My Mommy caught me


I was in bed one night and I was feeling very horny. So as usual I took out my iPod and jacked
to some porn. Before I knew it I cummed all over my chest. I was so tired from jacking off I fell
asleep without any covers or blankets. The next day I woke up and I saw my mom standing right
in front of me and she was naked. Her tits look so good, they were a 36c and they did not sag at
all. I saw her pussy had been shaved with just a little hair in the middle. I forgot I fell asleep with
my covers on and I saw I had a huge hard-on. "Well someone is exited" my mom said. " Mom,
what are you doing?" I said. "Dont be worried, mommy is here" and she climbed onto my bed
started to stroke my 8in. She licked the tip and then she took the while thing in. "Mom Im going to
cum!" "I want to cum in your mouth" I bursted my load into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

"Okay now it's my turn honey" my mom said. My mom turned around and I got between her legs.
Her pussy lips are so wet and moist.

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   I stuck two fingers in and started to lick her cunt.
She moaned so load while she was playing with her big tits. She said she was going to cum and
then she squirted all of her wonderful pussy juices all over my face. I laud down and then my
mom got on top of me and she lowered her cunt onto my throbbing cock. I began to thrust in and
out while she bounced on my cock. Her pussy was so warm and it squeezed my cock. She
moaned so loud and then she orgasmed aleast twice. I annouced that I was about to cum. I shot
my huge load into her pussy. I pulled out and then I got ready for school. "We can do this every
morning from now on" my mom said.