My new life with my son Part I


My name is Evelyn Stone.   I'm currently 52 but this story as I relate it happened when I was 34 and my son had just turned 18.   Now let me tell you a little about my self and my son James.   I'm 5'4" tall and about 135 lbs. Not fat but not exactly supermodel material. I have nice breast and have black hair. My Father was born in Italy and my mom was born in Greece. I have the olive complexion of my ancestors.   James is about 6' tall and has the olive skin of myself but the blonde hair and blue eyes of his biological father Chris.  
 James never really knew his biological father; he was conceived one night after a party in college. Chris and I were both 18 and in love.   Chris and I had gone to a friend's birthday party and there was large amounts of alcohol and pot.   We both got feeling horny and made it back to his apartment. One thing led to another and Chris and I made love all night. We never thought about the whole protection thing and well I became pregnant.   Once Chris found out it was too much for him and he broke up with me.

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    I had James and finished my nursing degree; over the years I dated but couldn't find a man to settle down with. I've dated guys who wanted to just stay for the sex no committment.
That's why the events happened that led me to having a relationship with my son. It had been over 3 yrs since I'd had sex of anykind. I had planned my son's birthday party and had invited the usual people.   My son had found his biological father by searching online and had met him. I invited Chris hoping that maybe I could rekindle what we once had. I had also been seriously thinking of having another baby. I wasn't getting any younger and loved the prospect of carrying Chris' baby again.   My dilemma was that I wanted a man who loved me to conceive a baby with me. I was Hoping that Chris still had feelings for me.   The day of the party came. Chris showed up to my surprise. We spoke but it was evident to me he didn't have the feelings for me he once had and left two hours into the party.   
Nighttime came and the last of the guests had left.

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    I was in my room looking at my body in my nighties. James  noticed that I was sobbing and came in to comfort me and asked, "Mom, What's wrong?" I looked at him and grabbed him and answered, "I wish I was more beautiful and that I could find a man that loves me. " James grabbed me and kissed me saying ,"Mom, You're a beautiful woman and I love you very much. " I smiled and said, "James, I know  you're a man now and that you love me; but, it's been a long time since I've made love to a man. " "I don't want just sex; I want someone who loves me to make love to me. "   James turned like he was going to leave and then said , "Mom, I'm a man and I want to make love to you. " He then grabbed my face and kissed me lovingly and deeply. I tried to resist; but,  responded in kind.   He stopped looked me in the eye and with a tear in his eyes he said, "I love you; I want to make love to you. "  I backed toward the bed and he laid me down carefully on the bed. He removed my top gently kissing my breasts. He looked up at me and said, "You're so beautiful. " At that moment I knew I was so loved. My head said that this was wrong he's my son and   we cannot continue this but my body and my heart said something very different.   He then kissed his way down my body and removed my panties.

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   He licked and kissed my  now wet pussy. His ministrations on my pussy sent me into one orgasm after another.
    Suddenly he stopped. He removed his t shirt then his boxers. He knelt before me with his 8 inch manhood standing at attention in front of him. Seeing James at that moment reminded me of the night when he was conceived. He looked so much like his father.   James then moved between my legs.   I felt him reach between us and line his cock with my pussy. He then pushed forward. There was some pain because it had been so long since I'd had a man inside of me. He began th thrust forward and then  pull almost all the way out only to thrust forward again. It was obvious to me that James had done this before; I was now in perpetual orgasm. His motion was becoming more sporadic. I knew he was ready to cum in  me; I knew that I shouldn't let him because I was at peek fertility but was too far into another orgasm when I heard him grunt as he thrust forward one more time and I felt him release his sperm deep into my womb to find the egg waiting to be fertilized.

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        James started to fuck me again and again. We must have made love for two hours that night. I had countless orgasms and he came in me about 6 times until finally collapsing on top of me and we both drifted off to sleep him still inside of me. I awoke early the next morning to find him fucking me yet again only to have him cum in me twice more that morning.   He finally pulled out of me smiled at me and said, "Good Morning, You're an incredible lover. " I smiled back telling him that he was no slouch in bed.   We then got up and got on with our day. James acted as if what we had done was as natural as breathing and was in my bed again the next night. That's the next chapter of this story.



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