My robbery expirience with mum


Mom and I were just sitting on the lounge peacefully watching a movie when suddenly the door was smashed in by four men,all of whom were wearing balaclavas.


“Stay down,nobody move or il blow your fucking head off!!” said one of the hooded men.


Mum and I just sat there and nodded


They started walking all around the house shoving our things into sacks that they had and then hoisting them over their shoulders.


About ten minutes went by until they finally finished and all met up at the front door again


“Right,now we have your stuff,well just kill you now”


“What the fuck man,we didn’t talk about this”


“Dude they’l go to the cops if we don’t”


“Well wel do sumfin else instead”


“Like what?”


“How about filming them fuck?”


“Your sick man,I like it”


So the men put there things down and ushered us to fuck,but at first we both hesitated,and we didn’t know what to say to them.


“Alright,looks like your boy isn’t liking whats happning,so your going to give him a little encouragement arnt you slut?


“Ok,il do it,just don’t hurt us,what do you want me to do?”


“Strip for him,rub him up and down,if he doesn’t get hard from it,il kill him,so make it hot”


so mum got up off the lounge and started to move her body,every nerve in my body was trying to get a hard on but it was impossible and mom could see it.


So she started removing her cloths and started rubbing my cock, whipped her hair in my face and rubbed her big titties as well


I finnaly got an erection,and not a moment to soon because the men ordered me to strip naked and told mom to suck my cock with enthusiasm.


So we did as they ordered and mom lowered her mouth onto my raging arrowhead and as she did that my head went back and I let out a small moan.


This seemed to excite the men as they started rubbing at their own cocks and started getting naked aswell.


One of them moved behind mom and plunged his meat into her dripping cunt.


Moms eyes bulged and she looked at me with a little grin,as the guy was pumping her,one of the guys ripped her head from my cock and put his in instead,and she took it with ease.


And the third guy made the vagina dude lie underneath her so that he could pump her in the ass.


When he did this,mom screamed with the cock in her mouth because she had obviously never done anal before,but it had not taken long for the whole cock to be inside of her,and she even started backing up onto it.


Now I haven’t mentioned the fourth guy yet,he was just sitting in the corner staring at me,he kept doing this for a few minuted until he moved over towards me and shoved his cock in my face,I just looked up at him and knew that if I didn’t do it,we were dead.


So I swallowed my pride,and took the rod in my mouth,at first I cringed,but I ended up loving it.


I was sucking that cock so hard,that eventually,without warning,he blew a massive load in my mouth,and the cum was dripping down the sides,what I couldn’t swallow anyway.


I then moved towards mom and took the guys cock out of her ass and shoved the whole thing in my mouth,tasting his cock juice and my moms ass at the same time,the taste was so sweet,I couldn’t get enough.

City Tour in Athens 



The guy getting the blowjob off of my mom then saw my ass in the perfect position,so he moved over and stood infront of it.


“You” he said to my mom


“Lick out your sons asshole,I wana fuck it”


So I moved infront of mom,sticking my ass in the air,and felt her soft wet tounge enter my small hole,and while she slowley licked away,she pulled at my rod aswell.


Taking the cock out of my mouth I said “oh cumon mom,you can do better than that,stick the whole thing in there,spread my whole wide,you call yourself a good fuck” and then I shoved the cock back in my mouth.


So she started tongue fucking my ass,sticking a few fingers in there until the man couldn’t take it anymore and removed her from me and plunged his cock into my freshley lubed hole.

The pain was excrutiating,but I wanted more,and whenever he pulled back to plunge in,I moved my ass back,I didn’t want it out for one second.


The guy I was sucking finnaly blew in my mouth and I was able to swallow another load,and eventually the butt fucker blew in my ass aswell


“I want another cock in my ass”I said,so the rest of the guys took a turn and eventually I had four loads in my ass,I just kneeled there with the feeling of cum just sitting in my ass


“Mom,come here,I wana eat your ass”


So she came to me and shoved her fat ass in my face,and all I could taste was pre cum and a fucked up ass,but I couldn’t stop,I tongue fucked that thing with all the energy I had,mom was moaning like a trooper,I licked her crack and her inner thighs which made her squirt onto my face and I licked all of that amazing cum off


“mom,now come and suck the cum from my ass and spit it in my mouth,no wait,lie underneath me and il fart it out onto you”


So mom moved her fat fucking body under mine and I squatted my ass over her face and pushed as hard as I could and let out a mad stinking fart that just exploded all over her now white face,I then turned around and licked all the cum off and swallowedit all,it must have been about ¾ of a cup worth


“you haven’t cum yet dude” one of the men said to me


so mum grabbed my cock and led me to the kitchen,where she got a skewer and told the men to hold me down while she put it down my cockhead and jacked me off with it.


The pain was worse than anal but I let her do it,and not long after,I shot a massive load into moms mouth,and she swallowed without hesitation.


The men then gave us the video with which they were filming us with,saying that we desereved it,and that they would be back to fuck us.


We agreed and waved them goodbye and I the plunged my cock into moms ass,and began fucking once more.


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