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It all started on her birthday, she was just turning 18 and I decided to ask her to go camping with me. She’s always wanted to go camping with me because I’ve told her about the wild parties I’d have with my friends out camping. So I called her up and asked her to go, and after gaining her parents consent she squealed her happiness about going camping with her favorite cousin. I picked her up around 1 and we took off to the “spot”. The spot is the local high school camping ground. It’s just a little spot out in the middle of nowhere. I could have gone to a nicer facility but I figured that if my plan worked, we’d want the solitude. After setting up the camper, we decided to go out for a bike ride to pass the time, well, we ended up getting lost and it took us two hours to get back, by then she was pretty crabby and I thought all chance of getting her in bed was hopeless. She was getting some snacks in the camper after our grueling bike ride and called me over. I thought she was going to yell at me some more so I was quite wary in heading over, but when I got there all she asked for was a back rub. I eagerly agreed hoping to solve my navigational error through a good back rub. I started at the shoulders, rubbing away all tension and moving to the upper back.

Finally, when I moved to the lower back I thought I heard a small moan escape her lips. I dismissed it as either enjoying the back rub or as not having happened at all and forgot about it, but then I decided now was a good time to try to get closer than we’ve ever been. After finishing her lower back I moved onto her legs, slowly massaging closer and closer to the insides. Finally, my hands were on the insides of her thighs and there was no mistaking the quiet moan that came from her.

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   Showing my boldness, I decided to rub her crotch and when she didn’t resist I slipped a finger under her shorts and panties. She then turned to me, unbuttoned her pants, and slowly slid them to the floor. “Oh, Dan”, she said. “I was hoping you felt the same way. ” “I love you and want you; I was hoping you felt the same way about me. ”I was utterly shocked but not shocked into motionlessness. I pulled her close to me and began to kiss my way up her thighs and finally planted one kiss on her cunt, through her panties. I then slowly slid them out of the way, and slid my tongue up one side her cunt and back down the other. After a few minutes of playing with her pussy lips I began to flick my tongue across her clit. Just as she was reaching orgasm, I slid my finger into her snatch, only to encounter resistance. She was still a virgin!!“I wanted you to be my first. ” “All I ever think about is how you would feel as my first and today I want that dream to come true. ”Again I was shocked, but little did she know, I, too, was a virgin. I refused to let that stop me, though. I again began kissing her, this time moving up her belly to her shirt and then slowly slid her shirt off.

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   I leaned down and kissed first one nipple, then the other. I cupped her breasts while I licked her nipples. I then laid her down on one of the beds we had made and spread her legs. I very gently pushed the head of my penis into her. When I reached her hymen I held her hand, kissed her, and then thrust into her, tearing through her barrier. I lay still for a while to let her adjust and then slowly began to pump in and out. She matched my thrusts as if we had been lovers for years. Our pace would slowly increase and then decrease when one of us would get close to spilling over the edge. Finally, when I didn’t think I could take any more she began to come. “Oh, GOD, Dan. This feels so great!” “Oh, yahhhhh, oh, baby, I think I’m cumming!!” “Fuck me Dan, oh yes, this is amazing!”“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum, too. ” “Oh yah, here it comes!”“Cum in me. ” “I wanna feel your seed fill me up. ”When we finally came down from our respective highs we just held each other till we nodded off to sleep, we woke up in the middle of the night for more passionate lovemaking but the next day I was required to bring her home. Two weeks later I got a call from her.

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   She said she was pregnant…. This was my first attempt at writing a sex story, by all means murder it as much as you want, it will only help me to become a better writer. .



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