My Shame


My Shame
I’ve kept a secret hidden from the world. It’s my shame. It has tortured me for so long that the only way to release myself is to write it down so that I might be forgiven my trespass. My name’s James. I stand 5’8”, 142 lbs. , with bright blond hair, and light blue eyes. I’m average looking with little muscle mass. But my most impressive feature was what you couldn’t see, my 9” special friend, with what I believe is an amazing girth. But I am the strong silent type. I’m very shy and usually keep to myself. Thus the reason I’m still a virgin. My father had died two years before and mom had been taking care of me alone ever since. Dad left us with little money, but mom was able to get a job at a law firm as a secretary. My mom has always been a strong woman. She is also a very gorgeous woman standing 5’7”, 130lbs. , with a 36c chest and an ass that would make J.

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  Lo green with envy. She has long blond hair and emerald green eyes. She’s every teenagers wet dream come true. Yet, strangely she’s never dated since dad died. She shots down every man that hit on her and in the most embarrassing ways she could think up. I never understood my she hadn’t allowed a man to fill the void left by my deceased father. But what I didn’t know was that she had found a man to fill that void and that man was me.
My story began the summer of my fourteenth birthday. I was off from school and my mother had asked if I would like to spend a couple of weeks at my Uncle John’s cabin. She said we could go up and celebrate my birthday there. Knowing that I loved spending time up there, hiking and swimming, and I didn’t have any friends to celebrate with anyway I readily agreed. So my birthday came and we got up early to pack the car. And I noticed that mom had packed a few more bags than usual. “Mom what’s with all the extra luggage. ” I inquired.

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   “It’s a surprise for when we get to the cabin, sweetie. ” she answered. “Is it my presents?” I probed further. “Maybe, but you’ll have to wait and see. ” She replied with a smile dancing on her lips. She loved teasing me. Knowing when to give up I finish loading the car and off we went.
My uncle’s cabin is in a beautiful, but extremely isolated area. The isn’t another person within 18 miles of it. The perfect place to rest and leave the world behind you. It took six hours to get there and I was stiff from the trip. We or rather she decide I would unload the car while she would put our stuff away. So there I was on my birthday lugging heavy boxes into a cabin on a very hot afternoon. When I to unload my mom’s extra bags she promptly order me to put them directly into her room. After I was finished my told me I smell like “a three week old dead skunk,” and order me to take a shower while she made dinner.

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   I started to protest but one look into her eyes told we to do as I was told. I went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. The instant the hot water hit me I felt my tense muscles ease and I began to relax. I noticed that my cock had perked up and decided that I deserved one good jerk off before dinner, besides it’s my birthday right. So I soap my love tool up and began to lightly stroke myself. My pace quickened as I felt the tension leave my body. I felt my balls tighten and my penis stiffen telling me that I was close to my blissful release. When I heard a knock at the door. “Hurry up in there, dinners ready. ” My mom yelled over the sound of the shower. “Okay, I’m done anyway. ” I replied. Nothing like a mother to ruin a son’s moment of peace. (I’d like to point out that I never have had any sexual desires toward my mother. Maybe I was too shy or maybe it was my belief that it was wrong to think that way about your mother.

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  ) Looking back at my member I saw that it was already becoming as limp as a overcooked spaghetti noodle at the though of my mom.
I got dressed and enter the living room/dining room/kitchen and froze at the sight of my mom. She was wearing the tightest red dress in history. It barely reached down to her thighs and pressed against her ample breasts so tight you could see her nipples poking through. I must have been blushing or staring or more likely both. I also noticed my cock slowly being revived. “I wanted to look nice for your birthday. ” she explained. “You look lovely, I was just caught off guard is all. ” I covered to protect her feelings and my embarrassment. I went to set the table only to find she had already made our plates complete with candle light. “I thought it would be a nice change to eat like this. ” She commented. “It’s perfect, but when do I get my gifts?” I asked. “After dinner sweetie.

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  ” Was her only reply. So we ate and drank. She had some wine while I had some tea she had made for me. I thought the tea tasted funny, but not wanting to hurt her feelings I keep quiet. I just assumed it was the cabins well water. After a little idol talking I started to feel dizzy and my words started to slur. Mom suddenly moved toward me and pulled my chair out and sat down on my lap. I was having trouble focusing my eyes when I heard her whisper, “I love you, son. ” Then I watched as she pressed her lips to mine and slowly forced her tongue into my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening. Here I was about to pass out and my own mother was French Kissing me. With the thought that this was completely unethical, I passed out.
I awoke feeling disoriented and I had trouble getting up. I knew I was on a bed, but I didn’t know how I got there. As my head began to clear I started remembering what happened.

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   My mom kissing me and me passing out, but I pushed those thoughts out of my head thinking they were just some twisted dream. I felt a mild headache developing and tried to get up to get an aspirin when I realized that I was strapped down, I couldn’t get up. Fear and worry shot through my mind. I began screaming for my mom, worried that something had happened to her. “Quiet sweetie. Calm down. ” I heard my mother say. I saw her approach me and was rendered speechless at the sight of her. Gone was the tight red dress only to be replaced with a see through black teddy. Her little light pink nipples were hard and poking out at me. Looking down revealed that she was wearing only a black thong to compliment the teddy top. It left her ass completely exposed to my sinfully wondering eyes. The front was nothing more than a small triangle barely covering my mother’s surprisingly wet pussy. When I managed to look her in the face I saw that she had applied dark black eye shadow and the brightest red lipstick I had ever seen. Fear crept back inside me as I realized that she had drugged me and tied me up.

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“Mom, what’s going on let me up. ” I pleaded. “I can’t do that and as for what’s going on, I’ve decided to redefine our relationship. ” she replied. “What do you mean ‘redefine’ our relationship is just fine. Just untie me and we can forget this whole episode. ” I said almost at a whisper. “Fine my ass, for two years I’ve cared for you, loved you, and tended to your needs. And for two years I’ve been without a full male companion. Having to satisfy my needs with mechanical devises and cheap porno movies. Now its time you took your place as man of the house. Its time your started tending to your responsibilities and your First responsibility is to pleasure the woman of the house. And that’s me, from now on you are my man and I am your woman. And as for untying you I like you just the way I have you. ”
She approached the bed enjoying my naked body, imaging all things that she was about to due to me.

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   She sat down beside me on the bed. “Please this isn’t right, I’m your son, this can’t happen. ” I said pleading my case. Her only response was to bend down and press her lips to mine. I could feel her tongue trying to force its way back into my mouth, but I refuse it. She moved her right hand to my nipple at started twisting it. My mouth open from the pain and I felt her tongue probe my mouth searching out my tongue. I felt a tear fall from my eye. After a minute or so she pulled back and she said, “See that wasn’t so bad. ” “Please mom you have to stop. I’m a virgin and I can’t loose my virgin getting rapped by my own mom. ” I begged. “Don’t worry son you won’t be a virgin much longer. ” she laughed. She moved to kiss me again and I again refused her entry only to have her twist and dig her nails into my nipples.

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   She pulled back frustrated. She looked at me angrily and said, “It’s time I told you the rules. When I tell you to do something you are to do it if you don’t you will be punished. Understand!!” Before I could speak she motioned toward the far wall. What I saw scared me into complete silence and obedience. On that wall was a collection of whips, chains, and some very painful looking electrical devises. She said, “Now I don’t wish to physically harm you, but I will if you refuse or hesitate to do as I say. I wish to make love to you, but you must cooperate or else. Understood!” I nodded resigned to my fate and fearful of the painfully repercussions of refusal. “Now kiss you mom. ” She commanded. She bent down to kiss me and this time I allowed her tongue to explore my mouth freely. I used my tongue to massage hers and slowly entered her mouth with my tongue.
She broke the kiss and stood up saying “You taste mouth so sweet and your so much better at kissing than your father was. Now lets see how good that mouth feels as it eats my pussy.

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  ” With that she started untying my right hand. “Now don’t get any ideas, this hand is for my pleasure, don’t forget I’m stronger than you. ” she cautioned. She slowly guided my hand to her mouth sucking my fingers to get them wet. Then I felt my hand being pushed down into her thong panties to her awaiting pussy. I started to massage and caress her vagina, causing her to moan “that’s good son love you mommy’s pussy, baby. ” And for a reason I can’t fathom, I tore the thong from her body. And before my eyes I saw the pinkest, most unbelievably gorgeous pussy of my entire. “Eager aren’t we. ” she said with a little shock. I watch as the woman that gave me life climbed onto the bed a straddled my head. I reached up with my free hand and pulled her pussy to my salivating mouth. I lick along the outer walls of her pussy teasing her as I slowly approaching her bright red clit. The moment my tongue found her button she screamed “THAT’S IT SON EAT YOUR MOMMY’S PUSSY. OOH IT FEELS SOO GOOD.


  ” With this encouragement I slide two of my wet fingers into her while I sucked her clit into my mouth, while I drank in my mother’s love juice. As I rhythmically worked my fingers in and out of my place of my birth. She screamed, “THAT’S IT FINGER FUCK ME. PLEASE DON’T STOP I THINK I’M CUMMING. ” Her body shook with the power of a two year old pent-up orgasm. She force her pussy down onto my face nearly suffocating me. She thrashed wildly above me. As her orgasm passed she pulled up and as she did I deeply inhaled the sweet smell of her sex.
Mom moved to lay beside me and noticed I had cried through the entire ordeal. Softly she began stroking my hair and moved to kiss and taste my tears. “You were wonderful. Now stop crying we did nothing wrong. Remember I love you. Do you love?” She asked. “Yes mama.

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  ” was all I could replied as another tear escaped me. She moved to kiss it and in the process her still wet pussy rubber my slightly enlarged cock. “Oh my. ” she exclaimed as she felt my hardening prick. “All this time I’ve be lecturing you about handling your manly responsibilities and I’ve gone and forgotten about your needs.
    ” Before I could protest, her hand lightly grasped my quickly enlarging member. “Mom, please you don’t have to. You can just let it go. ” I said half-heartedly. It was the first time someone other than myself had touched me down there. “Nonsense, you can’t expect me not to play with my new toy. Besides I’m dying to know if you cock tastes as good as your mouth. ” she said giggling to herself. Gently mom started stroking my cock, bringing me to my full length and width. “GOOD LORD!! I’ve never seen one so big.

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       How were you able to hide this beast from me for so long?” She asked with much enthusiasm. I blushed with pride, then felt guilty and surprised by my response. Before I could respond to her question she began to stroke my penis with greater speed. She moved her head and took my swollen balls into her mouth. Causing a moan to escape me. She proceeded to lick up and down my shaft getting me ready for her lovely red mouth. I watched as she began to slowly take all of my love tool into her mouth. She started to gag but didn’t stop until her head reached my abdomen. Then she worked her head up and down my shaft bringing me closer to a volcanic orgasm. I fought the urge to cum. I refused to give in to my lust. She pulled away only long enough to say, “Give in to mommy, son. Cum for me, I want, no I need to taste your sweet cum. ” Hearing that caused me to loose all self control. As she was placing my cock back in her mouth my hand shot forward I grabbed her head I forced her to take me all at once.

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       She almost gagged, caught completely by surprise at my action, yet she didn’t struggle. She allowed me to face fuck her at an incredible pace. I could feel my cock pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. “OOH GOD!! Mom your mouth feels incredible. FASTER MOM. FASTER. I’M CUMMING” I moaned giving myself completely into this forbidden and new feeling. I forced myself deep into her mouth as I filled her throat with my cum. She slow pulled her head up to taste me. And sucked every drop of my seed into her awaiting mouth. My body collapsed unto the bed as my own orgasm subsided. She savored my juice and when she swallowed the last of my cum she looked up at me and smiled. New tears streaked down my face as I looked into her eyes and realized for the first time just how much I loved her.
    She slowly crawled up and lay beside me. Now it was my turn to kiss her.

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       Her lips parted quickly as I engaged the next and most intimate sexual interlude. I lightly stroked her hair and said. “Mom, I’m sorry. I love you with all my heart. Please allow me to prove my love to you. ” While she began to free my left hand, I moved my right hand along her back looking for the latch to free my mother’s firm breast that were trapped in her teddy. With both my hands free I was able to strip the teddy from her body. Freeing those golden orbs from their prison, I started circling her areola with my tongue. I started sucking them as if I were a new born child. I took as much of her breast as possible into my hungry mouth. I moved my newly free hand along my mom’s smooth belly as she cried out. “Suck my tits baby, suck then dry honey. ” My figures found her pussy still wet from my loving tongue. With one hand I slowly massaged her clit, with the other I caressed her breast softly rubbing her nipple causing both the harden under my touch. Mom’s hand slipped down to my already hardening monster and coached me to full salute in short order.

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       “Sweetie I need to feel you inside me, my pussy aches for your teenage manhood. ” She begged. “Mom I need you pussy. I can’t stand another minute without being inside you. I want to feel your body impaled on my cock. ” I lustfully replied. She began to straddle me and stopped short of my cock and just stared into my eyes. Nothing needed to be said, we both knew we were about to cross the ultimate line, committing incest with each other. And we didn’t care about the consequences. She slowly reach down and guide my 9” python to her love canal. I gently pulled up rubbing its head along her swollen pussy lips. A gasp escaped both our lips. I pulled her down slowly filling her pussy inch by inch with my swollen cock. I could feel her pussy stretch to its limit as it was forced to accommodate my intruding penis. Mom came to rest on my chest as she completely took me into her.

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       We began a slow rhythmic pace, she would pull up and as she came down I would rise to meet her, penetrating deeper and deeper into her pussy. She quickened her pace as she approached her orgasm. “Fuck me son. Fuck your mom. Fuck me hard. HARDER. FASTER. HARDER. FASTER. ” Our breathing came in fast shallow gasps as our fucking became for frantic, more urgent. Both of us were lost in our own pleasure. She moved up and down on me faster and faster she forced me even deeper into her love starved pussy. I began to quicken my pace to match hers. “Right there don’t stop. I’m going to cum.

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       Cum with me son. ” She pulled me tight to her and I felt my cock fill with sperm awaiting their climatic release. “I’m close mom real close. I love you. ” “I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMING. ” We cried in unison. My mom’s body rocked as orgasm after orgasm ravished her body. I pulled her down hard impaling her on my cock as ropes of my cum filled her thirsty pussy. Her pussy sucked at my cock greedily, milking every last drop out me. As our pace slowed she came to rest against my chest. And I lightly whispered into her ear, “I am your man. ” She looked deep into my eyes as tears began to swell and cascade down her face and said, “And I am your woman. ”
    That was five years ago. We still live together and still make love.

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       She continues working at the law firm and I start college in the fall. The world keeps on turning, blissfully unaware of our indiscretions. Yet, every now and then I can’t help but wonder if what we are doing is truly wrong or just a new way to express our love for each other. The end!?!



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