My Ride to Practice Part 2


Topic: My Ride to Practice  My Ride to Practice Pt. 2
“Now do you want to see what I can do?”  She asks as if I’m going to say no.
I nod yes wondering what she could mean.    It doesn’t take long for her to rotate her body around to the head of the bed, laying on her back and opening her legs placing her rather luscious looking mound in front of me.   I look it over, and take in how the line of her vagina slowly raps around to her rear, with there rather sweet, yet fleshly ridges of flesh on each side.   This assembly of sexuality comes together in a rather odd looking gully which leads to the small, yet winking eye of her rear.   I must admit, I had never wanted her more. While mind has already made up what it wants, I decide to wait and see what it is she is up to.  
I rotate around and get on all fours at an elevation in which I can see both here face at the head of the bed, and her clit. Noting that I’m in a comfortable position, she begins by reaching her hands and teasing her breast a little.  
“Hey,”  She suddenly states. “Stick a finger in there, I want to show you something, and I know you want to. ”  I decide to take her queue and stick my index finger inside of her vagina.    Its warm, and immediately gets my already used member restarting.   But the texture is not as smooth as I think it would be.   Its rather dry, and somewhat sticky.

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    From the wetness I had experienced earlier, this is kind of an upset.
“Okay, now take it out. ”  She says, and of course I fallow.  
She then proceeds to masturbate herself.   She begins squeezing her breast much more enthusiastically than what she did before.   She plays with her nipples, both flicking them and squeezing them.   She squeezes the main bodies, in a playfully manor.   I can easily see the perfectly toned skin revile the mess of nerves and flesh inside every time she squeezes them.   Oddly enough, seeing this aspect of her internal anatomy gets me more fired up.   After only a few seconds of stimulation, I can see my sisters nipples begin to increase in  size, and the shade of her breast darken to an almost rosy red.   As she does so, her body twitches ever so often in an involuntary way.   I look down to her pussy which is  also shifting to a darker shade, and her little clit beginning to emerge from its hiding place like some sort of small animal growing more confident in its safe surroundings.    Little did it know, it would be expected to work for its new found freedom.   Eventually, my sister passes her hand down to the little appendage and touches it ever so slightly.   Her body immediately bucks at the sensation.

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“Huh. ”  She lets out.  
I then realize just how pleasurable this must be for her.   She touches it again, sending an identical response as the first time.   I try to look at her face, but its fully bent back, and she is completely lost in her own world now.   Suddenly, and without warning a rather slick looking white substance comes poring out her vagina.   Its obvious that this must be the stuff that wet her panties earlier.   As I watch it poor out, it reminds me of sugar water, but the density is much higher, and it moves much slower than water does, like a very watered down oil (if that is possible).   I decide to sample some of this drink. I reach my figure to it, taking a small sample of this female juice, and place it on my tongue.   The taste isn’t as bad as one would think.   Its rather salty, but still sweet at the same time.   The combination of the flavors is rather hypnotizing, and before I know it, I’m back taking an even larger sample.   To do so without touching her is quite easy as these juices are now flowing unrestrictedly.
Eventually my sister manages to pull herself back from la la land long enough to say,
“Now stick it in.

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  ”  Her tone is such that I’ve only heard on what little porno I’ve ever scene.  
I stick my finger in, and instead of the course, sticky pavilion I was introduced to earlier, now its smooth, and easily penetrated.   As my finger quickly sinks in as far as it will go, my sister lets out a gasp, but by the time I can respond, I’m already as far back inside of her as my figure will go.   Inside, I find a unique world.   Its mainly smooth and free of obstruction with the exception to a small bump and a rather net like opening.   I place some pressure on the net, and my sister lets out an odd yelp.   Its not like anything I heard before, and more so suggestive of pain than anything else.   I retract my finger away from this structure only to come to the only other structure in her vagina.   I bump it along the way, which sends my sister bucking rather oddly.
    “Wait, there. ”  She says in a panicked sort of way.
    I stop removing my finger, and go back to the spot from earlier.   I press up against it once more, sending my sister bucking again.   I figure this must be some sort of sensitive spot, as it renders her unable to even feel herself up.   I proceed to begin a light assault on this spot.

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        I press it like a button, each time getting the response I want.  
    “Huh, huuh. ”  My sister yells out.  
    Juices come flowing out of her much faster now, and the walls of her pussy contract, gripping my finger as if trying to such it in, but I continue my action.   I increase my subtle velocity to one more energetic, but she is already to far gone to care, in fact she is now shivering at the sheer rub of my figure against this place.   Her legs begin to close as she almost seems to try to defend herself against my finger, but I’m having too much fun to stop.  
    “No wait, Jason, I have to go. ”  She says almost unintelligibly.
    I barely even understand her as I push this button as hard as I can.   It immediately causes her to convulse, rather dangerously from my perspective. I decide enough is enough (she is still my sister after all) and try to abort to check how she is doing, but the final bullet has already been launched.   As her body comes back down to the bed, my finger is inched into the position it needs to hit her spot once again just as hard as I did the previous time.   Immediately she convulses uncontrollably, and attempts to say something but can’t and fluid, this time from a new section of her slit, comes flying out of here, getting all over myself and the bed.   I pull my finger out, but the damage is done.   I can only watch her lay there shivering, and peeing all over the place.

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        Of course, a sample of her fluids hits me in the face, and out of stupidity I use my tongue to sample some of it.   It tastes sort of like regular water, except for the same sweet, salty issue I got from her other juices.   I look to her for an explanation, but realize I won’t be getting one anytime soon.  
    To Be continued….



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