My Mother and My Husband


My Mother and my Husband

 Mother's plane was due to arrive any minute.   She would be staying with us for 2 weeks.   She and I both would be asleep when Mark came home.   I know it was about 2:00am when I finally fell asleep.   Mom had gone to bed several hours before.   I vaguely remember hearing Mark come in the front door.   I just remember him snuggling and pulling me close, so I could feel every inch of his cool body against my warm skin.


The next day Mark was off, and he must have awoken from one of his hot dreams, because he rolled over against me with his cock hard and long.   And of course, all that seemed to be going through my head at that moment was feeling it slide inside my pussy, which had immediately started to throb with desire.   As he slid it inside, my now wet pussy. A moan of pleasure escaped my mouth, followed by several more.   Not thinking of Mom in the other room, and what she might hear, or think.


Did we both forget Mom was visiting?  I don't think so.   She obviously heard us though, because the next thing we knew was her standing in the bedroom door watching us.   How long she had been there, I don't know.   I was on top of Mark having orgasm after orgasm, and getting wetter by the second.

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    He saw her first, and just watched her as she watched us.   When I discovered she was there, she was apparently speechless, but continued to stare.   I apologized for waking her, and ask if she was okay.   Her comment was, “Yes…. I'm sorry. . . . it's just been so long. ” 


I then climbed off Mark, and reached out for her hand, saying “It's okay Mom”.   There I stood naked in front of my Mom, who was wearing nothing under the robe she had on.   I slowly reached for the tie around her waist, watching closely her reaction as the robe fell open, commenting “Too long Mom”.   I carefully slipped it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor.   I could see her nipples were hard peaks on her small breast.   She hesitantly objected to nothing.

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    I slowly reached out to gently touch her nipples, and I could see the confusion, mixed with pleasure on her face.   I then brought my mouth to her breast, and teased each nipple with my tongue, and sucked each one until I heard a cry of pleasure escape from her.   I pulled away only to find her lips, and tenderly kiss them.   My lips caressed hers, and I gently parted them with my tongue to caress and explore her tongue. . . and mouth.   As I did so, I found my hands stroking and massaging her breast. . . . only to slide down her stomach…and stroke the hot lips between her thighs, where I knew she was burning with desire too.  


I then took her hand again, and lead her to the side of the bed, where Mark was watching us, and stroking his hard cock.

  I ask her to lie on the bed beside Mark, and she did as I asked.   I then climbed on the foot of the bed and spread her legs.

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   I began stroking her wet pussy with my fingers. . . . and bent to taste it's sweetness, and tease it with my tongue, while massaging her breast and hard nipples. Her moans of pleasure became more and more intense. . . only to peak into an intense orgasm that seemed to surprise her.   She watched me then kiss Mark's lips and share the taste of her sweetness with him.


I looked at Mom while my mouth was making it's way to lick Mark's cock, and said. . . “I will share. .

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  . . we both will. ”  Mom looked into Mark's eyes, knowing he would read the obvious desire in hers to feel his cock deep inside her.   I moved to allow Mark room to slowly move toward her, watching the anticipation and desire light her eyes.   He gently kissed her lips and worked his way down her neck to suck one of her nipples, while I moved to suck the other.   As I moved for her lips, Mark's lips made their way down to her wet pussy.   He sucked and teased her until she cried out, “Please. . . ”.   Then he moved to slide his hard cock inside her throbbing pussy as she moaned with delight and desire for more.   I set up and watched his cock slide in and out of her, and to watch the look of pleasure on her face.   I bent to lick Mark's cock as he thrust it in and out of her.   Mom screamed with each orgasm.

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  . . Mark came inside her.   Me. . . . I had to taste his cum inside of her.   So, as he pulled out of her, I licked his dripping cum from her pussy and shared it with him. . . and then with her.


And too think she will be here for 2 more weeks. . .

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  . . .