is
behind me. Amanda starts massaging my back and down to my ass and in between
my legs and grabs a hold of my balls and start to massage them. I spread my
legs so as to give her plenty of room to maneuver while Katie massaged my
chest and slides down to my stomach as she gets on her knees, my cock right
in her face. She pushed her lips past my head and starts sucking on it hard
and fast while my sister massaged my cum filled balls a bit more before
getting the soap and started to soap my top half and cleaning me off from
last night and this morning as she leans into my ear.

“That looks hot, watching my best friend suck my own brother’s cock. I want you to
cum all over her face and tits. ” she whispers in my ear. “Katie, switch me
spots. ” She said to her.

Katie and Amanda move around me till Katie is now behind me and Amanda is in front of
me. Amanda spins me around by my shoulder so Katie is in front of me again
and Katie, already on her knees, starts to sucks on my cocks again. My sister
starts to massage my ass and then pushes me into Katie’s mouth as she
continues to suck on my hard cock, as the water from the shower throwing a
mist over her.

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   I put a hand on Katie’s head and push her head down my cock as
she sucks on it, fucking her face.

“MMMMMMM…. That’s it little brother, fuck her face with that cock. ” She whispers in my
ear as she spanks my ass. “You know what, how about you cum all over both of us; I know you have plenty of cum
for us both. ” She said as she shuts the water off and moves in front of me
and starts to massage my balls.

Feeling my sisters hands massage my balls and Katie’s mouth slid up and down my
shaft, her moaning on it cause the vibrations to run up and down my cock, it
didn’t take me long and I was ready to cum.


Katie pulled my cock out of her mouth and starts to stroke it fast while my sister
continues to massage my balls, both girls moving their heads till it’s in
front of my cock. A few strokes later and I started to shoot load after hot
load of that white sticky cum the girls were waiting on. The first shot
landed on Katie’s hair and face and Amanda’s tit, the second shot landed on
Amanda’s face. It seemed like a nonstop orgasm, I kept cumming and cumming
and cumming. Shooting my load all over their faces and tits. Finally my balls
were empty and Katie was squeezing the last drops out of it. Like earlier
this morning the girls licked each other’s faces clean and started suck on
each other’s tits and nipples while cleaning off each other.

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   I stood there,
knees shaking, while I watched them clean each other off. My sister looked up
at me and took my cock and started to suck it clean. The minute her mouth
engulfed my head my knees gave out and I collapsed to the shower floor. My
sister giggle and leaned down and continued to suck my cock clean while Katie
sucked on Amanda’s tits, cleaning the rest of my cum off them. I heard a loud
pop from my sister’s mouth as she pulled my cock from her mouth and Katie had
finished cleaning her tits off, my sister reached behind me, her tits rubbing
against me, and turned the water back on for us all to take a shower. I
managed to get up and we soaped each other up and down, playing with each
other a bit then rinsing off, getting out we wrapped a big towel around us
and headed for the living room to sit down on the couch to watch a movie.

I had popped in a porno movie because that’s what the girls wanted to watch and,
since I’m a guy, of course I would watch it, and sat between the two girls
and wrapped the towel around us again. I wrapped my ams around Amanda and
Katie’s shoulders as they each put an arm behind my back. Amanda rested her
other hand on my still soft cock and Katie rested her other hand on my balls.
We sat back as the DVD started to play and watched the first scene. It was
the usual thing, a guy walks in see’s this girl and they say this and that,
next thing you know she has his pants off sucking his dick and he eats her
out before they start fucking then he cums all over her face. Really nothing
to exciting, at least not for me, the girls I could tell we’re starting to
squirm just a little but I was going to let them sit there and get nice and
hot before I did anything else. That and I still needed time to recoup from
the shower. A few scenes later was a threesome, and this was a hot scene.
These 2 girls were we’re at this party and one girl liked this guy and wanted
to dance with him.

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   Well his girlfriend was being a bitch and told her to fuck
off. Well the other girl walked over to her friend and tells her that she
didn’t know her and this that and the other and had a plane for getting her
back. So the next scene was them dressed in miniskirts and looking hot as
hell and getting the guy in there and seducing him and then fucking him till
he came all over there face and tits. This was the scene that got my
attention and my sister noticed cause my cock start to twitch. My sister
looked over at me and giggles and gripped my cock even tighter and started to
slowly stroke it.

“Do you have some more cum for us little brother?” she asked me.

All I could do was nod as Katie noticed what was going on and started to massage my
balls while my sister stroked my cock. My sister crooked her finger to tell
Katie to come here and put their head under the towel and Katie followed. I
heard some whispering and giggling from them and then nothing. I felt their
hair over my chest and stomach while they were talking and then without
warning I felt a mouth engulf my cock and my cock head hit the back of
someone’s throat and another mouth sucking on my balls. I lay my head back
enjoying the sensation while I ran my hands over there bare backs and down to
their bare asses, where I started to squeeze them firmly and massage them. I
heard both girls moan and the vibration from both drove me wild. I was
reaching for their pussies but the way they were sitting I couldn’t get to
them, but I guess they knew what I was after and adjusted themselves on their
knees, allowing me access to their sweet love holes. I pressed a finger in
each girl’s pussy and started to slide them in and out nice and steady,
feeling both girls squirm and suck harder and faster. Then I felt the mouth
that was around my balls leave and cock leave and felt two tongues licking my
shaft from base to tip, and then there tongue flicked the tip together.

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couldn’t take it anymore and I had to watch so I threw the towel off of us
and watched Katie and my sister works my cock with their lips and tongue. I
watched them as each one wrapped their lips around one half of my cock and
run it up and down my hard cock and their tongues licking as they went.

“Oh my god that is the hottest site I have ever seen. ” I told them as I saw that.

Both girls looked at each other with their tongues still licking my cock and
smiled. Amanda sat up and brought her head to my ear.

“You liked what you saw Billy? “She whispered in my ear. “Well if you liked that
you’re going to love this next part. ” She said.

About that time I felt Katie straddle me and my sister grabbing my cock and guiding
it to Katie’s now dripping wet pussy as she slowly sat down on it and slides
all the way down. Katie started to bounce up and down on my cock, driving it in hard and deep, her titties bouncing in
my face. I grabbed a hold of one and put it in my mouth as she rode me, my
sister massaging my balls the whole time and fingering herself. A few minutes
later Katie stopped and looked at my sister then at me.

“Ok you two, this isn’t going to work.

Amanda lets all go to y our bed.


  ” She said and
with that we all got up and went to Amanda’s bedroom.

I lay down on the bed so Katie could continue to ride me. Amanda guiding my cock to
her pussy while she sat down on it and started to ride it. My sister came
around to Katie’s side, leaned down and started to suck on Katie’s titties.
She sucked on one nipple then the other for a bit before kissing her, pushing
her tongue past her lips and into her mouth. I thought that was the best
thing. My sister, never unlocking her lips from Katie’s, straddled my face
and pushed her pussy into my face. I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy and
started to lick the inside of her, tasting all her juices. I could hear Katie
moaning louder and louder with each bounce now through locked lips. I r an my
tongue all over Amanda’s pussy and sucked on her clit while I shoved two
fingers knuckle deep in her and started to finger fuck her.

“Oh god that’s it, suck on my titties Amanda. MMMMMM you do that so good. ” I heard
Katie say.

While Amanda sucked on Katie’s tits, I pulled my now soaking wet fingers out of my
sisters pussy and took my hands and started to fondle her tits as I licked my
sisters pussy from top to bottom and inside to out. It wasn’t long after I
started that that I felt Katie’s pussy start to grip my cock and felt her
body shaking and scream out her first orgasm.

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   As soon as she was done, I felt
all her juices run down my shaft and onto my balls, and feeling her sit down
till my cock is completely buried inside of her and shaking.

“Jesus fucking Christ I came hard that time. ” She said.

My sister pulled her mouth from her nipples and looked up at her and giggled.

“Yea it sounded like you came hard. Never heard you scream so loud before. ” Amanda

Panting, Katie slowly slide my cock out of her and sat beside us while Amanda took her
position over my cock and grabbed a hold of the base and guided it to her
pussy. I could tell she was wet because before I entered her I felt her
juices dripping on to my head. My sister grinned at me, pushed the head past
her lips them sat down hard onto my cock, moaning loudly as she did. She sat
there for a bit and Katie got on her hands and knees and started to suck on
her nipples like Amanda did her. My sister cradled her head and pushed her
harder into it and moaned some more as she slowly started to rock back and
forth on my cock. I pulled Katie’s pussy over my face and started to lick the
inside of her pussy, cleaning up her juices from the inside working my way
out. Didn’t take long before Amanda started bouncing up and down on my cock
and both of them were screaming and moaning so loud that that’s all you could
hear in the room… Katie’s had started to grind her pussy on my face, smearing
her pussy juices all over my face when the accident happened. I couldn’t stop
it or do anything because Katie was sitting on my face while I was eating her
pussy and it came up on me so quick.

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   I started to cum, and I came hard,
filling my sister’s pussy up. My sister felt it and gasped then started to
spasm as she started to cum as well. Within seconds all three of us where
moaning as we, all started to cum all at the same time. My cock throbbed each
time I shot a hot sticky load in hot wet pussy. It seemed like forever that
we were all cumming. My sister sat on my cock panting and shaking, Katie
rolled to the side of us, still shacking.

“God damn it Billy, why didn’t you tell me you were about to cum?” she asked angrily.

Katie sat up quickly on what Amanda just said.

“You just came inside of her? Oh my god Amanda are you on the pill?” she asked

My sister shook her head and said, “No, I ran out last week and haven’t been able to
get them refilled yet. ”

“Oh shit. It just came on me to fast I didn’t have time to warn you. That and Katie was
sitting on my face. ” I told her

Katie looked at Amanda and then looked down like she was sulking and then nodded
her head up and down.

“I was sitting on his face pretty hard, but his tongue felt sooooo good. ” Katie said
looking back up at my sister.

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My sister looks at Katie then starts to laugh as she slides off my cock, our juices
dripping out of her as she sits down in front of Katie with her legs spread
open. Katie grins at her as she leans in between her legs and starts to lick
up all the juices. Shoving her tongue deep inside her pussy as she tries to
get as much of her juices and my cum out of her, moaning as she does. My
sister puts a hand on her head and pushes her harder against her pussy.
Watching them started to make me hard again and when I was filly hard, I got
behind Katie, put my cock at her entrance and slammed it in hard and deep.
Katie screamed with pleasure as I did, then started to slide in and out of
her, starting out slow and speeding up as I went. My sister leaned forward
and over Katie and wiggled her finger for me to get closer to her, so I lean
forward till I was face to face with her, my cock still sliding in and out of
Katie’s pussy. My sister smiled at me and moaned then pressed her lips
against mine, he tongue pressing my lips apart and then dancing around mine.
We had the most passionate kiss we ever had then my sister started to suck on
my bottom lip, pulling it when her orgasm hit her. Her body started to quake
and she started to moan, her moans echoing through the room. She started to
grind her pussy in Katie’s face harder and I could hear Katie slurping and
licking as she was trying to get every bit of her juices. Between all the
sounds I felt my own orgasm start to hit me.

“Oh fuck!! I’m going to cum. ” I said

My sister reached down at my cock and pulled it out and started to stroke it, gripping
it firmly when I shot my first stream, hitting Amanda in her tits and all
over Katie’s back. I guess that drove Katie over the edge because I heard her
scream out her orgasm last.

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   Once we were all done cumming and screaming and moaning
we all sat down on the bed, Katie sucking my cock and cleaning it up, noticing
that the bed was soaked. My sister looked around the bed as well and noticed
it all and nodded.

“It’s ok, I will throw all this in the wash before mom and dad gets home. ” She said.

I looked at the clock and it was already 4:30pm. I didn’t realize we had been fucking
for half the day but it was a great time. I looked at the girls and let them

“Hey, did you know it was 4:30 already?” I asked them.

Katie’s head popped up really fast and looked at the clock.

“Oh shit, I was supposed to be home 30 minutes ago. ” She said in a panic.

She jumps up and got dressed, ran over to Amanda and kissed her then came over to me
and kisses me deeply while stroking my cock.

“Thanks for all the fun you guys. I really enjoyed the hell out of it. And Billy, I want
to fuck you some more sometime.

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  ” She said as she gave me a wink and ran out
the door.

We figured our parents would be home soon so we ran out to the living room and put our
clothes back on and put the porno movie back in my room while Amanda threw
her bedding in the wash. We spend the rest of the time cleaning the house,
and doing dishes. At about 6 our parents pulled up and we looked at each
other and smiled as we sat down on the couch and watched TV.

We were so wore out from today’s threesome that we just went to our separate rooms
and fell fast asleep. I didn’t even look at the time when I closed my eyes
but I do remember going through the day’s event in my mind. And boy was it a
hell of a day.

To Be Continued………




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Escorts and call girls in Egypt provide more than simply sexual services. They are the ideal companion because of their high level of education, eloquence, and depth of knowledge, all of which allow for stimulating discussion. Their wit, humor, and intelligence make them ideal for well-to-do men seeking mental as well as physical stimulation.
Beautiful, charming, and very sophisticated, Egyptian escorts and call ladies have earned a worldwide reputation. Because of their attractive appearance, voluptuous bodies, and charming personalities, they are the go-to for everyone in want of company, solace, or a little reprieve from reality.
In short, engaging the services of an Egyptian call lady is a fantastic way to liven up your trip and make memories that will last a lifetime. They provide services ranging from friendship to sex, and they know how to set the mood for a night you won't forget. They provide their services on an ongoing basis, no matter how long or short your commitment period is, and they are flexible enough to meet your needs. Plan the best Egyptian vacation by reserving a hot babe from a call girl agency right now. Ancient civilizations, vibrant cultures, and stunning landscapes: Egypt has it all. Those searching for something out of the ordinary will find it here; your trip will be greatly enhanced by your time spent with a stunning escort or call lady.
In conclusion, if you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience while visiting Egypt, hiring an escort babe is the way to go. Egypt's escorts are highly skilled professionals that can meet all of your needs thanks to their knowledge, confidentiality, and variety of offerings. Your time with an Egyptian escort girl, whether it's over dinner or in bed, will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. Experience the height of pleasure and adventure in Egypt by booking your escort chick now.
Finally, escort services in Egypt provide an exciting and amazing experience. Egypt's escort beauties are not only beautiful, but also clever and interesting. They are ideal companions for any event, and their emphasis on confidentiality and expertise allows you to relax and enjoy your stay in Egypt. So, why not book your Egypt escort service immediately and begin your adventure? Egypt is a stunning and interesting nation rich in history and culture. If you want to have an exceptional time in Egypt, the escort industry is something you should not miss. Egypt's escort sector is growing in popularity, and there are many escorts offering high-quality services to customers.
You can easily find an escort service in Egypt, whether you're a local or a visitor. There is a large selection of enticing escort girls available for your pleasure. It's possible to find a woman of any size, shape, or color, from blonde to brunette and any shade in between.