My Mother. (My $100 Whore!)Pt. 1


   I went up to my room to grab my cheese out of my dresser. As I walked up to the door I seen mom snooping. I barged in my room and she stood shocked. What's up ma I asked. Nothing she replied. Whats in your hand ma? Don't get mad and your father can't know she said. What? I took your money cuz I blew his at the track. I have to replace it or he'll kill me if he found out! You Bitch was all I could say. "Please don't say anything I'll pay you back" How, you are always broke and I really needed that money to take out and score with this girl. She sat down on my bed and started to sob.
   In some fucked up way this was turning me on. My mom (Cindy is her name) is about 5'5" 170lbs. She is thick with some thunder thighs and  34D floppy tits. Pretty much what ya come to expect of a 45 yr old woman. I slowly walked up and ran my fingers through her hair. "It's ok ma" I said.

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   She looked up at me "you're not gonna tell?" Nope not if you don't! Tell what she asked. With my left hand still on her hair I unzipped my pants and let my now full erect and throbbing 7 1/2" cock flop out. "put that hing away. What the fuck do you think you are doing you pervert? I'm your mother sicko!" Not any more I said. Since I'm shit out of luck about tonight and till I get my money back you're now my whore! Now open that mouth BITCH!
 She started cussing me and my cock grew even thicker. I held her hair in both hands and yanked hard. Real hard. When her old cockhole opened to scream she soon had 7" of her son's cock down her throat. I rocked her head back and forth back and forth for about 18 minutes. my dick was soaked. "Come on Cindy start sucking" I yelled out at her. My mom did as she was told. She grabbed my balls and started to massage them. "thats good Cindy blow your boy good. Suck me like a pro" She pulled her head away.

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   She tood a deep breath. "This is it. Then we're even?" I want to cum first. In your mouth! Your fucking father dosn't even go there! As those words came out of her mouth my father was pulling in the driveway.
  She looked up me with a smile. " Well dads home lets not get caught" Finish I said! No time she said. BULLSHIT, I replied. Hurry up you bastard! she snapped. How? Start fucking my mouth you piece of shit she yelled . I then put a tight grip on both sides of her face and started to mouth fuck the shit out of her. I was getting close to losing it as the sounds of my balls slapping her chin and her gagging filled the air. I looked down to see gallons of saliva soaking her shirt. She must have sensed i was close and tried to pull away. I grabbed the back of her head and burried her face to my ballsack and thrusted violently and started spewing shot after shot after shot of man juice down her throat. As I withdrew i looked down and My own mother was a spit and cum covered mess laying on my bed tring to get a breath.

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   I noticed something and I got hard again. I seen her big ass and her crotch were soaked also. "You loved me raping your mouth didn't you" I said. She got up wiped the left over cum from her face, smiled and replied with a "FUCK YOU"! She then went ot her room to freshen up.