My mother, my lover 2


When I woke up the next morning, I was alone. I came to the conclusion that the blowjob my mom gave me the previous night was a very detailed dream. So was the feasting on her tits, way too detailed a dream. I rolled over in bed to go back to sleep but then I heard the toilet across the hall from my room flush and my mom came into my room in the same oversized t-shirt from the night before. Her red hair was uncombed, she wore no make-up but still looked beautiful. The shirt she wore hid her figure and I cursed under my breath.
"Jimmy, are you awake honey?" She crawled into bed next to me. I have a twin size so she was right up against me. Her tits were pushed into my back. She reached around and grabbed my cock through my boxers and it immediately sprang to life. "Wake up, baby. "
"I'm awake. " I rolled over to my back and let my mom rub my dick. We kissed eachother deeply. She pulled her hand away from my boxers.
"We need to work on your endurance.

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   If we're going to be making this a regular thing, you need to know that it takes a lot to satisfy a woman at thirty. I know you're only fifteen but you're almost an adult. " At that point she stradled me and started rocking back and forth on my crotch. She lifted he shirt a little so her white panties were exposed as she rode me. "Let's go to my bed where there's more room. "
I followed my mom to her king sized bed. She laid down first and patted the matress next to her. I got in and we started making out. While we did this she ran her hands all over my chest and i shoved my up her shirt and fondled her huge tits. I lightly ran my fingers over her hard nipples and pinch them a little. Mom let out a little moan. She closed her eyes, titled her head back and bit her upper lip. I pinched her nipples a little harder and she took off her shirt. As she sat there in just her panties I laid her back down and began to kiss her all over her tits. Her breathing became heavy and ever time I closed my mouth around a nipple, she would whimper a little.

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I sat back up to let her catch her breath.  She commanded me to romove my boxers and they were flung across the room. She knelt before me and started sucking my cock.  Mom's mouth was amazing. At that point in life I wasn't experienced with many blowjobs but my mom hit all the right spots. She started with slow, long strokes, running her tongue along my shaft.  When she got to the tip, she would pop it in and out of her mouth and swirl her tongue around the head. I was in Heaven. She started bobbing her head up and down and squeezed my balls. After several minutes, I couldn't hold back any longer and came in her mouth.  I shot several times into her mouth and she never let up. After that I fell back on the bed.
Mom crawled up to me and kissed me on the lips. "Now, it's my turn. Just stay there.

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  " I got really excited at this point. I was finally going to taste the pussy I've been dreaming about for years. Mom slowly and seductively removed her panties and handed them to me. I brought them to my face to inhale her scent. I felt the dampness in the crotch and licked them. I looked back at mom. Her hair cascaded down her should and she was on her knees. Her pussy was so beautiful, I can't describe it with words.  It was covered with a thick, red, bush that matched her red curls. Soft pink, lips peaked out between her pubes and I was in love with my mom more than ever. She came over to me and knelt over my face.  Her pubes that moved along her outer lips was matted together with wetness.  I ran my fingers over her lips. "Oh god. Mommy, I love you.

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  " With that, she sat on my face.  
Mom began grinding her pussy on my face, covering it in juices. I stuck out my tongue and she soon slowed down and i wrapped my arms around her thighs, caressing the smooth skin and I began licking her cunt. I loved the taste and I shoved my tongue into her as far at in would go, She tasted sweeter the deeper I went. Mom was wailing. I looked up at her, her head was tilting back and she was playing with her tits. I reached up to play with them too while I continued eating her out. I couldn't believe my luck. I had my hands full of tits and mouth full of pussy.
My dick was getting hard once again and mom noticed. "Good boy, that what Mommy wanted. " She turned around. "That's what I meant by working on you endurance. " We were now in a 69 and my mom's ass was now in my face. I spread her cheeks and her asshole was just in front of me.

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   I couldn't help it, I licked her ass. Mom squeeled so I did it again, and again. I began eating out my mom's ass. I copied what I did with her pussy. I stuck my tongue in and licked all around, it wasn't gross, it was delicious.
"Mom, I can't hold back any long. I need to fuck you. " I cried out.
"Okay, baby. You wanna fuck mommy? Sit down and tell me you want to fuck me. "
I sat up and Mom kneeled in front of me with a wicked grin on her face.  "I want to fuck you Mommy.  I need to fuck you. Please, Mommy, please. "
Mom sat in my lap and guided my cock into her.

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   She was so tight and wet. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we kissed as she slowily rocked back and forth. "Oh, Jimmy, Fuck me, fuck your Mommy like a whore. "
I never heared her talk like this and it made all the hornier. "Oh yeah.  You like that Betty. " My mom slapped me when I said that.
"Mommy, you little bastard.  I am your Mother, not some little slut from school. turned me on even more and I began to fuck her harder. I pushed mom off of me so she was on her back. "Fine, Mommy, want me to fuck you like a whore. " I plunged deep into her and thrusted with all my strenth. Mom started grunting and I fuck her as hard as I could.

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"OH FUCK YEAH MOMMY! YOU HORNY LITTLE SLUT. YOU FILTHY WHORE. AH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCK MMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. " My cock erupted into my moms pussy. My orgasm was mind blowing and as my orgasm subsided was when mom's hit her. Her eyes rolled up so only the whites were showing. The juices were gushing out of her drenching me. We were both covered in swaat and out of breath.
We lay next to each other for several minutes just catching our breath.  Mom then leaned over me and said "I think you should sleep in here from now on. Mommy needs you in here. "
"Anything you want, Mommy.  I love you so much, you can have anything you want. " 

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