My mom, My lover, My friend (part 1)


First of all let me say I am a 28 year old happy male, I don’t have the usual 18 inch cock like everyone else on this site seems to have I am about 7 inches. I stand 5 foot 6 inches tall and weight 130 pounds, I have always kept myself in good shape. My father left me and my mom when I was 18 years old and for the first year I hated my father for leaving us, But I soon found that there would be great benefits to living with my mom alone.

About 3 months after the divorce my mom moved me and her into a 1 bedroom apartment so we started to get very close very quickly. I always took the bus to and from school and my mom would get home about the same time I did. I remember it was a Thursday and I was on the bus and I couldn’t wait to get home so I could play my Nintendo for a little bit. As I walked in through the front door my eye caught a pile of clothes, which was very unusual considering my mom never left clothes on the floor. My mom walked out of her room completely naked, she asked me “would you prefer to walk around the house naked with me”.

All I said back was “that’s cool” I quickly striped off my clothes and went to playing my game, and that was the end of it for about 2 months.

I stayed up late one Saturday night and was watching some tv when I came across a special on HBO, Real Sex, I was hooked and extremely intrigued. I watched with intensity as a guy ate out this beautiful woman, I watched for the hour the program was on and I masturbated twice. I fell asleep on the couch, I woke up to my mom in the shower singing so I got up and hoped in the shower with her, all I could do was stare at her pussy.

Me and my mom had breakfast and got dressed and went to the store to get some groceries, as soon as we got home we both striped. My mom started to put the groceries away and all I did was watch. My mom knew I was watching her so she turned to me and asked “baby is there any thing you need” she paused and said “you have been staring at me since our shower this morning”

I had to tell her about what I watched last night, so we both sat down on the couch and I told her, then the words just pored out of my mouth I asked “can I eat you out like the video I was watching last night”. My mom just looked at me and smiled and she said “let me make us lunch first then we can talk about this”.

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   She made both of us a sandwich and some chips and we both sat there eating.

After lunch mom went to the fridge and got a can of whip cream and she told me to come to the couch. Now my mom had a beautifully manicured pussy, she had the whole little landing strip, she sat on the couch and spread her legs and squirted some whip cream along the outer edge of her pussy lips. She looked at me and said “come here and enjoy a little desert”. I went over and started doing what I had seen on the tv the night before, all I said was “wow you taste amazing” I ate her out for about 18 minutes before I heard her say “I’m about to cum”. It was at this point in time I realized what the show was talking about when they were discussing squirting. She drenched my face, it was amazing.

My mom then sat me down on the couch and said “now its your turn baby, mommy will take care of you”. I smiled as she started to suck my cock, I wasn’t very big, maybe 5 inches and I only lasted about 5 minutes until I came, my mom took all the cum in her mouth and swallowed. She then told me that this would be a daily thing for us as long as I never tell anyone.

I’ll be sure to write more and tell about our sex life since if everyone likes. We do have 2 kids now together and we are the happiest couple ever.



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