My perfect night with mom


Topic: My first time with mom. Well, let's start with my sexual experiance. Before this I have had sex with three different girls, first when I was sixteen, then two more times when i was 18 But after those "relashoinships" I was still wanting more then just teenage girls. And since I first started masturbating I always fantasized about my mom. But one day when I was 18 1/2, I finally fullfilled my dream.
One night I was sitting in my room thinking about going to my mom and telling her everything. I finally built up the courage to go do it. When i walked into her room she wasn't asleep she was trying but it's hard sometimes for her. Anyway, I sat on the foot of her bed and looked at her and asked "Can I talk to you about something?" She sat up seeing the seriousness in my face and waited to listen. "For a long time," I started "I have been having these sexualy fantasies about you and I have never been able to get them out of my head. " She looked at me in bewilderment. I continued "Have you ever maybe thought of me that way. " She looked at her hands and then back at me, "Since we're being honest here," she said "I have to say yes. " The nervousnees in my stomach was uplifted. I started to move my hand on her leg over the blanket. "Well, then I was also wondering that maybe we could do something.

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  " She looked at me and smiled. I took it as an invite.
I leaned over her body and kissed her lips then her tongue forced it's way into my mouth. I could taste her sweetness, my dick grew to it's normal 7 inches in like a second. As we made out I moved my hand up to her night gown. And with one hand undid the buttons. When her breasts were free I pulled away to gaze at their C cup sized beauty. I then put one in my mouth and sucked. She breathed heavily with pleasure. My hand then slid under the blanket and into her panties. Her unshaved pussy was wet with her juices. She then pushed me away and took off her night gown revealing her whole torso. Then she pulled the blanket off and I saw her panties wet with vaginal juices, my mouth was wtering at the sight. She then put here foot in my face, I grabbed her ankle and put her big toe in my mouth. The bitter taste was unbelivably satisfing.

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   While I did it, I closed my eyes with pleasure. As I was sucking her beautiful toe she pulled off her underwear. I opened my eyes and gazed at her beautiful pussy.

    The she sat back and said "Take off yours now!" and the second she finished saying that I did, stripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants. My cock looked 8-9 inches. She smiled at the sight. I then leaned over and put my nose on her Pubic hair. I put out my tongue and tasted her pussy, It was intoxicating. I then started sucking her clit and fingering her pussy. I searched her pussy for her G-Spot. When I thought i found it i heard her say, "Yes, yes, yes Tom, yes, there, there, perfect. " I sucked and fingered for thirty minutes, untill her pussy exploded in my face. I felt a warm gew in my face. I loved it. She then laid flat and breathed heavily.

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       He legs shaking and eyes closed.
    Then she sat up and patted on the bed next to her. I layed down and she grabbed my rock hard cock. "Your turn. " she said as she moved her face to my penis. She put the wholde thing in her mouth and deep throated my cock. I was so pleased with the feeling I humped upward. She was sucking and gagging on my cock. After i few minutes she got up and half way up was a precum line. She then crawled over my dick and say on it. When I went inside of her we both simultaniously moaned with pleasure. She was then jumping up and down and her ass crack pushed onto my balls. I was staring at her breasts bouncing up and down. I  then sat up and forced her back onto the bed. I stared into her eyes as I fucked her fast.

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       She is a screamer, and luckily no one else was home that night. About five minutes in I came, it was the best feeling ever. After I rolled over next to her. I then grabbed a ciggarette  from her head board and lit it up, she did the same. I fucked her three more times that night before we went to sleep. I know, it was the best night ever. And she was perfect, good at it, and had a tubiligation so no condums.