my mom and the babysitter


I am rob a 18 year old boy. I am 5'9 with messy blonde hair.   My dad left when i was 2 so my mom has raised me by herself and hasnt dated for about 18 years.   My mom is 34 years old and is very good looking for her age.   She has long blonde hair with 36c tits and the best pair of legs i have ever laid eyes on.   Well one night she decided to get back on the dating scene. She hired a babysitter for me even though i protested that i was old enough to stay home.   It was 6:00pm when the babysitter showed up.   I answered the door expecting an old bossy grandmother type woman.   Instead i got a very pleasant surprise.   She was one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen.   She was about 20 years old with long black hair about the same size tits as my mother and an amazing ass.   I invited her in and she introduced herself as kelly.   My mom gave her a few instructions and sat down to wait for her date to pick her up.   We all started talking about how college was for her and other stuff.   My moms date came and she left with a goodbye to kelly and an i love you to me.

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    Me and kelly watched tv for a while and talked about various subjects.   Finally she went upstairs to take a shower.   I went up to my room to play video games and on the way i passed by the bathroom.   Kelly had left the door open a little just enough for me to see.   Luckily the door hadnt fogged up that much yet so i had a clear view of her amazing body.   Then she started to finger herself and give herself an orgasm.   This made my dick rock hard so i pulled it out and began to masturbate myself.   I was so turned on by this that i couldnt control myself and i shot a load.   It landed right on the door catching kelly's attention.   I was fucked now i had no idea what to do.   She turned off the shower got out and put a towel on.   She yelled at me what the hell are you doing.   I answered umm. . .

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  you are beautiful and i was jacking off to you.   Kelly seemed flattered.   Well since you put it that way she said, and she dropped her towel.   I stared blankly it was the most amazing site of my life.   She then turned on the shower and motioned me in with her.   We turned on the water and i started soaping her body.   While i was caressing her tits with the soap she grabbed my throbbing member and began to jerk me slowly.   I almost shot another load right away.   When i told her that i was going to cum she pulled away and told me to shoot it all over her face.   I began jacking furiously and shot a huge stream of man juice all over face.   Surprisingly, she licked it all off calmly.   Then we cleaned off, left the shower, and headed for my mothers bedroom because the bed was bigger and more comfortable.   We sat down and started making out and feeling each other all over.   We got so caught up in our sexual activities that we didnt hear the door open.   My mom had returned early from her date.

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    She came up to the door and opened it.   We stopped immeadiatly, she looked at us with the meanest most vicious face i had ever seen.   WHAT THE HELL are you guys doing she screamed.   Kelly tried to explain what happened but my mom didnt listen she just stared at kelly.   When kelly was finished my mothers face lightened up and she said well i guess it is time for you to experience sex rob.
      With that she stripped down naked revealing her 36c tits and her well shaven pussy.   Now i was in heaven i have always fantasized about my mother.   Now it came true along with kelly to make it even better.   My mother came over to the bed and began to make out with kelly.   I watched in amazement as my dream came true.   Then they moved down to my rock hard dick and began to suck me off.   It felt so good and i almost cummed without having the chance to tell them.   Luckily i got it out and they stopped right away.   My mom then climbed on top of me and had me insert my penis into her beautiful shaven mound.   I immeadiatly fucked as hard as i could causing my mother to scream and moan with pleasure.

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        I told her when i was about to cum and she told me to shoot my load inside her.   Wow i thought god really does like me.   I began to furiously fuck her again until i shot my load inside her beautiful body.   All this time kelly was fingering herself and ahd managed 3 orgasms.   It was time for my cock to please her too.   I asked if i could fuck her up the ass and she complied.   So i bent her over the bed while my mom ate her out.   I smoothly inserted my dick in after giving that amazing ass a quick rimjob to lube it up.   I also fucked her viciously right away and she screamed in pain for a while until it started to feel good and then i shot a load in her ass too.   When we were done, i ate kelly out and gave her another rimjob.   Then i sucked and tittyfucked my moms breasts and also shot a load on them that kelly licked up and swallowed.   Finally we were done and it was time to clean up so we all went into the shower and made out and washed each other off.   Then kelly left but has always returned as my babysitter regardless of my age. .


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