My Night With Mom


This happened when I was about 18 years old.
I had just come home from my girlfriend Sarah's house. It was about 18 and I was not tired at all. I decided that I would go on my computer that I had in my room and look up some porn. I found a video of a blonde ( That happened to look like my mom ) getting fucked by this guy wearing a cowboy hat. I'm not sure why he was wearing it but it doesn't really matter. she had some pretty nice tits and as she was being fucked, they jiggled and I started to get a huge boner. Back then my dick was about 7 1/2 inches. I started masturbating and I really got into it. I felt close to cumming when I heard footsteps and before I knew it, my mom was in the room staring at me with her eyes wide open. She stood there in silence for about 1 minute and I finally realized she was staring at my dick. I was about to get up and she said "Whoa Paul, your dick is huge.

" I was surprised at what my mom said but I quickly forgot when my mom started slowly rubbing my dick. My dick was now rock hard and I said "Mom, what the fuck are you doing. " "I'm showing you what it's like to get fucked by your mom" she said. She then lowered her head and put her lips around my dick.

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  she continued to rub my shaft while she licked and kissed the head. "Mom, isn't this wrong?" I asked. "Yes and no. It's a tradition in our family but we haven't told you yet. your father has already fucked your sister, and now I'm gonna fuck you.
    " she said while standing up. "Lay down" she said while pointing to my bed. I obeyed and walked over to the bed. She then mounted me slowly. I could feel her juices as she was already wet from the previous action. She got all of my dick inside of her and she started moving up and down at a slow pace. My mom ocasionally gave out little moans of pleasure as she sped up. My dick was now throbbing and I told my mom I was ready to cum. "Fire away, I'm on the pill" she said. I did as In was told and shot my warm cum into her pussy.

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       She then dismounted me and told me to eat her out. I licked every juice from her pussy untill there was almost no more. She then kissed me on the cheek and left the room.       This was the first of 3 more time I fucked my mom.



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