My older sister Bella


Topic: My Older sister BellaMy older sister Bella was one of a kind, she was shy around guys but She was also quite horny to match. The funny thing is that she is still a virgin and only dated a few times. She is 18 with a killer body, but it’s hard to since She usually dresses in sweat clothes.
I am 18 turning 18 this year and ever since I was younger Bella and I played
pretty interesting games of dare. Since I was much younger, I was always a victim to her will and intellect. I was always the one to do the most embarrassing dares in those early days of the game.
We play less and less often usually once every few months. Usually in the privacy of our own rooms. Last month we had a new person join our game. A friend of mine from class. He was a chubby nerdy boy named Ronald. She told
me behind his back that she thought he looked disgusting, as I started to mature I started having strange urges around my sister.
It didn’t help that Ronald talked about my sister constantly, describing her body and what he wished he could do to her. I started visualling the things he wants to do to her. How he wanted her to dress, and obey his commands.
secretly it was turning me on how he spoke about her.

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   I wanted to invite him into our game so that maybe just maybe he can get her to do something in our game of dare.
I remember asking Bella permission to let him join us and how she hesitated nodding her head. We were in her room and she was on her desk going through one of her schoolbooks. We had to explain 3 rules to my ugly friend of the limits of our game.
1. No sex also including nudity-she looked directly into Ronald’s face when
she said that
2. It can’t be a dare that could harm our lives and could only last one day
3. No similar dares could be asked upon the same person
Ronald was stumped at rule number one. He almost looked as if he lost the motivation to play. My sister was always talking about guys over the phone with her friends and had many sex videos online, I knew for a fact that she
masterbates constantly in her room. But it never crossed into our game but I was getting excited with dares that Ronald could come up with.
We rolled a dice to decide the orders of the dares and it started with Bella followed by me then Ronald. Bella spoke up and requested Ronald to take a sharpie and draw circles over his face until she said stop. Ronald uneasily reached for the sharpie and began moving it in circles over his face. She counted 18 seconds while laughing and grinned for him to stop.

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   His face looked hilarious my sister and me couldn't stop laughing. But Ronald was a good sport and just shrugged it off.
Our dares started simple, dance like a chicken for 1 min to acting out stupid scenes from movies that we could remember.
About 18 turns in, it was my turn again, I looked at my sister and Ronalds fantasies started flowing past my mind. But I didn’t have the guts to ask her to do anything crazy. But I also wanted to please Ronald so one of my common dares before this game was to have my sister remove an article of clothing as long as she doesn’t go nude. I asked her to remove her jeans.
My sister normally would just have a remark like horny devil or something of the like before complying without delay. But she actually looked at me and then at Ronald. "Hey you know the rules you cant back out Bella, she us what you got under those pants. " Ronald ordered. That made Bella quite annoyed, "yeah sis as long as you are not nude you must do it. "
My sister closed her eyes in frustration and replied, "Fine whatever you horny shits, but you guys are gunna pay" she got off her knees opened her zipper, and with her hands at both sides of her jeans she started pulling them down. She stepped out of her jeans and I noticed that her panties looked quite small, less material then she usually had on. As she turned to put her jeans in her laundry basket, I realized.

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   I played this dare many with her and this is the first time she had a thong on.
I realized why she was hesitant. She usually got changed first before we started this game and I guess she forgot to wear her usually boy shorts when we played before. Her face was bright red as she sat back down. Ronald shifted over to his right to take a peek at her behind. She had on the nicest fitting black thong on. I had never seen a girl in with a thong on in person and it got me hard instantly.
It was Bella's turn again and she wanted revenge. Bro I dare you to change into one of my panties from the drawer. I was surprised at her slip, she didn’t specify which ones. and to her horror I pulled out one of her longer boy shorts and went to the bathroom to change into them. They looked no different on me then a pair of boxers. Tight boxers but nothing as embarrassing as what she had on.
Ronald was next and instant demanded my sister to remove her top, but all he got from her was a smile, I explained, "Remember rule number three no similar
dares on the same person. He thought for a second, fine how about you wear a tighter t-shirt for us! haha she was annoyed again, showing off to two kids.

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   She got up over to her drawer, but Ronald was a bit smart this time. He came over with her and started going through her drawer for his perfect shirt for her. and there it was. one of my favorites as well. it was a midriff t-shirt she got from a guy. She only wore these once and felt way too uncomfortable to wear it ever again. She grabbed it from his hand and walked out the room.
Ronald was grinning at me in a creepy way like a kid in a candy store, a kid who’s rotten to the core. A few seconds later and my sister returned. We didn’t expect how hot and slutty this made her look. her perfect legs up to her perfect stomach was now on display. Even nicer was the perfect shape of her breasts formed from her tight fitting shirt.
We both couldn’t stop scanning her body. The game went on with dares running out on our end. And 20 mins later me and Ronald were without our shirts and I had stupid remarks written all over my body from Ronald’s dare.

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   It was now 3pm and we were running out of ideas. But of course Bella didn’t stop with her many wacky dares that for the most part made her laugh.
Ronald already used up a dare to make my sister dance, so he had to find another way to make use of her and how little she was wearing. His idea was to have her stay the way she is dressed for 24 hours. She didn’t see any harm with that. She could easily stay in her room when her parents got home. But that quickly backfired when he added that she also had to be next to me all day as well. So she couldn't hide in her room indefinitely.
Ronald’s next dare was an interesting one.   He made a call on the phone and came back and dared me to come over to another friends house now. My sister looked confused, "Don’t worry its only down the block and you can wear a jacket over, that’s fine" She was shocked, "What I’m not going like that outside I have to wear something more than just a jacket, and who is your friend" she choked. “Sorry Bell unless you want us to take pictures of you now and show your friends that you stripped for us" I remarked and she was defeated.
We were out the door with Bella walking slowly behind us. "Ronald we are going Norman’s house?" I asked, "Yeah, he is having a sleep over tonight, his dad isn’t going to be home either so we have the whole house to ourselves and they are gunna love my gift, a hot ass older girl that’s dressed in barely anything.
We made our way into Norman's garage and he led us in.

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   There were five other boys in the kitchen at the table. I only knew Norman and one of his friends Alim a chubby East Indian guy in our math class. We talked for a few minutes getting to know a few names. Andy, Carl, Henry and Sadeen. They were kids from a nearby school. My sister was very silent as she stood with her back behind me.
"This is Bella My sister" I proudly introduced. "We have a little game of truth or dare going and I thought you guys would enjoy an invite into our game. " Ronald added. All the guys were eyeing her as she turned to say hi, but was shocked to hear that all these boys are joining. "What no way that’s not fair, one girl and seven boys" "Haha, you don't have a choice with these pics am I right?" Bella knew she was in trouble, she was hoping she could out think them and find an opportunity to take control of the situation. But
she didn't realize the danger she was really in.
Ronald led the group into the living room and initiated a large circle. "These are the new rules. .

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  . " "What you can't change the rules" Bella shouted, "sure I can, I have these pics on my phone so you don’t have any say in the matter" Ronald answered. "The new rules are, only boys make the dares" "Damn dare her to get naked" another boy excitedly remarked. "Hell no" she screamed at him. "I rather let people see the pictures that get naked for you"
"How about we set the rules no sex" trust me people well freak if they saw pics of your in your thong with me and Ronald. So anything but sex is fair"she thought about it for a few seconds and agreed.
"let’s start where we left off, take off your jacket Bella" Ronald smirked. She got off her knees and unzipped the long coat revealing her tight little shirt that ended above her toned stomach and down past her thong dropping the jacket behind her. All the boys were cheering and excited, their hearts beating out of their chests. Bella never felt so exposed before and she knew sooner or later she will have to get naked for these little kids.
It was decided that the order was clockwise starting with Carl, the first
dare was to let him feel her ass. Defeat hit her hard as she fainted a nod
and stood tall on her knees as he cupped his hand on her butt playfully
squeezing for about 20 seconds before she sat back down. I was very turned
on at the reluctance in her face as she was felt up.
The next dare was that she took off her shirt and let the next boy feel her
chest. She sunk into herself taking a few seconds before finding the will to
move her arms and pull her tiny shirt over her head revealing round perfect

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   The boys all laughed and remarked to each other how awesome this
was and how hot she was. Ronald came up to her and cupped her breasts with
both hands and started kneading them. The others couldn't wait for their
turns as they watched him hungrily playing with her breasts. Bella's eyes
were tightly shut as he continued almost a minute before sliding back to his
spot. "they are fucking awesome guys" Donald gleefully smirked.
Alim was next and she started breathing heavily anticipating the next awful
dare. I knew she saw him as the ugliest guy in the room next to Ronald and
it turned me on that someone has hot as her would let someone like Alim
touch her. "I dare you to let me suck on your boob" "No fucking way" she
cringed at the thought, Ronald snapped another picture of her, this time it
was much more incriminating as she was topless in the middle of 7 boys.
"Fucking stop that" "I will if you just do the dares" Ronald replied. Bella
took in a deep breath, "Fine"
She took her arms from over her breasts to her side and closed her eyes not
wanting to see the vile act about to happen. I could tell she heard him
slide over but it was funny to see how she cringed as Alim opened his wet
mouth over right breast. For a minute long, all I could hear was Alim
slurping and lapping his tongue over her breast while he began to kneed her
left breasts. Bella’s arms came up from her sides placing her hands over her

forehead and pulling her hair back with the palms of her hands trying to hold
herself from yelling in anger as the sensations lapped at her.
The next two dares were the same as Alim's as each boy moved up to her and
started tonguing her chest. Bella was starting to murmur a bit of disbelief
as those tongues beat soft skin.

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   "omg what fuck is happening, why me" was
the only words I could make out as the boys licked and sucked on her. It was
now my turn and that ass was giving me the hardest hard on I had ever had. I
knew what I wanted and that was taste that sweet ass of hers. I dared her to
let me lick her thighs and ass. She looked at me for a few moments before
she hesitantly laid herself on the carpet on her stomach as I approached
I firmly cupped a cheek and lustfully started lashing my tongue around her
ass and up the crease of her thong. I heared her moaning softly I dove in at
her thigh just above the back of her knees and glided my tongue up and down
her perfect legs. I felt the urge to sink my teeth into her toned thigh and
she jerked in shock and pain letting out a gasp I took another bite from the
right cheek of her butt it was so firm with almost no fat I was in heaven as
she gasped over and over as I bit and licked her.
Sadeen was Next and he had her spread her legs with his head in between as he
started licking away between her thighs and around the thong material. This
got her gasping and panting the most we have seen so far. Sadeen was quite
rough as time went on, he pushed her on her back and pulled her legs higher
so that his tongue started from the her ass up and over her mound over
and over. My sister was grabbing the carpet to control her ticklishness and
Norman french kissed her for his dare and had her lay on her back as he
ravaged her mouth while feeling her breasts. Andy was next and he wanted to
lick her entire body. This I could tell grossed her out completely but like
before she took it.

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   He came face to face with her and slowly pushed her onto
her back and started at her toes. She jerked many times as his tongue

swirled in and around toes. He pushed her legs straight in the air as he
licked from her upper thighs up to her calves then he lowered his mouth on
her stomach and made large circles coming to her nipples he watched her face
in great discomfort he kissed her hands and ended at her neck up to her
mouth for a french kiss.
My sister’s body was glistening like oil all over. It was the sexiest thing I
had ever seen. I had the biggest urge to french her and I eagerly waited as
the next few turns to place. It was Carl's turn again and he pulled his
pants down to his knees and his young cock sprung out. "What the fuck are
you doing no sex remember!!" Bella shouted with renewed energy. "Ya yah I
know but a hand job isn't sex, so just jack me off" "fuck that’s gross no!"
Ronald snapped another picture which had Carl a few feet away from my
topless sister with his cock aimed at her. "Do it or people will being
seeing this" He teased.
Bella started breaking down, tears started flowing. "Please don’t make me do
this, its disgusting Please!" Ronald didn’t give her another second, "Stop
crying it’s only a hand job, its not like your mouth is going to be on it"
"just put your hands around it and slide it up and down that’s all" Carl
assured her. I couldn't believe how far the game has gotten how she let boys
my age control her, it was sending me over the edge.
After a few more coercions she finally complied and started jacking him off.
Her face was turned over her shoulders as she did the deed, around 2 minutes
later Carl put his hand around hers and started pumping harder until he
started erupted white cum over her hands and around his pants.


   He was a mess
but didn’t care he was in heaven. His pants were up and Ronald was next and
as I thought he wanted the same dare. The picture of someone so pretty as
Bella jacking off someone so ugly as Ronald made my cock harder.
Bella pumped for a minute successfully making him cum faster than Carl which
appeared to annoy Ronald. Carl came back with a towel and tossed it to Bella
to clean her hand. I loved hearing how turned on the others were as they
planned what to do with her at their turns. My turn was next. I told her to
stay on her knees as I came up to her and reached around her lower back
pulling her in for a deep kiss. I pushed my tongue massaging her tongue my
right hand pulled her hair back and continued the kiss for a long minute
before I broke away. I never kissed anyone like that before but I knew it
was a good kiss and I could tell that she was in that moment with me because
she almost gave me a smile, almost.
The remaining turns were either hand jobs or more tongue-lashings over her
body. So far the game only went just over an or so and after everyone got at
least one hand job and feels. We decided to take a break, us guys wanted to
let everything that just happened to sink in while we left her in the living
room to her sad thoughts.
I pulled my sister into the room with us and we spent a few hours eating and
talking in the kitchen. We didn’t care for the game anymore as we started
touching her where we wanted and kissing her without much resistance.

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   It was
funny when Alim and Ronald wanted another hand job at the same time while
Andy was licking between her legs for a few minutes. With her head leaned
back for a while I came behind her and kissed her deeply. The others took
turns with her hand jobs. After we were spent again, licking her body was the
next best thing to do with her. She  was bend over the table as we either
took turns licking her or partnering up to tongue her.
I remember when we tried to do a 7 person lick fest on her at the same time,
and it was hot at first when she was moaning like crazy but it got boring
licking in the same part of her for too long. After 5 hours it was getting
late and we went up to the attic which was Normans room, there were two beds
and we quickly made up arrangements. Of course we were also deciding where my
sister gets to sleep. And we used a small game to decide whom she slept
beside. The two winners were Alim and I. We took a bed and Alim had Bella

slip between us. Of course without a second of her in the bed he was already
feeling her breasts.
About four hours later I woke up to someone bending over me and waking
Bella. It was dark but I recognized Ronald instructing my sister to get out
of bed and over to the small rug over the cold wood floor. "Lay down here I
want to tongue you again" She sat down and laid herself back and he started
licking her stomach.

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   After a few minutes I heard someone else get out of bed
and walking over to Bella. The last thing I heard was both their tongues
lashing her hard body.
In the morning I as soon as my eyes opened I  turned to see if my sister was
next to me but she wasn't I pulled myself up and saw that she was still on
the rug. Henry was licking her ass and thighs she was on her hands and knees
as he ran his tongue over her. I didn't know but she didn’t get a wink of
sleep after Ronald woke her in the middle of the night. Everyone but me took
turns lashing her with their tongues or kissing her all through the night.
About half an hour later I got up and we all got ready downstairs as my
sister finally got some sleep in the attic. Some of the boys had to go home
early in the day and they kissed my sleeping sister before they got picked
up by their parents or walked home. There were now four of us left, Carl,
Norman, Ronald and I.
Norman got a call from his uncle that he was coming home in an hour with
some relatives and that the house should be clean before he gets there. We
helped Norman clean up our mess but none of us wanted to do the dishes or
laundry so Carl told one of us to wake my sister up and get her to do those
things. Ronald and my sister came down the stairs after a few minutes and I
saw some fresh saliva over her breasts and neck. We got her to start with
the laundry and it was funny to see her clean the cum soaked clothes from
our hand jobs. I loved seeing her hot thong clad ass bending over and tippy
toeing to reach products from the shelves.
After we were all done my sister came back from the laundry room wearing her
white midriff shirt "I can wear my shirt at least right?" We looked at each
other and agreed.

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   Now we had to come up with a plan. Everyone agreed that
they weren't ready to let her go just yet. So we had to think of what to do
with her with only a few minutes before Norman’s relatives come over. We knew
that it would be wrong to leave her in her outfit for everyone to see, she
would get in trouble or worse. Since Norman lived with his dad and uncle
there were no female clothes in the house. Norman looked through his closet
searching for any pants she could wear, until Carl came up with his idea
which was to see how long we could keep her hidden in the house. It kind of
turned us on to imagine her hiding around the house from adult males in
just a thong.
She was strangely obedient as we brainstormed our idea. She took off her
shirt and gave it to me to put away as we continued to think. How about a
game of getting from room to room without getting caught. A few minutes
later the garage door opened and a van parked. Norman's dad ,uncle, and

older cousin step out of the car. Bella's heart was pounding as she was
ordered to hide in the closet next to the door leading to the garage.
The men came inside and headed to their rooms to change while Norman and his
dad was talking in front of the closet door. "Hey dad how was the fishing
trip?" "Great we cooked up some great catches, how was your sleepover?"
"Nothing special, some of them are still upstairs in my room" Norman

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I came downstairs to see how things are moving and waved to
Mr. Walsh. He took off his jacket and was reaching for the closet door when
Norman tried to stop him suggesting that hell take the jacket, "its ok I got
it" replied Mr. Walsh as he open the closet throwing his jacket in hitting
Bella's thighs. Luckily Mr. Walsh was quite a slob and didn’t bother to look
in as he threw his jacket in closing the door. If he had just turned to look
he would have seen a beautiful scantily clad girl not 3 feet away from him.  
Bella's heart was pounding as she looked through the molding of the door to
see the guys walk into the kitchen. I came up to the closet and opened the
door leading her to living room. It was the fastest way to the stairs if it
hadn't been for Norman’s uncle coming from the other room. Bella dove behind
the couch next to the cold glass sliding door to the balcony. Norman's uncle
sat down and click the TV on sitting back without saying a word to me. He
was fat, at least 300 lbs. I sat down on the couch that Bella was hiding
behind and soon Mr. Walsh and Norman’s cousin who I have never seen before
sat down as well.

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Carl and Ronald join the room as well look at me trying to figure out where
Bella was hiding. I pointed with my eyes to behind the couch and they came
over to me and subtlety peeking over and smirked when they saw Bella laying
on her side with her ass cheeks against the glass staring at nothing.
We sat for ten minutes watching TV and talking about the trip while Ronald
and Carl had their hands behind the couch stroking her smooth skin. After
some stories were shared, me and my friends decided to go into the balcony
for some fresh air while Norman came around the kitchen and opened the back
door, Bella crawled outside into the balcony and ran into kitchen and
followed Norman. "Can I please go back to your room this is too much for me"
she pleaded, "No this is so hot, I want you to stay in the den and sit in
this couch. She sat down and watched Norman leave the room.
Norman came back to the balcony and whispered to us that she was in the den.
"Hey I actually want to see your sister get caught by someone, it’s freaken
turning me on thinking about it" "No way she'll get in trouble" I replied
"How about we  say that she is my girlfriend and that she just came over and
we have her stay in the den with something covering her. It will be hot"
Norman argued. It was really turning me on to have my sister practically
naked in front of Norman’s family. I agreed and headed up stairs for her
"Hey dad my girlfriend just came over and were gunna watch TV in the den
ok?" "You have a girlfriend? your 18 right? I guess that’s not too young to
be dating let us meet her" he replied. "sure Ill let her know your gunna say
I gave her the shirt and she slid in on over her head and I looked around
for something to cover her but I was running out of time so I grabbed a
couch pillow and handed it to her but it was ridiculously small, it made her
look like she was either wearing a really really short skirt or that infact
she was just in her panties. Before any changes could be made Mr. Walsh and
his brother walked into the room.

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   They sprung instant hard ons when they
spotted my beautiful sister on the love seat with her stomach and long legs
"Hi my son wanted to introduce you to me, I can't believe my son has such a
gorgeous girlfriend" Bella knew the details of the boy’s wishes but hearing
him say girlfriend sent a horrible chill down her spine. Mr. Walsh reached
out to shake her hand and scanned her body as his head came over. "Ya Norman
is really nice" "You are my son's age you look a few years older not in a
bad way of course" Mr. Walsh continued eyeing her body. "I’m 18 and thanks I
always wanted to look a bit older"
"why don’t you join us for a meal, I can get everyone some pop to drink" Mr.
Walsh gestured at Bella. Bella hesitating to move. I was getting so turned
on at the attention she was getting from these old guys and I knew they
probably wanted to see her naked just as much as we did, "She doesn't want
to move because we were playing a game of truth or dare before you got home
and you know how us teenagers are" "ahah yeah I remember playing when I was
young we were quite crazy, so what is the dare so far?" remarked Norman's
uncle. "um She has to wear a thong for a day" "What really? so she is just
wearing a thong under that pillow?" he questioned with excitement. "Yeah don’t
worry we don’t play to get naked or anything, this was as far as it was gunna
I’m sure the men were spotting even harder hard ons now, especially from mar
Walsh’s request. "well as long as your not naked that’s fine I don’t mind,
lets just get some food shall we?" My sister hesitated again but this time
she slowly moved the pillow away and stood up. Norman's parents almost cummed
in their pants when they saw her perfect hips and legs. Norman led her
in front of us to the kitchen as everyone got a great view from behind.

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was afraid to look back as she felt their eyes burning on her ass.
We all stood around the island in the kitchen with our drinks instead of
sitting at the table to have an unobstructed view of my sister's body.  
Norman's father and uncle kept their attentions on her the whole time with
questions about school and her future plans while making obvious glances
down over her hard body. Norman's Uncle stared lustfully at Bella's toned
stomach and perfect legs, "You must work out a lot to have such a developed
body, I mean you have just the perfect amount of muscles on your body for a
girl" He said still glued at her lower body, "Uh yeah I do, I mean I run a

few days a week and my mom has a some workout machines that I use at home"
she answered awkwardly. "Your really only 18 because you really look a bit
more mature, but I guess that’s how kids are growing these days" Mr. Walsh
grinned. "Uh huh still 15" she boasted.
"You’re pretty daring to take of your clothes in a game of truth or dare
Bella, when I was younger, most girls would quit the game instead of taking
off anything" said his uncle. "There isn't any point to the game if you can
choose to quit I suppose" Bella answered. "So did the game end before we
came home guys?" the uncle asked. "Not really we stopped to clean up a bit
but the last dare was a funny one that we didn't finish" Norman added. Bella
looked at Norman with confusion. "Her last dare was to find something in the
house and alternate spanking her for a few minutes each" Bella's blood was
about to boil as she heard the rascal fabricate a lie. "Haha that’s a good
dare you guys should at least finish the game up we don’t mind do we?" said
the uncle nodding to his middle aged son and brother.
"Awesome lets do it" I said with excitement, "lets look for something to
spank her with" "Hey boys you could use my shoes, that’s what my parents used
on me when I was misbehaving as a boy" the uncle said as he took both of his
dirty shoes from outside the kitchen door.

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   "Bella sweetie, bend over and let
your body rest on the table so the boys can have room to spank you" Mr. Walsh
insincerely said to my sister. Bella looked at the older men for a few
seconds hoping that they would put a stop to this ridiculous game but I
could see that she realized they were just as excited if not more to see her
spanked by us.
Me and Ronald put our hands around the tip of the shoes and snapped the heel
side of the shoe against her unblemished round cheeks. A loud sound followed
by a audible sigh of pain from my sister. The men chuckled as they heard her
gasp and squirm against the relentless punishment of shoes against her
bottom. Norman's uncle had his hand over his cock slowly rubbing it at the
sight before him. Bits and pieces of dirt and grass stuck to her Bella’s
toned ass as the beatings continued. It was funny how she tried to reach
around and protect her butt a few times when Ronald or me hit her too hard.
It was Carl and Norman’s turn and she fought hard to keep her hands from
reaching back by spreading them out to her sides grasping at table settings
and utensils she strained from the pain. It was a view of unequaled
pleasure for all the guys in the room. With the last two minutes of
punishment coming to an end. Norman's uncle came forward, "You guys don’t
mind if we try too right?" not asking anyone directly. "Uh sure here you go"
Norman handed the boots to his dad and Carl gave his pair to the uncle. "I
just realized that these shoes are too dirty well use our hands", Mr.

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said as he placed the shoe to the ground.
Bella had her head turned to see the two men approach her, she couldn't
believe that these old men let this happen and are even going to spank her.
She turned her head back to her front and cringed in preparation for the
hits. But a split second later she felt two hands cup her ass. In the guise

of aiming for their strikes Norman’s father and uncle copped a feel with big
smiles on their faces before taking a good smack to her slightly red cheeks.
The sound was so loud it echoed off the walls to be followed by a small
scream escaping my sister's lips. The attacks continued for a minute with
hard and precise hits causing her to shriek time and again.
Uncle Walsh slid his hands between her thighs and felt her which caused my
sister to turn her head at him with a look of concern. "Hey girl spread your
legs a bit your tighten your muscles too much just relax" he answered her
expression with a witty response to feeling her up. Mr. Walsh also cupped his
hand around her inner thigh with the false pretense of wanting her to spread
her thighs a bit more. The two men eagerly copped and felt her ass while
finishing up the remaining minute to spank her. They knew this was so wrong
but this girl was something they had never experienced when they were young,
their Urges unfulfilled until Bella came along.
"Who's turn was next boys?" Uncle Walsh asked with enthusiasm. The boys knew
the rules of the game, but the men didn't know that my sister was completely
at the will of our demands and she doesn't get a turn.

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   "Well Bella went
twice already when she took my turn the time I had to go to the washroom so
we still have seven more dares before her turn" Ronald lied convincingly. It
was my turn and since she was my sister and I felt I couldn't do anything
sexual in front of Norman's parents I had something to ask, "Hmm I can't
think of a dare what would you say is a good dare? I asked. They thought for
a moment, "She is a bit dirty now so I say you dare her to go out to the
balcony so we can hose bum" Mr. Walsh said proud of his idea.
We followed Bella outside noticing how hesitant each of her steps was. But
the view was still amazing. She had broad shoulders and her back came down
like a "V" into a small tiny waist that came down the most perfect thong
clad heart shaped ass I had ever seen.
We went to the left side of the house
and Uncle Walsh came up the steps with a hose and handed it to me. It was
pretty cold out side and I am sure the water must be even colder. What got
my attention was that any neighbors who looked out their windows could see
Bella and us. I thought for a moment that I might have an voyeur
exhibitionist fetish but I shrugged the thought as I aimed the hose and shot
Bella with a blast of water hitting her lower back. She instinctively pushed
her chest out and took a small step forward before backing up against to
take the water stream against her back.
I felt a mist of water past my arms and I shivered imagining how cold it was
for her if I couldn't even take a bit of water on my arms. The focus of the
water moved around her back until it landed on her left cheek. I continued
blasting off bits of dirt on her butt but some was quite stubborn.


let me try, you need more pressure" Mr. Walsh took the hose from my hands and
turned the nozzle and a smaller stronger stream shot out at her again
causing her to cringe.
The dirt started disappearing with the meticulous
cleaning from the old man. The stream stopped and my sister turned over her
side and brushed off the water on her back and down her cheeks. But
inexpertly the hose shot out at her again this time at her stomach and over
her legs. "Hey stop that I am really cold" she complained innocently. the
men and boys laughed.
He shot her from her toes up to her thong material and suddenly up over her
tummy and chest soaking her shirt. It was quickly evident to the men that
their guess from the shape of her breasts outlining her shirt that she
wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples and the color of her skin quickly came
through. They were all hard every second of "Bella" but this just blew them
There was no hiding anything now, she was on display. My sister
started moving around and Mr. Walsh finally stopped his barrage of water to
inspect the damage. Bella was so embarrassed she began to blush crossing her
arms over her chest to hide her breasts from view.

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   The men laughed and
smiled at each other while my sister stood looking at the floor.
"alright who is next?" Uncle Walsh asked us. "my turn" said Carl with a wide
grin. "I dare you to let me kiss you Bella" though more than kissing was
involved the other night, this was a new game with new rules that had adults
participating. I thought about how we tongued her body and frenched her on
the living room carpet and it turned me on that we had done so much with
her. If only the adults new just how far us kids have gone with this older
girl. "She is my son's girlfriend, I think that’s wrong don’t you guys?" "they
are kids man, let them figure it out on their own" uncle Walsh answered his
brother. "Yeah I guess there isn't any problem with that" he smiled
approving Carl’s request.
Now after a long day and night of kissing my sister, we got pretty good at
making a kiss with her deep and sexual. As Well as sucking out any fight she
has making a simple kiss a great submission of her body to us.   And Carl
really show this when he drove her on her ass and on to her back as he
frenched her mouth while her arms were laying around her in defeat. It was
definitely a one way kiss but you could almost imagine Carl stealing her
will with each second he had his tongue violating her mouth. The adults were
rubbing their cocks at the sight of this boy sucking her face while she was
completely compliant.
Carl stood up and stepped back getting cheers and high fives from the adults
while my sister tried to find any strength to move her body from the floor.
It came to the parents that these boys hand more control over this girl then
they could have previously suspected.

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   They didn't know for sure but they
felt that she would fulfill any request that was given by these kids. This
made the men a bit hornier and a bit jealous of these kids.
It was now Ronald’s turn as we all looked to him. "I want to lick where I

spanked you" He blatantly said proudly showing off to the adults that he

can get away with something so sexual without any objections from her. "what

you want to lick her" uncle Walsh spoke with surprise. "My son I am so proud

of his boldness with his girl" Mr. Walsh added. "Get on your stomach and

spread your legs" Norman commanded my sister. Just like last night the guise

of the dare was thrown out of the game. They knew my sister was completely

at our wills with the threats we had on her. All we had to do was order her

Norman stepped over her body between her legs and places his mouth over her

left cheek rounding his tongue visibly wetting her skin after the water had

rolled off her. Her cheek glisten in the morning light  on her skin as his

mouth wandered over to her right cheek biting her hard just to get a strong

reaction from her. The men couldn't believe what they were seeing. They were

now stroking their cocks through their pants to the waves of her gasps and


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   This was sex right in front of our eyes. her moans were no different

then the porn stars on TV except Bella was trying really hard to hold them

After Norman bit my sister a fourth time she jerked away from him to avoid a

fifth but Carl was there to help hold her down. Ronald came to help hold her

legs from swing up at Norman when her reactions grew stronger from the

tonguing against her skin. Ronald couldn't hold himself any longer and

started kissing and licking my sister’s calves and thighs. Everything was

quiet except for the moans from Bella and the sound of tongues slushing on

her body. I found myself walking over to the orgy and finding my hands

pulling her shirt up higher over her back to lick her. Norman smiled at me

before continuing to slide his tongue up between the cheeks of my sister's

ass. Carl made her push her upper body up so that he could stick his tongue

down her throat.
We didn't have this much fun since last night when we had seven of us

assaulting her without tongues at once, but this time we had an audience of

adults watching us. I turned to see the three men staring at us in a

complete trance jacking them selves off through their bottoms. This fun

went on for another few minutes until we heard someone speak, "Hey hey guys

get off of her NOW!" we turned and saw the three men coming towards us. Mr.

Walsh pulled Bella from under us and started dragging her into the house.

Without another word the three men with my sister silently moved into the

living room up the stairs into the master bedroom and shut the door on us.

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I heard rustling in the room, which sounded like clothes coming off. The

sound of people on the bed moving about. "what are you doing, please don’t" I

heard my sister say. Her continued protest to whatever was happening was all

I heard until I heard for a few minutes until the bed start shaking against

the wall. We looked at each other as we heard her whimpering and gasping. I

heard a mans voice grunting every few seconds while my sisters whimpers got

louder. "get her on her the edge I am going to stick it in her mouth" I

heard uncle Walsh say. "God can you believe this guys? this little girl is

better then my wife ever was at around her age" another voice said. "Put her

on top of me so we can stuff her at the same time" her moans were getting

more frequent and the pumping sounds were relentless. "Put her thong back on

I think it makes her look even hotter fucking her with it on"
"Hey you take her ass I want her mouth" The sounds of 3 men grunting over

powered the gagged moans my sister made while they gangbanged her. "Look at

the size of her tits, let me get over her stomach I want to try something",

"fuck that looks awesome son, I call second" "yeah her tits are the perfect

size to jack me off" 20 mins had gone and passed and her moans are still

going. We were angry that we were left out of this. We sat outside the door

for another 18 minutes before the door opened and the men walked out with

smiles zipping their pants up.
We watched them walk downstairs laughing and joking until they disappeared

down the steps. Their voices coming from the kitchen.

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   I opened the door wide

and we entered the room to see my sister leaning against the wall in the

middle of the bed nude with just her thong on with the sheets crumpled all

over the bed. Her chest was covered with white gue and her hair was all

messy with bits of the white gue on her hairline her cheek and mouth. She

was panting still with her eyes looking away from us at the blinds staring

into nothing.
"What did they do to you Bella?" I asked her, "They. . . " she hesitated,” They

fucked me probably like you guys are going to do to me sooner or later"

"Your dad told me that I had to come over here to visit you every weekend

just to let you know" my sister explained with defeat to Norman. We stood

around thinking about what she said. Would I really get to fuck her soon I

wondered. "I have to get home now they let me go, but I have to come back in

an hour so you guys stay here I guess" My sister got out of the bed winching

at the unfamiliar pain she felt in her private areas. She walked downstairs

with us entail and the adults were there to meet her.
"so you know what to do, go home get cleaned up and get some other garments

and get back here within the hour, got it?"  She grabbed her jacket and

covered her exposed body before leaving the house. "You boys don’t tell

anyone about this you understand" uncle Walsh spoke authority.

"understood" we answered in unison. The adults turned around and went back

into the kitchen to finish their beers.

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We just talked for while about what we should do now and if Bella still

would listen to us. "She probably won't listen to us but only to your

parents Norm", "Fuck we shouldn't have let them know about her" Our

discussion went on for the rest of the hour until there was a knock on the

Mr. Walsh opened the door for Bella and she came in wearing a different

jacket and holding a backpack. She looked like an angel untouched and

innocent like hours before everything went downhill. Her hair was neat and

she smelled like before, fragrant flowers. She took off her jacket and

revealed her perfect body again in just a thong. This time it was a

butterfly thong with black and blue strips. "Nice baby, come let me hold

you" Norman’s uncle said as he approached her naked body. He cupped her

breasts as he gave her a deep kiss.
The night was uneventful for us but for Bella she was occupied all night

long either in the room getting teamed by the old men or down stairs serving

beers for them.
In the middle of the night I heard laughter from outside and I woke up the

others to investigate. We peaked outside the kitchen window to see a group

of men talking in a circle. I realized then that my sister was out there

too. Besides Norman's dad, uncle and cousin, there were four other men.

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big hairy Italian man had my sister's head on his penis as she kneeled in

the grass sucking its length. They had beers in their hands commenting on

her looks and what she would be willing to do for them. The black guy to the

Italian guys right came behind her and pulled her ass up to meet his cock.

He entered her pussy from behind so hard she let out a chilling shriek to

which the men laughed and cheered.
I felt bad for my sister. I had no idea things were ever going to be this

bad. But it turned me on nonetheless. After that night, more and more faces

started appearing each night until they decided to move into the house

because of the noise. She was fucked countless times by countless guys over

the course of the month. Always in her thong ready to be used by and old

slob who knew the Walsh’s.
Mr. Welsh had Bella on a little mission to get our dad to fuck her as well,

they were fulfilling taboos left and right with her body. And father fucking

daughter was at the top of the to-do list. Instructions were simple. set up a

web cam in the living room.

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   Bella had to get dad interested enough to check

her out. The web cam was there as proof for viewers to see the progress.
It started with Bella joining dad on the couch wearing a slightly long shirt

over just her thong. Viewers pointed out that right away, dad was taking

notice of Bella's long legs and occasional glimpse of her thong panties.

After the first day she was to wear a shorter shirt and repeat the same task

of opportunistic flashing and not trying to catch dad looking at her so that

he can get a real good look.
As her shirt finally became so short that it was above the thong just over

her belly button that dad felt he had to ask. Bella got more and more scared

of what dad's reaction was going to be. Then one night Mr. welsh called Bella

and told her to discuss with her dad about her attire. She didn't know how

to go about doing so. But she had her chance. "Bell honey, don’t you think

your pjs are getting to small" Dad asked reluctant. "I am trying to get

comfortable with my body dad, you are the only person I dare ask to help me

achieve that" she answered with conviction. "Really honey? But how does me

seeing so much of you help?", he asked "well if I am comfortable showing my

body to my own dad then I know that there is nothing wrong with my body"
And he nodded in agreement with her.
The next week the shirts didn’t get any shorter, the started showing midriff

as well and Bella was ordered to fall a sleep every night on the couch next

to her dad with her head resting backwards so that he would have no

obstruction of her body.

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   Each night dad got I bit bolder as he started

either stroking her thighs up to two nights ago where he actually kneaded

her breasts for a few mins. The men fucked Bella with much more vigor as

they watched the progress of her and her dad. They now wanted it to happen.

And tonight was the deadline for her. Her instructions were simple. "Make

him rape you"
This night Bella came downstairs with just her thong and jumped next to her

dad on the couch. She was nervous more than ever. One idea that a viewer

suggest her to do was to fake taking a sleeping pill for insomnia which

seemed like the best suggestion. "Dad can you put a blanket over me after I

sleep, I took two sleeping pills for my insomnia I had the past week so I’ll

take the couch with you tonight, you never know about overdoses and stuff so

it will be nice to have you watch over me", she explained convincingly.

"Sure honey Bell, get some sleep then. " She closed her eyes and waited for

about an hour before she heard the TV turn off. "Bell are you awake" Dad

repeated several times.



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