My Mother and I


Now by all means she is not bad looking woman, she is about 5. 9, dark hair, brown eyes, she has breasts that I would say are at least a 38dd and she has an ass that can please most, so she did have a lot to offer but the pain of separation stopped her from dating again. I was in my teens when this was all happening and I tried my best to keep my own dating away from her so I wouldn’t hurt her, in a way I became the man of the house and slowly things became more familiar between us. She would walk in my room while I was in my underwear and not care, at the beginning I would think that it was strange and be upset but in a couple of days it didn’t matter, she would come in the shower and talk to me through the shower curtain and slowly I became more comfortable with her and we would be in our underwear in front of each other without being worried. As time went by I started to notice that things were getting closer between us, she would call me to ask for help putting on her bra and her corset and when I would help her I would feel her ass press against me, at the beginning I didn’t think much of it but one night why in bed and with my cock hard and no one to fuck, I started to stroke it and her image came to my mind and then the smell of her skin, before I could help it I was fisting myself so hard and quick and unloaded my balls all over me with the thought of my cock rubbing against her ass. For the next couple of days, I tried to stay away from her but no matter were I went she would be in my mind, in school, at work with my dad and at my girlfriend’s house, I just could not stop thinking about it and made me feel guilty for having such thoughts. The next morning I was off from school and had nothing to do, after watching some TV and working on some homework to get ahead, I decided to take a shower, my mother was at work so I didn’t worry about locking my doors, while there again thoughts about her raced through my mind, I started to stroke my cock while in the shower, I couldn’t help myself and exploded thinking of her naked, in all her glory.

Just as my orgasm was slowing down she burst into the bathroom as I was leaving the shower and saw my still hard cock, she gasped and stared for a couple of seconds, she looked at me and walked away. I had mix feelings about the whole thing but I left it alone, later that night I woke up at some weird sounds coming from the other side of the house, went to find out what it was, at first I thought something may be wrong and as I got closer to my mom’s room the noise grew louder, I got closer and notice that the door was slightly opened, I got closer and looked inside their I saw my mother naked with one hand clenching to her breasts and the other buried in her cunt glistened with the juices from her insides, I couldn’t bring myself to walk away, at the same moment I felt my cock get rock hard, aching to spring free from my sweatpants, I kept on looking until she reached her climax screaming to the top of her lungs and biting her pillow to try to muffle her screams of lust. I walked away and hurried back into my room and stroked myself until I reached one of the strongest orgasms that I had reached until then, cum dripped down from my cock onto my balls and then to my bed, all over my stomach and chest, I cleaned myself and could not help thinking of fucking her and wondering whether she was thinking about me or someone else. Days went by and things only kept getting worst, my thoughts about her became more frequent and I tried my best to be next to her as much as I could, trying to get glimpses of her and her body, I made it point to hug her from behind and touch her when ever I could, she didn’t seem to mind and went along with it, it even seemed that she welcomed it. I had always been into high heels and small clothing for woman and apparently this was no secret because I started to see her in more of these outfits, I don’t know if it was my imagination or something else but I wasn’t complaining. That weekend we were invited to a party at my uncle’s house for a family get together, she was excited since we didn’t go out much and at this point my social life was none existent because I wanted to be next to her all the time, expecting her to have another display or to get another peak at her. We went to the party and said our hellos and she went off to talk to the other wives of the family and I went to say hello to my cousins, it was odd because now I looked at my aunts and uncle’s wives in a different way, wondering if they were going thru the same things that I was. The night went on and while just watching over her and dancing the party came to an end, for the entire night we had been drinking and apparently mom was drinking more than what she could handle, and I decided to drive home to be on the safe side. Once home I helped mom out of the car and being honest I felt her body while I walked her back into the house, doing so my cock was aching again for her but I tried to contain my urge to throw her on the floor and fuck right then and there, once in her bedroom I helped her onto the bed and took her shoes off and tired to make her comfortable, I walked away fighting the urge to undress her.

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  I went back to my room and started to undress and looking forward to another jack off session with her in my mind, then I heard her calling me, I went to her room in my underwear and I just reacted and didn’t realize that my hard on was still there, she was drunk and just wanted to talk but her eyes didn’t move away from my hard cock, it pulsated and bobbed back and forth and her eyes just sparkled looking at it. She laid back and fell asleep smiling; I just stood there looking over her, her breast laying towards her sides and her nipples begging for attention, started to reach for them but stopped, I was afraid that she would wake up then I looked at her again and she seems sound asleep.
    I moved away to a darker corner of her room and started slowly to stroke my hard aching cock, looking at her legs and body wishing that she would open them so I could look at her in all of her naked glory, as I kept stroking I grew bolder and got closer, she kept sleeping so I started to touch her with my other hand and grabbed my cock feeling it pulsate in my hand, I started to raise her dress and saw that she didn’t have any panties on, I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and I lost all control and I parted her legs, she grunted and parted them wide, I could she her cunt and her juices dripping from it. I don’t know why but all I could do is lean forward and lick her cunt, I could taste her juices and she started to moan spreading her legs wider, at this point I decided their was not turning back and started to climb on top of her, I took my sweats off and put the tip of my cock in her cunt, I waited as if I gave her a chance for her to stop me, but it never happened. I drove my cock like a nail thru a plank of wood and went deep inside of her, she felt like a furnace and she was wet beyond belief, I felt like I was going to explode right then and there but I slowed down and paced myself at the same time I didn’t want to wake her. I slowly started to fuck her and her body responded, her groans because louder and she started to grab her breast through her blouse, she reached down to grab my hips to show me how she wanted to be fucked and she opened her eyes, the horror and pleasure in them was shocking, she started to push me away. -what are you doing? Oh my god!! Please stop!I couldn’t say a word; I kept my slow pace, going in and out of her. She tried to push me away and was struggling to get me off of her while she kept pleading with me. -Don’t do this!! This is wrong!! My god, please don’t!Then, I leaned into her and kissed her and started to grab her breasts, she fought and then stopped, she started to return my kiss and started to hold me. I kissed her passionately and drove my cock deeper in her; she started to take her clothes off without letting go of me, I drove myself deeper in her and kissed her again and again, I lowered myself to her neck and kept kissing her passionately lowering my hands to her breast and grabbing her nipples between my fingers, she gasped in ecstasy and started to push forward into my cock, I started to fuck her faster and harder, she responded and arched her body into my cock, my mouth on her nipples sucking it like I was getting milk from them, her body trembled and rocked faster and more violently, she screamed. . -Please harder!! Please fuck me! I want you…That was all I could take and I exploded into her, and her eyes widen when my cum filled her cunt, her nails dug deep in me and she scream from her own orgasm. My body kept shaking from the excitement and the orgasm running through my body and she just kept moaning in ecstasy as her climax subsided, she looked at me and smile, while a tear ran down her cheek. -I am sorry, but I couldn’t help it. .

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      . You are so beautiful and I have wanted to be with you for a long time-Its ok, I have too –she answered- but this is wrong we can’t do this… it felt soo good but we can’t…-I know, but it felt so right, and who would know? –I pleaded-it doesn’t matter, I would know and I can’t do that to you. . . she whimpered-but, please. . . I answered-no buts, it was wonderful, the best I have ever had but I cannot happen again. She saidand with that she leaned towards me and kissed me good night. As the days went by my desire for her grew stronger, I made my best attempts to expose myself to her in order to get some type of reaction from her but she would avoid me, I was left with the memory and me jacking off to it every night. In the country where we lived it is a custom not to work on Sundays and spend the day with your family, and we were at home just watching TV, my father had passed by and picked up my younger brother and as far as we knew any relative and lived near by had left for the day, I sat there considering to make a move but at the same time I didn’t want to push it in case she was already considering the same thing, so I sat there watching the TV, she turns and ask me. . -are you hungry?-A little –I answered-ok, I’ll be right backAnd with that she went into the kitchen, I felt bad that she just got up to cook for me, so I sat there debating whether I should tell her to forget it. I decided it wasn’t worth it and went to tell her to forget it, when I got to the kitchen she was not there, I looked for her throughout the first floor of the house and she wasn’t there I went outside thinking maybe she went to the corner store but she wasn’t there, went back upstairs and checked the bedrooms and she was not there, just as I started to get nervous I heard the familiar noises of the pots and pans of the kitchen, I sighed in relief and started to walk towards her when she called out for me. .

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      -Michael?? –she said-yes, mom –I replied-can you come over here? –she replied-Sure –and up I wentWhen I got into the kitchen I was held back by the sight that I saw, she was naked by only wearing her apron, and high heels, the sun cut right through the entire room and showed of her curves, still stunned I just stood there but other parts of my body were already reacting to her display, she seemed unfazed but my reaction, she continued to make some sandwiches and kept working like everything was ok. I continued to look at her and marvel at her boldness but at the same time I didn’t know if this was a trick or something that she wanted. She turned around and looked at me. -are the doors locked downstairs? She asked with a serious voice-Yes bu-but I can check them a-again if you want? I managed to reply-go ahead, I don’t want any interruptions –she said as she continued to prepare the snacksI raced down the stairs trying not to kill myself in the process, I locked the doors and made it a point that they could only be opened from the inside (some of my uncles and my father had keys to the house) and ran back upstairs, she met me at the top of the stairs, with a bold stance almost defiant. . -Follow me –she commandedShe grabbed me and pointed me towards the upstairs bedroom; I followed in a hypnotic stare to her ass wiggling back and forth as she climbed the stairs. She walked me into her bedroom and looked at me, she kissed me and looked at me full of desire. . . -I love you and I want you. . . she said softly but you must understand that this cannot be told to no one, we cannot tell the world how we feel towards each other. , and I don’t want this to interfere with your life. -it wont and no one will know –I responded feeling the anxiety building in my stomach and the excitement making my precum drip from my hard cock, she took me inside her room locked the door and turned towards me.

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      She dropped her apron and looked at me. -Come here and fuck me. . . –she said in a husky voice-I love you –I said but couldn’t say mom as I stared in awe-I love you too, Michael –and it was the first time she said that in such a voice. I grabbed her and took her into bed and started to kiss her and she kissed back but stopped me dead in my tracks, she stood up and told me. . . -Fuck me standing up, I know that you like my heels, fuck me like you like it. - She moaned-oh god yessss!! –I screamedand that was the beginning of a relationship that has lasted until today. . . .



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