my mom caught me



 My mom and dad divorced when I was pretty young
and it seemed like my mother dedicated
her life to me. She attended all school functions, all sporting
events and anything I participated in, she participated in. I don't even remember her having a boyfriend back then.
We lived in an older house but it was always clean and picked up in case anyone stopped by so you didn't have to “run around picking up newspapers and dusting things off. ” But the house had a unique feature in it's upstairs hot air registers.
There were four rooms upstairs, a bathroom and three bedrooms. The bathroom was first on the right, then my room, then mom's room and finally the spare bedroom. The registers were not on the floor upstairs as they were downstairs. They were actually in the walls about a foot off the floor. There was one connecting the bathroom and my room, my room and mom's room and mom's room and the spare bedroom. The hot air from the furnace would come up and some heat would go in one room and some in the other. Now the good thing was there was no flaps or anything so you could actually look from one room to another through the register and if you stayed off to the side, no one from the other room could tell anyone was watching them.
I was becoming a horny young teen and like a lot of youths, my mother was in a lot of my fantasies. With good reason. She had me at seventeen years old and was still very young looking and did not look like she had ever had any children. She was maybe five foot three or four and her tits were not large at all, maybe like a thirty four or something around that.

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Now how do I know that? The registers. Mom would take her bath in the early evening usually. When she did, I made it a point to be in my bedroom. I would have some music going to hide any strange noises she might hear. Then I would take my place by the register to watch my mom with her bath routine.
She would get undressed in the bathroom and throw her clothes down the laundry chute. I could now occasionally catch a small glimpse of her with nothing on but then she would come to the sink, which was just to the side of the register and brush her hair. This gave me a perfect view of her neatly trimmed pussy. I couldn't believe how she had the hair mostly shaved off with a little strip of it, maybe an inch wide, coming down to her slit and stopping there. By now, I usually had a huge boner and would be playing with myself.
Then she would walk over to the bath tub where I could just see her from her head to her feet. I loved the view of her from behind walking over to the tub. She would climb in and bathe herself pretty much the same way every night I watched, but I now had a pretty good shot of her tits, not the best view though. Sometimes when she was finished, she would lie back and soak and would have a hand down in the tub and I figured she was playing with herself, but I didn't know how a girl did that, only guys with dicks. She would sometimes do this for a few minutes, make some low moaning sounds and then relax.

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   She would wash her pussy again and then get up to dry off.
I could now see her front completely now, her tits down to her trimmed pussy. She would dry off and step out of the tub. Then she would feel her titties over good, I now figure checking for lumps. She would hang her towel up and then bend over the tub to clean it out. This afforded me a great shot of her behind and when she spread her legs just enough, I could get a fairly good view of her pussy lips and her asshole. I had only seen naked people in a nudist colony book my friend's dad had hid under his mattress. We jacked off to that many times but this was so much better, a real naked person.
When she put her robe on to go to her bedroom, I would scurry to my desk and act like I was doing homework just in case she came in to check on me. She would go past my closed door, go into her bedroom and close that door and then take her robe off. By now, I had shifted to the other register and watched her in her bedroom. Lots of times, she would take off her robe, but tidy up her room in the nude and I would get a lot of great shots of her naked body. When she would begin to dress, again I would get back to my desk so as to not give her any suspicion I was spying on her. Sometimes she would stop in my room, always knocked first, and sometimes just go back down the steps to watch television or something.
One day, school let out early for some reason, and I got home about an hour earlier than normal.

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   I walked in and didn't see anyone so I headed up to my room. When I got there, I heard this noise and some muffled moans coming from mom's room. I almost ran in there thinking something was wrong, but decided to make sure first and looked through the register. There she was, naked lying on her bed with a vibrator between her legs. She would rub it up and down and stick it in her, rub her tits with her hands and finally gave out this loud moan, sounding almost like a grunt. It was loud, but then again, she thought she was alone.
This was more than I could take. I got on my bed and took my trousers and underwear off and began jacking off very feverishly. It was starting to feel real good when my mom opened my door and walked in naked. She must have jumped six feet in the air at the sight of me.
“What are you doing home already?” she asked. I stammered out that school let out early so I was going to lie down a while. I was holding my hand over my cock trying to hide it but of course she knew what I was doing and my dick was beginning to droop.
She walked over to me and moved my hand. My dick still was not very big yet and I had a patch of pubic hair just above it.

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   “Look at how dry it is!” she said. “I will be right back. ” She left the room but returned in a minute or so still completely naked.
She had a tube of something in her hand and put some of what was in it in the other hand and began rubbing it all over my dick. “If you are going to play with that thing, you need some moisturizer of some kind. This is a lubricant that will make it feel better for you. ” She continued rubbing it on my dick and occasionally would dab a finger up my ass very lightly.
“There, now why don't you try pulling on it now that it is all slicked up and see how you like it. ” As embarrassed as I was, my dick was almost completely erect again so I did as she said and she was right, it felt so much better this way. And with her watching me, that was the icing on the cake.
Within a minute, I shot a load clear up to my chin and more all the way down my front to my dick.
“I bet that felt better than any time you have done it, right?” she said and I had to agree with her.
She reached down and grabbed my underwear and began wiping me off. “You have more underwear and socks with stains in them than I can count. I am sure these have been used for this before so I may as well do it again.

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  ” She wiped me about as good as she could and then put some more lubricant in her hand and began rubbing my dick with it again. My dick, which had barely began to drop, sprang to attention again.
She got on the bed, on her knees and told me to get behind her. “Stick your dick in the crack of my ass and I will guide it inside of me. ”
I did as told and soon my dick was in my mothers asshole. “Now push hard to get it all inside of me and then go back and forth. ” She was like coaching me so I did what she asked. My dick came out of her a couple of times but she would put it right back in. And it was so tight, it was squeezing my dick and feeling really good.
As I pumped her, I could see one hand down by her pussy fingering herself. She was moaning and groaning and pretty soon, so was I. I could feel that surge and she said, “Cum in me. Give it to mommy. I want all your cum inside of me. ” And she got it all too.

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   That was the hardest I had ever cum in my life and my mom really loved feeling me cum inside of her. My dick sort of plopped out when I was done and she rolled over and laid on her back. She motioned for me to lie beside of her and I did. As she laid on her back, I noticed she hardly had any tits at all as they were sunk in from her lying down. I reached out and rubbed one of her nipples till it became hard.
“You are the first person who ever did that to me in my butt. I would never let your father do that but I figured you are not fully developed yet and that would be much tighter for you. You did great, you were awesome. ”
She grabbed my underwear and wiped me off one more time. I was semi-erect when she started and almost completely erect by the time she was done. “Get on top of me. I think you are ready for this. ” I got on top of her and she guided my dick into her pussy. “ Push it in as far as you can and start pumping like you did in my ass. ”
Again she was coaching me and I did as told.

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   “Now suck on my tits and kiss my neck. Make me shiver all over. ” I sucked her tits and when I began kissing on her neck, she really started humping me. She pulled my head so close to her body I thought I was going to suffocate. With her other hand, she pushed on my ass to get me as deep as possible.
She raised her legs and was humping me as much as I was her. It felt good and I just kept going and going for what seemed to be forever. But then I felt that familiar surge and here it came again. “FUCK ME! FASTER! HARDER! DEEPER!” And then I let it go, once again filling her with my cum. She squeezed me so hard I couldn't breathe again. Then released me and fell limp. I rolled off her and laid beside her again. We both just lay there trying to catch our breath for a few minutes.
“Is this what you wanted?” she asked. “All that spying on me, me giving you shows and you jacking off and wiping it in your underwear.

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   I assume this is what you wanted. ”
I was shocked that she knew I had been spying on her and in one respect felt ashamed, in another, was turned on by it. I wondered how long she knew I had been watching her.
“No more closed doors,” she said, “If you want to jack off, just do it, no need to hide it. I know you do it and have been doing it for a while now. At least I know you're a normal, healthy young male. Now, I better get supper going because you have to get to baseball practice. ”
With that, she crawled out of my bed and headed to her bedroom. I laid there in my bed thinking, “Baseball practice? I don't think I can walk, let alone go to baseball practice. ”'
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