My Ride to Practice


Topic: My Ride to PracticeMy Ride too Practice
Once again, I manage to get up with the sun, while my sister lies in bed, still knocked out.   Every single solitary week, she waits till ten at night to start doing any homework, and doesn’t go to bed till one.   In about one hour, she’s suppose to take me to my gym practice, but it always takes her an hour to get ready, so she should be getting up now.   To confirm that she’s not, I head to her room.   Upon arrival, I immediately see that the door is more than slightly parted, so I proceed straight on in, and sure enough, I find sleeping beauty all curled up in a ball in the center of her bed.   When she’s like this, there’s only one way to wake her.  
I move over to her bed and whip the cover’s off. I figure the cold December air should do the trick.   Its doesn’t, but it does revile something I wasn’t quiet ready for.   Below the covers is a body that I almost wouldn’t assume my own sister would have.   In fact, I never assumed she’d had a body at all before this.   You see, I had never thought of my sixteen year old sister as a girl, or at least a girl girl.   I’d always known she was a girl, but I never looked at her for any of these parts.   Now, right in front of me lays all the parts of the female anatomy I had always wanted to see.   There is no clothing on her, to be honest I’m probably standing on it.   She is completely naked.

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    Before, if pulled the covers off her didn’t work, I’d rock her awake.   I only use the word rock, because what I do is more like abuse than anything else.   Anyway, she is currently still laying there asleep, but I have no idea what to do.   I can’t touch her, or can I?  Her body is smooth, her breast nice and pert. I can’t see her mound do to the position of her legs, but I bet its nice. Over all, she isn’t a bad looker, brown, almost red hair, nice figure, not to fat, or to thin,  and rather toned from track.    
‘Its not nice. ’  I think.   ‘No this is your sister, not some girl. ’ 
A sudden movement from her sends me out of the room like a beam of light.   For the next fifty minutes, I just sit down stairs on the couch trying to calm my thirteen year old body down.   My member has stood at attention, painfully, ever since I saw her.   Normally, I just wear my thin Lycra body suit, and shorts to gym on the weekends.   Usually I just go and comeback.   But with it about thirty degrees outside, I have no other choice but to wear some grey sweat pants and hoodie shirt, so even if she walks down right now, I wouldn’t have to worry to much about he seeing my Soldier standing at attention.

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   I decide to turn on TV, to get the thought of her out of my mind.   It works.  
“Hey. ”  She says flying into the kitchen from the foyer.   “I don’t believe this, I slept in again!” 
“I do. ”  I say as I turn the TV off and stand.   I look towards her, feeling embarrassed, but when I turn towards her, she appears no different than the girl I’ve gotten use to.   She just wears a pair of denim, form fitting jeans, and a rather more cutsie than warm sweater.   Her long rather light brown hair flows part way down her back, and her green eyes are visible from my location ten feet away.   Overall, people say we could be twins, and while I openly don’t agree with them, it is the truth.   Once, a few months ago, I walked into one of the classrooms I’d had never been in.   It was dark, but still light enough to see.   I walked in front of a mirror, turned and for a split second, thought it was her.   It was at that time, I told myself I need to start cutting my hair shorter, still hasn’t happed as its easier to trim at the bottom than mow the entire yard.  
“Get your stuff and let’s go.

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  ”  She says getting her little pocket book.  
“Okay. ”  I pick up my bag, and we head to the car.  
The car itself is a nice, an old Lexus LS 430, that our mom use to drive, before she upgraded to the new model.   Now the six year old car is my sisters. I have to admit, she is a good driver though, and drives careful, and only speeds to keep up with traffic, but never enough for me to feel unsafe.   We drive down the little country road like we always do, and while her body is still on my mind, our conversation manages to bring back the fact that she is just my sister, and nothing more.   That is until,
“I know you saw me naked this morning. ”  She suddenly says out of nowhere.
“No I didn’t. ”  I lie.
“Yes you did.   I saw you charge out of my room. Don’t think your in trouble or anything.   Actually, if you want, maybe one week we can get together.

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“We can?”  I ask wondering if she’s joking, or sick.
“Yeah, I’m serious.   I mean, just enough to see what the other looks like.   After all, the last time we saw each other naked was like nine years ago. ”
I shrug, of course my woody is back again. “I guess. ”  But then a thought pops in my head.   “What about mom, and dad?” 
“What about them?  You know there always gone most of Saturday, even though they say they might be home at anytime. ” 
I shrug again, but since this is only a twenty minute drive, I need time for my body to cool down, so this conversation must change.   I look towards the radio, and turn it up.  
After another ten minutes, she dropped me off at the gym, and went off to the mall down the street. One thing about gymnastics is that, even if you walk in with one, after twenty minutes of warm up, you don’t have the energy to keep it going.
After four hours in the gym, I said bye to my friends and go down to the mall.   I head into the department store were my sister works, and figure I’ll just find a seat up by the customer service area were my sister works, and play video games until she’s done.   I walk upstairs, and into the small room with a hundred screaming idiots trying to get presents wrapped.

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    My sister sees me, leaves the line, and opens the security door, letting me into the employee’s only section.   Of course, I am taking back by her uniform choice.   It’s an elf costume.
She looks at me, then looks down at her appearance.  
“Yes, It’s as embarrassing as it looks. ”  She says.   She then heads back to the rat race up front.  
One thing about her rather slinky out fit is that it highlights more of her body than I thought to look at.   The thought of having her comes to mind once again. I can figure that while it might be nice, that’s incest, and rather disgusting.  
‘Doesn’t matter anyway though,  The sun, moon, and planets would have to really align perfectly for the situation to be perfect enough for us to do anything.  
Well, as it turns out, it didn’t take the whole solar system, just Mother Nature, and some luck.   First, in order to get the whole week of Christmas off, my parents decided to take a trip for their company to Japan to negotiate a contract with one of their suppliers.   They left Friday.   Now, as I sit here looking out my window, it appears that the second part of that may be coming to threw.

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    There’s about two feet of snow on the ground, and it wasn’t in the least bit expected.   I, of course, am already dressed.   But as I stare out the window a little longer, I realize that I may be going absolutely no where today.   I walk back towards my sister’s room, and see if she’s awake.   Before I can reach the door, I find that instead of seeing it parted open, it’s fully closed.   I tug at the knob a little bit to find it locked.  
“I guess she’s finally up. ”  I says to myself, but just as I’m about to back off, the door flings open to revile my sister. She’s wearing a slinky little black skirt and tights.
“Why are you wearing that?”  I ask.
“I have a date latter today. ”
“But what about the elf suite?” 
“Yeah, me and a few of the other workers protested.   Besides it’s not like it boosted sales. So let’s go. ” 
We head downstairs and towards the door, but as I begin unlocking it she decides to surprise me with a “By the way, your practice was cancelled, I called this morning.

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“Also, the mall won’t open till two, and my shift ends at one. ”
“But you have a date?”  I ask finding a flaw in her logic.
“Yes, with you. ” 
I stand shocked at what she just said, a date with me, its only then I remember what she said last week.
She eagerly leads me back to the living room, having me drop my bag at the door, and then onto the couch. She then sits to the right of me.  
“Well, what should we do first?”  She asks.
“I don’t know. ”  I say nervously.   I look my sister over. She knows I’ve always had a weakness for girls wearing skirts and tights, specially the more straight lined kind like she is wearing now.  
“Place your hand on my leg.   Feel it.   Then come over and kiss me. ”  She says rather bluntly.

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I nervously start towards her.   I wrap my body towards her and place my left hand on her leg. Its super smooth. .   Her full length tights wrap her legs in a silky cocoon and easily get me riled.   I then maneuver my head towards hers.   I take my lips, pucker them slightly and then touch her lips with mine.   My rather meek attempt must have been too little for her, because she immediately takes over. She reaches her hand, and places it on the back of my head, and forces my mouth towards her. The new level of suction immediately cause my mind to pass out for a split second as it gets use to the opposite air flow.   Soon I feel something pocking at the entrance to my mouth. Not knowing what it is, or caring, I gently open my lips to allow this object in.   I immediately feel the smooth, stickiness of a long tongue.   It begins exploring the ridges and contours of my mouth, eventually landing and taunting with my own tongue, as if trying to convince it to come out and play.   It does.

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    I immediately fallow suite, wrapping my own tongue around hers, and trying to pass it into her mouth.  
As we play this form of entertainment in out mouths my mind becomes less apprehensive about exploring my sister’s body.   My hand that sits on her leg begins pumping up and down it, each time inching further and further into that small dress opening of hers.   Eventually, it finds a nice, warm home under the fabric, and immediately finds my sister’s cookie pot.   I feel the small, moist slit threw the fabric.   I study its contours threw the silky fabric.   But hungry for more, I take my hand out, and maneuver it to her chest.   I feel my sister’s relatively large breast.   Her breast aren’t the largest in the world, I’d say maybe a C-cup, but to me there perfect.
      My hand perfectly cups what I believe is her right breast.   I begin playfully squeezing it, feeling for the nipple, and pinching it.   This causes my sister to jump slightly.   Every time I ether squeeze her breast hard, or pinch her nipple, her breath changes, it becomes more erratic.   Her kissing also changes, becoming more involved, harder, more intense.   Soon, she pushes away from me, as we do, are tongues are left hanging in the air, and we just stair at each other, and the line of shared saliva hanging between the two of us like a power cable.

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    “I didn’t think you were that good. ”  My sister comments.   “Lets go someplace else. ”
    She then gingerly grabs my hand, and takes me upstairs.   At first, I think were headed to her bed room, but it turns out were headed for our parents room.   She closes the door, like it matters, and sits me down on the edge of the bed.   She proceeds a few feet away from the bed, the same one we both were conceived on, and turns to face me.   She then reaches her hands around to her back, and slowly takes the zipper down on the back of her dress. She takes the zipper as far down as it will possibly go, and then beds over to undo her heeled shoes.  
    If I had been paying attention earlier, I would have known something was up, my sister never wears heals and drives. She’ll just wear some tennis shoes until we reach our destination, and then put the heels on.   But in this case, the heels are still coming off.   Eventually, she manages to loose a full inch of high, which still placing her four inches above me.   She then comes over to me, reaching her arms up to her dress straps, and pulling them down.   Allowing her poorly supported dress to drop to the floor, she takes her legs and walks out of it.


        Wearing nothing but a silky looking black bra, black tights and what ever lies under there, she sits next to me on the bed, and begins kissing me again.   This time I have no trouble figuring out what to do.   I take my sisters mouth and massage it ant all of its insides as much as I possibly can.   As for my hands, they go back to their previous fondling.   I feel up my sister’s breast, playing with her fully erect nipples and tugging at her fleshy extremities.  
    Suddenly, I feel an on and unusual feeling on my crotch.   By the way we are positioned, I immediately figure that it’s my sister, and she’s feeling mine.   She gently rubs my cock threw the material, very slowly, but I have already had way too much stimulation already.   Each movement she makes sends a flow of pleasure into me, and causes me to want to blow my load every single revolution. She must since my apprehension to wish to do this as she stops.   She then backs off a little, ending are long kiss.   She reaches her arms around me, and removes my shirt, and places it to the side.   As I was prepared for practice, I’m wearing a dark blue body suite with sweat pants.   The tight Lycra material is an added obstacle that my sister immediately wants removed, so she reaches to the sides, and takes down both of the straps.   She then maneuvers me out of my sweat pants, taking both my shoes and socks with them.

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        Finally she Reaches around my waste and removes my gym body suit and gym pants, leaving me only in a pair of underwear, but even that’s not enough to cover my elongated member.   It currently is possibly at its max, or at least the longest I’ve ever gotten it to, and sticking out of my briefs.   She looks down at the cloth garment leaving little hidden, and removes it quickly.   Now, I’m completely naked in front of her.  
    “I guess its my turn now,” she says.  
    My sister immediately removes the black tights I loved so much, revealing her extremely smooth looking legs and black panties.   She then pulls of both the panties and the bra, reveling her sweet naked body.   Watching her stand there confidently in the nude is almost enough to cause me to blow my load right then and there.  I can feel my cum backed up in my body.  
    My sister lays on the bed next to me, takes her hand and runs it down my chest.   She runs it over my rather curvy chest, to my few bumps of muscular definition on my abdomen.  
    “You are pretty strong. ”  She says “You know, you’re the only guy I know who has a six pack. ” 
    I never really thought much about my body before now.   I always thought I was alright.

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        I am pretty good at my sport, but I always considered myself average, and there are the guys who’s bodies have just as much definition as my own, so I never thought much of it.   But it has obviously captured the attention of my sister.   She stairs at my body as if its something that she must have.   Her hand passes down my abs, and to the other object of her desire, my man hood.   She grabs the six inch member and begins tugging on it.   She wanks it a little, but it doesn’t take much for me to blow my load all over my chest.   Some of the long burst of white fluid make it as far as my head and end up on my face.  The pleasure immediately sends my head back, and cause my to convulse a little bit.   After a few seconds, I turn toward my sister who has a smile on her face, she even giggles a little.  
    “You look like a little slut. ”  She says almost laughing.   “Its even in your hair. ” 
    I just look at her, I have nothing to say.   Noting that, she moves closer to me, and begins licking some of my semen of my face, and moves down to the large pool of it on my chest.   After its all gone she lays next to me once again.

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    “Now do you want to see what I can do?” 
    To Be continued…



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