My Niece's Graduation Party


My first trip to the gulfcoast in many years, but when my sister and my niece both call I guess I had to go. I had a picture of my neice when she was in school, but have not seen one of her lately. She has just turned 18.
The graduation is on Friday night and it will be hot. I got to the house about noon and it was full of people all running and talking 50 miles an hour. By the way everyone was talking no one thought this day would come.
There were a lot of people there I didn"t know so I told my sis I was going to get a motel room. She said they were all going out to eat at 6:00 and I should go to. So I agreed and she gave me directions to the place. It would be a sit down family dinner and it was all paid for. I hate to pass up a free meal.
I arrived at the place at 18 minute of 6 and it looked like the whole town was there. I parked my car and saw a girl making out with a boy in the next car and thought some boy is going to get laid. I walked into the hall it was realy decorated nice my sis had out done herself. She took me to my table and I sat with people I didn"t know, but most were real nice there was a lot of small talk. At the head table was my sis and her husband and nobody else I knew.

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   I keep looking for my neice I thought I would know her when she walk in. A few minutes later the girl from the car next to me strolled in and I thought that was a quicky.
You guessed it, it was my neice her skirt was short and her hair was a mess, but she walked up to the head table proud as could be.
There was a thumderous applause I thought the president had walked it. The meal was very good graduation was at 8:00 at the school football field. So we had to eat and go.
The program was good, but a little long for me my ass was getting sore from sitting. After all the grads were milling around and taking pictures. I finaly got to see my neice face to face. She was a pretty thing with big round eyes,her lips were full and her hair had streaks of blond in it. At 5"5""some people would have called her a knockout. She took off her cap and gown and gave them to her mother. The buttons on her tight shirt were having trouble keeping her breasts in closed. As I looked at her I thought she is going to make some young man very happy with that body.
She ran off with friends and thats the last I saw of her.

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   My sis found me and asked if I wanted to come to the house. I said I have had a long day and I would go to the Holiday Inn and flake out. I turned up the a/c and took off my clothes and stood under the shower for a long time it felt so good. I didn"t put anything on just pulled back the covers and laid on the sheet. I had turned on the TV, but I was just doing it to make some noise. There was nothing on HBO to watch so I fell asleep.
The phone rang and I woke with a start the clerk at the front desk said "your neice is here is she spending the night? " " What time is it?" I asked. " 1 :30" he said. "Just tell her to come to my room" then I thought fast " I told her I would take her and her friends to breakfast and to let me know when they were ready" and hung up the phone. She must have wings on her feet because I was still pissing when she knocked. " Wait a minute " I yelled. I grabbed my boxers and opened the door. She was like a breath of fresh air coming into the room.
I asked " how did you know how to find me?" She answered " my friend heard you tell mom. What are you watching? Why you dirty old man .

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  " " what?" I said. I looked and there was porn on the tube. A man was humping a young girl and my neice said" thats the way I like it fast and hard. How do you like it?" " Any way I can get it" I said with a laugh. She asked if she could shower and walked into the bathroom and left the door half way open and started taking her clothes off. I said " you forgot to shut the door. " " I left it open I thought you might see some thing you liked" she replied. Now she is 18 and I am in my 40"s if it were the other way around I am sure 18 could go into 40 more times that 40 can go into 18.
I am hoping she is only fooling aroung and will leave after she showers. I hate to face my sis if I have just fucked her daughter. I lay back on the bed why don"t they put chairs in these rooms doesn"t anyone want to sit and talk. The couple on the TV are talking about position that people should try. I shut it off, from the bathroom she yelled "leave it on. " So I turned it back on. " Do you want to watch the news? " I said.

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   " No I want to learn some thing new" she answered. She came out with the towel wrapped around her,she was a thing of beauty. I could hardly believe my eyes. She stood at the mirror and combed her hair the towel slid down and half of her breasts were showing. My cock started getting hard and then I thought stop you old fool. She dropped the comb and when she bent over to pick it up I had a good view of her long well formed legs. As I lay there my cock was getting hard I was looking at a girl who I hadn"t seen in 18 yrs. I guess I didn"t know her so what"s the harm.
Have you ever had a fight with yourself? Well thats what was going on in me. I knew if she made a move toward me I would lose the battle. She made that move. She laid down on the bed beside me. I didn"t care if she had fucked 100 guys before she got here she was here now. She lay next to me and I said" do you have enough room?" Oh it dosen"t take much for what I want to do " she replied. She leaned over and kissed my ear and then my neck.

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   I was about to lose another battle. I turned side ways on the bed and kissed her lips they were soft yet firm. She shoved her tongue into my mouth it was like a strip of sweet candy. I began sucking it and sticking out my own tongue.
The towel that was around her slid off on to the floor and as I looked down her tits were standing up firm with small pink nipples on them. I slowly put my hand on one. " Do you want to suck it? " she asked. I didn"t answer just lowered my mouth on to it, it was so sweet I thought it would melt. She let out a low moan as I sucked her tit. "Suck the other one,Unc" she said. The other one was just as sweet as the first. I squeezed her tit a little tighter as I sucked it. She let out a louder moan maybe it was good to leave the TV on if she is a screamer.
My boxers couldn"t hide my hard-on and she knew it. She rubbed her hand over my hard cock and said" can I see your big one.

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Now most guys will tell you that there prick is so long no woman alive can handle it. My prick is only 6 inches long and it has always served me well. I like the fact that a woman can put most of it in her mouth when she sucks it.
Before I could answer she had her hand inside my boxers,but she took it out and started pulling them down. She slid them down and off my feet. In a laughing way she said" you have got realy big balls,Unc. "
I was so happy that my prick was standing at attention and all she was looking at were my balls. " That"s because they are full of cum,honey" I said. "Do you realy shoot a lot when your balls are big?" she asked.
Then I remembered I was fooling around with an 18 yr. old. " Honey" I said" I shoot plenty of cum when I get hot. " All this talk was taking my mind off my objective so I started sucking her tits again. She was rubbing my cock very lightly. Her touch could start a 3 alarm fire and it was inside of me
I keep sucking her tit and turned my head toward her pussy her legs were parted and I could see her browm bush.

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   It was very closely trimed I would say the hair was only about 1/2 an inch long. I just knew that my mouth was going to end up there.
She pushed me back off her tit and keep hold up my cock she went to it and planter a kiss on the head. Then with her tongue made little circles around and around the head and shaft. " Do you like that or do you want me to suck it?" she asked. I answered" you are in complete control of his fate,my dear. "
Her tongue was a magic weapon and she knew how to use it. First the circles then a suck of just the head with her tongue spining around. She stopped and milked the pre-cum from it. Then one big suck all the way down the whole shaft in her mouth.
" I wanted to see if I could swallow your whole cock, it was great I loved it" she said as she laid back beside me " did it feel good for you. " " You know I didn"t cum yet" I said. " I know I was just checking I always do that to see if I can swallow a whole cock" she replied.
My cock was on fire and I knew if she touched it one more time I would cum all over the place. I think she wants me to eat her and that will cool me down a little.

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   I kiss her mouth it is as hot as fire, but her lips are still soft. Now I am on my way down, but I have to stop at her tits they are the best I have seen in a long time. I roll my tongue around each nipple and work my way down her flat stomach sticking my tongue into her belly button. she giggles as I do it. Her legs are spread open wide I know what she wants, but again I stop at her mound and lick her short hair. As I wet her whole mound she lets out a low moan just as before when I first started sucking her tit. I can not wait any longer I must taste her pussy juice. I get between her legs and very slowly and lightly run my tongue up and down her slit. I am in no rush this could be the last 18 yr. girl I ever do. She wants me to go faster I can tell by the way she is moving her ass into my tongue. She reaches down and grabs her thighs and pulls them up in the air as she does her pussy lips open and she wants more licking. I don"t mess with her hole, but go right for her clit I take it in my mouth and suck it like it is a small prick.
She says" what are you doing? No one has ever done this to me before what are you sucking youare driving me crazy. I"m going to cum,yes i"m cuming.

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In my whole life I have never seen an orgasm like this one. I don"t know if it was hers or some guys, but cum shot right out of her hole all over my chest. I was in disbelieve this sweet young girl had shown something new to me. Lucky I was sucking her clit and not her hole she might had drown me. I can see the headlines :MAN DROWNS IN NEICE"S CUM AT HOLIDAY INN.
I lay down beside her she is panting I ask" are you all right?" " I have never had my cunt licked like that before and that sucking thing you did it was great" she answered.
Now I am feeling real proud. " Give me a minute and I will be right back" she said as she walked in to the bathroom. I can see her putting water on her face. She turns and walks toward me she is so beautiful its a sexual high just looking at her.
She gets between my legs and starts to suck my cock again " are you going to finish me this way?" I ask. " No, just getting your cock wet and real hard it has work to do"she replied. What does she have in mind I wonder.
In a minute she starts up my body and perchs herself over my hard-on. Her legs are spread wide and she holds my cock firm in her hand lowering herself on to it.

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  Her cunt is wet and feels so hot she lets just the head go in at first. Then slowly takes in inch by inch doing push up on it all the time. Her cunt is real wet, but it is still tighter that I thought it would be. I am sure this girl has had a lot of practice fucking all the young guys in school.
She is very strong and holds herself up so that not all of my cock goes into her at once. She has picked up the pace and is now fucking me a little faster and deeper. I grab her hips and thrust my whole cock into her she lets out a scream and says " I"m cuming again,i"m cuming. oh yes fuck me. "
All of her weight is on me and I am buryed in her cunt to the hilt. Just as before I can feel the juice running out of her, but my cock is acting like a plug. She recovers and goes back to fucking me , but I want to drive it to her so I roll her over now I am in the drivers seat. I am going to fill this little cunt with a man size load. I start to fuck her as hard as I can and she cums again is there no end to she girls desire. The bed is soaking wet the sheets are slick, but I am going to shoot my load. Once again she pulls her legs up and I drive my cock down deep inside her she yells" fuck my cunt cum in me now, please.


  " I can not answer because I am starting to cum in her. I say " keep working your ass until I am done. " She answers" i"m cuming again I can feel your prick shooting inside of me aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. "
I flop off and lay there exhausted hardly able to catch my breath. She laughs and starts cleaning my cock with her mouth. I tell her the head is real sensitive, but she keeps sucking it. I guess she knows by now I am not going to get hard again like her little school friends. She says" were you going to buy breakfast. "
I shower and take her to breakfast sex must agree with her she ate like a horse. I took her home and told her mother that I had seen her at the dinner with friends and gave her a ride home.
I left town as soon as possible and am glad to have come out of the Holiday Inn alive. . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . .



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