My niece moves into my house and the family fun continues


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My neice moves into my house and the family fun begins

My niece moves into my house and the family fun continues

After that first night my niece and I could not get enough of each other. . It seems every moment with each other we are having sex. . We fuck when we wake up in the morning, we fuck after breakfast, we fuck after lunch, we fuck after dinner and we fuck before we go to bed. . Each time I shoot my incestuous load deep inside her womb. . We really don't talk about me making her pregnant. . I just don't pull out and she does not seem to care. .

We have been having sex for over a month now and all is well. . I never get tired of being inside my niece's amazing pussy and she loves having her uncle's hard cock pounding away inside of her

Just when I think my sex life could not get any better my niece says to me "I feel like eating out some girls pussy. .

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   Let go find some girl and have a threesome". . I was so turned on right there that I grabbed my niece and started fucking her right then and there. . After I came I asked her who she had in mind for the threesome. . She replied her best friend Cynthia. .

Cynthia is this tall blond who looks like a young Jewell but with even bigger tits. . I also found out that my niece and Cynthia have been fooling around since they were both little girls and up until my nieces apartment burned down they were fucking at least 2 times a week. . To add to that I have always wanted to fuck Cynthia but never could get the chance to do it. . If only I knew then what I know now I could have been having a lot of fun for all those years with those two

I asked my niece if she was comfortable with Cynthia knowing that she has been fucking her uncle and she admitted that she already knows and that it was Cynthia that suggested the threesome.

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  . I told my niece to give Cynthia a call and invite her over for drinks tonight

The hours that day seemed to drag on for ever. . To make it worse my niece decided that would should save all the fun for tonight so I could not even relieve my self with a good hard fuck before she got there. .

As my niece got ready I lit some candles and made my place look nice. . Soon after the door bell rings. . I answer it and there is Cynthia in all her glory. . She is even more hot then I remember her. . I tell her hello and she smiles. .

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   She asks where my niece is and before I could answer out she walks wearing a see though black teddy and a thong that was no more then a few pieces of thread. . With out saying a word Cynthia went up to my niece and they started making out. . In no time both were naked and fingering each others pussies as they kissed. . Finally Cynthia break from the kiss and says "It has been over a month since I have your nieces tongue in my pussy and I can't wait any longer, get naked and lets fuck. . .

In no time I was named and Cynthia was sitting on my nieces face and I was in front of her getting my cock sucked by Cynthia's expert lips. . It took every ounce of will not to cum deep down Cynthia's throat but if I was going to cum it was in a pussy. . I then got in between my nieces legs and started fucking her even harder then I ever have in the past. .

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My feverish pace set my niece off and as she moaned in pure ecstasy she drive Cynthia to Orgasm as Cynthia's pussy was riding my nieces tongue. . All the moaning set me over the edge and I again shot my baby juice into my nieces pussy. .

I was tired and spent but when I watched the image of Cynthia fingering and licking all of my cum out of my nieces cunt that instantly made me hard as a rock. . With out saying a word I grabbed Cynthia's hips and rammed my cum covered cock inside of her. . She started to say something but I instantly found her G-Spot and she started to cum. . She continued to eat out my nieces pussy as I fucked her like a wild animal. . We fucked like that for a while until I felt that familiar tingle in my balls. . I shouted out "I am going to cum" .

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  . Cynthia stopped eating outmy nieces pussy to say "You better not cum inside of my, I amnot on birth control" but I could not resist and I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me and I shout my load deep into her womb just like I have been doing to my niece. .

Cynthia was pissed calling me all kinds of names and trying to punch me. . Suddenly my niece started to laugh. . Cynthia, who was holding back tears said to her "This is not funny, I can't end up pregnant". . My niece then replied "Remember when we are young and we said we wanted to be mommies at the same time?. . Well I guess now we can be mommies together". . I looked at my niece and said "Are you saying?" and she replied "Yup, I am pregnant". .

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   Cynthia started to cry but as things settled down she started to like the idea of me getting them both pregnant and later that night we fucked again, this time with Cynthia begging for me to cum inside of her again

The three of us fucked all the times after that and we even added some one else to the mix, but I guess that is a story for another time.