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It all started shortly after my 14th birthday, my dad had left the house with my younger brother and moved to arizona. My mom kept me and we moved into a big house with lots of room for me to play. She felt kind of guilty for me loosing my brother so she spent lots of money on me and lots of time with her womens group meetings that she had in the downstairs living room because it was so big. { my moms name is barbara and she was 58 years old by the time I was 18 and she had big titties size 42 DD and a small perky ass. }
It was the start of summer and I was glad to be out of school because every year I would go to summer camp. But this year my mom said she couldn't afford it and that she needed me to stay home and help her with the house. On wensday night at 5 p. m. my mom called me to dinner and said that she was having another meeting and that she wanted me to stay up stairs and play with my atari 2600 and not to desturb her and her guests because I was to young and would not understand what their coversations were about. so I went to my room and desided to play some games. I had remembered that when dad left I found one of his swedish erotica mags behind and decided to play with myself while looking at the pictures. Just as I was about to cum she called to me.
"Honey, can you come down here I need some help with the bata-max it seems to be stuck again?" "Shure mom I'll be right there. " and without thinking I ran downstairs into the living room and was met by 8 of moms closest friends from her womens group witch had been talking till I came in with my penis sticking out of my shorts and hard as a rock for all to see. My mom yelled and some of the women started to giggle and my mom grabbed me by the ear and dragged me upstairs and as she was bending me over the bed to smack my ass she saw the sex mag on the bed and yelled "You fucking little asshole how dare you show your filthy little penis to my guests and were did you get this fucking book?" and she rolled it up and smacked my ass so hard with it I began to cry out in pain. She didn't just hit me once or twice but so many times I lost count and my ass was now numb.

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   She pushed me hard to the floor and slammed my door and I heard her stomp down the stairs and begin apologizing to her friends and thats all I heard. I turned up my tv and rubbed my ass and yelled " You fucking cunt. " but my tv was to load and I didn';t quite yell as loudly as I wanted.
It was now 11pm and my ass was not hurting as much as I sat in the bathroom to take a shit, but it did make me wince once or twice as I sat down. When I was finished I left the bathroom and was heading to my room when I saw my mom comming to me and she said" I'm sorry I hit you so hard but what you did was very bad and I hope it will never happen again. " I told her no and said sorry and she let the matter drop. She sent me to bed and turned the light off as I lay on my bed, she kissed my forehead and left the room as I took off my clothes. I fell asleep and dreamed. I had awoken from my dream with a start because my penis was tickling and I thought oh shit i'm gunna pee. But that was not the case, in the darkness of my room thier were shadows on the walls and in my bed. I couldn't see very well but I began to notice something was sucking on my penis.
It was bobbing up and down slowly at first but then began to pick up speed and then with a violent shudder I came inside it's mouth. I then heard slurpping noises as I saw a face appear in the light that was just thrown on. It was my mom, my cum was leeking from her mouth and she was smiling at me. It had felt so good but she was my mom and I was her son.

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   As I began to speak she put her finger to my lips to shut me up and then she said" Get up and go down stairs and wait for me and don't put your clothes on. " I did as she said and as I left my room I noticed that there were 8 naked women standing in the hallway and as I passed they said things like" we're gonna fuck you till you can't see straight" or" your cock is mine" or even "look at his ass". When I got down stairs I noticed that there were yoga mats all over the floor and womens clothing on the couch and a box of sex toys on the floor witch to me looked kind of wet and well used. My mom entered the room followed by the others and they began to touch each other and kiss and finger and even eat each others pussies.
Then my mom laid down on her back and ordered me to get on all fours above her and I did. She told me to eat her pussy and I did. It smelled so good and sweat that I didn't pay much attention to anybody else and thats when it all went horrorbly wrong. I felt my butt cheeks move apart and someone lick and spit on my asshole and then a finger slid up my ass and I started to scream but my mom held my head inside her so no one would hear my pleads. My mom then forced her cunt into my mouth and peed inside me it tasted salty and made me gag and the I heard her luaghing and someone behind me with a husky voice said " He's got a nice virgin ass and it would be a great pleasure to stick my hot cock in and dump my load in it. " and thats what happened next I began to cry as that viose showed it's rock hard cock all the way in and started to fuck my ass as fast as it could go. and In the mirror on the other side of the room I saw who it was and I started to cry. It was my moms brother Doug, and he was ass rapping me he started moaning very load and just before he was about to cum he pulled out and turned me around and pushed his cock in my mouth and came down my throught, as gush after gush squirted into my mouth and down my chin one of the women climbed under me and started to suck my dick and another started licking my moms wet pussy. MY uncle got dressed and left the house saying thanks to my mom, then my mom said" You got fucked in the ass so we could teach you a lesson about showing you'r cock to people who you don't know". My moms friends stopped doing thier sex stuff and got dressed said there goodbyes and left the house leaving me and my mom all alone. My mom stood up and took my arm and led me to her bedroom and sat me down on the bed and said" your my new sex slave and you will never leave my side and you will always do as I say or your uncle will come here and fuck your ass some more is that understood.

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  " I just nodded my head and she pushed me down on my back and kneeled over my cock and slowly slid her pussy down on my cock.
SHe looked into my eyes and I know understand that women are as bad as men can be even in the sex department.
18 yrs later my mom was arrested when my son came home from her house crying to my wife and told her what happened to him. my mom was 76 yrs old and still into family slavery. but she's in prison now and my life is finaly starting to be good.


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