My Mother-in-Law, The Surprise


It has been almost a week now since my last screw with my mother-in-law.  It was on a sunny Tuesday morning when I dropped by her place wihout calling first.  I had reckoned Zima should be alone at home at this time and my short dick father-in-law at work trying to sell whatever he was trying to sell.
I had parked the car along the street and walked up to the house. Noticing the side door to the back yard opened, I walked to the garden at the back of the house.  There she was, my mother-in-law on her knees weeding her pots of flowers, looking like your typical housewife tending to her garden.  For me, Zima is anything but a typical housewife.
Zima didn't notice me walking up to her. The view was just inviting. There she was on her hands and knees with her ass looking at me just waiting to get fucked. I can feel my prick reacting to the sight. As I walked to her, I unzipped my fly and let my 7inch rod out. As I got closer to her, Zima tunrned around and looked up at me. She flashed a big smile at me seeing my dick already sticking out for her.
Before Zima could even try to get up from that position, I said "Just stay that way, mum". I moved in front of her and lowered my prick to her mouth.

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   Zima opened her mouth to welcome my prick. She started to lick my dick and bit the head gently for a few seconds before she slid her mouth all the way to the base of my prick. Zima started with slow strokes before she started to pick up pace with her sucking. There I was, in the middle of my mother-in-law's garden getting a blowjob from my wife's mother. Life cannot get better than this!
"Ooohhhh, yesssss, mum" I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth, pushing my prick all the way in, giving her the deepthroat that she loved so much. After a few minutes of sucking my prick, I pulled my rod out and moved to her ass. Zima stayed at her position, turned around and looked at me.  As she smiled at me, I unbuttoned her short jeans and pulled them off her.  With just her panties on, I gave her ass a few sharp slaps.  " Ooohh, that feels good, son". As I pulled her panties down to her kness, the sight of her exposed ass was just too much for me. I gave her ass a few kisses and started to pinch her cunt hard. Zima was breathing hard, she is getting turned on by the pain in her cunt. I slipped my finger into her cunt and started to finger fuck her fast. " Oh, god.

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  . . . . fuck. . . . me. . . Mike" I was trying my best to hold on futher but I can feel my balls are about to expolde.  Unable to hold on any longer, I pushed my hard rock prick into her cunt. " Yessss. .

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  . . son. . . . . harder. . . . . harder. . .

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  . " was all she could say.
I pumped my mother-in-law's cunt as hard and as fast as I could. The sound of my balls slapping her ass was music to my ears. Her moans of ecstasy and the sound of slapping her ass hard was all I needed to make me cum. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. " I'm cummimg. . . . mum. . . . .

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  " I gave her a final thrust before I unloaded all my juice into her. " Ooohhhh. . . Mike. . . . . fuck me some more. . . . "
I gave her a few more hard pumps before pulling out my prick.  With her asshole in front of me, I just couldn't give up the opportunity.

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   I spread her ass apart and positioned my dickhead to her anal opening.
    Slowly, I pushed my prick in her asshole. " Ooohhhh. . . Mike. . . fuck. . . . . . my.

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      . . . . ". Before she can complete her sentence, I gave a hard push, burying my full cock into her ass. "Aahhhh. . mum. . . " was all I could say. I started to pump my mother-in-law's ass harder and faster. With a few more quick thrust, I unloaded my secong spurt into her ass. Zima could only moan breathed fast.

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       After a few minutes, I pulled my dick out, I got up and pulled her up. Zima pulled up her panties and picked up her short pants. As she squeezed my prick, Zima said "Come on in, I have a surprise for you". Walking back into the house holding her short jeans and with just her panties on, I followed her watching that ass of hers that I had just fucked.
    "Now that is what I call a fucking good fuck show". I turned around and to my surprise, sitting at the table having a glass of lemonade was my father-in-law's sister, Jean. Zima went over to Jean and picked up the glass of lemonade she was drinking from. As she took a sip, Zima asked "So Mike, when can your Aunt Jean here get a fuck from you?"
    "Yes, Mike. I can't wait after the show I saw earlier" Jean said with a laugh.
    Looking at Aunt Jean and then to Zima with a surprised look, they both started to laugh. "The only thing we don't share are our husbands, Mike. You are just too good for me to keep all by myself. Jean needs your fuck as much as me. We are both deprived housewife with small pricked husbands. "
    I went over to where Jean was sitting.

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       She was about 45years with ample breasts and a nice ass.
    "I do not know what you ladies have been up to. But we can talk about that later. Now, Mum, why don't you go take a shower. Aunt Jean, you just sit here and be a good slut. "
    "Yes, Sir" Zima said. I kissed Zima hard in the mouth before she left the kitchen" Enjoy your fuck, Jean. "
    I truned my attention to Aunt Jean. Sitting down on the table in front of her, I pulled out my dick and said, " Now be a good girl and show me how good you are"
    "Oh, you have no idea, Mike" With that she held my prick and buried my whole prick into her mouth.
    Things just keeps getting better for me.