My Sister Amanda Part 4


My Sister Amanda Part 4

Well that’s pretty much how our week went without our parents. We stayed home and we hate and fucked. It was one hell of a week, one I will never forget, and one I don’t think my sister will forget either. Especially the last day, Friday. We knew our parents would be home late Saturday, so we still had half a day with each other, but Friday was a day to remember. I woke up earlier than usual, my arms were still wrapped around Amanda and I had a huge hard on. I mean so hard my dick was hurting. I had to cum but was trying to decide on how. Should I fuck my sister while she was still fast asleep, or should I jerk off and cum all over her ass? I knew she wouldn’t mind that, she loves it when I cum on her, anywhere.

I laid there for a good five minutes before I said to myself, “Fuck it, I’m going to fuck her while she sleeps. I’m sure she won’t mind. Hell if anything if she wakes up while I am, she’ll just fuck me back. ” With that thought in my head I threw the covers off of us, lifted her leg and guided my cock to her waiting pussy. As soon as my head touched her lips I felt her moisture, and realized that she must be just as horny as I am. I slowly slid my cock in, inch my inch till my entire cock was buried in her. I held it deep inside her for a while, enjoying the feeling of her walls gripping my cock and feeling her wetness.

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   I couldn’t believe how horny she was, it just made me that much harder. I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of her, with one hand holding her leg up and the other holding on to her breast. As I started to speed up I heard her moan slightly but she didn’t wake. It didn’t take long till I felt my balls start to tighten up and the feeling of my own orgasm creeping up. I was going to try and hold that off for as long as I could but then I heard my sister moan deeply and loudly in her sleep and felt a rush of her juices run across my cock and knew that she has just had her own orgasm. Know and feeling that sent me over the edge and exploded deep inside her pussy, filling her up with my cum. It came on me so fast I didn’t have time to pull out so I could cum on her. It was an agreement we had after the last time I came inside her that I would either wear a condom or pull out. Just because she was on the pill didn’t mean that she still couldn’t get pregnant. But I was too far gone to care about that and would deal with her when the time came.

After my intense orgasm I felt tired again so I wrapped my arms around Amanda again and feel back to sleep, my cock still buried in her. A couple of hours later I felt my sister reaching behind her and shaking me from my ass. I slowly opened my eyes and I see her looking back at me and noticed that my cock was still in her and hard as a rock again. “Horny little brother?” she asked me. I just smiled at her and said, “Around you, I’m always horny.

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  ” She just giggled and told me, “Well you’re just going to have to wait, I need to go to the bathroom and when I get back, I’m going to ride that cock. ” And with that she got up and left the room. As she got up I felt a rush of cold air hit my cock, causing it to almost go soft. A few minutes later my sister came in and stood at the door way and crossed her arms. “You fucked me while I was asleep didn’t you Billy?” she asked me. I turned dark red and I couldn’t lie to her but all I could do was nod. “And you came in me didn’t you?” she asked me. I felt ashamed that I had done that to her and looked away from her as again, I nodded. “What did I tell you about that?” her voice started to get a bit of anger in it. “I know Amanda, you told me not to but I woke up this morning and I was so horny and y you looked so good I couldn’t help but fuck you. I didn’t want to wait for you to wake up and my orgasm hit me without warning. By the time I realized what I had done it was too late. I’m sorry. ” I said with sadness in my voice. My sister sighed and dropped her arms to her side, revealing her tits to me again and my cock stood straight up at the site.

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   She saw my cock and giggled, “Well if I get pregnant it’ll be your fault and you will have to deal with mom and dad. ” She told me and then ran and jumped on the bed then straddled my hips and grabbed hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy. “I was dreaming about this all night last night and I have been horny all night. ” She said then sat down hard on it, burying my cock to the hilt in her loving cunt.

She moaned as she impaled herself with my cock and started to bounce up and down on it, her tits were bouncing up and down and I reached up and grabbed a handful of them as she road me. I matched her rhythm with the grinding of my hips, causing my cock to go in deeper and her screams getting louder. “Oh my god Billy, your cock feels so good. MMMMMM you make me so wet. ” She moaned. Her moaning made me even harder and I think she noticed cause she put her hands on my chest and leaned forward on me and started to bounce up and down on my shaft harder and faster, the slapping of our bodies and her screams and mans of pleasure filling the room. “Oh shit Billy, I’m going cum!!!!!!!!!” she hollers out. Then she lays down and me and jerks her hips up and down my shaft as I feel her juices flood over my cock and her walls grip my shaft harder, causing my own orgasm to reach its peak. “Shit Amanda I’m going to cum to!!” I grunted out. “No Billy, please wait. Wait till I’m done, it feels so good.

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   “She gasped. So I laid there holding on to her tightly holding off my own orgasm till hers is finished. Luckily her orgasm didn’t last to much longer and she climbed off my cock and started to suck on my cock hard, moaning as she did sending vibrations down my shaft and to my balls. That was all it took for me, I couldn’t hold it back any more and grunting as I shot load after load after load of cum down her throat. Seemed like I was cumming forever then I felt my balls shrivel up and I was spent. She gripped my cock tightly and pulled up slowly as she lifted her head off my cock, getting every last bit of my spunk from my cock.

Once we had recuperated from our morning fuck we got up, and like all week, not bothering to put on any clothes, got up and took a shower together then went and had something to eat before sitting down in front of the TV watching porn and having sex. We were in the middle of our evening nap after a lot of great sex when the door bell rang. We both jumped up and ran to her room to pick up our clothes and get them on before answering the door. I was dressed first so I ran out and answered the door and one I did I noticed it was one of Amanda’s friend Katie. Now Katie was my sister’s hottest friend. She stood about 5’8” tall with blonde hair down to the middle of her back, gorgeous green eyes, the perfect shaped and perfect sized ass, and the most beautiful set of 34 D tits I have ever seen on a woman. She was another one of my factices. I invited her in and told her that I would let Amanda know that she was here. Walking into my sister’s room my sister was just getting her shirt on.

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  She looked up at me and I told her “Its Katie. ” No apparently looking at Katie had given me a hard on and the pants I was wearing didn’t hide that fact because I noticed my sister looking down at my crotch and she smiled at me. “You think she’s hot don’t you?” she asked me. Looking down to see what she was staring at I noticed that my cock was tenting my jeans a bit. Looking back at my sister I nodded and turned red from embarrassment. M sister smiled at me and told me “Go put on your grey shorts you like to wear then come back out to the living room in a few minutes. I might have a surprise for you. ” She told me. Well that got my excitement going so I ran to my room and found my shorts and put them on. Now these grey shorts go down to about a half inch above my knees and are really loose around the legs. If I was positioned in the wrong way and everything was set just right, you would be able to see my cock very easily.

I waited a few minutes like I my sister had said before walking out to the living room and sat down in the chair. I looked at my sister and Katie while they talked and I noticed my sister giving me a hand gesture. Took me a second to realize that she was trying to tell me to lean back and spread my legs open a bit. So I did and my sister leaned back in the couch and Katie followed her.

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   Seeing the front of Katie caused my cock to stir and it started to get hard. Hard enough that it lifted the leg of the shorts and that would have been when you could have seen everything.

I acted like I was watching TV because I had a feeling I knew what my sister had planned. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my sister lean towards Katie’s ear and whisper something, then she looked over at my direction and her eyes got big. Since I wasn’t looking directly at her I couldn’t tell exactly where she was looking but I was guessing she could see my cock in my shorts. I saw my sister lean in and whisper something else to Katie and she quickly looked at my sister as if in shock. They talked for a few minutes before Katie stood up. Looking over at her I asked, “You leaving already?” she shook her head and said “No, but I saw something I wanted. ” And with that said she walked over towards me, leaned over and ran her hand from my knee, up into my shorts and grabbed my cock. I gasped at her soft hand grabbing my now hard poll. She gets on her knees and pulls it out through the leg and licks the head. All I could do was roll my eyes in the back of my head and lean my head back and enjoy what was happening. All of a sudden I feel a warm wet feeling engulf my cock and as I look down I see that Katie had taken my entire length in her mouth and was starting to work her head, up and down my girth. As she bobs her head up and down my fat hard cock I look over at my sister, who was still sitting on the couch, with her pants off and her shirt over her tits while she masturbated and played with her nipples.

Looking at my sister then back at Katie I couldn’t help it and spit it out.

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   “Let me fuck both of you, right here right now. ” I said as I stood up, my cock still in Katie’s mouth. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me in shock, “You want to fuck your sister?” she asked. Before I could say anything my sister stood up and said, “I told you I’ve had a big cock all week. ” Katie stood up with her mouth hung open in shock. “You mean you have been fucking your brother all week?” she asked, almost screamed. My sister nodded and smiled at her. “Do you blame me? I mean look at the size of that cock and I must admit Billy is kind of hot. Even if he’s my brother. ” Amanda said. Katie looked back over at me and looked me up and down and stared at my cock a bit longer then shrugged her shoulders as she walked up to me and pulled my shorts down to my ankles and took my cock back into her mouth for a few more seconds. Pulling my cock out of her mouth again said told me to lie down on the floor. I did as I was told and she got between my legs and started to suck my cock for all it was worth. I looked up at my sister and smiled and she walked over to me and straddled my face so her sweet pussy was there for the licking.

I pulled my sister closer to my face and licked her pussy from the bottom all the way to her clit, flicking my tongue a few times at it before running my tongue back down again.

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   On my way back to her clit again I shoved my tongue in as deep as I could get it and wiggle it around her wet cunt. She grabbed my hair and started moaning as I did this. Taking my thumb I started to rub her clit in a circular motion as my tongue fucked her. I started moving my hips to Katie’s rhythm as she sucked on my cock. I could hear both of them start to moan, and the vibration on my cock when Katie moaned. A few minutes later my sister stood up and walked to where Katie was and whispered something in her ear again, and Katie stood up and walked over to me while my sister started to suck my cock. Katie stared at me as she pulled her skirt down and off, then her thong. She was just about to kneel down beside me when I said, “take off your shirt and let me see those tits. ” She paused for a few seconds before removing her shirt. I was in surprised to find out that she didn’t wear a bra, and was even happier about the fact that she was completely bald. I smiled at her as she started to straddle my face. Grabbing her ass and squeezing it as I pulled her down closer so I could lick her pussy. She was so wet when my tongue ran across her lips. That was all it took with her and she was screaming out her first orgasm. I was lapping every bit of it up and when she was down, she was leaned forward, trying to keep herself up after her intense orgasm.

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   I pulled her on my face and shoved my tongue deep into her waiting cunt and started to lick her walls all over, hearing her scream and moan. “OH FUCK BILLY, YESSS!!! THAT’S IT!!! LICK MY PUSSY!!!” she was screaming at me. A few minutes later and Katie got up and walked to Amanda saying “I want to fuck him. I want to feel his cock fill me up. ” My sister smiled at her and held my cock up as she lowered herself on it, and slowly I watched it disappear between her lips and into ecstasy.

It didn’t take long for Katie to get used to my size and start bouncing up and down hard and fast. By then my sister had came up and shoved one of her tits in my face for me to suck and play with. I reached up and grabbed a handful of Katie’s tits while she rode my cock to several more orgasms. Katie stood up saying, “Oh my god I need a break that cock is huge and it feels so good inside me. Same some for me later Billy, I’m not done with you yet. ” My sister giggled at her as she lowered herself onto my cock and started to ride it while I took Katie in my arms and started to suck on her big tits for a while. I heard my sister have about 3 or 4 orgasms before Katie was ready for more. I got both girls on the couch on their backs and I took Katie and shoved my cock in her and started to slide it in and out of her wet cunt hard and fast for her. Then I would switch over to Amanda and do the same thing. For about 20 minutes all you could hear was both girls moaning, me grunting, and the slapping of our bodies as I pounded those girls to another intense orgasm.

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   Hearing Katie was what did it for me and I pulled out and my sister leaned closer to Katie’s face as I shot my load all over their faces. It felt like I was never going to stop shooting my load. Once I was done I collapsed in the chair as I watched the girls lick my spunk from each other’s bodies. Katie ended up spending the night that night, we all three climbed into my sisters bed, cause she had the queen size, Katie on one side of me and Amanda on the other side. We had left our clothes out in the living room because we were just too tired to pick them up, and we ended up falling asleep.

To Be Continued…. .



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